Within the Mirror

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Title: Within the Mirror
Publisher: Merry Men Press
Editor(s): Robin Hood
Date(s): 1988 – 2011
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Within the Mirror is a K/S slash Star Trek: TOS zine series.

They were created for Mirror Universe first time stories were not too dark, as MMP generally published happy endings. The publisher described the themes of the zine on the Press website:

Mirror Universe - First Time, happy endings stories involving but not necessarily about the Mirror Characters. Could be about 'our' boys after they've been to THAT universe. See? You don't really have to write about THOSE characters to stay within this universe. [1]

From A 2007 Interview with Robin Hood:

I found out after a while that Mirror Stories and AU stories didn’t go over quite as well as FT’s. But each had their devotees so that I didn’t want to cut them off completely, hence Scattered Stars, where the universe is just a tiny bit off, not so far out that I couldn’t recognize our boys. And Within the Mirror, I prefer our boys after they’ve come back to our universe, but most readers seem to like the down and dirty mirror universe. In fact I had a story for FT that was so rough that I decided to make a new zine for it, and I went on from there.

Issue 1

Within The Mirror 1 was published in November 1988 and contains 177 pages. The front and back covers are of Kirk and Spock in black relief. As you flip the covers, you see their mirror images in white.

The cover artist is Gayle F. Other art is by Dragon, Caro Hedge, Vel Jaeger, Sarah B. Leonard, Virginia Smith, Chris Soto, Shellie Whild, and Jackie Zoost.

front cover of issue #1, Gayle F
back cover of issue #1, Gayle F

From the editorial:

I believe that you're going to like this zine (okay, so you're going to love it) even though it IS NOT filled with a hundred rapes and mayhem. If you were looking for the excessive stuff, sorry, it is not here. First I didn't get much of that (what I did wasn't what I was looking for) and second, I found unless it's extremely well written, plotted to excess, I don't like it. So...

WTM II will be in the same vein. I'm hoping for one or two "rougher" stories (hey, I wouldn't be a K/S lady if I didn't like that, would I?)

  • Our Separate Ways by Emily Adams ("Spock returns from Gol as Kirk and the Enterprise meet the unknown entity that seems to be heading for Earth.") (4)
  • The Mirror Cracked by Augusta Elton (M/U and A/U: "Kirk yearns for the security he no longer has from his brain-damaged first officer.") (20)
  • When Lovers Say Goodbye by Elizabeth Scott ("Some words are hard to say as Kirk and Spock prepare to part for six months.") (49)
  • Half and Half by Sarah B. Leonard ("Kirk uses the mirror Spock to get what he fears never having from his own first officer.") (53)
  • A Rock for a Pillow, poem by Linda Frankl (60)
  • Room 1442 Charlotte Frost ("Spock makes an offer to bond with Kirk that, surprisingly, Kirk is willing to consider.") (nominated, Surak Award) (61)
  • Concealed Weapons, poem by Linda Frankl (107)
  • Reflected Revelations by Kay Wells ("After a conversation with the mirror Kirk, Spock goes to his own captain and requests his aid in procuring a sexual partner.") (108)
  • The Shining One by Janis E. Laine ("The mirror Spock blackmails Kirk, demanding Kirk stay with him in exchange for his silence and the return of the rest of the landing party to their own universe.") (116)
  • Hungry Eyes by Roberta Haga ("Kirk realizes the mirror Kirk and Spock are lovers when he is summoned to the Vulcanʼs quarters and met by a nude Spock.") (120)
  • Second Action by Addison Reed ("A group of pilots are sent by the Empire to complete a mission the Enterprise was unable to, and their leaderʼs attraction to Spock only adds to Kirkʼs anger and depression." Sequel: Third Law.) (nominated, Surak Award) (132)

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[zine]: WTMI was a surprise. I am not generally fond of mirror related stories, ie: too harsh, too rough and deal a lot with mayhem etc. WTM was not in this vein. Not to say that there weren't true mirror stories, there were but they were consistently written in the 'First Time' style. They were in character and dealt a lot of the time with 'our' characters and their perceptions of the mirror universe. Perhaps it was my imagination but it seemed to me that WTM was even better written than other FT's, and that's going some. The harshest story was THE MIRROR CRACKED. It was a true mirror story but so incredibly written that I overlookedthe goosebumps it raised. And the rest of the stories were good, clean K/S. THE SHINING ONE and WHEN LOVERS SAY GOODBYE were short but very sweet stories. Gave us different views of the mirror characters. ROOM 1442 and SECOND ACTION are long and, to my thinking, nomination material for the Suraks. Room is a long, sweet story as well written as Charlotte can. In character and yet completely loving. Explanations of the mirror characters are complete as well and will help those of you who don't like the 'mirror universe' accept it. ACTION, undoubtedly one of the best Addison Reed stories to date, has PLOT, detail, great loving and a whiz bang story with an action adventure ending. This could be a movie plot! And the witting is excellent. What else could you ask for? There was a lot of good art in the zine. More than usual. Must interest the artists, eh? The unusual [Gayle F] covers, printed in an unusual manner, fit the 'feeling' of the zine. And the Soto Spock, will cause more than a few goosebumps out in fandom. This gets my vote for a Surak as well! I understand that WTM II is in the words. Keep your eyes open for it. If it's half the zine this one is, it's well worth the money. Congrats to Merry Press. They've done it again. [2]

I got WITHIN THE MIRROR (1988) the other day, and gobbled it down too fast as usual. Then I had to go back and reread everything. I thought it a very enjoyable zine, though a bit rich for someone who's used to non-Mirror stories. There are a couple of short stories that deal with our usual friends, and their reaction to the Mirror universe, and I found these a welcome break. The other seven stories are strictly Mirror. The longest one is by "Room 144" by Charlotte Frost. It deals with a decision by Spock to ask his captain to bond, and the results of that decision. One of the most interesting parts of this story is Kirk's memories of his childhood and how he learned that tenderness wasn't to be trusted. He and Spock have problems building a relationship, but they solve them calmly and rationally. Even Kirk, though temperish and foul-mouthed, is essentially a rational person in this story. And, characteristically, once his decision is made, it's made—no more soul-searching, and no patience with Spock's hesitation. These people are essentially our Kirk and Spock as they would be if they'd adapted to a different universe. Augusta Elton's "The Mirror Crack'd," presents a very different pair. Their Mirror universe seems worse than some others, and they are correspondingly darker characters. Kirk is all but imprisoned by Spock, who, following a head injury, has become both insane and a drug addict. He is a killer. Their relationship is bitter and violent, and nothing else seems possible for them. But Elton's Mirror Kirk is no less ingenious than our Kirk, even if his ingenuity must take a strange turning (Rereading this paragraph, it sounds like the kind of story I wouldn't expect to like but I do like it, very much indeed.) There was a long, well-written story by Addison Reed and five shorter stories, all of which I could say something good about if there were room. There is a sad shortage of poetry, but the two Linda Frankel pieces were nice, especially the delightful one in which Spock explains the difficulty of bedding his well-armed captain. The shortage of poems is partly compensated for by a number of high-quality illustrations. (Some are better than others, of course.) There's about one for every ten pages of print. The covers are kind of...well...nude. You wouldn't want to leave them around, maybe. I thought this one was well worth the money The next one, if it is suggested in the editorial, may be a little "rougher." I don't see the necessity. For those of tender sensibilities, this one was tough enough. [3]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Chris Soto: "I was organizing my zines and was struck again by the stunning covers on WITHIN THE MIRROR 2 by Chris Soto. I have admired all of her work, but this pen and ink of A/U Kirk is truly striking. The play of light and shadow capture the features and the dark/light aspects of both Kirks' personalities. This is a character study as well as a portrait and shows the great talent of the artist. I hope she continues to draw many more covers." [4]
back cover of issue #2, Chris Soto: "What can I say but MAGNIFICENT! The Mirror Kirk stares out straight ahead on the front cover, his vulnerability showing despite his attempt to cover it up. On the back cover, Spock gazes out from a shadow, inscrutably, thinking about what? Fantastic!" [5]

