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You may be looking for the zine Koon-Ut-Kal-If-Fee.

Star Trek Convention
Name: Koon-ut-Cali-Con
Dates: 1989, 1990
Location: San Diego, California, United States
Type: slash
Focus: K/S
Organization: Council of California K/Sers
Founding Date:
tshirt for the 1989 Koot-ut-Cali-Con, Kirk and Spock in beachwear and sunglasses. Logo designed by Marilyn Cole
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Koon-ut-Cali-Con or CaliCon, was a Southern California K/S con in June of 1989 and 1990. The concom was Alexis Fegan Black, Natasha Solten, and Dovya Blacque; hugely important writers, editors and publishers in K/S fandom at the time.

The Con's Origins

From Alexis Fegan Black:

"The event is Koon-ut-CALI-CON, to be held at the Bahia Resort Hotel (where the hot-tub is big enough to fit half the convention into, and a lot of the rooms open out onto "a beach to walk on" - i.e. Mission Bay Beach). The executive committee of Koon-ut-CALI-CON (Alayne Gelfand, Wendy Rathbone and yours truly) decided that we couldn't let IDICon die. And since the WHIPs told us at this year's IDICon in Houston that they would not be doing the convention next year due to a lot of the gals moving out of the area, we decided (in our inebriated state) that it was our turn to step forward and stick our proverbial heads on the chopping block just as the gals from Phoenix did a couple years back. So... when one of the WHIPs announced our intentions at the Saturday night entertainment in Houston this year... we were committed... [Also], as it stands, CREATION is hosting a large Trek-oriented convention in Los Angeles sometime in June; but due to the fact that the CREATION people have essentially forbidden (or seriously restricted) the sale of K/S zines at their functions, it is possible that we (the K/S editors of California) will not be attending. While CREATION has stated that we can sell K/S at the convention, they have also stated that it cannot be displayed (even discreetly, in boxes, as we have always done). So, all things considered, it would be pretty pointless for a bunch of editors to stand around at a table looking lost with the zines hidden. In essence, it seems perfectly acceptable for other dealers to openly display porn comics of a heterosexual nature, or even for certain "straight" adult zines to be laid out on the table with tits and ass and even male genitalia prominently displayed It's not okay, however, for K/S zines to be seen at all. So, with that in mind, unless we can come to some sort of workable agreement with CREATION, it's a matter of principle that we, as editors anyway, do not support their conventions... Now before everyone starts writing letters to CREATION, please hear me out. Please don't write letters to CREATION, for a variety of reasons. Essentially, we don't want to stir up a war. K/S has always been and shall always remain an underground pleasure for those of us who had the good luck to find it, and rather than fight with the CREATION folks, who don't want K/S at their convention; we would much rather let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak. In other words, CREATION is meant to be a commercial event, with commercial prices and controlled events. And rather than stir up the proverbial hornet's nest and bring Paramount crashing down on everything, it is our decision to either not attend CREATIONS or to keep everything hidden under the table, as we have been requested to do. So, it stands like this: the initial and worst 'conflict' between CREATION and us has been somewhat resolved, but is on shaky ground. And instead of trying to crash their little party, we're going to have our own party from now on, and we hope that you, the fans, will join us. Which is another reason that we have decided to do Koon-ut-CALI-CON on a yearly basis if at all possible (of course, by the time the first convention's over, we may all retire to the padded room at The Old K/S Ladies' Home)." [1]
Cailcon Frisbie, handed out to attendees of the 1989 convention

From Alayne Gelfand:

"In the mid-to late 80s, there was a group of us who lived in San Diego -- or very near it -- who got together quite often to talk zines and stories and, because we were all K/S writers or Trek gen writers, to just talk about the show. We normally met at one of two friends' houses and, after a while, one of them started calling the gatherings "Nada Cons" because they really weren't cons. That translates into, from the Spanish, "not a con". These got to be so large that we really didn't fit in one house anymore; people started coming down from Los Angeles and even as far away as San Francisco for long weekends and we found ourselves doing things that had very little to do with fandom. We'd go to Sea World or something. So, one dark and very drunken nights, three of us decided to do a "real" convention. We did the con for two years in San Diego -- Mission Bay, which is right by Sea World -- and we had around a hundred people Edit: closer to two hundred both years. On that dark and drunken night, while we were trying to figure out what to call the convention, Natasha Solten suddenly came up with "Koon-ut-Cali-Con: We must meet every year or die trying"! For those non-trek fans among us, that was in reference to Spock's pon farr." [2]



