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You may be looking for the Scottish convention Shore Leave.

Name: Shore Leave
Dates: 1979 - present
Frequency: annual
Location: Baltimore, Maryland (USA)
Type: fan con, actorcon
Focus: science, science fiction media, Star Trek
Organization: STAT
Founder: Star Trek Association of Towson
Founding Date: 1979
URL: Shore Leave
Recent convention reports from 2007 through 2011 can be found at Dayton Ward's blog here.
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Shore Leave is an annual fan-run convention that takes place in Baltimore, MD (USA). It was founded by the Star Trek Association of Towson which continues to run it. The first convention took place in 1979; 2011 marked the convention's thirty-third year.

The con's focus was initially on Star Trek, but it has since broadened to include other science fiction media. The programming includes guest appearances by actors, writer/creators, and scientists, a dealer's room, an art show, a film and video festival, children's programming, workshops, and a cosplay show/contest.

From a fan in 1993:

Cons with actors, like Shore Leave, Farpoint, Visions, Unicon, Anglicon, including professional for-profit cons such as those run by Creation. People may sell slash there, usually 'under the table,' but there (probably) won't be panels about it. [1]

It was in part due to the restrictions imposed at Shore Leave (and other cons) on adult/explicit art and zines--at Shore Leave, this was in deference to the presence of children--that IDICon was born.

Con Skits

  • 1980: con skit was called ”Son of Starr Warrs” or “The Empire Gets Theirs, the play by Babs Lucas; published later in The Jedi Journal #3
  • 1988: "Jupiter 2, Enterprise 0" by Cheap Treks (by Paul Balze, David Keefer, Lance Woods, and Tom Chafin) performed once on July 10, 1988. "Con goers had been told that the play was entitled "Mudd Ado About Nothing." The script was printed inCrosSignals #1
  • 2009: "This year's skit was a takeoff on Sunset Boulevard, with a "dead" body floating in the hotel pool (and being unceremoniously shoved aside by swimmers), and a deluded Captain Kirk in the Gloria Swanson role, convinced he is to star in the new Star Trek film ("I played Chris Pine -- was I good in the role?")." (part of Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000) [2]

1979: Shore Leave 1

Shore Leave 1 was a one-day mini-convention held on Saturday, July 14, 1979 from 8:30am to 6:00pm.

flyer for the first Shore Leave

The venue was Towson State University, 3rd floor of the Student Union Building.

Cost was $3 in advance, $5 at the door. Dealers' tables were $7.50 for fans, $15 for pros.

Con committee contact members were Mark, Patti, Tim, and Gerry.

"Gerry" is Geraldine Sylvester. The USPS address was her home address.

1979: Programming

  • Star Trek films and episodes: Friday's Child, A Piece of the Action, City on the Edge of Forever, Where No Man Has Gone Before, blooper reels
  • Alien Factor (sci fi movie filmed in Baltimore)
  • movie and panel discussion
  • Omicron Ceti III singers
  • surprise guest speaker (who didn't show up)
  • costume contest with prizes
  • science fiction gong show with prizes
  • 50 question trivia quiz with prized
  • panel discussions:
    • I Don't Draw, I Don't Write, I Don't Sing -- What Can I Do for Fandom?
    • Cons on Fifty-Nine Cents a Day
    • 'Zines
    • Costuming

1979: Con Report

The con com included this description of the first con in the next year's program book:

Shore Leave I was a one day mini-con held on the campus of Towson State University, well hidden on the third floor of the University Union. Despite this fact, we had perfect attendance (everyone we blackmailed came). Some of the highlights of the convention are immortalized in the cartoons you see within - the "Shore Leave I Scrapbook" [from the 1980 program book]. Highlights not immortalized include our film suppliers sitting in a gas line somewhere in Virginia, a surprise guest speaker who surprised us by not coming (we're still looking for him), and a newscaster who tried to convince everybody (including the committee) that Trek was dead because most of the costumes were from other TV shows and movies. Other than that, it came off pretty well. After contemplating our success and counting the pennies left in our piggy bank,we decided to do it again on a larger scale.

1980: Shore Leave 2

Shore Leave 2 was held July 11-13, 1980 was held at the Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore, MD.

front cover of the 1980 program book, artist not credited], possibly by Regina Simone
back cover of the 1980 program book, uncredited, possibly by Regina Simone

The con skit was called ”Son of Starr Warrs” or “The Empire Gets Theirs, the play by Babs Lucas. This was published later in The Jedi Journal #3.

The front page of the con skit as it was printed in The Jedi Journal #3, the artist is Regina DeSimone.

The guest of honor was Jesco von Puttkamer. Fan guests of honor were Beverly Volker and Nancy Kippax, Omnicon Ceti III, and the Denebian Slime Devils.

The con committee: Chairperson: Geraldine Sylvester. Treasurer: Kathy Rouark. Art Show: Regina DeSimone. Films: Russ Bowers and Bill Holmgren. Huckster Room: Tim Kinlock. Program: Melissa James. Program Book: Gina DeSimone, Melissa James, and Kathy Rouark. Registration: Denise D. Seitz and Patti Grimes. Security: Fontina Shaw. Costume Call: Grace Serio and Cathy Dougherty. Rover: Marion McChesney.

From the program book:

Shore Leave I was a one day mini-con held on the caipus of Towson State University, well hidden on the third floor of the University Union. Despite this fact, we had perfect attendance (everyone we blackmailed came). Some of the highlights of the convention are immortalized in the cartoons you see within - the "Shore Leave I Scrapbook". Highlights not immortalized include our film suppliers sitting in a gas line somewhere in Virginia, a surprise guest speaker who surprised us by not coming (we're still looking for him), and a newscaster who tried to convince everybody (including the committee) that Trek was dead because most of the costumes were from other TV shows and movies. Other than that, it came off pretty well. After contemplating our success and counting the pennies left in our piggy bank,we decided to do it again on a larger scale. And this is it - Shore Leave II-The Con Committee strikes back!

WHAT'S A STaT? The Star Trek Association of Towson, founded in 1978 (A.D. we think) is precisely what it makes itself out to be - a Star Trek fan club. The membership consists mostly of humans - so far - from many different backgrounds and occupations, the majority of which does not limit themselves to ST, but have side interests in many other aspects of SF, media SF, fantasy, horror, etc. From soup to NUTS. The club welcomes new members -preferably 18 years of older but not necessarily human. Meetings are held at noon every first Saturday of the month at the Towson Branch of The Baltimore County Public Library. We meet in the Wilson Room of the library, which is located at York Road and Chesapeake Ave. Yearly dues are $o.O0,


  • Costumes in ST: A discussion and display of convention winners with suggestions on how to and how much, by the designers and wearers.
  • Special Effects in Films: Questions and answers on various effects in SF movies, moderated by John Ellis, local film enthusiast.
  • Fanzine Writing: The whys and wherefores discussed by those who know fanzine writers.
  • Alien Cultures: Self-explanatory.
  • Art in ST: Knowledge 'zine artists talk about materials, methods, and other important paraphernalia for the beginning fan artist.
  • Fanzine Editing: How To: Editors from various 'zines compare notes on how to edit a fanzine -- collating, contributors, selling, etc....
  • K/S -- Pro or Con: A Discussion: This should be a hot one. The Kirk/Spock premise will be debated (somewhat calmly, we hope) by 'zine editors, writers, etc. All weapons must be checked at the door. WARNING: If the subject matter offends you, don't come to this one.
  • ST -- The Movie -- Now What?" Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer joins other erstwhile fen to discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what we might expect in the future from Mr. Roddenberry and Co.

The program book contains 16 pages. It includes programming, a bio of Jesco von Puttkamer, and many humorous illos by R. DeSimone about past cons.

1981: Shore Leave 3

The third Shore Leave was held July 10-12, 1981 at the Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore, MD.

cover of the program book for 1981

The con committee: Chairman: Geraldine Sylvester. S.T.A.T. President: Denise Bartas. S.T.A.T. Vice President Grace Serio. S.T.A.T. Secretary & Program: Melissa James. S.T.A.T. Treasurer: Marion McChesney. Art Show: Reginia DeSimone. Films: Mark Belt, Glenn Ellerin. Huckster Room: Cathy Dougherty. Registration: Marion McChesney, Kathy Moore. Security: Gus Liberto, Grace Serio, Robin Volker. Costume Call: Grace Serio, Denise Bartas. Rovers: Don Bartas, Kathy Roark, Joanne Kauffman. Program Book: Kathy Roark, Regina DeSimone, Geraldine Sylvester. Trivia Quiz: Barbara Geeson.

Guest of Honor: Jesco von Puttkamer, Howard Weinstein, Bob Greenberger.

The program book is 20 pages long. It has bios of the two guests of honor, con info, a full-page add for Starlog Press (celebrating its 5th anniversary), a fan-drawn ad for the new Trek pro-book by Weinstein ("The Covenant of the Crown"), a flyer that said for "The Glory of Creation is in its Infinite Diversity. Artie and Marion's Fountain Fair Ice Cream," a full-page ad for "Galactic Enterprises" (store that sold books, comics, games and cards).


SPACE SHUTTLE AND THE FUTURE IN SPACE- Jesco von Puttkamer, Star Trek's resident NASA expert, will discuss the recent flight of the COLUMBIA and the future plans of the space program. He will also talk on the making of the Star Trek movie.

STAR TREK NOVELS AND PARODIES WITH HOWARD WEINSTEIN - Readings by the author from the infamous "Sure, Leave" parody and chapters from the soon to be published COVENANT OF THE CROWN. ALSO "Pirates of Orion; How to 
Become A Famous TV Writer..."

SF PUBLISHING - Bob Greenberger, the mananging editor of FANGORIA, discusses life behind the scenes at STARLOG, FANGORIA, AND Starlog Press' newest creation COMICS WORLD. And MY PARENTS LET ME KEEP THE COLLECTION . If you like comics don't miss this one.

The film schedule will be printed in the pocket program.

On Saturday night, OMICRON CETI III willpresent "A Star Child's Odyssey", songs and slides about the space program and man's quest into space. Try it for something completely different.

COSTUMES: MORE OR LESS ? - The how tos and the why nots.

WHO WAS THAT DROID I SAW YOU YOU WITH ? - A discussion of the changing face of ST fandom.

WHERE HAVE I SEEN THAT PLOT LINE BEFORE? - A group will talk about the recurring themes in fantasy fiction.

EARL SCHBIB AT THE CON or MAKEUP FOR UNDER $29.99 - a demonstration of makeup techniques.

THE 4th ESTATE or BEWARE OF THE MAN WITH THE PRESS CARD -- the image of Trekkers in the news media, THE PRINTING BILL IS HOW MUCH?!! - the problems of financing a 'zine.

WHAT IF?... - the meat and potatoes of cross universes.

Some con rules:

All members of Shore Leave III are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting ST fans. Now, a certain amount of convention-type activity is expected and encouraged. However, anyone caught damaging hotel or convention property, or disrupting scheduled convention events in any way, will be asked to leave the convention.

Convention members are also expected and encouraged to wear costumes but all weapons must be sheathed, except for display purposes at Costume Call. For the safety of all concerned, no swordplay will be allowed at any time.

All members must wear their badges at all times while in the convention area. Anyone losing a badge must present positive I.D. and pay full admission price.

1982: Shore Leave 4

cover of the program book for 1982
a 1982 badge

The 1982 con was held July 9-11 at the Marriot-Hunt Valley Inn.

Con Com: Chairperson: Geraldine Sylvester. S.T.A.T. President: Denise Bartas. Vice President: Gus Liberto. Secretary: Melissa James. Treasurer: Marion McChesney. Other helpers: Fred Dasher, Regina DeSimone, Cathy Dougherty, Bill Holmgren, Danny Holman, Kathy Moore, John Olsen, Kathy Roark, Grace Serio, Chris and Judy Schildt, Weston and Maileen Scrimger, Robin Volker.

Guests of Honor: Howard Weinstein, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah.

The program book contains 15 pages of the usual material. Two interesting additions to this one is a poem by Marion McChesney, and some futuristic fantasy art by Regina DeSimone.


RECURRING THEMS IN FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION - The incredible recurring panel. Since none of you came to this last year, we're doing it again. It's a discussion of those all too familiar plots that keep cropping up again...
and again... and again....

THE TOTAL ALIEN - Everything you always wanted to know about creating an award-winning costume, with slides of past convent con members.

WHAT IF? - What if Darth Vader met Kermit The Frog? What if Kahn visited Fantasy Island? What if.... Come to this discussion and fill in the blanks.

ANATOMY OF A CENTERFOLD - An art panel, believe it or not. A group of artists will be talking about the techniques and methods of producing fan art.

THE CARE AND FEEDING OF YOUR VCR - Representatives of Sony, Zenith, and RCA will describe the best methods of preserving your video tapes and will be on hand to answer your questions. Equipment will be displayed. If you're into video collecting don't miss this one.

THEY DONE US WRONG: A LOOK AT SF ON TV. - Weinstein, Rogow and others discuss the past and future treatments of SF in "The Great Wasteland."

FASHION IN THE 21st CENTURY- A presentation of furturistic fashions in the next centuries.

ROLE PLAYING- Heros and VMlians meet face to mask in an unrehearsed talk on just about anything you ask them.

JACQUELINE LICHTENBERG/JEAN LORRAH - will be discussing their writings in the Kraith, Night of the Twin Moons universes, and others at various times throughout the convention. Check the pocket program for details.

HOWARD WEINSTEIN - will be dissembling on and reading his own writings.

ST-TMP: TWOK - All of our special guests will be In on this one, A discussion of the new Star Trek movie. (To say more would give it away.)

BILL GERKEN - SCIENCE FICTION: FROM DREAMS OF TOMORROW TO NEW REALITIES -A slide presentation discussing human progress in terms of efforts to modify present reality by using fictional considerations of the future as the preliminary design sketches of change.