Within The Mirror 2 was published on or before May 1989 and contains 196 pages. The covers are by Chris Soto. Inside art and graphics are by Carol Hedge, Shellie Whild, Virginia Lee Smith, Jackie Zoost, SBL, Phyliss, Kay Wells, and Dragon.

From the editorial:

You've noticed the covers? Now, don't drive me wild with letters. The Kirk is hanging on my wall as we speak and the Spock will be at the Cali Con art show (better bring a clean Charge Card!) To my way of thinking they are two of the best Pen and Inks drawings I've seen. Thank you, Chris.

  • Within the Mirror, poem by Lillian Dwan (1)
  • Rhapsody in Blue by Janis E. Laine ("Kirk and Spock beam down to a planet whose flora has pollen with some very special side-effects.") (4)
  • Golden Maistro, poem by Greta Foulard (20)
  • Risk in the Mirror by Greta Foulard ("Soon after the five year mission ends, Kirk rapes Spock and then begins a degeneration that only stops when he and the Vulcan are reunited against a common enemy.") (20)
  • Absence, poem by Michelle Perry (151)
  • Swallow the Fire by Sharon Pillsbury ("Spock forces Kirk into a bond when he realizes his captain tried to kill him with the Tantalus field.") (50)
  • Sins of the Father by Kay Wells ("Spock demands Kirk as his lover after he saves his captainʼs life from the men bent on revenge for crimes committed by Kirkʼs father.") (86)
  • Third Law by Addison Reed (Sequel to "Second Action" WTM #1) ("Once Kirk is able to accept his feelings for Spock, he devises a plan whereby they can live safe in the Empire. Prequel: Second Action.") (152)
  • The Dark is a Fire, poem by H.E. Radei (197)

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Issue 3

front cover of issue #3, Dorothy Laoang -- "Wonderful drawing, of Spock taking his shirt off, pulling it up over his head. Lovely lean body, perfect face; a special, intimate view of him. I really like the narrow vertical rectangle shape of the drawing too, as opposed to filling up the whole cover. I want to make a point here that with Dorothy's drawing talent, she ought to be giving us more, please." [6]

"Wow. This is one of the most intense and dynamic Spock's I've seen in quite a while (not to mention erotic). There is an aura of menace to it that fits the mirror Spock perfectly. I'm most impressed." [7].

In 2014 a fan wrote: " Gaaawwwd, that body! The sinuous curve of his form as he removed his clothes....sooooooooooo SEXY! No wonder Jim is so attracted to Spock, ummmm...just gorgeous!"[8]
back cover of issue #3, Chris Soto
front cover of issue #3, 2nd Edition

Within The Mirror 3 was published in 1989 and contains 166 pages.

The art is by Dragon, Jackie Zoost, Shellie Whild, Virginia Lee Smith, Susan K. Dundas, Kay Wells, Judy, SBL, Lori Lee.

Regarding the front cover of this issue: The artist, Dot, was not expecting this to be the cover. She had originally submitted it for an issue of First Time, but the publisher of both zines, Robin Hood, had other plans. [9]

  • Storm by Rachel Cavendish and Cassandra Cole ("Kirk canʼt seem to forget making love with the mirror Spock, until his own first officer offers what he truly desires.")
  • The Last Alternative by Elizabeth Scott ("McCoy journeys to the mirror universe to convince that Spock to masquerade as his counterpart and join this Kirk, who canʼt get over his lover leaving for Gol.")
  • The Shelat by Susan Douglass (M/U and A/U: "Kirk is captured by the Empire and finds that his lover from the academy is now the Grand Inquisitor.")
  • The Captain's Man by Natasha Barry ("Rather than have his former captain imprisoned, Spock takes Kirk as his “man” after capturing the ship for the rebellion.")
  • Brightly as a King by Susan K. Dundas ("While trapped in the mirror universe, Kirk is used by the mirror Spock who is in pon farr, and Spock is forced to couple with the Mirror Kirk." Sequel: Affections Dark as Erebus.)
  • Affections Dark as Erbus by Susan K. Dundas ("Kirk tries to take his revenge on his bondmate for coupling with Kirkʼs counterpart when each was trapped in the otherʼs universe." Prequel: Brightly As A King.)
  • The Silvered Glass by Greta Foulard ("After Halka, Spock tries to recruit Kirk to the rebellion as they finally admit to their feelings for one another.")
  • The Eagle and the Hawk by Ciana Sepulveda ("Kirk is recruited for a mission in the mirror universe by the mirror Spock after the mirror Kirk is killed.")
  • Mirror of a Dream by Roberta Haga ("Kirk wants Spock to “act” while wearing a beard and mustache like that of his mirror counterpart.")

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[cover page poem]: I liked the seductive tone of this poem and the vague threat of danger that pervades it. Mirror Spock promises not to harm Kirk physically, but, to paraphrase, there are always other possibilities. I also liked the images evoked by the phrases "brush your life against mine." [11]

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Chris Soto
back cover of issue #4, Chris Soto

Within The Mirror 4 was published in 1990 and contains 171 pages. It has art by Susan K. Dundas, SBL, Virginia Lee Smith, Kay Wells, Jackie Zoost.

From the editorial:

Welcome to WTM IV. Can't believe that we're up to (ohhhh) number 4 so quickly. Must be all you perverts out there. (Okay, and in here, as well.) I have a Kay Wells novel (Gambit) that's about all four of our fellows so those of you who are especially fond of Mirror can look forward to that.