Convention Panels included "Classic Trek vs. New Trek", and "Blake's 7" (with seven people on the 'panel' -- more a sf convention style panel, apparently, than a more modern media con type panel), "Those Controversial 'Menage' Stories", "Awards: Good Idea? Do They Breed Competition?" and many more.

flyer for 1989 Koon-ut-Cali-Con from Datazine #54, click to enlarge, then click on image again, and then again

The blurb for "Payment in Fandom" said, "We know it happens, and we know it threatens our "amateur" staus with the powers that be at Paramount and elsewhere. How should it be dealt with? Should it be allowed to continue? What can be done to retain and/or regain our small-press, no-payment status? Sure to be a heated panel, so bring your opinions and your sword and shield!" (Interesting writeup, considering that, of course, the con had an art show and auction where Trek fan art could sell for hundreds of dollars; also, the women running the con were known for not letting their zines ever go out of print, thus continuing to make money off of their writers forever.) [[EDIT from Dovya Blacque: I find that last statement pretty aggressive. Yes, I keep my zines in print. By 2018 (now), "profit on fanzines" is an utter joke. In the 1980s and 1990s, despite opinions to the contrary, we weren't "making money". Any profit made on one issue went directly into the next issue. Zine editors have always been restricted to making no profit. Unlike artists who continue to sell their work for hundreds of dollars. I keep Mkashef Enterprises zines in print because I don't want other people reprinting them. Call me a control freak, but I want to know what happens with my fanzines.]]

another version of the 1989 flyer that was mailed to fans interested in attending. Note the use of the convention's Kirk/Spock logo


Despite being advertised as a K/S con, the Dealer's Room, and the Songvid Show had slash from Man From Uncle, Blake's 7, The Professionals and Miami Vice, and there were panels on other "slash and adult" fandoms (including shows like The Equalizer and Beauty & the Beast as well.


The convention included a Slide show by Kandy Fong, a Song Video Contest showing, an Art Auction led by Robin Hood, a Beach Party (and an apology from the concom that they weren't willing to get up and do a skit -- it apparently being expected of a media convention concom at that time!) The art auction was videotaped, along with thirty minutes of the convention picnic.

Some Unexpected Visitors

KF: My strongest memory, of course— I was still doing slideshows and things back then and a bit of music videos, but— And we had my husband, and his friend [name redacted] were running the video room. But, and then I did the song tapes— song vids, but one of my strongest memories is being in the dealers' room and there was all this stuff, and Starsky and Hutch was really big then. And, all of a sudden, two men came to the door and said, "Can we come in?" And we're going, "Why?" "'Cause, well, we're policemen, and we just love Starsky and Hutch."

MS: Hah-hoh!

KF: And so they wanted to come in and get the Starsky and Hutch stuff. So they kinda closed the door and says, "Ladies." And so we just kinda sanitized it a little bit, and they came in, and they bought— it was a hundred dollars worth of little cars, and pictures, and all this Starsky and Hutch stuff that they just really loved. [3]

The Picnic

See [1].

1989 Vid Show

The 1989 vid show lasted around 100 minutes with 27 submitted vids by approximately 12 vidders. Unlike most vid shows of the era, the convention vid organizers created custom title cards for each vid, giving the vid show a somewhat more polished look. The song titles come from an attendee's self-prepared playlist and may contain errors.

Song Contest

  1. "Don't Tell me Lies" by Carolyn C. (Professionals)
  2. "In the Air Tonight" by Brendan O'Cullane (Blake's 7)
  3. "One Moment In Time" by Chris Soto (Star Trek)
  4. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For" by Adrian Morgan (Blake's 7)
  5. "So Happy Together" by Carolyn C. (MUNCLE)
  6. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Jill (vidder) and Tashery S. (Blake's 7)
  7. "Oh Promise Me" by Gianna P. (Star Trek)
  8. "When He Shines" by Mary Van Duesen (Professionals)
  9. "Where The Boys Are" by Kandy Fong (Blake's 7)
  10. "Amazing Grace" by Gianna P. (Star Trek)
  11. "This Time" by Chris Soto (Star Trek)
  12. "In the Eye" (sometimes referred to as "Inside You" by some fans) by Judy Chien (Wiseguy)
  13. "Tapestry" by Mary Van Duesen (Star Trek:TNG)
  14. "What The Hell Is That?" by Gianna P. (Star Trek)
  15. "Every Breath You Take" by Jill (vidder) and Tashery S. (Blake's 7)
  16. "Leaving the Straight Life behin" by Kandy Fong (Starsky & Hutch)
  17. "The Game" by DJ Driscoll (Alien Nation)
  18. "Walking and Falling" by Tashery S. (Blake's 7)
  19. "Another Saturday Night" by Chris Soto (Star Trek)
  20. "Desperado" by Gayle F. (Blake's 7)
  21. "Plastic Fantastic Lover" by Tashery S. (Blake's 7)
  22. "Continental Drift" by Tashery S. (Blake's 7)
  23. "I Dreamed A Dream" by ??? (Star Trek)
  24. "The Man That Got Away" by Gayle F. (Blake's 7)
  25. "If I Were A Rich Man" by ?? (Blake's 7)
  26. "Marvelous Little Toy" by ?? (Star Trek:TNG)
  27. "Anything You Can Do" by ?? (Star Trek/Star Trek:TNG) ("Then there was the amazing one of “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better,” with Riker and Kirk, spliced together amazingly, and it was hilarious. And we were just howling at the stuff in that one. I think those are the two [the other was Chris Soto's I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miz] that I remember most from that week, from that weekend." [4]
hand written playlist of the 1989 Vid Show extras, click to read larger version