1982: Shore Leave 4: Con Reports

I attended my first convention in July (Shoreleave) after the release of ST:TWOK. During the opening weekend of STII, which in order for me to attend I had to travel 50 miles, I met a group of the Norfolk area called Starfleet Atlantic (not associated with the national organization) met once a month. I started attending but at first found no other K/S fans. In fact, most objected to the premise, but finally about five months later a woman who I found had the same passion for K/S as I did. We started working together to get all the back zines we were missing. We have attended many conventions together. [3]

1983: Shore Leave 5

1983: Programming

  • Dungeon Party on $2.98 a Week (or Does Your Paladin Lose Its Flavor in the Dungeon Overnight?) ("The do's and don'ts of D&D. How to fulfill a quest without really trying. If you're into D&D, don't miss this one.")
  • Did They Every Return: The Jedi ("Your basic bull panel. Come and listen to/debate/discuss Episode 6 with three or four other fen crazy enough to do this talk.")
  • What If? "(What if Dorothy Fontana married Frank Oz? She'd be Dorothy of Oz! No, seriously, Roberta Rogow, John Olson, and Tim Lewis expand on improbable situations by throwing together improbable characters/events. What if the Emperor was Vader's father? What if Spock when to Dagobah? Etc, etc... Come and suggest your own.")
  • Anatomy of Creativity ("Everything you always wanted to know about layout, letter, drawing for 'zines. Our sequel to last year's 'Anatomy of a Centerfold.'")
  • The 'Zine Scene: 'Zine Collecting and Preserving ("There are eight million stories in fandom and you just bought ten of them. The panel that answers the question, 'What do I do with 200 fanzines in a 10'x20' bedroom?'")
  • Fashion in the 21st Century ("The follow-up to last year's popular panel. What will fashion be like in the future? How will society affect it?")
  • Clippercon Panel ("Welcome the new con on the block! A preview of the February 1984 convention guesting Nichelle Nichols. Suggestions welcome.")
  • Daring and Danger: Role Playing ("Always a fun panel, this edition features Dr. Who (John Olson) and Saavik (Geraldine Sylvester) pitted against Khan (Weston Scrimger) and Darth Vader (Tim Lewis). (Is he still considered a villain?) Miss Tessmacher (Suzanne Elmore) will try to moderate the silliness. Feel free to question the 'guests.'")
  • We'll Get Back to You: Pro Writing ("How does one get to publish their work professionally? It may not be as hard as you think. Howie, Ann, and Mark Van Name discuss what sells and what doesn't, how they got started, and how you can get started.")
  • Starlog Panel ("What's it like to write for Starlog? To interview Harve Bennett, Carrie Fisher, etc.? Associate editor Bob Greenberger and writer/photographer team Martha and Rodney Bonds describe the world of the popular magazine.")
  • Readings ("Howie and Ann will be reading from their upcoming novels, of course, and their short stories based on the one-liners chosen Friday.")
  • Omicron Ceti III ("An hour or so of music by the well-known group.")
  • Filksinging ("Scheduled are: Howie Weinstein, Cindy Lewis, Roberta Rogow, Carolyn Venino, B-104 Boogie Knights, Ceti and the Eels, and the Denebian Slime Devils.")
  • Costume Call
  • Art Auction
  • Shore Leave Showcase

1983: Shore Leave 5: Con Reports

Shore Leave V was my first Shore Leave, and my first Star Trek convention since 1977. It was also my first venture out of Philadelphia with my newly minted business, Fantasy Portraits. I was a vendor: back then they put the dealers in the salons on the lower level (instead of in the ballroom as they do now). The organizers didn't know what to do with me and my Fantasy Portraits, so they put me in with the fanzines. I didn't even know what a fanzine was (I was in college and had NO money and, well, there wasn't any internet for me to learn about these things!) The first day, all of these women with huge canvas totes came rushing in and spent huge amounts of money on zines and I thought, "none of them will have any money left!" I thought I was sunk. It was hilarious, though, because zine editors kept asking, "Do you draw K/S?" and after finding out what "K/S" was I said, "no" and they were confused--until I realized that I signed my art "KS" for Sophia Kelly!

I met so many great people that weekend! [4]

1984: Shore Leave 6

Shore Leave 6 was held July 13-15, 1984. Guests were to be Mark Lenard, Walter Koenig, Howard Weinstein, and Bob Greenberger. "Mark and Walter will preform a one-act play called 'Actors.'" [5]

Shore Leave VI program book

Distributed at this con was the controversial flyer called Naked Doubles.

It was this con where Reverend Trekwell had his first Temple of Trek Revival.

1984: Shore Leave 6: Con Reports

The Showcase was a Thing of Beauty and a Joy Forever--no, that's not the title. It was a takeoff on Star Trek: the Search for Spock and its low-tech charm made it thoroughly enjoyable. In later years the Showcase became a Thing, a Serious Thing, where fuel reports were not needed and props did not suddenly fail, but here, at Shore Leave VI, after I had packed up and all my friends had gone, this was just what I needed. Highlights included: the Vulcan mind meld sequence between Sarek and Kirk. The two characters sat down; Sarek pulled out a View-Master and Kirk whipped out a View-Master reel. An overhead projector provided line drawings imitating the cinematography of the sequence in the film. I thought I would die I laughed so hard. However, it was the Klingon singing "I like to kill, it's delightful, it's delicious, it's deloverly," who stole the show. It was an altogether upbeat way to end the convention! [6]

Annually, we in the Metropolitan D.C. area pilgrimage up to the Hunt Valley Marriott to participate in Shoreleave, a Star Trek convention put on by the Star Trek Association of Towson (STAT).

It is always a treat to go--not only is the hotel first-rate, the con is always well run and our friends from far and near congregate. This year's Shoreleave VI was no exception. Sandy Moruzzi, Mid-Atlantic Regional Assistant (Pam Igo, the other R.A., was on vacation in the Orient), and I journeyed up there and met our friend Mary K. Hillman. We had a table on which we sold everything from the BRAND NEW HOOKER 2! zine, to old zines and tribbles. Of course, prominently displayed was the WSF poster beckoning new and old fans of William Shatner. Many new members were added to the fellowship, from as near as Maryland to as far away as Australia. Many current members renewed their memberships, as well.

The Mid-Atlantic WSF called a meeting on Saturday night in the lounge of the hotel and we gathered tables together to talk about our favorite subject: (you mean you haven't guessed yet!). Unfortunately, a couple of members who had said that they would come were curiously absent. The next day we discovered that they had indeed been there, at a small table "waiting" for us. The lights were so low in the lounge (it was near the bar) that all they could see was a rather large group of people having a noisy good time--never guessing that it was the WSFers! So close and ye"t so far!

Although most of the time was spent at the dealer's table recruit- ing members and hawking our wares, we did find time to attend the talks given by the guests of honor, Walter Koenig and Mark Lenard. We had a pleasant surprise from Walter, who was particularly complimentary to William Shatner, ascribing the success of Star Trek directly to him and his characterization of Admiral Kirk... [7]

1985: Shore Leave 7

Shore Leave 7 was held July 12-14, 1985 at Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn.

Guests of honor were DeForest Kelley, Angelique Pettyjohn, Robert Fletcher.

1986: Shore Leave 8

July 18-20, 1986

Shore Leave #8, 1986, 30 pages
some Guest of Honor bios in the 1986 (#8) convention program book

One activity was a Temple of Trek Revival.

1986: Con Report

This is the big fanzine con of the summer, and I was a sort-of guest. I say sort-of because I wasn't asked to do anything... they just gave me a free table and turned me loose on the Con! Two of the "big stars" conked out... Roger C. Carmel got a better (acting) job... and not one knows where Judson Scott or his agent was too drunk to answer the phone! Performance filk featured groups: Denebian Slime Devils, Kobyashi Maru Glee Club, and a Canadian group that sang barbershop style... really neat stuff. Query: are these groups strictly an East Coast phenomenon? And why?

Best part of the Con for filkers was the performance by Technical Difficulties, which is the name of Sheila Willis, T.J. Burnside and Linda Melnick have for their trio. They're also doing a tape... GET IT! They do close harmony, they are all good singers, and their repertoire includes songs by Fish, Ecklar, and themselves. They are also resetting my lyrics to "The Ship," since they can't record anything that's already under copyright.

The Round Robin filk was a modified disaster... the damned Con. committee couldn't find a room for the filking, so we had to moved farther and farter down the hall until no one can find us... Greg Backer will tell you the rest of this tale himself, since he was the one most affected by it. [8]

1987: Shore Leave 9

badge for 1987
  • July 10-12, 1987

One activity was a Temple of Trek Revival.

1987: Con Reports

Shore Leave IX was full of fascinating events and discussions. Elaine and I met up with friends we only see at conventions; some we had not seen in two years. But we also enjoyed the guests, the dealers' room, and the art show.

Nichelle Nichols was charming and full of fun. She told us the scene in ST:IV with Sulu and his great-great-grandfather was left out because the little boy (who was adorable to look at, she said) would not or could not do the scene on camera. Another interesting sidelight - the woman who said the nuclear 'wessels' were over the bridge in Alameda was not supposed to have a line there. She was just supposed to look annoyed or huffy and walk away. But she was an aspiring actress who was trying to get a screen credit so she could get her Screen Actors Guild card, so Nichelle said this woman blew the filming of the scene several times by answering 'Chekov' until they had to use it or lose the scene entirely.

Bruce Hyde gave a couple of fascinating talks that turned into discussions that spilled over to outside the hall - on the fandom phenomenon and why fandom is predominantly made up of women. He has a Masters Degree in Communication and is going for his Ph.D. in Rhetoric this fall at USC where he has a teaching assistantship. Of course Bruce also entertained us with a true Ensign Kevin Riley version of I'LL TAKE YOU HOME, KATHLEEN.

A representative of Gene Roddenberry, Richard Arnold, was at Shore Leave to give everyone the latest info on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, but unfortunately I didn't get to hear much of that. But I did learn that ST:TNG has been purchased by over 160 stations - that's 90% of the whole market! Only one station in each market was allowed to buy it; and ironically, about 40 of the purchasers are NBC affiliates. Thirteen people that were involved with the STAR TREK TV series are back, working on ST:TNG, including Dorothy (D. C.) Fontana. David Gerrold, who was working on the new series, has left the show -- he's writing and producing a new science fiction mini-series for Columbia! The special effects for ST:TNG are being done by Industrial Light and Magic. The series is set to debut October 3rd.

A guest who was eagerly we welcomed by all the fans of costuming at Shore Leave was Robert Fletcher. Mr. Fletcher created the costumes for all four of the Star Trek movies, as well as many TV shows, including WINDS OF WAR, NORTH AND SOUTH, and the recent series, THE CHARMINGS. He was more relaxed and knowledgeable about what to expect from the fans than he was two years ago, when he came to his very first convention!

There was an interesting discussion one afternoon on taboos in printed ST, with Anne (A. C.) Crispin and Howie Weinstein, both of whom have written in both ST and 'V', Bob Greenberger of DC Comics, and Jean (J. M.) Dillard who wrote the ST novel MINDSHADOW. Paramount is very picky, but the specifics of what is allowed and what is not change with each individual assigned to be liaison with ST novelists. Anne is working on a sequel to her novel, YESTERDAY'S SON - she read us an exciting chapter from it - and Howie, who wrote COVENANT OF THE CROWN and DEEP DOMAIN, has a new *V* book, V: PATH TO CONQUEST, coming out in September. Bob Greenberger is also working on a Star Trek novel, as is Julia Ecklar. Julia was Fan Guest of Honor at Shore Leave and is primarily known for her filk-singing. She has a lovely voice and writes a lot of the filks she sings. She turned out to have a delightful sense of humor, in person.

Speaking of filk-singing, there was a lot of that at Shore Leave - from the Boogie Knights, the Slime Devils, two of the three members of Technical Difficulties, and more. My choice for best song would be one Julia sang - the Superman Blues. Hilarious! Also extremely funny was the parody of ST:IV called the K-Team, put on by the Boogie Knights and friends. Seems something went wrong with fal-tor-pan and Spock came out remarkably similar to B. A. Baracus of the A-TEAM...

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable time was to be found, whatever your interests, at Shore Leave IX. [9]

1988: Shore Leave 10

The con skit "Jupiter 2, Enterprise 0" by Cheap Treks (by Paul Balze, David Keefer, Lance Woods, and Tom Chafin) performed once on July 10, 1988. "Con goers had been told that the play was entitled "Mudd Ado About Nothing." The script was printed in CrosSignals #1.

One activity was a Temple of Trek Revival.

1989: Shore Leave 11

flyer for 1989

Shore Leave 11 was held July 14-16, 1989. Guests were Marina Sirtis, William Theiss, Susan Sackett, Howard (Howie) Weinstein and Robert (Bob) Greenberger.

One activity was a Temple of Trek Revival.

1990: Shore Leave 12

a badge for the Costume Call, 1990

One activity was a Temple of Trek Revival.

1990: Shore Leave 15: Con Reports

I went to Shore Leave. Got to meet and see some of my PROS fan friends there. [snipped] So any of you PROS fans who are also Darkover fans, please come if you can. Shore Leave was interesting, to say the least. I went to a K/S slash party and ran into rank homophobia there. A well-known K/S zine editor spewed out some of her bigotry there (no names here. Anyone who wants this person s name, write me privately). At any rate, she went off on this tirade about Lesbians, "butch women" and "Darkover Free Amazon" fans. She said that two women doing it was "disgusting" and she didn't want to see any TREK stories with two female partners. My mouth dropped open —- I was speechless. Everyone else in the room was silent as well. My main question was why is she in a slash fandom? Slash fandom involves same-sex contact. Hy guess is that this person simply gets off on two men doing it, and has no solidarity, or feeling with the Gay community (yes, the Gay community DOES include Lesbians).

Sometime earlier, a K/S editor told me that she had been criticized for making Kirk and Spock bisexual. "They're not bisexual," the critics said. "They're straight men who love each other; they don't love other men." Then I was harangued by a man at my dealers' table because I was selling Kathy Resch's zines, T'HY'LA, and the cover featured two men in an embrace — plus a female fan harangued me because she had read THE SILENT LILY and was offended by it. Criticism of my stories, I welcome; I'm sure they have many faults. And I'm sure they are not to everyone's tastes. But haranguing and personal attacks, I can do without. On positive notes, I had a lovely dinner with some far more open-minded K/S fans, who let me cry on their shoulders (so to speak) after the bouts of homophobia I had witnessed at the party. Yes, IDIC is still alive, thank the ghods. [10]

That's where my money's gone
I spent it at the con
I bought me everything a Trekker could want ..."
- an old filksong, and the summary of my weekend at Shore Leave

The Star Trek Association of Towson's annual Shore Leave convention is 12 years old now. As of the last count they announced on Sunday, over 1800 people registered for at least some of the weekend. Saturday the programming rooms and the dealers' room were packed. This was my 10th year there, I only missed I and IV. They continue to bring in unusual guests and an interesting variety of programming. I'll start with the Trek events, since it is basicly a Star Trek con, and then mention the non-Trek things that will be of interest to the Alien Nation, Quantum Leap and Beauty and the Beast fans over in, where this is cross posted...

...The Costume Gala - 55 entries, with the largest number in the ST category, only a small number in SF and lots of Fantasy. Lots of incredible workmanship, especially some of the bead work. Costumers Guild in joke - the Deja Q costume being pulled for violating the "No Costume is No Costume" rule. Best in Show went to "Fairy Tales" for a zebra centaur that also won a workmanship award for mechanical design and for having the patience to piece the fake fur so that the stripes ran like on a real zebra. The Trek category winners were a mirror universe Saavik, a Gorn and "Evening wear for a party at the Klingon Embassy".

from "Reverend Trekwell's 'Temple of Trek,' photo from Enterprising Women

The Shore Leave Showcase - an original play this year by Cheap Treks, with sets and everything, and they only had to consult the "fuel report" once....

....Art Show - WOW! I wish I had the money and space for art. Many nice Beauty and the Beast pieces, lots of Trek as always, some Alien Nation and a portrait of Sam and Al to die for.

Filk Sing - all the ususal Shore Leave performers, with new stuff like Greg Baker's "Riker, Don't Push That Button" and the Denebian Slime Devils' "See You in September". The Boogie Knights had their own hour show Saturday afternoon.

and yes, I did manage to drag myself out of bed in time for Rev. Trekwell's Temple of Trek service Sunday morning. This year they had a children's service for the next generation. Praise Trek!

non-Trek stuff: The non-Trek panels I attended were on Beauty and the Beast and Alien Nation, there wasn't a Quantum Leap panel, unfortunately, but I did get new information for all three of these fandoms. I spent loads in the dealers' room, all on zines, and none of them were specifically Trek (some Blake's Seven, Professionals, Beauty and the Beast, and mixed media)."[11]

Well folks, this was it. My first con. I must say that what I had heard was true (everything except the naked dancing girls). It was Friday afternoon when I received the call at work from David Vosper. The word had been given. So I rushed home, grabbed my stuff and met David to start our six hour drive to Maryland. David believes in the use of the warp drives, and we hit speeds of warp 7.5 and above, but other than that the trip was uneventful (much to my surprise!).