I want to thank Chris Soto (hopefully the covers are hers. It's a bitch writing these editorials before I've gotten the art work. But she's up to her butt in alligators (editors) ain't popularity tough?) I'm sure they're lovely. And if she didn't do them, I'll make it up to the artist in the next zine. Sigh.

There is a nice mixed bag of stories this time. Something for everything.

Tough,and loving and back and forth. Another motion I like, eh?

I'm still going to do another WTH so you'll have to send in that one mirror story that you've bad inside of you all this time. The one no one else has ever done, or at least never done it from YOUR perspective. Believe me, we all want to read it.

Hope to see you all at Cali-Con!

  • To He Who Waits by Gena Moretti ("While in the M/U, Kirk makes love to that Spock to distract him while McCoy and Scotty reset the transporter.") (4)
  • To Lean on Thee by Elizabeth Scott ("Sentenced to 6 months in prison, Kirk fends off a Romulan cellmate while Spock seems to do nothing.") (26)
  • Epitaph, poem by Gene Delapenia (39)
  • For the Last Time, poem by Gene Delapenia (41)
  • The Other Half by Sarah B. Leonard ("Returning from the M/U, Kirk questions Spock, who is having trouble readjusting after being raped by the M/U Kirk.") (42)
  • Unplanned Alliance by D.A. Marsh ("Kirk is locked into Spockʼs cabin with him when Spock goes into Pon Farr.") (50)
  • Sun and Shadow, poem by Cybel Harper (71)
  • Second Chance by Jean Gabriel ("Kirk and Spock go to Vulcan to witness a Warrior bonding but something in Kirkʼs past gets in the way.") (72)
  • Mirrors, poem by Rachel Cavendish (104)
  • The Ultimate Betrayal, poem by Rachel Cavendish (105)
  • My Soul Upon the Forfeit by Susan K. Dundas ("When the M/U Spock has sex with Jim, the M/U Kirk abducts Jim to punish him for being with his bondmate." Sequel: Secret Harmony.) (106)
  • A Secret Harmony by Susan K. Dundas ("After being returned from the M/U, Kirk is unable to get over the torture and rape he experienced there." Prequel: My Soul Upon the Forfeit.) (122)
  • A Beginning by Gene Delapenia ("Kirk ends up owning T'Pring when forced to kill his bondmate, Spock, during the Kalifee.") (136)
  • Alone!, poem by Gene Delapenia (139)
  • Apartheid in Green by Patricia Laurie Stephens ("Kirk meets a young Spock on Vulcan, who has been charged with murder.") (140)

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[zine]: To He Who Waits: In the Mirror universe Kirk learns that the alternate Kirk and Spock are partners in a violent relationship - at their last encounter Kirk had been injured. Unable to avoid an interlude with the Mirror Spock, Kirk proposes a 'new way', gentleness rather than violence. To Lean on Thee: Mirror Kirk and Spock are sentenced to six months in an Empire prison. Spock must protect Kirk from a Romulan prisoner, but must also deal with Kirk's pride. The Other Half: The Mirror Kirk believes his Spock has plotted against him, and attacks him before he discovers the exchange. Unplanned Alliance: Mirror Sarek has ordered his operatives to compel Kirk to serve Spock during pen farr. Spock is reluctant, but Kirk offers to cooperate. Second Chance: Mirror Spock takes Kirk to Vulcan to witness a warrior bonding. Kirk knows that Spock wants him, and in the emotional aftermath of the ceremony they make love, which Kirk later regrets. Spock returns to the Enterprise with a Human lover, both of them part of the rebellion. Kirk is jealous, and distrusts his rival. My Soul Upon the Forfeit: The bond between the Mirror Kirk and Spock is strained by Kirk's jealousy; in revenge he kidnaps and tortures his counterpart. A Secret Harmony: Sequel to the above. Kirk is suffering the effects of his kidnap into the Mirror universe. Only Spock can heal him. Apartheid in Green: Mirror Kirk, in Starileet Intelligence, is sent to conquered Vulcan to investigate a murder, with the enslaved Spock charged with poisoning his master. Very unusual characterisations and relationships. The stories in this zine are generally harsher and more explicit, which is perhaps to be expected in a Mirror universe zine. In each case the authors have attempted to develop the usually antagonistic relationship of the Mirror characters into one of trust. The stories are well written and developed, but the potential reader should be aware that the zine is aimed at confirmed K/S fans - I would not suggest it to first-time readers. [12]

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, Kay Wells: "I'm sure the way the covers are done has a special name, but I don't know it. The faces are drawn with white lines upon a pure black background. Kay Wells has a handsome Kirk on the front (looking very sly) and a bearded Spock on the back (looking menacingly at someone). Kay Wells is really doing great work! [13]
back cover of issue #5, Kay Wells: "These were done in a different medium. Scratch board, maybe? Regardless, they took time and talent." [14]

Within The Mirror 5 was published in 1991 and contains 178 pages. It has art by SBL, Kay Wells. The covers are by Kay Wells.

From the editorial:

Welcome to the 5th issue of WITHIN THE MIRROR. You'll find a few differences. First, because of the changes there is more... ah... meat to the zine. (I mean more words you perverts!) To offset the postal raise, and with every intention not to raise your costs and with every intention not to go broke, I'm trying out different formats that save apace while still giving you your 'fill'.

The last for stories of the line are done in different formats. Please let me know which is easier to read. Be fair! And then which one looks better and then which you prefer. You might get three different answers.

Now, down to business. Notice the covers? How could you not? Thanks greatly to a busy Kay Wells and her talented fingers. Speaking of art, you'll notice that there isn't much — read perhaps none? Hell, I do have a few pieces but they are so specific that I couldn't fit them in. Remember if you've ever had a perchance for art, now's the time! GET BUSY!

We're moving right along for the 25th! Can't wait should be great fun. A zoo, yes, but fun. Hope to see you there for the premier of 'GAMBIT' Kay Wells Mirror novel and FT 29! Yep, 29 is done!

If you like these stories, you must tell the author so! Remember! Subscribe to Regina Moore's LOC Connection. This is the easiest, the least expensive and the most fun for all of us.

In the future you'll find an embossment [sic] on the first story in all Merry Men Press Zines. This will allow you to tell whether or not you've bought a xerox!

