Wesley Crusher

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Name: Wesley Crusher
Relationships: Beverly Crusher (mother)
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
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Wesley Crusher is a character on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The earliest of casting descriptions described Wesley Crusher as a 15-year old girl named Leslie. Later, a March 1987 comment in Comlink reports on the official casting description of Crusher: " Wesley Crusher -- An appealing 15-year old caucasian boy. His remarkable mind and photographic memory make it seem likely for him to become, at 15, a Starfleet acting-ensign. Otherwise, he is a normal teenager." [1]

Fan Reaction

Most fans disliked the character due to what they felt his Mary Sueness. Ironically, Gene Roddenberry, whose middle name was "Wesley," saw the character as an extension of himself.

A fan in 1988 wrote:

Only once did the Mary Sue/Billi Bob character have any merit and that was in the Star Fleet Academy exam episode. However, I find myself increasingly resenting a character that was specifically brought in to be the next teen heart-throb of the bubble gum set. I realize that ST:TNG has to be a commercial success, but surely that would have been obvious? Did they have to calculatingly pander to every set of demographics about the show? [2]

The character was so hated and seen as so receiving special treatment that on TV Tropes the trope Creator's Pet was originally called The Wesley.[note 1]

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