We arrived at the wrong hotel at about 10:30. We actually had reservations at the hotel where the Con was being held but the other hotel was cheaper so we decided to stay. We went to the Con hotel to see if we could still register. We could not, but we did scope out the area and then headed for the bar where we met our Skipper, David Allen, Lisa Allen, and Jane Terry. Dave, the gentleman that he is, bought a round of drinks for everyone, and we commenced to act silly (not, of course, to be out clone by the other tables around us). After that we headed back to the hotel to rest up for what promised to be a very busy day.

I woke up on Saturday and had breakfast with J.R., and then it was on to the convention center where I registered and went to the STARFLEET meeting. The meeting started at 9:00 A.M., and in protest of this early meeting time, many of the members wore robes and slippers to the meeting. We were addressed by the Fleet Admiral Jeannette Maddox, and she talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and (talked)'. By the time she was through it was 10:45 A.M., and other speakers were brought up. The meeting ended at 11:00. I rushed up to the dealers' room, where I was told that I would be able to get a third season ST:NG uniform. I did. (I also picked up an order form for ST:NG uniforms and classic trek uniforms, for anyone who wants one.) With that matter out of the way, I went on to get my communicator pin and an ensign's pip (which I had earned just before leaving for the con).

At noon I met for lunch with Libby West, Teresa Tuel, J.R. Fisher, David Vosper and a friend of Libby's, Alynda Alayne from Utah. After that it was on the hear Suzie Plakson who played Lt. Selar, the Vulcan doctor in The Schizoid Man, and Keylahr, the half-Klingon, half-Human in The Emissary. Next we heard from Michael G. Westmore, make-up supervisor for ST:NG. Mr. Westmore's talk was most interesting, and he showed us many examples of his work and explained how the make-up effects were done. But the talk that everyone had been waiting for was the one from James Doohan. The good news is that there will be a STAR TREK VI and the better news is that William Shatner will not direct. After Mr. Doohan spoke, the autograph line formed up and David Vosper and I headed to a super secret location to get David ready for the costume contest. We were met there by Libby at which point we started to work our magic. David (of course) was as nervous as a BLANK in church, but we got him ready and headed down to the contest. Once at the contest, I was talked into working security by directing each contestant to the still photography stage after having left the main stage. It was fun to see so many interesting and beautiful costumes up close, especially one Andorian I know of. After the main show and while the judges were making up their minds, I got to talk to one of the contestants who was competing in the fantasy category. Hidi and I agreed to meet at Ten-Forward to dance the night away. We did. It was fun. I also had the pleasure of tripping the light-fantastic with Sue Hampton, Jane Terry and our own Fleet Admiral Jeannette Maddox. I even got to sing with the Kling, Kelvis (a costume contestant who came as the 24th century version of Elvis).

Sunday morning I joined Libby and Teresa at the "Temple of Trek" (not to be confused with the "Temple of Doom", although real close) which must be seen to be believed, and shall leave it at that. After about two hours of "lusting" in the dealers' room, I headed down to hear Colm Meaney who portrays ST:NG's Transporter Chief O'Brien. I, along with others, were surprised to learn that 1) he is not a permanent member of the cast, 2) he did not know the first name of his character, and 3) he did not know the rank of his character. But never fear folks, our own David Vosper came to the rescue, again, reassuring Mr. Meaney that he was a lieutenant, which David tells us kind of surprised him. James Doohan was scheduled to speak again but I decided to camp in the autograph line with one hundred and ninety two of my closest friends. David came by and joined me along with Libby and Teresa. We got our autographs, and after one more "drooling" in the dealers' room, David and I left for home (warp 7.5 and above and no "unscheduled stops". Is this guy lucky or what?)

I think I can say that "I had the best time of my life at Shore Leave". I made new friends and enjoyed myself like never before. And for those of you who wondered why I entitled this article

"Let's Do the Con Warp Again!", I'm not telling. Ask the others. [12]

1991: Shore Leave 13

July 12-14 at Marriot's Hunt Valley Inn.

Guests were George Takei, Ann Crispin, Howard Weinstein and others.

1991: Shore Leave 13: Con Reports

I have just returned from my first Shore Leave, and first major convention, and I have to say I don't know where to start. I had the maximum amount of fun allowed by law. Larry, Debbie, Rosalinda and I left Hillsborough Thursday night at 9:45 and after only one unscheduled detour (the Navigator apologizes for that) we arrived safely in Hunt Valley at 4:15 am. We got up about 8:30 and after registration and breakfast, we hit the dealer room. I think we all restrained ourselves reasonably well. Friday was kind of a slow day. There was not much scheduled that was really interesting until late in the day. We saw some blooper and satire videos. We sat in on the Filksinging for a while and that was mostly enjoyable. We heard rumors that our infamous captain was to be kidnapped and held for ransom by Klingons, but the Klingons didn't seem to be organized enough to carry it off. They did finally confront him and a peace conference of sorts took place. Saturday offered a lot more activities of interest. The costume contest was very entertaining. The Temple of Trek was funny. Michael Dorn's talk was very entertaining. (He has a career in stand up comedy if he ever decides to quit acting.) I was very impressed with George Takei. He is a sweetheart of a man. (Can I take him home and keep him?) I very much enjoyed his talk. The only disapointment was that just before he finished, they announced that the autograph line was already closed, so those of us in the auditorium listening to the talk could not get autographs. Debbie had found a place in line, but Larry and I did not. However, they were having another autograph line on Sunday so we tried again and this time were successful. I got a chance to talk to him briefly after the costume contest, as well. Another highlight for me was the 10 forward dance on Saturday night.

Of course, the Kitty Hawk contingent (at least some of us) upheld our reputation and closed Ten Forward at 3:00 a.m. and headed for the traditional breakfast at IHOP (that's Intergalactic House of Pancakes, of course). Sunday was spent mostly waiting in line, which was about all we could handle by this point. Sleep deprivation was taking it's toll... We were getting pretty punchy by this time. Finally, I would have to say the biggest thrill was when Larry and I were invited to George's room after his second talk to pick up the signed "Wright Stuff" covers. (Yes, we let Debbie come too, after an appropriate amount of begging.) George was gracious and friendly, spoke to us for several minutes about the importance of our educational activities, and shook our hands. This certainly ended the con on a high note for me. Since nothing could top that, we left immediately and headed back to the Triangle and reality. Overall, I felt the con was well run. We missed a few things due to scheduling conflicts, but that is inevitable, I suppose. To sum up.... Sign me up for next year! [13]

1992: Shore Leave 14

July 10-12, 1992

a 1992 flyer

1992: Shore Leave 14: Con Reports

STARDATE 9207.11 - At last!! We finally get some Shore Leave!! I warped out at 2:00 a.m. on Saturday, and met up with Jeff Habrych at 9:30 a.m. at the Hunt Valley Marriott in Maryland. A little later, we found Larry Pischke and Elaine Royal, then we ran into Cap'n J.R. (I hope we didn't hurt him...) We looked around the dealer's room, and I found nothing that I could afford (well, what else is new?)

Later on that afternoon, we discovered the heroic Admiral Dave Forvendel and his charming (and cute) sidekick, Shari Ham (or should that be partner in crime? I'll get back to you on that.) Of course, Dave wasn't really there, (at least, according to him) so we didn't really see him (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). After that, Larry, J.R., and I went to lunch at the mall across the street. I felt like I hadn't eaten since, well, March, so I was about due for a refill. We went into the knife and tool shop there and, what do you know - I found something to spend money on! It's the official "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" pocketknife, and it made the Indiana Jones Khyber/Bowie knife I have a good little brother. After that, it was time for Lt.Cmdr. Pat Heinske to disappear, and time for the Rocketeer to appear on the scene. (You know, people keep telling me about this guy, but he always seems to come around after I'm gone. I'm starting to wonder if this flying hood ornament really exists.)

Anyway, what I heard was this: He went to the costume competition, freaked Shari out, met up with and made friends with "The Mouseketeer", and walked away with a medal for best re-creation and a first place trophy in the science fiction category. I (or, I mean, he) was shocked! Also present were the bat, the cat, and the penguin, and I forgot my camera!! ARRRRGIB!!! Anyway, the Mouseketeer's wife (Minnie?) took some photos of the Rocketeer and Mouseketeer together, and sent copies to the Rocketeer. So, there has been mention of the two of them appearing together in the future (or in the past - it depends on how close we fly to the sun).

After that, I got out of the shower and met up with the Kitty Hawk and Bonaventure groups at ten-forward. I went over and danced embarrassing dances with the Bonny-V crew (mainly because the Kitty Hawk crew were dancing in a socially-acceptable manner). Then, after we closed down the dance and threw the D.J. out in the street, we (the Kitty Hawk crew) went for our traditional post-tenforward breakfast. Larry and I had eggs and waffles, and Elaine became a vegetable. Then, off to bed. We got up some time the next day (I think it was the next day) and checked out. On the way home, I stopped at the Smithsonian to see the Star Trek exhibit, but I was not willing to wait in line for an hour and 15 minutes to see stuff that I'd probably seen before anyway, so I went home.

I docked at home about 11:00 p.m., and immediately performed my traditional post-convention ritual - I unpacked the car, left the stuff on the floor, and fell into a

coma on my bed. [14]

1993: Shore Leave 15

flyer for the 1993 con
badges for the 1993 con

July 9-11, 1993

Some guests: Robin Curtis, Andrew Probert, Captain Daniel C. Roper, Robert O'Reilly (Gowron of TNG), others.

1993: Shore Leave 15: Con Reports

By K/S Fans

"Shore Leave this year was outstanding for me because I got to meet so many of you talented folks who are the new wave of K/S writers. I have been going to Shore Leave cons for about 12 years now, and I've seldom had so much intellectual stimulation or hardy laughs a with this group of enthusiastic, energetic, bright women. My only regret is that I missed the K/S filking on Friday night. Maybe next year?" [15]

As I sit here in my hotel room on Sunday night at the end of SHORE LEAVE con, I am compelled to write my thoughts to you about the unique and marvelous adventure I had. I don’t know if I have the words to convey the experience, nor do I know if "you had to be there", but since we all share in this divine obsession, I'm hoping you can share with me the past three days of a world filled with friendship, love, excitement and lots of K/S.

...Upon entering the hotel, I came face to face with the people that matched the names in TLC all of whom surrounded me with warmth and love. There was [JSC] who is as pretty as her name. [JS] who has hair that's thick and shiny and cut like Spock. We're sure this was done on purpose.) [CS] who has the funniest, driest wit. [JB] who was my wonderful roomie. [KW] who I trapped, tied her down and forced her to listen to my LOC on her fantastic story, "Blue Courage". [ES] whose HEARTS OF FIRE I bought and can’t wait to read. Deeb, the extraordinary artist who revealed to me her secrets of pen and Ink. [JG] who I had imagined to be an angry fireball, but was lovely and soft spoken (but determined!) [CB] who is 1/2 of the team doing the new K/S letterzine. And of course, RH, who was mother, advisor, agent and friend without whose help and patience my experience would not have been possible.

  • MOST SHARED CONFUSION: Trying to remember "real names and finding out who people "really" were and keeping it straight!
  • MOST FUN: Staying up until 3:30 in the morning for three nights in a row, talking non-stop about K/S. Finally going to sleep, wishing we didn’t have to, only to wake up early so as not to miss or waste one single moment.
  • MOST FLATTERING: People coming up to me and telling me how much they loved the artwork.
  • MOST HILARIOUS: Discussing a story of mine that had every possible synonym for "big" and discovering more!
  • MOST SUBLIME: Discovering a lovely note tucked into a newly purchased zine from my roomie who only three days before was a stranger and now will be a friend forever.
  • MOST APPROPRIATE WORD: "Genuflect". As in: meeting people of incredible talent and ability and genuflecting before them!
  • MOST EXCITING PREMIERE: [JS] and [JSC] filking at midnight. Their beautiful voices warmed the freezing air-conditioned hall. They sang together so beautifully that they’ve been assured an earlier time next year!
  • FUNNIEST LATE NIGHT SESSION: Taking turns reading aloud a story based on "Spock's Brain" which substituted another part of his anatomy!
  • MOST UNUSUAL THING THAT BECAME COMMONPLACE: Klingons in full dress uniform in the corridor of the hotel, speaking Klingonese.
  • MOST ACCURATE WEATHER FORECAST: Freezing air conditioning. Not knowing at all what the weather was like outside.
  • MOST WONDERFUL SUPPORT: [JS] and [JSC] holding me up during the art auction so that I didn’t collapse from nerves! And [JSC]'s amazing intuitive sense.
  • MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO TELL ALL OF YOU: Do not think for one minute that you are alone out there in your love and obsession for K/S. We are all sisters in K/S and we all share in this feeling for the Human and the Vulcan who have forever changed our lives. [16]

This is the fifth time I’ve attempted to put into words for… readers what the Shore Leave Convention in July was like. I can’t just ignore the experience, it was... fantastic, wonderful, breathtaking, soul expanding....

The right words are just beyond my grasp. How do I explain the magic that pervaded those three and a half days? How do I tell you about meeting people that I'd never met before, and yet feeling like I'd known them for years? How do I tell you about the greatest warmth and acceptance that I’ve ever felt? How do I describe finally, finally, getting to talk about K/S as much as I wanted to, with people who actually understood what I was talking about, and even shared my obsession?

Images will have to do. Shore Leave was...

  • ….looking out from the stage at those stalwart few who were still in the audience after four hours of filk singing, and seeing the supportive faces of several of our K/S friends who were willing to listen [us sing] at almost 1 A.M. Friends, I felt your support flowing up to the stage, and I can’t possibly express how wonderful it was. Thank you.
  • ...[watching a fan] literally trembling, from nerves and from the cold, too, as her artwork went up to auction. Naturally it all sold well. She is so talented. (She's too modest to tell you all that her pencil sketch of Kirk in the mirror universe was first prize in the show)....
  • …..[watching another fan], her expression intent as she played her guitar and gave a private performance of her own K/S filksongs for [us]. I had tears in my eyes, they were great! I adore K/S songs.)
  • ...staring raptly at a magnificent picture K/S picture that was purchased by one of my roommates from [a K/S fan artist]. Concentrating for long, long minutes, trying to memorize every muscled contour!!! Dragging friends to the room to show them a drawing of two men in a state of total undress, hearing their appreciative indrawn breaths (the friends, not the men), feeling a wonderful freedom in being able to share erotic, loving art with kindred souls. (All right, so I adore K/S art, too.)
  • ... falling asleep at 3:30 A.M. on Thursday,….4:00 on Friday, 5:00 on Saturday, so much fun!!! Saturday should have been 4 A.M., but [a roommate] made the fatal error of asking ‘’"What do you think was the most intimate moment in the series?"’’ just as the lights were going out. I mean, how could we all sleep before we'd thoroughly answered? What's sleep next to something really important? [My other friend] used the right phrase last month when she said K/S was a "’’divine obsession."’’ K/S can be nothing less than heavenly if it leads to a true meeting of the minds with people like [S], graceful in soul, mind and body: [JS], quicksilver, insightful, and generous; [C], wise and deep, like the Horta, spanning the ages; [JA] , whose open friendliness and mature understanding were... well, fascinating.
  • …..And so many more. Shore Leave was like a K/S orgy. I still feel slightly drunk with the pleasure of that weekend. Imagine finding other people willing to talk for three and a half hours in a hotel lounge about writing and K/S! K/S is alive and well, in our hearts and in our souls, and the friendships we form and the ideals we express on the printed page. I am immensely proud to be a part of this most wonderful phenomena, and deeply grateful for every minute of Shore Leave. Let's do it again! [17]

..I want to share my Shore Leave reminiscences. But I don’t know where to start. Those I stayed up with till 5 AM … are not going to believe I feel at a loss for words —none of us seemed to run out of words that weekend - but I do.