  • The Arms of a Friend by Jean Gabriel ("After Kirk calls off their affair, Mitchell plots Spockʼs death, sure that the Vulcan is the reason for the breakup.") (4)
  • Danger Within the Mirror by Josephine Jackson ("Both sides of the mirror as Kirk and Spock come together.) (28)
  • Mirror Expiation- Greta Foulard (Kirk and Spock begin to draw nearer to each other, but after the events on Halka Spock sees a side of Kirk both disturbing and hopeful.") (32)
  • Masterpiece, poem by Linda Frankl (61)
  • A Web of Twos by Scott Hunter ("Kirkʼs lamb side dies when integration fails, but his “wolf” is merged with the “lamb” of the M/U when that Kirkʼs “wolf” refuses integration.") (62)
  • An Arabian Night's Enchantment, poem by Linda Frankel (119)
  • Revolving Door by Karla Kelly ("Back from the M/U, Kirkʼs insistence that he and Spock are lovers makes them believe that he is still in the wrong universe.") (120)
  • Trouble in Hell by Gena Moretti ("When both need to be two places at once, the mirror Kirk and Spock enlist their counterparts in this universe to impersonate them and aiding their efforts to overthrow the empire.") (126)
  • Another Side of the Mirror by Anne McClean ("Kirk entertains the man sent to execute Spock for his refusal to kill his captain during the Halkan incident, while struggling with his own feelings for the Vulcan.") (156)
  • Desert Rose, poem by Linda Frankel (178)

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Issue 6

"The portraits (pencil or charcoal?) of Spock (front cover) and Kirk (back cover) of WITHIN THE MIRROR 6 are very realistic and beautiful. The Spock is clearer. I wish Kirk had been as clear because the detailing is very good. These are older a/u officers." [15]
back cover of issue #6, Susan Dundas
front cover of issue #6, 2nd Edition

Within The Mirror 6 was published in 1992 and contains 163 pages.

From the editorial:

Welcome to the sixth (6th!!) edition of WTM. Certainty never thought this would keep going. And it is ail because of you, dear reader, (and droolers) as long as you keep coming (and cuming) back for more, then well keep giving it to you.

A few pieces of business. There’s not a lot of art in this zine, as a matter of fact, with the exception of the lovely Susan Dundas covers (it’s a shame she’s gone into Vice, isn’t it?) there isn’t ANY art inside. A couple of reasons: mirror art doesn’t come by very often and art is scarce itself. This makes a less pretty zine (but more affordable for me!!) The choice is up to you!

Okay, to the stories: Same old story, old and new. The old (using Ultress, now I understand) need more stroking than the new. The new are still too excited to sit still.

The newest, Ms. Singer, has burst into fandom in a big way. Remember to send your comments into LOC because she’s going to need down-right fondling to keep her going!

The oldest Greta and Charlotte, are once again in top form (actually they're wearing the tip off the whip!) and at this stage, maybe you just ought to send $$$$!)

Remember, If you’ve ever had a minor related idea (are you dead??) then write the story and send it in (to SOMEBODY!)

  • Revenge by Greta Foulard ("After defeating the rebel forces on an uncharted planet, Spock is exposed to a virus that brings on pon farr-and he and Kirk are the only ones still alive on the planet, with the Enterprise not due back for several days.")(4)
  • Revenge, poem by J. Mercedes (43)
  • Everyone's Got a Price by Karla Kelly ("As Kirk takes command of the Enterprise, he finds his life entwining with Spockʼs, who rejects his advancements.") (44)
  • Firegod, poem by H.R. Radei (57)
  • Night and Day by Karla Kelly ("Lovers at night, Kirk and Spock act as strangers during the day until the events on Halka bring their love to the fore.") (58)
  • Nightmare Man, poem by J. Mercedes (63)
  • Seen in a Mirror Darkly by Jonni Corday ("Kirk begins having problems with his self image and what he perceives as Spockʼs preference for his counterpart after returing to his own universe.") (64)
  • Through a Friend's Eyes, poem by H.R. Radei (77)
  • The Concept of Love by Jean Gabriel ("Kirk is unable to decide whether or not to join the rebellion until Spock and Sarek discover him spying on them with the Tantalus field and the decision is made for him.") (78)
  • A Place to Be Loved by Scott Hunter ("After discovering that their M/U counterparts are lovers, but not bonded, Kirk realizes who and what he wants but he and Spock must first get approval from Vulcan in order to bond.") (108)
  • Pas de Duex by Kate Singer ("Kirk awakens to find himself at Spockʼs mercy, as they fight and love to an understanding and then bonding between them.") (116)
  • Rainbows Become Dust, poem by H.R. Radei (125)
  • Madman's Peace by J. Mercedes ("Kirk writes down his feelings and desire for Spock after returning from this universe.") (126)
  • Elf-Boy, poem by Sue Cameraon (138)
  • Playing with Fire by Charlotte Frost ("Stranded when their shuttlecraft crashes, Kirkʼs feelings of aloneness intensify when Spock sickens, leading to Kirkʼs decision to open himself to Spock.") (140)
  • The Web, poem on inside back cover by Sue Cameron

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Issue 7

front cover of issue #7, Chris Soto: "Chris Soto has lovely covers (pencils?) for WTM 7. Her front Kirk has a wonderful expression. Spock on the back suffers by comparison, but then I'm a Kirk fan. Unfortunately, both are clothed. Darn." [16]
back cover of issue #7, Chris Soto
front cover of issue #7, 2nd Edition (1997)

Within The Mirror 7 was published in April 1993 and contains 182 pages.

The art is by Chris Soto (covers), Elizabeth Kay (inside back cover), and Jackie Zoost (single interior illo).

From the editorial:

Those of you who have been looking forward to the latest WTM, well here it is. Thick (yep) and juicy (better wear a bib) and filled with new writers and hot stories.

Those of you who profess to dislike Mirror Stories—well, you mightjust give this zine a try. You 'll find the stories honest, true, old-fashioned K/S and / ask you, what else are you looking for??

There isn't a lot of art, other than the lovely covers by the incomparable 'Soto' (where the hell is Honorbound?) a lovely effort from a wonderful writer, Elizabeth Kay (who’s flayling away on a novel! Yep, just might be out this year, too!) and a return of Jackie Zoost (thought she had gafiated — thrilled to be wrong!) Can't thank these ladies enough for their masochism. You’ll also note that there are only 7 stories here. Nice, big ones (yep, my kinda zine!) that should entertain you for a while.

  • To Race the Wind by Karla Kelly ("While a temporary instructor at the academy, Spock rescues, and then is beguiled by, the cadet James Kirk.") (4)
  • Within Mirrored Hands by Judith Coventry ("On the shoreleave planet, both Kirk and Spock find there is no satisfaction is being with a replicant of the person they really want... each other.") (16)
  • Power and Surrender, poem by Kathy Stanis (41)
  • The Mask in the Mirror by Kathy Stanis ("Kirk considers Spock out of reach until his adventure in the Mirror universe opens his eyes to what, and how, Spock can be.") (42)
  • Logical Love, poem by Jamie Belle (55)
  • The Scar by Anne-Marie ("The removal of a scar from Spockʼs face leads to an unexpected confession from his captain.") (56)
  • The Covenant by Elizabeth Scott ("With each pon farr, Spock resists calling the one person his mind and body demand, his captain.") (66)
  • Broken, poem by Jamie Belle (77)
  • Through Erebus and Beyond by Shelley Butler ("Marlena has Kirk sold into slavery after she realizes that it's Spock he now desires.") (winner of a STIFfie award) (78)
  • Dining on Ashes, poem by Kathy Stanis (147)
  • The Gift of the Hawk by J.S. Cavalcante ("The mirror Spock hides the true reason for his presence when he comes to this universe seeking asylum.")
  • Left Overs by Kay Wells ("Kirk is disturbed by his reaction to Spock taking in Lt. Moreau after Kirk throws her out for aiding his counterpart during the transposition.") (148)
  • In the Wind, poem, not credited (182)

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Issue 8

Within The Mirror 8 was published in 1993 and contains 181 pages.

