Atlanta Star Trek Rediscovery Association

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Fan Club
Name: Atlanta Star Trek Rediscovery Association (ASTRA)
Dates: July 1981-?
Country based in: United States
Focus: Star Trek
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Atlanta Star Trek Rediscovery Association was a splinter group of the Atlanta Star Trek Association, and broke off when there was conflict regarding attendance and hijinks regarding a second Emory Trek, something Randall Landers wrote a lengthy personal statement about in Universal Translator #8. This second con was cancelled.

ASTRA is a non-profit discussion-oriented social group dedicated to the exploration of Star Trek, its ideals, its philosophies. Formed in July 1981, it has provided the fandom of the Atlanta metropolitian area with a focus for Star Trek-related activities. We have involved ourselves in several projects in our three year history, including providing programming for the annual Science Fiction Symposium at Emory University, several video festivals, and our own one-day mini-con, Emory Trek. [1]


The club also produced a number of calendars in conjunction with Datazine called The Star Trek Historical Calendar.


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