Additional vids may have been shown that were not part of the songvid contest. These vids may have been edited by Mary Van Dusen and her husband. An attendees handwritten list is below; click to read larger version.

Some memories of the vid show:

KF: San Diego was close enough to Phoenix that I could drive over. And we took— actually my husband's best friend, and my husband, and they ran the vid room, where you could actually come with stuff to share with people. Or, you could see what other people had brought and get copies made for youself.

MS: Yeah, [name redacted] was one of the guys— The guys really helped to set up the sound equipment and the vidding equipment.

KF: ... anyhow, we ended up bringing a lot of things. People would bring what they had done. People would bring, y'know, male-male movies. People would bring all sorts of things. Episodes of a show. That's where [name redacted] saw his first Pros, and said "Oh, Kandy, this is good. You're gonna like this."

MS: Yeah.

KF: There were copies—

MS: People would bring professional — not The Professionals but professional — books and stuff. And that's where things began to open up. Widely. And people—

KF: Besides Trek.

MS: —began to do other stuff. The caption contests—

KF: Yes.

MS: That was all stuff we did.

KF: And then we were— Of course they wanted to have a vid show.

MS: Mm-hmm.

KF: And I had a friend who was working at the largest studio in the Southwest that made commercials. And I talked her into letting me get in there and use the equipment to make—

MS: Was that Linda?

KF: —the vid show. No. That was a friend of mine called Morgan. [Morgan L]. She was working there and she was learning how to edit. And she thought, you know, hey, come in with the stuff, so I had everybody send the vids they had made that they wanted to show, to me, and I made the first con vid. So that we could sit there and we could show it, and not be frantically pulling tapes—

MS: Trying, yeah, pulling—

KF: —in and out, trying to whatever, hoping, "Oh god, it won't play on this, oh my gosh, the tracking's off, whatever."

MS: They made such a difference. That made such a difference, because before it was really— A vid show was kind of an ordeal. And I felt really bad for the people who were running it, because it was so hard. You had to have everything supposedly cued up, but you were having to scramble through everything.

Interviewer: Were you, like, was this a mix of Beta and VHS, or was this after?

KF: Yeah, yeah, that's still going on—

MS: Yeah.

KF: —Beta, VHS, whatever.

MS: Yep.

KF: So, it was really kind of cool, because we could do titles, and credits, and all kinds of things, so it ended up— So I invented the idea of a con tape. And it made it so much easier, because then we could take that tape and make copies for people. 'Cause it always really frustrated me to go to a convention and you'd see these vids, and you'd never see them again. [5]

1989 Con Reports

Since several people have asked for the "scoop" on what-happened-at-CALICON here in San Diego, I'd just like to say that it was, in our opinion, a wonderful success. We had approximately 205 pre-registered members, with an attendance around 190 (a few folks couldn't come at the last minute, and a few of the original 205 were supporting members).