  • Real Men by Q.S. Pongee ("Kirk agrees to donating ten “inseminations” on a female dominated planet, unaware they are collected by a machine.")
  • Across the Night by Alice Hooker ("Kirk is abducted by the M/U Kirk and Spock in order to help in their plans to overthrow the empire.")
  • A Fine Madness by Karla Kelly ("After TʼPringʼs challenge, Spock finds he is drawn to Kirk.")
  • Dragon's Chimera by Shelley Butler ("Spock is abducted by the female Romulan commander and subjected to forced dreams of her choosing as a form of torture.")
  • covers by Shelley Butler.
  • art by Deeb, Terri Rett

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Issue 9

front cover of issue #9, Shelley Butler -- from the editorial: "So you like the cover, eh? And you're still standing? Then you haven't turned the zine over yet. Go ahead, do it, but make sure you're sitting down first! Shelley outdid herself this time, don't you think?"
back cover of issue #9, Shelley Butler
front cover of issue #9, 2nd edition

Within The Mirror 9 was published in 1994 and contains 166 pages. It has art by Shelley Butler, Terri Rett, and Chris Soto.

  • Wishes, Reflected Hopes and Reality by Kay Wells ("Spock overhears Kirk tell McCoy that he wishes he and Spock were like their counterparts in the M/U, lovers.") (4)
  • Empire Games by Karla Kelly ("Spock agrees to “service” Kirk but wonʼt meld with him for fear of giving away information of the rebellion.") (30)
  • To Love the Game by Brianna Falken ("Kirk is abducted and given a drug to force sexual submission, threatening Spockʼs dream of their becoming lovers as their counterparts are.") (42)
  • The Unbinding, poem by Linda Frankl (79)
  • Tiger Burning Bright by Carolyn Spencer (novella) ("Kirk is drawn to the Vulcan prince Spock who is assigned to the Enterprise as assurance of Vulcanʼs cooperation.") (80)
  • Arid-Soul, poem by Sue Cameron (165)
  • Man of Steel, poem by Sue Cameron (166)

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[art by Shelley Butler on page 163, "A Kiss in the Right Place"]: JEEEEEEEEEZUS (no blasphemy intended), what can I say about that drawing which hasn't been said before? Nothing? Guess so, but I'll give it a try anyway. Breathtaking, in my book at least. Currents of feelings flowing in a vast ocean of tactile humanity, would that come close to describing it? Truly a feast for the eyes and the soul. [21]

[art by Shelley Butler on page 163, "A Kiss in the Right Place"]: This is softly drawn, as if one is looking at it through fine gauze or the other-worldly glow of a dream. The reflection of light off sweat slicked bodies makes of this drawing a dance of light and subtle shadow, I could gaze at this drawing many times and never grow tired of looking at it. [22]

[art by Shelley Butler on page 129]: The reason why I particularly liked this piece is sentimental. You see, it reminds me of a still photo of Kirk from "Court Martial" that I used to have hanging in my college dorm room when I first became a Trek fan. It was my favorite picture of Kirk. The shadowy background in Shelley's illo emphasizes Kirk. For me, this makes the statement that Kirk triumphs over his surroundings no matter what universe he is in. [23]

[art by Shelley Butler -- "A Kiss in the Right Place"]: This is one of my very favorite pictures, and perfectly illustrates a scene from Carolyn Spencer's story "Tiger Burning Bright". (Which, by the way, is a Mirror story that I really liked as well.) Kirk is lying nude, on his stomach. Spock is lying on top of Kirk, kissing his ass, with his arms wrapped around Kirk. I must confess to a certain fascination with our beautiful captain's gorgeous ass, which is obviously shared by Spock in this picture! Shelley did her usual wonderful job—I love how she drew Kirk and Spock's arms and shoulders, for example (muscles, tendons, and sinews all perfectly lineated) and also their hair. Spock's hair just shines, and Kirk's is appropriately tousled. And Kirk's skin looks so smooth and soft and satiny. I don't know how Shelley managed to draw this to show the skin texture, but she did her usual great job. I wanted to reach out and stroke Kirk's skin. Actually, I wanted to fondle his whole body! (Hmm, time for a cold shower, I think!) [24]

[zine]:... overall a good zine, worthy of adding to your collection. That is unless you don't care for a/u stories or harsh sex, even quite brutal at times, or extremely raw language. I obviously enjoy these (in my fiction).

Except for T. Rett and Brianna Falken everyone is an established K/S person. The art is fine. The covers and three interiors by Shelley Butler are her usual soft photographic quality. Since I always praise her, I will say the thighs on the back cover belong to Arnold S., not our two guys. I like her p. 129, Kirk's face. best. Chris Soto does a beautiful Spock and gorgeous Kirk. And, darn it, Chris. You quit on Kirk just when it was getting "interesting". T. Rett is the newcomer, and her picture is okay. Let's face it. few artists can stand comparison to the dynamic duo of Butler and Soto. The zine is pretty, but you'll have to obscure the back cover if reading around non K/Sers.

The poetry is by established poets Linda Frankel, Sue Cameron, and Robin Hood who doesn't list her poems in the contents. The poetry makes for nice breaks and is decorated with graphics. I liked the simplier graphics better than the ornate ones.

The zine is four long stories, all quite excellent. I'll do Brianna Falken separately because she's new. Kay Wells. Karla Kelly and Carolyn Spencer are almost always good. Well's "Wishes. Reflected Hopes and Reality" is divided into the three parts of the title, which gives it a nice structure. This one's the sweetest one (if sweet turns you on). Kelly's "Empire Games" is quite different which is her trademark. It's fluff, but enjoyable. The ending is quite effective. Spencer's "Tiger Burning Bright" is the longest piece (82 pages) and diverges more than the others from accepted fan facts (an oxymoron?!. One truely absurd nit - picking criticism: the "deer-trapped-in-the-headlights look" bothered me because it's so anachronistic. My favorite line (which I won't spoil) is her variation of Hamlet's line, (I don't consider literary allusions anachronistic) At 166 pages this is no lightweight zine. The writing is high quality throughout. There are no duds which is a rarity. I do recommend it - but not for the faint of heart. [25]

Issue 10

front cover of issue #10, DEEB
back cover of issue #10, DEW
front cover of issue #10, 2nd Edition
from issue #10

Within The Mirror 10 was published in July 1995 and contains 165 pages. It has art by Kathy Stanis, Chris Soto & Terri Rett. The covers are by Deeb and DEW.

