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Name: T’Rhys
Type: fan vidder
Fandoms: Star Trek, Blake's 7
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T’Rhys is a fan vidder. Among her works is the first digital computer vid "In the Air Tonight" a crossover vid between Star Trek and Blake's 7 which appeared at the Virgule 1994 vid show. She followed it up with a second computer generated vid Missing Link at Escapade in 1996, which was a fusion of Blake's 7 and Jurassic Park, where Servalan morphs into one of the raptors.

The end credits of her vid Eye of the Tiger give us some insight into the technical equipment that she used: Videonics DirectED Plus, a linear video editor and mixer that came out in the late 1980s.[1]


  • In the Air Tonight - Blake's 7/Star Trek
  • Missing Link - Blake's 7
  • Eye of the Tiger - Star Trek
  • Wild One - Star Trek


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