Aside from the committee (myself, Wendy Rathbone and Alayne Gelfand) spending a lot of sleepless nights before, during and even after the con, everything ran smoothly. I'm told that the panels were well-attended, and that the discussion of WHAT DID YOU THINK OF STAR TREK V? aL most got out of hand. On Friday evening, we had the traditional "get acquainted" party - on the beach, complete with over-enthusiastic sea gulls, a cold breeze coming off the Pacific and whipping around through the Bay inlet (where the picnic was held), and more than 400 slices of... pizza. Ugh. If I hadn't already disliked pizza, I certainly would now. It was good... but there was a lot of it... filled up all the closets in the hospitality suite for the next three days.... The hospitality suite itself was quite entertaining - thanks to GBH Productions, who brought down this... cake. Er...? It did have two cylindrical protrusions... one green, one pink. Having nipped both in the bud, so to speak, I found a marked preference for the green ridges. (Which confirms everyone's suspicions that, yes, I am a Spock fan... in more ways than one.) Maybe one of the most interesting parts of CALICON, according to several folks, was the Totally Psychic/Mystic Workshop. We had about 35 people, and did a variety of things ranging from Tarot readings to Ouija Board (yes, we did have the proper respect and a professional, lest someone think we were being foolish and/or disrespectful). Personally. I found it really uplifting to be surrounded by 35 fans, several candles to provide the only source of light, and a view of the Pacific Ocean. There was something very homey about that, very mystical, especially considering the wonderful filking that was taking place in the next room. Thanks to Alta and "Peter Theisen for introducing some new folks to the art of filking, and for entertaining the old pros. One of the best parts of the con, at least in my opinion, was the hotel. The Bahia's staff was, at least as far as we've heard, magnificent. I know they certainly took it all in stride when they wandered up on the art show and picked up zines. Also, the ocean air and tropical environment just seemed to make everyone feel relaxed and very much at home. Just another beautiful weekend in Paradise. From all we've heard, everyone had a good time - and we're pleased to announce that we raised $500.00 for a donation to The Fund For Animals. A special word of thanks to [M O] (Marilyn Cole's gorgeous husband), who volunteered to take off his shirt and show us those lovely poses Marilyn devises for him (you know... the poses she uses in those drawings....) Thanks to Mark, we received $1.00 per person from everyone in the room, with the rest of the money being raised through auction. Our special thanks and gratitude to everyone who bid, to [M], and to The Fund For Animals. [M] was also our 1989 Guest of Honor. The convention paid for his travel expenses in order to bring him down for all the fun. We hope to make this a yearly tradition, finances allowing, so if you or someone else you know would like to attend, send us a brief synopsis of the person, their fannish activities, and why you feel they might be fun to have around at the con. Also, a special word of thanks to John and Kandy Fong, and Jim Cryer for their magnificent help with our song video

production, and for the countless hours they spent running the video duping room. Thanks to these folks, many convention goers were able to get their hands on rare tapes, and the entire convention was treated to some very professional editing/service at our Saturday night song video presentation. Again, thanks, from everyone who attended Calicon, and from the committee. [6]


badge for Calicon 2 (1990): Kirk and Spock at Sea World

1990 Vid Show

the 1990 vid show playlist. Click to read larger version or see the typed version below

The 1990s vid show lasted around xxx minutes and had approximately 23 vids submitted by approximately 10 vidders. Click on the image to see the handwritten playlist prepared by one attendee. The event seems to have been broken into two sections, with the latter section being part of a contest. The vidders may have submitted more vids than are shown here, according to another handwritten playlist created by one of the vid show organizers, Kandy Fong. That playlist contains 33 vids by the same 10 vidders.

Fandom Song Focus Singer Videoist
KS First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) K/S X-rated Roberta H.
KS First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) #2 K/S X-rated Roberta H.
QL Just The Way You Are Billy Joel Kandy Fong
Indy Spiders And Snakes Temple of Doom Kandy Fong
B7 If I Were A Rich Man Villa from Fiddler Kandy Fong
TNG Marvelous Little Toy Riker & Data Kandy Fong
TNG/ST Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Kirk vs Riker Kandy Fong
The Contest
ST Lady Enterprise Trhys
KS Someone’s Waiting For You KS Roberta H.
KS Another Saturday Night Kirk Chris Soto
B7 Desperado Avon The Eagles Gayle F.
Pros Too Long A Soldier Pat Benitar D.J. Driscoll
B7 Plastic Fantastic Lover
ST In The Air Tonight Kirk vs Kahn Phil Collins Chris Soto
B7 Continental Drift Tashery S.
KS Shoulder To Cry On KS Roberta H.
RH Only The Rivers Run Free D.J. Driscoll
B7 Love Is A Stranger Eurythmics Gayle F
KS Right Here Waiting Roberta H.
AN The Game G. Francisco D.J. Driscoll
ST I Dreamed A Dream Chris Soto
B7 The Man That Got Away Avon Judy Garland Gayle F
RH Rockin’ Robin Robin Hood Bobby Dey D.J. Driscoll

Surak Awards

flyer for 1990 Koon-ut-Cali-Con from Datazine, click to enlarge, then click on image again, and then again

The convention also sponsored the Surak Awards, and included a nomination form in the convention booklet. Categories were divided between "General" and "Age Statement Required" and all of the zines, artists, editors, writers, humorists and poets were nominated for Star Trek and K/S activities only. To vote, you had to hand in a dollar with your filled out ballot. The list of nominees is a Who's Who of K/S fandom of the time.

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