How do I describe this life-changing experience? Before Shore Leave, I had never met another K/Ser in person. I had never met [J] or [S], even though they had already become friends through letters and phone calls. And first, through TLC. When we met, it was as though we'd known each other forever. I felt an incredible, deep-down kinship with the other K/Sers….

I'll never forget our hilarious, impromptu story hour - taking turns reading aloud Devery Helm's & Sharon F's "The Missing Joystick Affair," in which Kara ("You are not Morg. You are not Mindy.") steals an important part of Spock's anatomy ... not his brain!

There was [R]’s Friday-night K/S party - a small room filled mostly with people I'd never met before, and I felt right at home. Over a dozen people oohing and ahhing over a glorious pile of K/S artwork. I flew to this 3-day con —the first time I'd ever gone out of state for any con — and then missed most of the organized activities because it was far more important to be with my K/S friends, jealously guarding the short time we had, staying up late and getting up early three days in a row, feeling exhilarated afterward. We talked about our common obsession, our writing and artwork, our hopes for the fandom, our lives. I came away awed and feeling blessed beyond measure to have such friends….

  • MOST REPEATED PHRASE: "We have to talk!"
  • THIRD MOST REPEATED PHRASE: … "We have to get some sleep" and "….will you please go to sleep."
  • MOST TWILIGHT-ZONE MOMENT: Showing [S] what genuflecting actually looks like!
  • MOST WONDERFUL SUPPORT: The K/Sers who braved the ballroom's arctic chill to support [us] when we sang a half hour set of K/S filksongs to a mixed audience. We could see your smiling faces from the stage and we knew we weren't alone. It's the greatest feeling in the world.
  • MOST WONDERFUL AUDIENCE: The filk audience, all of whom were responsive and complimentary and none of whom had a negative word to say about the subject matter (or my guitar playing). IDIC lives in the hearts of filkers!
  • MOST HILARIOUS INCIDENT AT REGISTRATION: [S] removing the complimentary pencil from her registration packet and realizing: 1. It was long. 2. It was green. 3. It had twin ridges.
  • MOST HILARIOUS INCIDENT AT R’S PARTY:[S] seeing Deeb's incredible pen-and-ink drawing of the hooded Spock/chained Kirk . . . then realizing five minutes later what Spock was doing!
  • MOST FASCINATING COINCIDENCE: [Our] taxi driver, Misha, a Russian emigre, had driven Leonard Nimoy six years ago. Misha is a big ST fan, a big hockey fan… and a very nice guy.
  • MOST OUT-OF-CONTROL MOMENT: Having turned the lights off Thursday night at something like 3:30 AM to stop us talking, [we] continued a serious K/S discussion in the dark. Then when we finally decided to sleep, bursting out in giggles like 9-year-olds at a pajama party.
  • BEST YOU-ARE-NOT-ALONE EXPERIENCE: [Us] trying to find something a vegetarian could eat in the hotel restaurant, where they use chicken stock to flavor almost everything.
  • MOST HOT-AS-VULCAN EXPERIENCE: The entire weekend, when the Eastern seaboard was having a heat wave. 102° in humid Baltimore!
  • BEST PUBLIC K/S DISCUSSIONS: [J.L.]'s tall point" discussion and conversations in the lobby bar Saturday night &Sunday afternoon ("We have to talk!").
  • MOST ACCURATE PREDICTION: "The next issue of TLC is going to be very long and set in a teeny point size."
  • MOST BETAZOID EXPERIENCE: The art auction.
  • MOST VULCAN EXPERIENCE: The writing workshop.
  • MOST DIFFICULT MOMENT: Saying goodbye.
Sisters, friends, we have to do this again next year! [18]

Last June I read [another fan’s] letter in which she stated that she would be attending Shore Leave in Maryland. As I would be close by there, I got up my nerve and wrote to her. Not only did she respond, she phoned me and then got me a roommate! …. your generosity is matched only by your talent.

When I arrived, nervous and alone in a lobby full of Klingons and worse, Next Generationers, I went in search of my roomie. I will never forget [her] bright smile and open arms …who welcomed a total stranger with such genuine warmth. I haven’t talked and laughed with anyone so much in all my life.

Over those three days, I saw no exhibits and attended no screenings. In fact, I didn’t do much more than sit and listen to talented and enthused ladies discuss K/S with a passion that I had believed only I really felt. Was I disabused of that idea.

Actually, I was pretty overwhelmed with ideas, new faces and pennames. It took me a week to calm down. However, I learned a lot those three days. That K/S is an idea shared by some remarkable people. That those people will give unstintingly of their time and energy to anyone who shares that peculiar passion. That friends made through K/S are deep and dear in a way that few others are. I would not have missed meeting [them] and many more, for anything. [19]

By Other Fans

Shore Leave '93 - The first convention to be attended by the "Sworchnasters" themselves - Diana Waldier and Pat Heinske. After 7 months of practice, we were ready to put the "Highlander" combat on stage in front of a live audience.

Unfortunately, we didn't impress the judges, but we sure heard some noise from the audience! Due to lack of space to warm up in, a few - ahem - departures from the choreographed moves were made, but we did it and were able to keep all of our fingers intact.

The convention itself was pretty good - I found enough things going on to keep me in trouble for most of the weekend, and the 10-forward dance was the best one I've been to yet! The local IHOP was also boarded for breakfast, and most of us were able to stay awake until we got back to the hotel. In my book, Shore Leave `93 was the most fun I've had in quite

a while! [20]

1994: Shore Leave 16

There are several con reports in Come Together #8.

Some guests were Peter David, Bob Greenberger, Mojo, Howard Weinstein, many others.

1994: Shore Leave 16: Con Reports

By K/S Fans

In 1994 the K/S fans were once again in attendance at Shore Leave. Below are excerpts from their voluminous convention reports published in Come Together #8 and 9:

They begged, they pleaded, they threatened me with dire consequences …so I found myself at Shore Leave 16 this year. And what an experience it was. I got to know people I've only known through their work or letters…. Bear hugs seemed to be the secret handshake of K/Sers. From the very first I was surrounded by ladies who greeted me as if I were an old friend they hadn't seen in years, not someone they had just met. You think we all knew each other in a former life?

  • MOST ETHEREAL EXPERIENCE: Seeing fireflies for the first time.
  • MOST ELECTRIFYING (AND NEAR DISASTROUS) MOMENT: [S] and I meeting for the first time with big bear hugs while almost knocking over a display of her artwork and the zine table…
  • WINNERS OF THIS YEAR'S "HOW MANY TRIBBLES CAN YOU FIT IN A TURBOLIFT?" MEDAL: [R], [C], and I being driven to the airport by [S] in a car overloaded to the rafters with baggage (a scene straight out of Grapes of Wrath, you had to see it to believe it
  • THE GUEST WHO CAME TO VISIT AND STAYED AND STAYED AND...: A big thank you and a hug to [S], [JA], and [T] for putting up with me. I spent more time in their rooms than I did in mine.
  • MOST HUMBLING MOMENT: Being told how much they liked my work by people 10 times more talented than I'll ever be.
  • MOST IRRITATING MOMENT: Having to sit in front of Bevis and Butthead during the art auction. Two idiots who kept making wise ass remarks.
  • 2ND MOST IRRITATING: The Neverending Art Auction.
  • TWO WORDS: Sleep Deprivation.
  • COOLEST HOTEL STAFF MEMBER: The young waiter who related the hilarious tale about the four drunk Klingons at the hotel bar and the Romulan ale.
  • THE 1994 "ADMIRAL KOMACK PARTY POOPER COMMENDATION" IS HEREWITH AWARDED TO: The manager of the Paddock Lounge for kicking us out at 2 A.M.
  • MOST "STIMULATING" CONVERSATION: Would you like to be Spock making love to Kirk/Kirk being made love to by Spock or vice versa?... I'd still rather be McCoy under the bed with a camcorder.
  • MY MOST REPEATED PHASE SATURDAY AFTERNOON: I've never had jet lag before, really need some sleep. I'm going up to my room and take a nap. Then getting sidetracked to the art show and the dealers room and...never made it back to my room until 2 A.M.
  • MOST PLEASANT SURPRISE: 15 K/S ladies 15 being asked to witness a Starfleet wedding. I kid you not.
  • CULTURE SHOCK: No Mexican food anywhere.
  • BIGGEST 'BRAIN DEAD' REMARK OF THE WEEKEND: Me coming up with a new word. "Bigatorial."
  • FAVORITE HANGOUT: The Paddock lounge and rearranging their furniture.
  • RECIPIENTS OF THE V.S.A. MEDAL OF HONOR FOR SHOWING VULCAN STAMINA: All who attended [R]’s Friday night party...outside in the heat with 90% humidity.
  • MOST DISAPPOINTING EXPERIENCE: I never got to see one real live East Coast thunderstorm.
  • MOST SENTIMENTAL MOMENT: Having to say goodbye to everyone.
  • AND "THE VOYAGE HOME TIME WARP AWARD" GOES TO: USAir for changing my return flight schedule 3 times in 4 days.
So was it worth traveling 3,000 miles, enduring 5 hours on a plane, suffering humidity induced headaches and the Mother of all jet lags, not to mention the expense? was. I may just do it again next year.

Four days after Shore Leave ended, I opened the program for the first time. That should give you a good idea of what kind of convention it was for the intense group of K/Sers who attended. Who needed programming when we had so much to say to one another? I had everything I needed in the many friends who shared the weekend….. I wonder how many other guests heard us hysterically re-counting the 77 reasons why Kirk is better than Picard? ….

I must thank those who came to hear [us] sing. Your support was tangible; it sang through the air with its own beautiful song. We both really appreciate you, folks, and we hope that you liked our "love songs from the 23rd century." ([A friend] told me she watched one man's eyes get wider and wider as he realized what it was we were singing about. But he stayed to listen.)

As always, [R]’s party on Friday night was a magnet for congeniality, this year humorously advertised as the K/S Slash Bash. So many K/Sers were expected that she wisely elected to hold it outdoors by the pool. No way we could have crammed all those fevered female bodies in just one hotel room! Erotic, loving and explicit art for sale was temptingly displayed on otherwise innocent lawn chairs. A new Chris Soto work called out to me! I gave in to temptation.

Seeing The Southern Cross appear at the art show was a big surprise. [We] dogged her steps until she eventually took us out to her car where she was keeping the K/S art she couldn't hang but still wanted to sell. I ruthlessly trapped her by the curbside until she accepted my bid for the work still cradled in her trunk. So now I'm the proud owner of a big, original Southern Cross, the one of K and S at an oasis, with Spock's "frals" wrapped around Kirk's hand. I've always lusted after it…

Unless you were there, you won't be able to imagine the incredible talent of Shelley Butler on display in the art show. She just keeps getting better and better, and I happily purchased one of her originals at the auction. But I'll always wistfully remember the many exquisite pictures that slipped through my fingers. Alert! [R H] is selling some prints of Shelley's work, including, I think, both covers of FT 39.

During one marathon conversation, Kathy Resch revealed to [us] that she'd written the bulk of The Price of Freedom in only three months. We glanced at one another in awe, then simultaneously slid to the floor in a K/S genuflection, happy to continue the tradition that [S] started last year. I love acknowledging true talent!

Some of the people I talked with have been in fandom a long time, and they all commented that the level of enthusiasm and interest in K/S rivaled any they had ever seen. And lots of people who've temporarily left (gaffiated) seem to be coming back, prompted by the intensity of the newcomers. The overall impression was that K/S was in the middle of a definite resurgence. ….

My one regret was that I didn't have the opportunity to spend even more time one on one with so many talented, stimulating people. There were usually so many conversations going on at once; I wish I could have participated in them all. I'd like to have you all over to my house, one by one, to talk and exchange fascinating ideas. But I suppose I'll have to be satisfied for another year with the memory of those marathon sessions in the lounge afternoons and nights, not to mention all those shared meals that lasted for hours.... I adored having to rearrange the furniture everywhere we went, because we had such a big group.

Folks, if K/S fandom were to mysteriously disappear tomorrow, I still would have been given one of the greatest gifts of my life, your enthusiasm and your friendship. Shore Leave was wonderful. Let's do it again next year.

Kirk and Spock are alive and well and just had one fantastic shore leave. Probably for the first time in my life, I am at a loss for words to describe what was an extraordinary event (and you know how I love those adjectives!). How can I describe the openness, the love, the joy, the instant friendships of those three extremely brief days? [snip]....
  • Chris Soto - meeting her behind [R]’s table and embracing her so enthusiastically that we almost fell over. Then, buying at auction a print of her Spock from the cover of FT 38. This is my second favorite piece of Soto art. The first being the original….
  • Kathy Resch - who recounted a fascinating history of K/S and its evolution until now when there's a definite resurgence!
  • Caren Parnes - whose artwork causes me to do some serious genuflecting (such as that gorgeous cover of T'hy'la 15)... [snip]....

Here are some [other] Shore Leave moments:

  • Overheard by [JB] in the background while making reservations for dinner: "Do you have your Vulcan ears?"
  • [KS] unstintingly making countless cappuccinos on her cappuccino machine and delivering them to all. Plus, the quote of the day from her on our last day in Baltimore after much zine buying: "I'm all packed except for my clothes." Hey! Who needs clothes? We've got zines!
  • A huge throng (group? mass? gaggle?) of us would descend upon the hotel lounge, two or three times a day, and swiftly rearrange all the furniture.
  • Of course, who could forget Klingons ordering pizza in the Pizza Hut?
  • Then there's Bill Hupe. Wonderful Big Bill who has the most extraordinary computer-like memory. Ask him the name of a story in some obscure out-of-print zine and he'll know. Plus one the best collections of zines for sale. (Within 15 minutes to a half hour of opening his table, he had sold out of Covert Action!)
  • One evening, out in the courtyard, a number of us were witnesses in a Starfleet wedding! A couple, dressed appropriately in uniform, engaged in a prewedding Starfleet ceremony, complete with sacramental pizza and Diet-Pepsi.
  • The two most often heard phrases were: "I want to do everything all at the same time!" and "We've got to talk!" The other most often heard phrase was: "Don't talk until I get back!" (from the bathroom, the bar, the pizza place, the room, etc.)
  • And then there was zine buying. And the massive hordes descended upon the unsuspecting zine dealers who tried valiantly to fight them off, but still they came... And verily, lo and behold, the dealers' tables were picked bare like Lematya bones in the Vulcan desert. No First Time was left unturned. No WTMs were left unclaimed. Forsooth, no Naked Times was to be found once the K/S hordes retreated!
  • My two most prized possessions: An original First Time number 1 and an original Naked Times number 1!! They are my treasures.

I attended two (count 'em) Shore Leave organized events: the filk performance, which I was in, and the art auction, which featured gorgeous G-rated (aw, shucks) renderings of K & S by our own Shelley Butler, DEW, Deeb, and Chris Soto. The whole K/S group seemed to spend every waking moment together (about 20 hours per day, but who's counting?), intensely talking K/S. It was heaven. [snip]....

