Restal's Rules of Order

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Title: Restal's Rules of Order
Publisher: The Sopron Alliance (a US fan club)
Editor(s): Helen Wolverton
Type: coloring book
Date(s): 1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
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front cover, Adrian Morgan

Restal's Rules of Order is a gen Blake's 7 anthology, a coloring book containing fifty-eight pictures by ten artists.

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  • Series A (p. 5)
  • Series B (p. 19)
  • Series C (p. 33)
  • Series D (p. 47)

The art is by Adrian Morgan, Helen S. Woolverton, Michele Rosenberg, Julie A. Novak, Kate Knepper, Diana Klopf, Louis Hartel, Mary Gerstner, Linda A. Furey, Julie Florez, Linda DeSantis, Kathy Coy, Teresa D. Buffaloe, Pam Auditore.