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Name: Deeb
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
cover of Oasis, Kirk and Spock resting at a waterfall, full art gallery below
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Fannish Bio

Deeb is a slash fan writer and fan artist. her work has appeared in numerous fanzines.

In The K/S Press #1 her artwork in Scattered Stars #8 was reviewed: "Even though this is from '94, already I believe there's a change in Deeb's portrayals of Kirk and Spock. This pen and ink drawing of Spock shows him chained to a stone wall. No one looks sexier chained to a stone wall than Spock, but already there's a hint of darkness. I am really intrigued by this direction in Deeb's beautiful and skilled artwork."

In The K/S Press #2 her artwork from Amazing Grace #3 was reviewed: "Deeb’s drawing of a dead Kirk and a distraught Spock from “Amok Time” printed on red paper is very effective, nearly searing."

In the history of Star Trek K/S zine Legacy, Deeb's artwork was the subject of discussion in Dribbling Scribbling Women: The History of Our Art by Liz Woledge. Fanzine editor Dovya writes:"I know that I too often enjoy a piece of art which though not technically perfect is very evocative nonetheless. I certainly don’t require a photo-real image to adore a picture. I think Deeb’s pen and inks spring to mind here, I note that I have saved some six of her drawings in my favourites file and although they are never hyper real they have that excitement and joy and passion which I think is part of the essence of K/S."

Deeb has won numerous Philon Awards