Shore Leave Awards:

  • The Pile of Tribbles Award for the most hilarious moment (hour, actually)-To the group present for the dramatic reading of the famous reasons "Why Captain Kirk is Better Than Captain Picard." The list as published is funny enough (we all learned what a "wiener-wrapping Speedo banana hammock" is), but the group's ad libs were hysterical. Second Place to [JG] for her facial expressions while listening to the radio tape "The Lost Voyage of the Starship Enterprise," which we played out loud in the hotel restaurant……
  • The James T. "Never Say Die" Kirk Award for persistence-To [SB] for trying to arrange a "story hour" till the last minute of the con and beyond. It never did happen, but I've no doubt it will eventually, and [S] will have the last laugh.
  • The Koon-Ut-Kalifi Award (a shot of tri-ox compound) for decorum during an alien ceremony-to the K/Sers who were suddenly called upon to witness a Starfleet "wedding" in the gazebo. I think one of us even caught the bouquet.
  • The Atavachron Award-To April Valentine and Kathy Burns, who appeared on stage together for the first time in 15 years, and entertained the filk audience with several of their classic Omicron Ceti Three numbers.
  • The T'Pau Would Be Proud Award for Vulcan control-to the K/S women with me who admirably avoided administering tal shaya to those drunken sleazoid men in the bar Thursday night.
  • The "This Is Dedication" Award-to [EW] who was composing a new K/S story on a notebook computer during the weekend, even with people talking in the same room. …
  • The "Been There, Done That" Award-to the entire K/S group, which pretty much ignored the convention programming….
  • The "They'd Have Been Returned in the Morning" Award-to the light-fingered crew who expertly lifted every spare white clip from the art room to hang [S]’ artwork properly.
  • The "Cause Was More Than Sufficient" Award for the most impressive example of emotional control under duress-to [SB] for her composure during the art auction.
  • The Hot As Vulcan Award-to the City of Baltimore, which again managed to supply a heat wave so we Vulcans would be more comfortable.
  • The Honorary K/Ser Award for the biggest boon to fandom in '94-to Bill Hupe, with hugs & kisses, for his excellent work in publishing, agenting, reprinting, and distributing zines. And he's a nice guy, to boot.
  • The "Welcome Back Gaffiate" Award-to Caren Parnes for returning her artistic talent and her delightful self to K/S fandom. And to The Southern Cross, for showing up with some incredible K/S artwork-for sale! Hurrah! ([S] genuflected all weekend.)
  • The Mr. Flint Award for excellence in art and zine collecting-To [JS], who snapped up the original Southern Cross "oasis" drawing (my all-time favorite) and other wonderful artwork, not to mention classic zines, while the rest of us were daydreaming…..

To all of you who, when I acted like a three - year old over Shelley’s magnificent "Change of Uniform" in the art show didn't bid so I could have it for the minimum price, and never even told me until later... Bless you!...

I did miss the mostly green, mostly naked, veiled, chained - by - the - neck male slave that was led through the halls last year. Anybody know where he went? Also the looks on the faces of the Christian Tour group that was staying at the hotel and saw him. (Bet they checked their reservations REAL carefully this summer.)

By Other Fans

I am a new convention-goer, so I will have to provide the following information regarding Shore Leave 16 as a "con newcomer" (or "newgoer" as the ease may be).

Shore Leave 16 seemed to be very well planned and presented. There were many, many activities. In fact I had a very hard time choosing which program to attend at which time because there were so many activities that I wanted to participate in/see.

Terry Farrell was a very downto- earth speaker. Though not as comedic as Marina Sirtis, she did have rather blunt commentary on her role in Star Trek: Deep Space 9" and her participation in other projects (such as "Quantum Leap" and modeling). She was very pleased with the turnout, and welcome, and decided to participate in Big E con as well. She said she enjoyed delving into her character to a greater extent as "DS 9" continues.

Tony Todd was also a very good speaker, though he went out of his way to use audience participation by incorporating a "casting call" for the new Star Trek series. He discussed some of his former and ongoing projects, including "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Candyrnan II". He also seemed to have boundless energy and enthusiasm. Beyond guest stars Terry Farrell and Tony Todd, the most entertaining and informative panels/discussions that I attended were those of stuntman Dennis Mandalone, visual effects creator Mojo, and authors Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Arne Starr, and Michael DeHaas.

Dennis Mandalone was a very enthusiastic and entertaining speaker, providing insight not only into his career, but glimpses of the personnel/characters he has worked with as both a stuntman and stunt coordinator.

I wish I had even a small portion of the energy Mojo projects. he was obviously thrilled with his work and wanted to share his enthusiasm with everyone there. His talk was very informative, comparing visual effects techniques of the past with those of the present and future. He compared the expensive and time-consuming use of models with the less costly and more time-efficient use of the computer toaster. He noted that both "Sea Quest" and "Babylon 5" are using the toaster. The only drawback for "Sea Quest", according to Mojo is the creation of realistic-looking water. He also said that it is very difficult to create a realistic-looking explosion with the toaster.

Peter David was by far the most outspoken of the authors. Their panels ranged from a comparison of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to "Star Trek: Deep Space 9", to the feasibility of time travel. Peter David also introduced a pilot for a new show, which he authored, called "Oblivion". It starred an unlikely mixture of characters, including George Takei and Meg Foster. The show was a very dry, tongue-incheek "western".

The lean of the convention seemed to be fanzines and novels. There were the usual dealers rooms, though in this case there seemed to be more fanzine booths and book sellers. The art was outstanding, including the works of Girard Roundtree. The art submitted for the art show and auction was very, very good.

Though I could not stay through Sunday, and was only able to attend Friday and Saturday, the experience was well worth the cost of the convention, food, and lodging. I hope to be able to attend another

convention soon (Big E Con?). [21]

1995: Shore Leave 17

July 7-9, 1995

badges from the 1995 con

1995: Shore Leave 17: Con Reports

By K/S Fans

Multiple con reports from K/S fans for the 1995 Shore Leave appeared in issues #20-21 of Come Together. Excerpts are included below:

…There is much to discuss, but first...the tranya! I continue to be amazed by this beautiful diverse group of women. Diversity in the most delightful combinations. It really is so beautiful. I loved being with everyone, to put it mildly, and I can't say it enough. I also thought of everyone who was not there—not that I could have taken any more wonderfulness. I love all of you. Such a heady experience. Inspiring and stimulating; crazy and silly; loving and encouraging or comforting or for whatever was needed, practical or emotional, someone was there. A time to laugh, a time to cry.

Not to mention, a time to buy. Boy did I get great collectibles (besides the new zines of course). Just for instance, one dealer gave me a beautiful ST:TMP TV tray, beautiful Spock at his station I get to put on my lap and eat off of. And here's something I got that tickles me: ST:TMP "cleansing towelettes" with photos of Kirk and Spock on them.

Chris: You were missed, and also you were very much with us. I hope you know how much K/S pleasure you give us with your music videos. We played it late one night. It is so skillfully and lovingly put together, and of course we all watched closely, and avidly, with love, and sometimes with tears.

I suffered from The Unbearable Desiring of K/S Art.

[JSC] and [JS]’s filking was absolutely wonderful. They boldly sang some obvious (to us) K/S lyrics at the concert, but then we also got a private concert later of no-holds-barred K/S songs. They are so beautiful. A number of us reading the new [issue of] CT together one night was definitely a highlight….

I have to say something about the goofy thing [we] did, since others might make it sound even more ludicrous than it was. We proved via demonstration (fully clothed) that two men, namely Kirk and Spock of course, can penetrate each other at the same time. Whoever has photos of that, if you would please keep them from casual observation—we had to have looked absolutely ridiculous. Of course, [MM] and their outlandish chocolate penises (your choice of Kirk, Spock or Tuvok) are to be blamed as co-conspirators in the ridiculousness.

Though some of us didn't partake of many of the con activities, except the dealer's rooms, still it's so great to be in a hotel filled with Trekkers with all that stuff going on. It's really a rainbow society, Trek is, where no one is out of place, people who otherwise don't quite fit into the molds out in the world. I enjoyed this sight: a young Klingon in a wheelchair in full regalia, flanked by his two big and beautiful warrior women (those great Klingon bosoms!).

On the shuttle to the airport on Monday morning, another woman and I were the only passengers and of course we talked. It was funny—after some hinting around we discovered we were talking about the same kind of zines, the same kind of filking, etc. The thing is, there are a lot more K/S'ers out there who we don't necessarily know about. She is a nice white-haired navy-blue-suited retired woman, lives in Chicago and No. Wisconsin, doesn't ever want to get things in the mail, so she goes to cons to get zines. She wished she had known about the Friday night K/S party, the private filking concert, etc. She'll find us next year, she said.

How to describe the indescribable? I didn't think it could get any better than the last two Shore Leaves. I was wrong. Boy, was I wrong!.... [JS] and [JSC] gave a fantastic public performance of filk songs, and then later an even better private one of K/S songs. There is no way to describe the talent these women have. And beyond that, their love for Kirk and Spock just pours out of everything they do.

Even nicer was the surprise baby shower we held for [JSC]. Among the many lovely gifts was tiny command gold captain's shirt and … a baby-sized T-shirt printed with a bolero-wearing Kirk and a bearded Spock. The caption read: Someone visited the mirror universe and all I got was this T-shirt.

Then there was the burning Question of the Con: Is it possible for two men to penetrate each other...simultaneously?!?! Let me tell you, the debate was hot and heavy on both sides! Finally it was decided that nothing less than a demonstration would suffice, so visual aids (as we say in the ed biz), in lovely shades of pink and green provided by the ever efficient [RH], two of our number (who shall remain nameless.. Unless they choose to divulge the information), got down on the floor and... Well, you get the picture. Actually, I got the pictures, Several of them. Reprints anyone? I'd love to tell you which side won, but I can't. I was laughing too hard.

What else... How about the two blue ribbons Shelly won in the art show: Best in Show and Critics Choice, and the secret K/S message hidden in one of her fabulous drawings.

How about watching Chris Soto's; music videos together and sharing them with those who hadn't experienced that particular pleasure before….

How about [D]'s K/S jewelry that was so beautiful, and the way everyone wore the necklaces. It became a physical symbol of our love for K/S and for each other and just one more sign of the unity among all of us. How about the way her face lit up when she bought The Southern Cross drawing she had always wanted. And the debut of [J]’s long awaited novel and [C]’s first story. We toasted them with tranya. (Alright, so it was ice water.)

I had the extreme good fortune to purchase on of Shelley's pictures entitled "Calendar Vulcan." Go ahead, indulge your imaginations, I'll wait... All finished? Well, you're not quite right. Picture Spock in longish hair, open jacket and jeans. Oh, my! I also am the proud owner of a Southern Cross drawing (in color, no less) that reduced me to tears. (Where was Spock when I needed him? Thank goodness for friends … with strong shoulders. ….I never was fortunate enough to have a sister. Now I have many.

I can't believe another Shore Leave has come and gone. How to describe it? It was far easier to write about Shore Leaves that were funny, exuberant, and crazy. This one was intense, deep, emotional. And it wasn’t just me…Everybody seemed to feel it. From the initial arrival in innocent Baltimore, which seemed to have no idea what strange creatures would soon be flocking into the area, to the "quickening" when the hotel hallways suddenly started looking a lot like the DS9 Promenade, to the tearful goodbyes on Sunday . . . Shore Leave 17 was intense. For me, this con was more physically demanding than any I've attended, and I well and truly spent all my resources, physical, mental, and emotional. …If we sisters came to the well at Shore Leave #15, if we drank from it at #16, then surely we immersed ourselves in it at #17. I can't imagine what we'll do at #18. Drown?

The experience was almost too intense to talk about . .. indescribable in the way that a mind meld is indescribable ….So instead of trying in vain to describe it further, I present this year's installment … of the Shore Leave Awards

  • The Starbase 16 Hilton Award for hospitality above and beyond the call of duty—to [KS] … who made perfect cappuccino to order every morning—and sometimes in the evening, too. Yummy!
  • The Kaferian Apple Award for the most sublime gourmet experience—to [JAB] for real German chocolate cake made by a real German.
  • The Harcourt Fenton Mudd Memorial Venus Drug Award for supplying the perfect fix at the right time—to [RH] and [CB] for sending us our trib copies of FT 42 and our July Come Togethers Thursday night before we reverted to . . . well, you don't want to know.
  • The Honorary K/Ser Award—to the ingenuous, unsuspecting, and thoroughly delightful [Star Trek Voyager actor] who, during an accidental late-night rendezvous with a certain crowd of women, related a funny Voyager script idea he'd thought of: a classic hurt/comfort scenario involving Kim and Paris in which the dying Kim reveals to Paris that he loves him!
  • The Surakian Composure Award—to [SB] for her quick thinking and aplomb in coolly telling [the actor] "that's a scenario we appreciate" when he was trying to figure out why all those women went nuts over his humorous script idea. (And twenty lashes with a double-ridged you know-What to [KS] for saying "Should we tell him?")
  • The Cyrano Jones "Give 'Em What They Want" Award—to [D], for bringing her gorgeous K/S jewelry and T-shirts to sell because we all begged and pleaded. Hope you're home making more, [D]!
  • The Mr. Flint Award for excellence in art collecting—again to [JS], who walked away this year with both a Shelley Butler masterpiece (the "hyacinth" picture from [J]’s new novel; the print in the zine is great, but the original is sublime!) and a #1 print of the famous Southern Cross "unicorn" drawing.
  • The "Way to Eden" Award for music appreciation—to all the friends who turned out to support [us] while we sang blatant K/S songs in front of a mixed filk audience Friday night. We got even more blatant during our private concert on Saturday, and we really appreciated everyone's warm reception of our music.
  • The Michelangelo Would Be Jealous Award—to Shelley Butler for her K/S Pieta, which you have to see to believe. It's by far the most exquisite drawing she's ever done and you know that's saying a lot. And it's not for sale; sorry, Mike.
  • The Beach to Walk On Award—To [JS], for love and support beyond the call of friendship; for singing, understanding, and offering a shoulder to cry on.
  • The Edith Keeler "Let Me Help" Award—to [BA] for her compassion and friendship during the longest and most trying train ride of my life. Thank you, B. You made a huge difference.
  • The Far, Far Better Thing Award—to Chris Soto, who wasn't even at Shore Leave 17 (and whom we missed terribly), but whose music video mourning Spock's death in Wrath of Khan had a whole roomful of us in tears.
  • The Zephraim Cochrane Award for attempting to rewrite the laws of physics and the Pile of Tribbles Award for the most hilarious (or insane?) moment—to [KS] and [BF], for their almost entirely unbelievable demonstration with the green and pink confections. I still think it's impossible, but what the heck ... to paraphrase, "we saw a side of K/S no one should ever see."
  • The Vulcan Biology Award to [BF] for elucidating the facts about our favorite, er, part of Vulcan biology: "Sure it's possible. Spock's is twenty inches long and bendable."
  • The Saurian Brandy Toastmaster Award for best toast and the "Beam Me Up Scotty" Award for quick thinking—to [KS]: "But first, the Tranya."
  • The "They Are Not Outworlders, They Are My Friends" Award—to [CS]’s delightful daughter, who actually was willing to be seen in public with a crew of rabid K/Sers. And the Amanda GraysonA/Vinona Kirk Award—to [CS] for sharing her wonderful offspring with us.
  • The Rayna Kapek Award for most fascinating intellectual discussion—to [JG] and [DL], for our "breakfast' forum that lasted till 2 PM. Let's do it again, it's becoming a tradition.
I've already run out of room. Just want to say thanks to everyone for being there. And remember, it's only eleven and a half months till Shore Leave 18.

