Adrian Morgan

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Name: Adrian Morgan
Type: fan writer, fan artist, filker, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Professionals, Star Trek: TNG
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Adrian Morgan is a Blake's 7 and Professionals fan writer and fan artist whose work has appeared in fanzines. He is well known for his detailed pencil work and his focus on portraits. He also composed filk music for Blake's 7 and published fanzines under the name Xenon Press with Brendan O'Cullane. By 1992, the two had a parting of the ways and their zines were published by Ann Wortham[1] and then later by Bill Hupe.

He was often listed among favorite artists in the 1990s[2] and his Miami Vice artwork won him a FanQ award in 1990.

Notable Works


Examples of Blake's 7 Fanart

Examples of The Professionals Fanart

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  1. ^ More On B7 Zines post to on April 16, 1992: "Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane had a parting of ways, and each claimed the other had the money and list of who had paid for the zines. A lot of fans, myself included, lost money to these two. Ann Wortham now publishes Destiny and Different Destinies.".
  2. ^ See 1993 Virgule-L Fan Fiction Survey.