From the editorial:

We made it! Yeah! You didn't think I would? You had no idea. Waiting, waiting, and waiting, worrying and worrying etc. etc. etc. All that aside, here it is. Cute covers, eh? Thanks again to the dramatic Deeb and the flexible (but short) DEW. Coming through above and beyond the call of duty.

Old and new authors. A welcome back for the short, Al, er Scott Hunter, a thank you for Ms. Berman for trying again, and to whom we couldn't do without, Ms. Kelly. Will she never run out of ideas?? Ms. Kay has taken your accolades for 'Magic Heart' to heart. Thank you. You'll like her novel just as well (you better!)

All the unclaimed poetry within are mine. Sorry but I just forget to put a name to some of it.

Dear Emily Adams and her trusty friend with the scanner surely saved the butt neck of this editor.

FT 42 will join this zine for a premiere at Shore Leave 95. And if you aren't coming, why the hell not??

You're missing a lot of fun, food and fantastic art! Hah! Serves you right!

  • Sight Unseen by Kathy Stanis ("After Spock loses his sight while fighting the creatures on Deneva, his blindness enables him and Kirk to let down their guards and discover the love they both share.") (4)
  • A Sunset Touch by Cyd Bascom ("As an aide and lover to Nogura, Lt. Kirk is also taken when the Admiral is captured by a rebel faction and both must be saved by Spock who wants Kirk as his own.") (also in Kismet) (42)
  • Sunset Touch, poem by Leo (62)
  • Black Star, poem by h.r. radei (63)
  • No Such Thing by Karla Kelly ("Kirk and Spock decide on a link between them after making love in the shipʼs gym.)
  • Who Would Have Thought? by Kitty Berman (After spending a week together as youths, Kirk and Spock remeet on the Enterprise where Kirk finds himself falling in love with the Vulcan.") (72)
  • Web of Change by Scott Hunter (132)
  • Masks by Brianna Falken ("Infected on Psi 2000, Spock discovers his desire for Kirk as tʼhyʼla as well as Kirkʼs hidden desire for him when he melds with Kirk to erase the memory of his rape of the captain.") (138)

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Issue 11

the front cover of issue #11, Chris Soto -- "This is so great—it's so unusual to see mirror Spock portrayed and portrayed so well! I love the perfect stipple technique that Chris does so beautifully. And I love Kirk's position with his arms up and around Spock." [26]
the back cover of issue #11, Chris Soto -- "Oh, boy, oh, boy! to borrow one of my publishing partner's favorite phrases. What a picture. Even though the mirror guys don't stir my blood like the real universe Jim and Spock do, I'd have to be a stone not to respond to this picture. Mirror Spock is kneeling before mirror Kirk, his head turned to the side and pressed against Kirk's chest, his eyes closed. Kirk is standing, his upper torso curved over Spock as if in protection, or perhaps adoration. It's a very quiet moment. The fingers of his right hand can just be seen delicately touching the back of Spock's neck. Lots of wonderful feeling in this one. I think the technique used here is stipple, which is using very small dots throughout. Except for the beard and hair, that's what Chris did here, and I'm amazed. To be able to convey so much just from the careful placement of dots. My only complaint would be that Spock's upper right arm is too massive. But Kirk's musculature appears to be just right. I've tried to blot out the beard with my fingers, and I like the picture even better that way. Chris, what do you say to an eraser..." [27]

Within The Mirror 11 was published in 1996 and contains 155 pages.

  • Decision Time by Erica Bulsara ("After saving Spock by faking his death, Kirk hides him in his cabin, a situation that leads to the unleashing of his desire for his first officer.") (4)
  • Vulcan... Home, poem by Heidi Manzone (11)
  • The Insane Root by Cyd Bascom ("Spock trick Kirk into accompanying him to Vulcan, where he plans to make Kirk his bondmate, whether Kirk agrees or not.") (12)
  • Dark Dancers, poem by Leo (25)
  • Our Side of the Mirror by Karin Porter ("Kirk wants to stay in this universe and plans to trick this Spock into bonding with him before Spock finds out heʼs the wrong Captain Kirk.") (26)
  • Wishes and Courage, poem by Heidi Manzone (39)
  • Endgame by Kate Sheridan ("After Kirk returns from the M/U, Spock realizes that Kirk has been trying to seduce him.") (44)
  • art by DEW (49)
  • They Say that Sometimes Dreams Do Come True, poem by L.A. Lee (52)
  • Kisses, poem by L.A. Lee (53)
  • WHIPS by Gena Moretti ("When Kirk falls through the Guardian during an earthquake, Spock, who is injured, enlists the help of the M/U Spock." Prequel: To He Who Waits.) (52)
  • Mirror, Mirror, poem by Karla Kelly (81)
  • Tiger by the Tail by Cordelia Naismith ("Spock leads the rebels in the takeover of the Enterprise and then must contend with Kirk as his prisoner, who he loves and is unable to kill.") (84)
  • art by Kathy Stanis (98)
  • Tiger, poem by Robin Hood (117)
  • The Mountain High by J. Mercedes ("Spock writes in his journal of his love for Kirk which is ultimately found and read by him.") (118)
  • Maze, poem by H.R. Radei (123)
  • Not All Who Wander are Lost by Scott Hunter ("Kirk and Spock as metaphors for Time and Identity.") (124)
  • art by Deeb (126)
  • Twenty Questions by T. Jonsey (Humor: "Kirk tries to get Spock to answer certain personal questions by getting him to play the game ”20 questions” with him.") (128)
  • The Gorn Story by Shelley Butler ("Kirk is abducted and raped by the Gorn he defeated when forced to fight by the Metrons.") (134)
  • art by Chris Soto
  • Mirror, Mirror On the Wall by Karla Kelly

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[back cover by Chris Soto]: I finally calmed down and cooled off from the Scattered Stars cover and now I see this! Just beautiful. The expression of love between Spock and Kirk was perfect. I don't care if its 'mirror" or not, the care and concern they have for each other just radiates off this drawing. When I first looked at it I thought of yin and yang. The dark and light curved gently around each other, contrast and unity in the same symbol. How I would love to own this picture. [28]