Friday night was [R]’s party. The festivities had to be moved from poolside to inside due to inclement weather. The team of [MM] outdid themselves this year. They made some extraordinary candy. Suffice it to say, said candy was individually foil wrapped and contained either pink or green. Well, some K/Sers (who shall remain anonymous) had quite a time acting out the possibilities.

Later that evening, [JSC] and [JS] (appropriately named "Magical Blend") performed their filk songs in the main auditorium. Their voices are so beautiful together. One of the highlights was their rendition of "Call Me Brother" complete with an explicit reference to "T'hy'la". Great lyrics. Brave girls. Shocked audience.

Then we descended upon the lounge and proceeded to perform our primary function of rearranging all the furniture……

Zines were flying fast and furious. In fact, faster and more furiously than the dealers had realized! [R]’s table had been depleted by Friday alone. By Saturday, she and [EA] were taking orders! There was nary a [JS] novel to be had. I must say that all this zine buying is great news. K/S not only lives, thank you—It thrives. So many zines sold and so many closet K/Sers showed up! Closet K/Sers who we don't know about. Ones who don't write, don't subscribe to CT (of course, not after I got a hold of them...) and thought they were alone in their obsession! But they read. And buy zines… A continuing event was when one of us would show the others some item that we had found in the dealers' room and en masse we would proclaim that we wanted it, too, and then we would rush off to buy out every last one of them….. I bought an old (circa 1970-something) Star Trek coloring book. The cover is great as it shows Spock sticking his hips out as he walks with Kirk. But even better is inside, I discovered. One of the things it shows is Uhura as a white, blond-type woman. The absolute best is the page that describes the Enterprise crew taking a "coffee break", showing Spock drinking coffee and eating doughnuts.

[D] had some gorgeous K/S jewelry that she had made herself. We were like members of some secret society as we ran around wearing the K/S necklaces. … We are all so connected by this beautiful phenomena of K/S. And even if, as usual, we barely participated in any of the planned Shore Leave activities, it is the very nature of the surroundings that helps to make our gathering so special. Trekkers of every size and shape. All there, all accepted, all one. The feeling is like no place else. The only words I have left to describe the experience are that I love you all. All of you—my sisters in K/S and beyond…

A few K/S fans commented on the art auction:

”The ever-emotional art show and auction. I was standing in the show on Friday contemplating a panel filled with Southern Cross pieces when [C] comes and stands next to me. Two minutes later she's crying. With trembling finger pointing to a exceptional color drawing, she gasps, "It’s so beautiful!" and has to leave to regain her composure. (And how wonderful that, through the auspices of someone truly extraordinary, [C] now owns that picture.) Another image: Hearing the last bidder awarded the mind meld picture that Shelley had drawn for my novel, and being overwhelmed by despair because I hadn't been able to bid on it. Shelley has a handy shoulder for crying upon. Oh, and one more. Seeing that [AL] was opposed in a bid for a piece from The Price of Freedom by a determined young man, I scooted across the room and informed him, sotto voce, just where that picture came from. A novel about, gasp, two guys! Kirk and Spock! Do you know what K/S is? The poor fellow blushed, and stopped bidding. [She] got the picture. Sabotage!

This was not the only time I wished I had brought Kleenex. The art auction turned out to be quite emotional, with several people crying. I got a big laugh out of [J] talking a young man out of bidding on one of the slash pieces while the bidding was actually in progress. In retrospect there was something about the art auction that made me uncomfortable. The group was wonderfully cooperative, not bidding against each other, divvying up the pieces, talking outside bidders out of bidding, which was nice for us. But I wonder how good it was for the artists and for the con. Auctions are supposed to be competitive so that the artist gets the best price she can for her work, and the con wants that too because they get a cut (I think. I don't entirely understand how all this works. Artists help!). It seems to me we were undermining their efforts by being so nice to each other. But maybe this is way off base.

Another highlight of the 1995 K/S con reports was when the Guest of Honor, an actor from the TV show Star Trek: Voyager stumbled into the K/S room party by mistake. Below is as series of excerpts from con reports that year describing the encounter:

I'll briefly talk about our evening with [the young Star Trek Voyager actor]. What a lovely young man he is. I think he's "cute" on TV, but in real life he is more than cute—he's definitely good looking, and a hunk at that. He was looking for an America On-Line group in the lounge, and stumbled upon this group of about 12 of us women instead and joined us for three hours or so. He couldn't figure us out, I'm sure; he asked if we were "Women of Star Trek." We basically said yes and left it at that. We began to touch on things of particular interest to K/S'ers, and it could have gotten even more interesting, except a bunch of Trekkers, you know those folks, started gathering around and asking sometimes-dumb questions, bless their hearts. So we didn't have him to ourselves anymore. Anyway, he described a scenario he read in his file (or room or whatever the lingo is) on AOL; someone had written a scene where Ens. Kim professes his love for Tom Paris, dying in his arms. We said that definitely is a scenario we can appreciate. He talked about the disparaging remarks that came up on the net in response to that scene, and that he couldn't believe Trekkers would be intolerant like that. So this led into talk about gender and racial bias, etc.

Around 11pm, we were all engaged in a serious discussion as to whether it was physically possible for K and S to actually do it together at the same time, when suddenly, some guy (a male, daring to join our group??) knelt down beside [J] and quietly inquired if we were all with "America On-Line". "No," [she] replied sweetly. "We're Star Trek." The guy stood up. It dawned on us that this guy was the con's guest of honor…. Well, we made a place for him and he regaled us with wonderful, funny, clever anecdotes, thoughts and feelings until the bar had to close and kick us out! We had been granted our own private con activity as he talked about Voyager, his character, Creation cons, the Internet, his background and Star Trek. We got that close to revealing who we really were, but thankfully discretion remained as we were dubbed "The Women Of Star Trek". Whew! Our secret is safe! One rather funny moment occurred when [he] related a story he had read on the Internet that had to do with Kim and Paris. As in, Kim and Paris. He told it expecting, perhaps, a negative reaction from us (women of Trek, remember?). However, when our reaction was one of pleasure, he was glad, if slightly mystified.

And one lone K/S fan who actually attended some of the programming had this to report:

Unlike most of the KSers, I actually went to the con. On the whole it was pretty light weight compared to cons I usually go to (Worldcon, Boskone, Readercon). Except for the big events like the filk concerts and the guest of honor speeches, the program was very poorly attended. I was at several panels where there were less than 10 people in the room and that included the panelists.

The science program, put on by some NASA astronomers, was quite good, though I always find astronomy to be rather unrelated to science fiction. When you're dealing with things that take stellar lifetimes to happen, the time scale is just too large to deal with in stories. It was nice to see what good pictures the Hubble telescope is making. The best panel by far was with Howard Weinstein and Steve Wilson on the Prime Directive. The sparse attendance made for good panel-audience interaction. We all agreed that Berman and Co. have gone way overboard with the Prime Directive in Voyager. We agreed that it was never intended to apply to the situations they have been using it in. Howard talked about the origins of the idea in the Vietnam era, and we discussed it as an anti-colonialism measure, not some rule that would make you leave thousands of people on a planet that an asteroid was about to hit because you couldn't interfere with the planet's "development." I asked why Berman has gotten it so out of whack and one of the panelist replied that it's because Roddenberry is dead, and the work he did is being enshrined as canon law even if the enshriners don't really understand it in the first place.

During a lull in the programming I stopped in the video room to watch "Bread and Circuses." I haven't seen it uncut since it originally aired. I forgot how involved the scene with McCoy and Spock was. I also loved the way Spock was desperately trying to get out of the jail while Kirk was sleeping with this slave woman.

I skipped the Dwight Schultz session. I never liked the Barclay character on Next Gen. But I did go to see Garrett Wang since Ensign Kim has obvious slash potential. Garrett was witty and interesting. He talked about meeting a group of about a dozen women in the bar the night before. Even though I had gone to bed early and had not heard of this event from any of the KSers I knew who these women must be.

The only other program event that I went to worth talking about was a panel by Laura Hayden on writing the new sf romances. I've been convinced for a while that I can't write romances, and nothing in this panel changed my mind. However, I did take extensive notes that I wrote up for a friend. If anyone else would like a copy, I'd be glad to supply one.

1996: Shore Leave 18

July 12-14, 1996

1996: Shore Leave 18: Con Reports

By K/S Fans

Multiple 1996 convention reports were published by K/S fans in Come Together#32. Below are excerpts from some of these convention reports:

Shore Leave is such a high; these days right afterwards are strange. I come home elated and sad and inspired and exhausted. The usual to the nth degree: Beautiful friends old and new, not enough sleep, nonstop talking K/S K/S K/S K/S (I actually lost my voice Sunday night), dealer's room feeding frenzy. I love how the hotel is filled with wonderful nerds and people of special circumstance who fit right in at Shore Leave though they don't out in the real world. And lovely dramatic weather for us from the dry places.

Fantastic K/S art of course. On Friday afternoon out in the courtyard, [R]’s impromptu showing/sale drew some strangers after they fell down when they passed and saw some of these hotstuff pictures through the windows.

And fantastic creations in the Masquerade. Our [J], the Romulan Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, Oklahoma Chapter, strutted her stuff, and won the prize for craftsmanship [sic] for her gorgeous, intricate silver-beaded creation.

Have you ever gone back to an old childhood haunt, and discovered that it really wasn't so marvelous as memory paints it? The trees aren't so big and beautiful, the little cranny where you played hide and seek really isn't-so comforting, the old house looks dilapidated. What was it Thomas Wolfe said? You can't go home again.

In a strange sense Shore Leave, which I visit for at most four days out of every 365, has become a second home to me. There I meet friends dearer to me than any I have ever known. I commune with other hearts that throb in the same rhythm as mine. We laugh, we cry, (I sing), we talk and talk together. It's always been an unadulterated joy, a gross indulgence of everything I want to do. Non-stop communication with other K/Sers whom I have come to value so much? Heaven.

Yet 1996 marked my fifth visit …It seemed inconceivable that the experience couldn't somehow be disappointing, that it shouldn't somehow begin to show its age. But it doesn't. I go to my special home each July, and each July it becomes more beautiful. And better. The house expands. More and more people join us to revel in the special kinship that pulls us together. Every year so much happens in such a short span of time, I'm always fearful of reporting on it for fear that I'll miss something essential.

…thanks to those of you who came to the filking session on Friday night at 11:30 in the freezing auditorium. (Why in the world is that room always so cold?) I sang this year with [MR] who came all the way from Los Angeles, and who is a dear, wonderful person. She practiced with me over the phone for hours, and made up beautiful harmonies. As always I could see you sweet folks from the stage, and I appreciated your support so much. ([S], your laughter and verbal encouragement is audible on the tape we made!) This year we were especially explicit about what we were singing, there was no mistaking this was about Kirk and Spock as lovers, and you know what? Nobody walked out.

…Then there's Shelley and her magnificent art. You should see some of the pieces this woman created. (Well, I guess you will, but sometimes it takes so long for the artwork to be published.) There is one picture of the Spock lying on his back in shallow water, and Kirk just settling over him.... I'm surprised there aren't water stains on that picture, I'm still drooling. I wanted it so badly.... And then to casually glance down at the bed at [R]’s Friday night party, and see the cover of Worlds Apart in the original.... The copy on the zine is wonderfully done, but in the original the guys seemed to be really there, staring out at me with their arms wrapped around one another, measuring me, slightly defiant, saying "this is our right." And then there was a precious twenty minutes in the art room where I captured [an artist friend] all to myself, and she took me on a guided tour of the pieces she had hanging there, telling me the conception of the picture, how she decided on composition, what the guys told her they were thinking as they came alive under her talented pencil. That was so special.

…As for the discussion on the word "scoot." I guess I grew up on Vulcan or somewhere equally exotic, but I see no problem with using this word in my writing. I was the lone dissenter in a weekend-long ongoing discussion. I scooted across the bed and asked what in the world was wrong with using that word to describe that action, but absolutely no one saw it my way. So, I am the lone "scoot" holdout.

…there was a wonderful selection of used gen zines for sale, and I actually found an original, good condition Sun and Shadow (but the dealer wouldn't budge from an outrageous price I eventually paid), and then [R] had all these Within the Mirror zines I have finally realized I must have.... Besides all the wonderful new K/S zines (more on them later), I found Vault of Tomorrow 10, Whale Song, Computer Playback 1, an original Scattered Stars 1 (I've been looking for that first edition for three years), a few old Naked Times, and more. Then there was a great zine sale being held in a room on our floor; we descended like locusts and the poor woman could barely believe what hit her.

Which brings me to the crop of zines that premiered at Shore Leave: First Time 44, Scattered Stars 8, Beside Myself 4, Amazing Grace 3, T'hy'la 17, Worlds Apart. I've been buying zines at a frantic pace for several years now. I remember coming home from the twenty-fifth anniversary convention in L.A. staggering under the weight of my zine-laden suitcases. But I don't think I've ever bought a group of zines at one time that satisfied me as much as those from Shore Leave 18 have. There are so many excellent stories in these zines, so much evidence that the writing is just getting better and better, the ideas so fresh and interesting, the characterizations so sharp. Is the K/S community vital? Judging by these zines, I'd say the answer is a resounding Yes!

Did I enjoy myself at Shore Leave? Does Kirk love Spock? Is Spock devoted to the captain of his heart? I can't wait to go home again in 1997.

Well, ladies, back from Shore Leave! Once again, one of the most unique, exciting, intense and fun experiences for any K/Ser around. There we are, surrounded by a sea of Trekkers (always fine) and Klingons (lots of fun) and having a blast...

The Gathering began on Wednesday night and continued throughout Thursday. There were so many new K/Sers this year, we were all amazed. Anyone who thinks for a second that K/S is dead or some other such nonsense, should see how many unknown people bought zines at [R's] table and introduced themselves to us. It was truly an enlightening experience. Of course, everyone was asked "Do you subscribe to CT?" and immediately given a flyer

  • BEST LINE: Announced seriously by [JB] concerning the good-looking Chinese food delivery boy in our room: "We're going to screw him for the tip."
  • BEST PARTY: Of course the award goes to [R] who this year hosted her traditional K/S get together in her small room and was attended by 187 people all in that room. A fun time was had by all and we met lots of new and unknown K/Sers….
  • BEST TREASURES BOUGHT:… A set of Star Trek Taco Bell glasses, a great STTMP puzzle and some beautiful artwork….A terrific Pat Stall print and some ST calendars from years past. …A gorgeous $40 "Sun and Shadow" zine, a hard to find Kirk mug and an original Deeb T-shirt (these are really beautiful, by the way—Deeb hand makes them with her artwork and jewelry). …a "Colorforms" set from 1970- something. Do you remember those plastic play-peeling-and-adhering things that we had as kids? ….whole new avenues to explore with Kirk and Spock in the command chair...insert your imagination here….A much sought after Charisma 5 and the much-coveted Kirk mug…. A whole set of the ST calendars dating back from 1976 for $50! We found this girl who was selling out her entire ST collection because she was now into other things like "opera"...! A Spock watch from 1979 that was made along with a Flintstones and a Gumby watch!
  • BEST T-SHIRT: "Women are from Mars, But men are from Vulcan".
  • BEST BUYING EXCITEMENT: So many new zines are available now—we were all in a feeding frenzy. We've got First Time 44, Scattered Stars 8, Beside Myself 4, Amazing Grace 3, T'hy'la 17, the novel World's Apart by M.E. Carter, "Setting Course" the Jenna Sinclair collection and soon Kaleidoscope 5, Within the Mirror and the next Scattered Stars and the next T'hy'la! This is wonderful news as last year we were bereft of zines for a long time after Shore Leave.
  • FUNNIEST SCENE: A bunch of us in our room cracking up over the Leaf Star Trek cards. Have you seen them? They are from around 1976, from somewhere in Europe and they are absolutely incomprehensible. Here are some examples: The title is "Kirk Outside, Spock Inside". The description is: "Crew members of the Enterprise stare in confusion. They see Captain Kirk but the personality is Mr. Spock. The two officers exploring an unknown rock planet are trapped for several hours in a cavern. When they are rescued their personalities are switched. Dr. McCoy returns them to normal with ion shock treatments." And the title:"Teeny Bopper". The description is "A weird gas causes Mr. Spock to believe he is a 1967 Teeny-Bopper. Dr. McCoy attempts to restrain him. There appears no antidote. Kirk becomes annoyed and shouts at his officer. The sound of authority, spoken like an angry father, jolts Mr. Spock. He rebels at first, then returns slowly to his own personality." And the astonishing: "Big Joker" with the description: "Mr. Spock is again the dead center target of an enemy ion fuser. He has escaped the deadly foe once by playing on their love of humor. Now, in his humorless manner, he struggles to remember another Earth joke. One was difficult enough to recall. Two he does not know if he can do. Suddenly, 'Why do some men wear suspenders?'"
  • MOST BEAUTIFUL PERFORMANCE: [JS] and [MR filking. Their completely out of-the-closet K/S performance wowed the audience. [J]’s voice was totally gorgeous and she has never been so relaxed and at her peak on stage. [M] was a beautifully supportive singing partner. The freezing auditorium was never so warm. [snip]
  • MOST DESERVING AWARD: A number of us got together….to present [R] with a crystal memento complete with etched heartfelt words to express our appreciation to that woman who has helped keep K/S the thriving force that it is. Since most likely [R] herself won't make mention of it, I do. She is our treasure, after all.
Of course, as usual, the time just flew by. We look forward to this for an entire year and then it's over so fast. But we treasure the time we get to spend with each other. And I personally treasure all of you—my K/S sisters. ….Well, gotta go. So many stories to read! Live long, prosper, buy zines.

1997: Shore Leave 19

July 11-13, 1997

front cover of the program book
badge, 1997

1997: Shore Leave 19: Con Reports

My very first “real” convention was Shore Leave 13 in 1991, and it’s hard to believe it has been 6 years already. I hadn’t been back to Shore Leave in several years, so it was a little like going home. The people who organize this fan-run convention have been at this for a lot of years now and know what they are doing. With one exception - they tried doing the autograph line by badge numbers, which is a good idea. However, they neglected to let people know what was going on so when it came time for autographs, it was mass confusion. A lot of trouble could have been avoided if they had just made a few announcements and/or put up some notices explaining to everyone how the autographs would be done. Other than that, everything seemed to go smoothly. The guests were Mojo, Tony Todd, Jerry Doyle and Ethan Philips. The dance was a vast improvement over the last few I have been to. The DJ was very good, and actually played music you could dance to, rather than the headbanger stuff that seemed to predominate over the past few years. The costume contest, as usual, had many entries, some of them quite outstanding. The big winners were the green army men from Toy Story, whose costumes were extremely well done. I also very much enjoyed the Boogie Knights, who are a regular Shore Leave attraction. For those of you who have never been, the Boogie Knights are a group of filksingers who dress up in medieval garb and sing parodies of familiar songs (and some originals), such as “Xena” to the tune of “Venus”, or “Jousting” to the tune of the Kinks’ “Come Dancing”. I have also come to appreciate the Hunt Valley Inn as an excellent place for conventions, not just for the facilities, but for the friendliness and cooperation of the hotel staff. Not all hotels know how to treat the fans. I had a fun, relaxing weekend. For anyone who has not been to a big convention, I would recommend Shore Leave as an example of how a Star Trek

convention should be run. [22]

1998: Shore Leave 20

  • June 26-28, 1998

1996: Shore Leave 20: Con Reports

Other Fans

The next morning, we got up bright and early for Temple of Trek, which several people said would be very funny. Unfortunately, once we got there, we realized that people seemed to be taking it seriously! (shudder) We beat a hasty retreat... and ran into Peter in the hallway! I introduced Liz and Harrison. Peter had to run off to get ready for Sunday's main event: Mystery Trekkie TheaterIZEFich was late as usual.

Lynn, meanwhile, was at a panel on DS9. Most of it was just a discussion of the good points of the last season's shows, but there are a few things worth mentioning here. The reason why Jadzia died in the last episode of the season was because the actress playing her wouldn't renew her contract for another season unless she got paid as much as the actors who play Sisko and Worf. (sigh) However, one of the guys on the panel said that they've been pointing out that it's *Jadzia* that's dead, and that Dax is very much alive. So, it sounds like Dax may be coming back, but with a new host. Also, the holographic character who seems to know a lot of surprising things is probably going to be around in the next season. Sorry, but I don't remember the guy's name.


Mystery Trekkie Theater was hysterical, but most of it doesn't make sense without seeing the episode. They were MSTing the episode with the game players, who put the command crew into a game as live pieces. During the opening credits, when the comet first flies by, one person yells out "ICEBERG! RIGHT AHEAD!" Then they started singing the Comet song ("Comet, it makes you vomit, so get your Comet, and vomit, today"). They were also joking about the names of the cast. "Avery? That's a girl's name! Rene??? Terry... ah, there's a person who will last... Siddig????? Cirroc??????? Armin??????? Like Armin Hammer??? Nana? (singing) Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, good bye!") When the titles came up, they said, "Our score: Deep Space 9, Babylon 5"). A character cried out "Julian!" and the MSTers replied, "FRIES!" And the running gag: every time an actor had to say or do something stupid, they would say, "I went to Julliard for this?" [23]

By K/S Fans

There are four con reports in The K/S Press #24, see that issue.

This one is from alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated:

I'm certain (well, hoping) that better reporters than I will fill everyone in on the official activities at Shore Leave. (Also, I didn't attend much of the "official" stuff. Just hung out with my Trek buddies.) ButI do have to say how wonderful it was to have Trek conversations that didn't involve typing! And those of you who weren't there were talked about, but only nice things like "I wish 'Wildcat/Greywolf/Raku/Jonk/insert your name here' were here."

We want someone to write a story where the TSU faculty has to go to a management training seminar.

In one of the rooms, they showed the Star Trek movies all day Saturday, and I had a couple of wonderful experiences with that. Several of us went to the last part of Wrath of Kahn. Got there just in time for Spock's death. And it was just so great to watch that with like-minded people. Then we watched the beginning of III and left. Then we came back and watched the end of III and beginning of IV. Can't remember why we kept leaving.

Three of us went to a talk on "Return of Classic Trek." It was just two guys who were totally into plain vanilla Star Trek. And one of them (for some reason) re-enacted the end of Amok Time--did all the lines. And when he said, "So Kirk says, 'Come on, Spock, let's go mind the store,'" the three of us looked at each other and said, "Euphemism!" Then he said "Zine people? We don't want to hear from you." (Guess he doesn't know about the net.)

Most exciting to the Professor of Kirkology was I got a copy of Shatner's Biography--Where No Man. I went back to my room, sat in my William Shatner chair (yes, I take it everywhere), and immersed myself in some pretty incredible stuff. It is a very flattering portrait of him--hell, you can see the authors drooling. They also manage to lead the conversation in some intriguing ways. I may have a quibble about their skills as biographers (they weren't at all shy about displaying their own agenda), but I can't fault what they got out of him.

Does anyone know why Shatner tried to buy up and destroy all the copies of this book? I have my theories, but if someone has actually heard something reliable, step right up to the microphone.

I found a lot of wonderful ideas and intriguing thoughts in this book. And the pictures--Well! Waiter, just pour the pitcher of ice tea over my head.

The rest of this "report" is about a couple of interesting ideas that I encountered. A lot of what I'm about to say is probably old hat to many of you, but as a relative newcomer, who also encountered other relative newcomers, some of the conversations got my wheels turning.

One K/Ser shared with me her theory that, in the episodes, Spock is in love with Kirk, but Kirk doesn't return those feelings until ST:TMP. I've re-watched only a few episodes since Shore Leave, but just off the top of my head, this has a feeling of plausibility about it. Seems to me we see a lot of Kirk flirting with Spock, but then we see a lot of Kirk flirting with everyone. It's fun and diverting, and usually not too meaningful on his part. Spock's feelings do seem to run deeper. As the person who expressed this idea put it, "By the movie, Kirk has figured it out." Anyway, when the Sci Fi channel starts rerunning TOS (uncut!) this fall, I will definitely be watching with this thought in mind.

The same person also talked what non-K/S people see in Star Trek. (Subtext scanners off for this discussion.) Even if Kirk and Spock aren't lovers, you still have this incredible friendship. (And thank god for the word t'hy'la, because, as far as I know, we don't have a word in English to convey the depth of this relationship.)

Here are some of my thoughts on this. Many people have pointed out that what people saw in Star Trek was optimism. We made it to the future and the stars, and we all have a good time doing it! Under this category of optimism, I would include the Kirk/Spock relationship. We see two beings who are deeply connected, so much so that they will risk everything for each other. They understand each other, and they share with each other in ways they do with no one else. I think most people would love to have a friend like that, whether or not romance or sex was involved. It's something that I feel our society is especially reluctant to allow men. In Kirk, we see a shining example of a passionate man who is comfortable with his emotions, and is willing to examine his doubts and fears--all no-no's for 20th Century men. Yet he does not appear weak. It is truly a step forward, and reason to hope for the future.

And in the Kirk/Spock relationship, we see a connection that is genuinely awe-inspiring. They learn from each other, give to each other, and aren't ashamed of those things.

This is one of the reasons I would love to see more stories that deal with their relationship, outside of sexual/romantic context. I feel that if you see Kirk and Spock only in that context, you're almost short-changing them and perhaps yourself. In a way, it's like saying that such a connection cannot exist outside of romantic love. And I have found that to be untrue, at least in my own life. My husband and my t'hy'la were two different men. My t'hy'la passed away almost two years ago. I still feel that loss, and I expect to feel it for the rest of my life. I was connected to him in way that is different from my connection to my husband. Both ties are profound and precious beyond all description. I share this with you only to illustrate my belief that t'hy'la do not have to be in love with each other. YMMV.

The last idea that I'd like to share came from John Ordover of Pocket Books. Yeah, I was stunned, too, since I have found those works to be almost unreadable in the past few years. He announced that in 1999, they will publish the first book in a TOS trilogy, the theme of which is "Wagon Train to the Stars." Sound familiar? These books will cover the Enterprise's second five-year mission and will fill in the gap between ST:TMP and ST:TWOK. The Enterprise is assigned to escort a group of pioneer ships to a planet well outside of Federation space. At the end of the first book, they'll reach the planet. The next two will be about events that occur while they're stationed there, guarding this frontier settlement. By the end of the third book, ST:TWOK will be set up to happen. Ordover said these books will explain things such as how Kirk and Spock ended up where they are at the beginning of that movie. He also said that, because they'll be stationed in the same place for a long time, we'll see some relationships developing. His example was, "Chekov might have a girlfriend." Huh. That's not the relationship I was thinking of.

I know that many people don't consider Pocket Books to be anything near canon, and I'm in this camp myself, for the most part. However, this is an intriguing notion, and it will be interesting to see if any of the TOS fanfic writers decide to take the ball and run with it. (And now that I've let you in on it, we could beat 'em to it!) It's certainly running around in the back of my mind, and trying to move to the front. NOOOOOO! Back, back, new idea! Must finish other stories first!

In closing, I'm glad I went to Shore Leave (although I did suffer from con let-down when I got home), and I'm looking forward to whatever happens at Friscon. [24]

1999: Shore Leave 21

1999: Shore Leave 21: Con Reports

By K/S Fans

Con report from The K/S Press #37:

I sat in the dealer's room with Robin and Katie, right next to Jenna, just soaking up the conversation, watching the faces of people as they walked by the zines on display. I spent a while shopping, managed to find a few treasures, including several old zines I'd been looking for. I had a great dinner with Robin and Katie and Linda, and two other ladies who were a lot of fun to talk to, and I am so sorry I can't remember their names (a common problem I have). The K/S party that night was very relaxed. We sat around talking, admiring (drooling, for some of us) over the artwork on display. The Southern Cross made an unexpected visit, and it was a thrill to meet and talk to her. I bought a copy of all the beautiful prints she had, completely ignoring the fact that earlier I had cleaned out Robin's portfolio and swore I had enough artwork. Is there ever enough artwork? I still dream about the two oil paintings The Southern Cross brought in to show us, especially the Spock that was still in progress. It was very enjoyable to watch [Carolyn S] as she debated, hedged, sat down, stood up, shook, and finally bought those two originals from the novel Price of Freedom. I thoroughly understand, Carolyn, being the same way myself. I was glad you bought them, I could see just how much you appreciate them. They are beautiful. I had a chance to talk to [Kathy S] and [Shelley B] about writing, something I really wanted to do. These are two such talented authors. I can't thank these ladies enough, for all their wonderful words.

Con report from The K/S Press #37:

Aside from seeing various guests, the Star Trek part of SL is mostly about collectibles for me (I'm always amazed at people who don't collect...though I'm getting "better" about it myself). But the K/S part of it is what makes it such a special and rejuvenating weekend. It basically doesn't even matter what we do, because the K/S spirit within the ST spirit is so lively there. Like a group of us might be standing there looking at TOS t shirts and deciding which design we like better, but what's really going on is deeper than that, in our minds and our hearts. We're sharing without words our common experience of how deeply we love Kirk and Spock together, the myriad ways it affects our individual lives and the ways it brings us together. Of course we also share with words at SL, with lots of them.... I also hung around the Hubbell table with the lovely (female) astronomer, looking at mind-boggling photos of other galaxies and such space phenomena. How glorious is life!

Con report from alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated:

* Personal Log, Jungle Kitty, Shore Leave, Day 0 *

Started a new story on the plane. Arrived safely and had dinner with a group of K/Sers. Then a bunch of us spent the rest of the evening giggling and guffawing over some very funny music vids.

Off to bed now, so I can spend the morning bitching about the dealer's room not opening until 2:00.

* Personal Log, Jungle Kitty, Shore Leave, Day 1 *

I guess the best today was the dealer's room. Must remember to thank Laurel for turning me onto the fun of collecting useless stuff (Star Trek crapabilia). The highlight of my haul so far:

<drumroll> <or long Shatnerian pause, if you prefer>

The Star Fleet Marriage Manual. Note to all personnel: It's illegal to marry a Klingon but not a Romulan.

I kept my head, though. I didn't buy the Star Trek Band-Aids or the Star Trek Silly Putty. I also resisted buying the coaster of Spock with giant pointed ears with laundry hanging on them, but it did make me laugh pretty hard.

Heard Gary Lockwood speak. Not much of a speaker. Although his last story about almost getting killed by a giant wave surfing in Brazil sounded so much like a dumb Academy stunt that I really loved it. <g> If he's still around tomorrow, I'll have him AUTOGRAPH my FOTO-NOVEL of *WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE*!!!!!! (If you've ever seen one of those foto-novels, you'll understand my excessive use of all-caps and asterisks.)