[back cover by Chris Soto]: When I first saw this cover drawing of a presumably kneeling Mirror Spock and standing Mirror Kirk I sucked in my breath in an audible gasp. This is just incredibly beautiful! It's hard to find words to express the feelings the artist managed to invoke in me by this piece. It has something to do with the gentle curve of Kirk's back as he leans forward protectively over his lover. Maybe it's in the soft smile on his face or the way his fingers touch so lightly on the back of Spock's neck. Or especially in the way Spock's eyes are closed in awe and love.To convey such a wealth of feeling in mere lines on a sheet of paper is a rare gift. A gift we're very lucky to be able to share. You really got to me with this one, Chris. Thank you. [29]

Issue 12

cover of issue #12 G.E. Mills. "These covers are deceptively simple. At first glance, they are a pair of delicate pencil line drawings—the front is Spock, the back is Kirk—both pushing against something on a wall, both naked. As I studied the drawings, I saw what each one really was and I enjoyed figuring it out. The object they are pushing against is the Tantalus terminal and if the zine is opened, they are pushing against each other. In Spock’s room, there is a stand that holds two rapiers with ornate handles, some pillows on the floor and a wonderfully mysterious draped doorway leading to…? In Kirk’s room, next to him is a three-dimensional, floor model chess set and a bare (what appears to be wood paneled) wall. Both their faces are hidden by their arms which I found very intriguing as well as their stylized positions. The awkwardness of their bodies creates a mood of tension, as if they are angry at the Tantalus device and that they are in defiance, pushing against the mirror universe that they are in Very unique and very nicely done." [30]

Within The Mirror 12 was published in 1998 and contains 170 pages.

  • One Man by Karen Dates ("Kirk is held back when the other three return from the M/U and is taken to Komack to be tortured and sexually assaulted, who believes him to be the M/U Kirk.")
  • The Burning by Erin Tooley ("The M/U Spock comes to this universe in order to use this Kirk and Spockʼs bond to get through pon farr, believing his own Kirk unwilling to bond with him.")
  • Forged in Fire by Taliesine ("After 2 attempts on Spockʼs life, Kirk begins to understand the depth of his feelings just as Spock has begun to withdraw from him.")
  • The Next Step by Malia Storm ("While in the M/U, Kirk discovers that that Kirk and Spock are lovers, causing him to rethink his ideas of his own Spock.")
  • To Face the Truth by Deanna Gray ("After his return from this universe, the M/U Kirk decides he wants what this Kirk has, Spock as a lover.")
  • Angel Tongues by Nefertari ("McCoy has Kirk order the crew to participate in a writing contest is order to relieve boredom but Kirk asks Spock for help in writing his story.")
  • Wishing in the Mirror by Dana Austin Marsh ("The Enterprise crew discover the Shore Leave planet but dislike its sanitized contructs, though Spock decides it could be a way to be with Kirk.")

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Issue 13

front cover of issue #13, G.E Mills -- "G.E. Mills did the chiaroscuro covers to WITHIN THE MIRROR 13. I wouldn't have been able to use the correct term except that Robin Hood mentions it in the editorial as a style that Vel Jeager used to use. Yes, I remember Vel as I normally liked her artwork a lot. We have a mirror Spock on the front and a mirror Kirk on the back. If you've forgotten what that term means, it means "the use of light and shade in pictorial representation." In other words, the picture is more blocks of black and white a s opposed to actual line details and/or shading. My only complaint would be I see no reason for the pictures not to be cropped and presented vertically instead of horizontally. I have a personal aversion to horizontal covers, and especially so when it's unnecessary. These covers are the only art in the zine." [31]
back cover of issue #13, G.E Mills

Within the Mirror 13 was published in January 1999 and contains 161 pages. Covers by G.E. Mills. It contains no interior art.

From the editorial:

Covers. G.E. Mills to thank. It's been 14 years since someone tried to do the Chiruiscuo (hopelessly misspelled, sorry, not in the dictionary. What ever happened to Vel Jeager?) style, but great to have her work.

  • Up to Something by Dana Austin Marsh ("Kirkʼs realization that he wants Spock deflects his suspicions that his first officer is up to something.") (4)
  • Reflected Tryst by T'Rhys ("Kirk and Spock play Fizzbin, the Legion West version. But the game is short, and they move on to other more important business." PWP) (16)
  • Ever Warm by Deanna Gray ("Kirk and Spock are pulled ever more into the struggle between the Empire and the rebellion led by Khan and Sarek.") (20)
  • Ever Warm by poem by Robin Hood (159)
  • Intriguing Possibilities by Heidi Manzone ("Kirk and Spock speak of their mirror universe counterparts, and what Kirk discovered about himself during the transition.") (160)
  • Iceman by poem by h.r. radei (inside back cover)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 13

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Issue 14

Within The Mirror 14 was published in 2001 and contains 182 pages.

The art is by Liz Woledge, GOS, Mills, Butler & I.M. Mueller.

interior art from issue #14, Liz
covers of issue #14, I.M. Mueller -- "These covers are so cool looking. All those tiny dots! How is this done? I have no idea, but I love the way it looks. The poses are great, too. The front cover pose really reveals the dynamics of Kirk and Spock's relationship, I thought. Kirk is crouching in front of Spock, with his legs splayed open, looking straight ahead. He seems very guarded and wary, bracing himself for some sort of danger or threat. Spock is squatting behind and to Kirk's left, slightly turned away, with one hand on Kirk's shoulder and looking up. Looks like the faithful Vulcan is guarding his captain's back once again. Kirk's absolute trust in Spock is shown here, remarkable in the Mirror universe. Both Kirk and Spock are wearing vests on the front cover, and I liked the way the musdes in Kirk's chest were shown, and Spock's chest hair. The back cover is an interesting pose as well. (Maybe a better term would be "suggestive" pose, or "erotic" pose, or "really hot" pose, or...well, you get the idea!) It shows Kirk and Spock naked with Kirk bang held in Spock's arms, one leg on either side of Spock's body. I studied the picture trying to figure out if Spock was supposed to be penetrating Kirk. I think he is—-the pose would seem to indicate so, but I'm not exactly an expert on how this position would look! You can't really tell for sure, but I had fun analyzing the picture as I tried to figure it out! There was only one thing a little off for me, and that was Kirk's face. I am very reluctant to criticize art—I could no more draw than I could fly to the moon, so who am I to make any critical comments about artwork, especially about a wonderful artist like Marianne? However, Kirk's face just didn't look quite right, for some reason, and the neck looks a bit wrong—too thick or something. But this must be amazingly difficult to do, to create a picture with dots like this. And I really liked Spock's face in this back cover. Great job on these covers, Marianne!" [32]
front cover of issue #14, 2nd Edition
  • Once and Again by Deanna Gray ("Kirk turns Spock in to the Empire in order to have time to think out their relationship, and unaware of the punishment for a Vulcan accused of entering an unwilling mind, finds out when Spock is returned to him for his fight against VʼGer.") (4)
  • Worst Nightmare by Carabao Pandion ("Coming across a Gorlan ship brings Kirk nightmares, and a relationship with Spock.") (84)
  • High Tide by S.R. Benjamin ("Returning to a planet they helped destroy, Kirk and Spock come together, bringing to life Spockʼs dream.") (98)
  • Thicker Than Blood by Brianna Falken ("Kirk discovers his brother is still alive when heʼs ordered to transport an elite fighting group to a planet screened from the Empire, but then is forced by the Organians to chose between his brother, the leader of the group, and Spock.") (104)
  • The Lover Within by Brigitte Whelan ("While split by the transporter, both Kirkʼs reveal their love for Spock in very different ways.") (142)
  • poetry by Robin Hood

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[art by Liz]: [Have you seen this gorgeous Spock? Wow! A beautiful pencil drawing of Spock that accompanies "Once And Again" by Deanna Grey. He's looking down pensively—long strands of hair softly brushing his face. Terrific. [33]

[art by Liz between pages 8 and 9]: This is a B&W soft pencil (or charcoal) of a long haired Spock out of uniform. His eyes are closed. Basically it's the head and shoulders. This is very nicely done. [34]

[art by Shelley Butler between pages 88 and 89]: This color Shelley Butler in WITHIN THE MIRROR 14 really catches your eye. I am particularly fond on this piece since I used to own the original. This is the mirror Spock and Mirror Kirk down to mid-chest. They are both looking at someone off to the viewer's left, and they aren't smiling. [35]

[Mirror Spock/Mirror Kirk by Shelley Butler]: How lovely to turn to the next page in a story and find a color illo by Shelley. I know how hard it is for her to work in colored pencil, how much time and effort is involved, but oh, how wonderful is the result!

This is a marvelous rendition of Mirror Kirk and Spock with Spock at his station-keeping position just behind Kirk’s right shoulder, Kirk at his arrogant best. Not a command team one would want to cross. Can anyone do texture better than this artist? Spock’s shirt can be nothing other than satin, and Kirk’s bolero shines with a metallic gleam. Skin tones, especially Spock’s, are perfect. The whole composition has a shadowed cast to it that perfectly echoes the darkness of the Mirror Universe. Thanks, Shelley, for sharing your extraordinary gifts with us.

And thanks to Robin for publishing art without a backing page of print. It really makes a difference! [36]

Issue 15

-- from a fan: "How very rare it is to see a color cover on a zine, never mind two of them! And these are lovely. The front cover depicts Mirror Kirk and Spock in full Empire uniforms. They appear to be standing on a rocky promontory with the sun just preparing to rise on an Earth type world with the Enterprise soaring into view behind them. Where their fingers touch, light is pouring forth. Perhaps they have just met, just begun the relationship that will be legendary in two universes." [37]
back cover of issue #15, I.M. Mueller -- from a fan: "The back cover completes the story. Here Kirk and Spock are in a naked embrace, the Enterprise is speeding away continuing her adventures, and what was a golden glow has exploded into a love that knows no bounds. At least these are my interpretations. Don’t miss the enjoyment of seeing these covers for yourself and letting your imagination run free. Lovely work, Marianne. Thank you." [38]

Within The Mirror 15 was published in 2006 and contains 163 pages.

The art is by Suzan Lovett, Carola, and I.M. Mueller.

From the editorial:

Welcome to a very long coming zine. Seems my writers LIKE flogging, and it's taken me this long to figure that out. Go figure, eh?

I'm happy to have Ms, Barry back from the dark void of the mundane. Seems she kept yelling for a mirror zine and I finally told her she would have to help! And she did. Can't ask more than that.

The others, if you have a code book in hand, you should recognize, remember they need encouragement, especially Ms. Naismith. She's slow, but steady. You'll love lier story. And yes that is an order!

Not much art, but WOW! Carola, with a hot, hot, Spock. Now Ms. Whelan supplied her own pic from Ms. Lovett. Hmmm, maybe that would inspire you all? Make you supply your own art? Nah, you'd never write. And Ms. Muller, yet again to the rescue. What can I say other than the covers are for sale!

If you expect to see any more Mirror zines, you know what to do....

  • Dark Matters by Cordelia Naismith ("Now Spockʼs lover and co-conspirator, Kirk must discover who is the traitor in the Rebellionʼs midst, while dealing with the belief of some of its members that it might be him.") (4)
  • Captain of Ice by Natasha Barry ("After Sarpeidon, Spock realizes that he has run out of patience and that it is past time to make Kirk his own.") (76)
  • poem by Susan Sicafoosh (89)
  • Chains of Command by Carrie Poston ("Kirk is warned that Naguro while have him in his sights while the Enterprise is at the same sector headquarters as the Admiral during an inspection.") (90)
  • I Am Watching You, poem by Kelly Reiger (111)
  • One, poem by Kelly Reiger (112)
  • The Flame, poem by Kelly Reiger (113)
  • Covenant by Brigit Whelan ("Unsure of Spockʼs loyalty, Kirk comes up with a plan that will guarantee that Spock will stay with him always.") (134)
  • Burning Blood, poem by Robin Hood (162)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 15

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Issue 16

cover issue #16, art by I.M. Mueller. It was the artist's 363th K/S drawing.

Within The Mirror 16 was published in July 2011 and contains 208 pages.

  • Sounds of Silence by Mary Kay ("Sweat poured down Kirk’s face and he again wondered if he would come out of this alive. Already he had lost one of his best guards from a horrid fall. His legs ached, arms ached, head ached, and in fact he thought there wasn’t one part of his body that didn’t hurt. His only possible salvation lay in the cave he spotted from the ground. The cave that was no longer visible from his climbing position on the mountain’s side. Looking over his shoulder, Kirk instantly regretted the movement as a wave of dizziness loosened his tenuous hold on the rock face.")
  • Reflected Dolman by M.J. Grant ("Spock sighed inaudibly and gazed down at his fuming, furious captain, tempted to place a restraining hand on the tensed shoulder. He curbed the untimely impulse and shifted his stance slightly closer instead. Kirk was reacting predictably–angrily, to the last-minute cancellation of shore leave – just as Commodore Welsey had calculated he would. Apparently, Spock’s many admonitions to be more patient, and more politic, were doomed to failure. So be it. There was no use in pointing out the possible advantages to be gained in the new orders. Not yet.")
  • There is in Truth, Beauty by Brigitte Whelan ("He’ll come. The thought refused to die, even though it had been four days. Four days of darkness, with nothing to eat or drink, trapped in this pit of filth and dankness. Someone was going to pay for this, pay dearly, when he got out of here. If he got out of here. He’ll come. Kirk grimaced. A simple beam down to collect the Imperial tribute gone bad. Who would have thought the Kanusians could muster enough courage to attack a representative of the Empire? They were a gutless lot, surrendering to the Empire without a struggle, falling all over themselves to appease their new wardens. No one suspected a thing from this pathetic bunch.")


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