So far, I've seen the following from the TSU crowd: Ned, Mary Ellen, Judith, Laura JV, Kaki. Don't know who else will show up.

Judith got online and sent an email to Robin, who then called us. She's going to call again tomorrow night during the party.

*Personal Log, Jungle Kitty, Shore Leave, Day 2 *

Major adventures today! Writing this, then going to take a nap, so I can stay up waaaay late at the party.

OK, in chronological order.

I got a poker lesson from Gary Lockwood. I am *so* *jazzed* that I got input from GL for a story! Also got him to autograph my FOTO-NOVEL--the picture of "I'LL SQUASH YOU LIKE INSECTS!" He also autographed the Gary Mitchell card from the ST card game--Friend of Kirk(tm). It was suggested to me that I should give him a copy of Golden Boy to read. But he informed me several times that he's a cowboy and very macho, and I think he'd beat me up. Real-life revenge fic. <shudder>

Also got 3 incredible photos--a still from the blooper reel where Kirk and Rand are going at it and 2 from Alex T. Great. Stunning!

Snapped up a book called "Biographies" put out at the time of ST II. It's got bios of the characters. Haven't read them all, but the Kirk one is really something. They have him being born on the moon (?!?) and, in addition to his brother Sam, he had a sister named *Michelle Suzanne.* <wink to Gayle Potts> It also has an interview with his mother, and love poetry by Rand. I'm sure the others are equally, er, fascinating. I did see that the Spock bio has some love poetry by Chapel.

Finally...June 1984 issue of Enterprise Incidents, Special Ed on WS. It has incredible pictures, lots that I'd never seen before, including a picture of him at about age 16 that I want to be buried with. Also a bunch of pictures of WS, LN, & DF at a barbecue. They're all in their ST costumes, so it's really funny. Couple of pictures of K & S laughing and shirtless (Patterns of Force) and

<I think you better sit down>

WS in that delicious short-sleeved T-shirt from Bread & Circuses...

<Are you ready?>

WITH HIS HAND DOWN HIS PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I am one happy kitty.

* Personal Log, Jungle Kitty, Shore Leave, Day 3 *

After my nap yesterday, I ran back to the dealer's room and tried to get more "Enterprise Incidents." Got a couple, plus a similar magazine called "Enterprise."

So on to the party. It was different than the Friscon party. Fewer people and less raucous. And no magic cookies. :-(

In fact, this whole con felt different than Friscon. I think it helped that at Friscon, we had planned out TSU activities for most of the time--field trip to Good Vibrations and Fondue Fred's, Req for Meth, 2 parties, etc. This time I didn't meet a lot of the ASCEM folk until the party, and there was more of people coming in and out. Of course, there's more to do at Shore Leave. More panels (although not as interesting as last year, IMO) and a much larger dealer's room.

So here's the scoop on the party. There were a couple of lurkers who de-lurked to be there, which I think is TERRIFIC. Debbie had made up a bunch of TSU buttons for all of us. I grabbed one of the ones with 2 hard-boiled eggs on it. <g>

The story readings were, of course, the highlight. Let's see, what did we have? K/S from GW, "Time is the Fire" from Wildcat, "Dr. Birch Goes On Vacation" from Scarlet, "Meditation of Blood" from Laura JV, K/B from me, S/Mc from jonk, K/S from Judith (who incidentally does a fabulous 7 of 9), K/U from sydvick, and J/7 from Robin. (I hope I didn't skip anything.) I hope the works in progress will be finished and posted *very soon,* because they were all top-notch. I really do wish all of you could come to one of these parties. Hearing the stories read aloud, and esp. by the writers, is so wonderful.

Today (Sunday) was quiet. Just hanging around in the lobby with people.

All in all, a fun weekend. It's really nice to be able to put faces with names. Hope to see all of you at Friscon. It's on Halloween this year! [25]

By Other Fans

Filking plays a big role in Shore leave programming. In 1999, filker Greg Baker posted the following convention filk report to

Well, the concert was pretty good Friday. It was The Usual Suspects (now that's the name for a filk band - dibs!): Roberta started off the set. Her compositions, as usual, were good. She sang a mix of old and new media filk, including her Mars song to the "Little Train that Could".

Next after Roberta was me. (Luck of the draw; I had asked for a later performance.) My daughter, Jackie, accompanied me, serving me as my roadie and helper, which I needed since I had both my banjo and my guitar.

My stuff and reactions:

  • Boonta Road - new one, I will post shortly - good: if I don't include media material right off, MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) factor comes in. I played it on banjo.
  • Kitty Downers - boy, you should have seen the look of the audience. They didn't know whether to laugh or gasp. I played it on banjo and was grateful I had the Chad Mitchell Trio retrospective album, as their guitar arrangement of "Banks of Sicily" is very sweet.
  • Q.E.D. - I went back to banjo. Good laugh.
  • We're Sorry - on guitar, very good laughs, especially when daughter forgot to flip page and I vamped for 30 seconds...
  • A song about William Riker shaving his beard - Good reaction. It was there because I was low on media stuff.
  • I've Endured - We tried singing with Crystal, but we got the key wrong, but we didn't rehearse it anyway.

After me came the Denebian Slime Devils (4/5 of the group) - they did a very good show. As usual, "Windows Wonderland" drew the most laughs, as well as "Back in the Capsule Again". The boom box malfunctioned briefly.

Crystal Paul - good material, good presentation, I remember singing an X-file song (a movie/show that has never floated my boat), the Rocks of Alderaan song, etc.

J.J. Cavaliero - oh, I can't remember her name correctly- and an assistant. Beautiful two-part singing, but slash fiction has NO appeal to me. If Kirk and Spock are gay, I suspect filking to Noel Coward's "Mad About the Boy" would be more appropriate.

On the Mark - They were wasted from a long drive, and Mark had a cold, so their performance seemed a little thin, but thin On the Mark is still good. If only I didn't have to work that weekend.

For a while after the concert, I wandered in to play blues with Zaphod and the Galactic Boogie Band. He's getting better as a blues player each year.

After the concert, the filksingers, per tradition, were locked out of the Derby Room, despite the reservations, and we then played to 2:00 AM, when daughter of mine started looking wiped."[26]

2000: Shore Leave 22

front cover of Shore Leave #22, 2000, 40 pages
back cover of Shore Leave #22, 2000, 40 pages

2000: Shore Leave 22: Con Reports

By K/S Fans

FRIDAY: Hooked up with gracious roomie K1of7 and we all went to the K/S Press party on Friday night. Met the incredibly beautiful Hafital! Met the incredibly beautiful Kaki and got to revisit Liz, Islahope, Animasola, T'Anneli! The K/S Press people did their play "Cinderspock." It's all about Spock's huge cock, and, if you are in the mood, it's incredibly liberating (I remember feeling that way the first time I saw it), but it's like the Eleusinian mysteries; I mean you have to go through this whole song and dance as an initiate in the Eleusinian mysteries and, at the end, the secret of life is revealed and it turns out to be one big huge man-thing! ....

SATURDAY. Went to panels, but the panels that weren't slash-related were teeming with the Nattering Nabobs of Nerd Narcissism (I include myself here)....

Since I want to break into the zine world in the WORST!!!! way, I also hung around in my anti-enticing way at the K/S Press table. There was going to be a K/S panel that evening, so, using all the negative charisma I could summon, I asked the K/S Press people if maybe we could talk about really important things THIS TIME. (I am so horrible!) I wouldn't have done that, but I'm just the worst at small talk. <pausepause> "Have you made any funeral arrangements yet?" <sighheartrendingly> "Hey, the judge made my sentences concurrent, instead of consecutive! Isn't that the funniest!"....

The rest of Saturday night is a moral kaleidoscope of watching Imperial Storm Troopers do the macarena, dancing with Islahope and T'Anelli, discussing the incredible freight of the world's burdens with fellow Libra Animasola, and drinking, drinking, drinking.[27]

What I Did on My Summer Vacation: After various Fun Car Things I drove to Philly, picked up Judith, and we hit the road to Maryland. I was rooming with Liz Ellington, who hadn't been to a con in quite a few years. There are always a whole lot of things to do at SL: listen to official guests, go to panels, spend money at the dealers' room, schmooze with friends, dress up and do role-playing, watch videos . . . All I did was schmooze and spend.

The K/S Press Party was Friday evening, and I hung out there a little bit, but mostly there was a party in our room featuring the two extant Sentinel bloopers tapes and a showing of "Blind Man's Bluff", an ep which is the Sentinel equivalent of "Operation: Annihilate!" ASCEM attendees included Islaofhope, Hafital, Kaki, CatMoran, Laura JV, Virginia Sky, Liz, Judith & me, and at least one lurker. We talked, joked, awwwed at the cuddly bits on the Sentinel tapes, and generally had a great time until about 1 AM.

Liz & I both discovered that we had a lot of catching up on sleep to do. We were slept for 9 hours that night, and then napped for 2 hours in the afternoon -- it's amazing how relaxing it can be not to have anyone to take care of.

Killa was there (she missed last year) and Hafital, Isla & I had a nice talk with her, outside to take advantage of the unusually pleasant weather. She's been doing a lot of work on music videos with TJonesy, including two great K/S vids so far: "When I'm 64", and "Dante's Prayer".

The TSU Party Saturday night was in Isla & Hafital's spacious room. Food mostly by Judith "Have Food Processor, Will Travel" Gran. Various things were read aloud, including: "Burnt Sugar," by Hafital -- you should have heard the collective intake of breath at "four fingers," when we got the first hint of where this was going. the beginnings of a totally stellar spackle of "Menagerie," by Jane (jat). The crowd cries out for more! Tuppertrek, by Kaki -- very amusing. "Paradise," by Isla -- I think she's gotta decide if this is serious, or parody/farce, pick one and stick to it. my essay on "The Learning Curve", which is now going to be re-written thanks to people's comments. Chapter One of The Novel That Ate Laura's Life, a Star Trek/Sentinel crossover that has my toes curling in bliss. [28] There was other stuff, too, my brain just didn't absorb it all. Not least because there we were, talking and talking, and all of a sudden it was 5 AM. So after a few hours' sleep we packed, ate, and drove home -- having only two really close near-death experiences on I-95 dodging cars and lawn furniture (the latter in the left-hand lane, no less)

I'll leave the TSU Party egroup active so we can use it to plan stuff for Friscon, the next major item on the collective social calendar: I believe various of our European friends will be there, in addition to Greywolf and other denizens of western North America. I'm assuming I'll be there, though since last year's Friscon was known in my house as "Mommy's Midlife Crisis," I can't guarantee anything yet.[29]

Here's a mini con report as I'm swamped today and can't go into much detail.

Well friday started out with me renting a car and having my first solo driving experience in Manhattan. I managed not to kill myself and get my butt off towards Maryland without to much hassle (phew!).

As soon as I got there, I met up with the lovely and talented Islaofhope, with whom I was sharing a room, and we promptly hit it off. We spent most of the weekend attached at the hip and giggling ourselves silly. It was fun. We bought lots of zines (including Greywolf's latest)and chatted with other K/Sers at the KSP party where there was some great art work and some FABULOUS songvids by Killashandra and T'Jonesy. <waves to Killa and T'Jonesy>

Saturday was the ASCEM read-aloud party which was a blast and literally lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Food and much conversation, stories and laughter. It was great. I read my new K/S which will be posted sometime this morning for y'all to read and enjoy.

All and all, it was a wonderful weekend. I met some incredible people and made some new friends.

And now I've got to finish my fuck fest stories...

hafital, exhausted. [30]

2001: Shore Leave 23

cover of #23

2002: Shore Leave 24

cover of #24








2009: Shore Leave 30: Con Reports

  • here. Additional Shore Leave memories are here.

It's hard to believe the annual Shore Leave convention in Maryland is 31 years old this year. Those decades saw the original Star Trek series give rise to spinoffs that have their own devoted followers, films both good (The Voyage Home), and bad (The Undiscovered Country), and the deaths of some of the original stars. Just when a lot of observers believed the franchise was dead, it got a jolt from the reboot released this year, which was simply titled, Star Trek. (One of the panels at Shore Leave was called "Oh Thank Heaven, for Star Trek XI"). Shore Leave has evolved through it all, though the Hunt Valley Inn's evolution may leave something to be desired: take one look at the Blair Witch-style twig art hanging in the bar, or the neon blue, yellow and green photos of corn silos hanging outside the Hunt Ballroom, and you'll know what I mean.

This year's Star Trek guests were from Voyager -- Robert Picardo, who plays The Doctor, and Ethan Phillips, better know as Neelix. Jason Momoa and Rachel Luttrell from Stargate: Atlantis also attended, and were very entertaining when they spoke together about their experiences on the show: It seems Jason had a little fun hiding Rachel's chair on the set. Writers' panels included Ann C. Crispin, Robert Greenberger, and Keith DeCandido, who was royally roasted on Saturday night. The traditional Shore Leave Blood Drive and Maryland Food Bank Drive raised money and supplies for worthy causes.

The icing on the cake, for me, is always Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000, which takes place Sunday evening. As with the original Mystery Science Theater 3000, it starts with a skit. This year's skit was a takeoff on Sunset Boulevard, with a "dead" body floating in the hotel pool (and being unceremoniously shoved aside by swimmers), and a deluded Captain Kirk in the Gloria Swanson role, convinced he is to star in the new Star Trek film ("I played Chris Pine -- was I good in the role?"). In honor of this year's guest, the riffed episode was from Voyager: the one where the Doctor's programming goes haywire, and his daydreams take over his life. Mystery Trekkie Theater is always laugh out loud funny, but it's bittersweet because it's also the end of Shore Leave. When it's over, the only thing left to do is pack and say good-bye.

The new year will be here soon enough, and by January or February, the guest list for Shore Leave 32 will be firming up. Who will they have? Someone from Star Trek XI -- the real

next generation -- who knows? [31]


2010: Shore Leave 32: Con Reports

Every year the staff does an amazing job under hectic conditions. I've gotten a new appreciation for what they do this year. There are lots of panel discussions that fill up the programming schedule, and I've been on a few of them. This year I've ended up as the point man trying to organize one. A little background: one of the big programs every year is the announcement of the upcoming year of Trek books, presented by one or two of the editors. This year, however, the head of the Trek line is on maternity leave, so there will be no editorial presence at the con. In discussing this with Inge Heyer, the writer and science guest liaison, the idea of doing a writer panel devoted to the pub schedule came up, and she asked me if I could organize it. Therefore I am right now in the process of emailing with most of the writer guests who will also have a new book out in the following year to figure out the who and when of the panel. All I'm doing is talking with a half-dozen or so people, all of whom I've met, some of whom have become good friends I stay in touch with year round. Just doing this one panel, with a bunch of nice, cooperative people, has already generated a number of emails, and we're still nailing down the details. It's been a fun process, but when I think about taking that process and multiplying it by the dozens and dozens of programs the Shore Leave staff has to coordinate, often with people they've not worked with before, some of whom might not be as personable as my writer friends, I'm further astounded by what they pull off every year. So, here's a salute to the staff of Shore Leave. I look forward to the con every year, and the weekend is always over way too soon. Thanks for everything. [32]

[Shore Leave art auction]: By then it was time for the art auction, which was definitely much more low-keyed as compared to years past. One reason was because Robin Hood wasn’t there to act as auctioneer (and believe me, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen this woman in action) and also because there were very few new pieces of artwork up for sale. The majority were Shelley’s reprints, as well as some fabulous K/S jewelry that Deeb made. With Robin’s absence, Shelley stepped in as auctioneer and while she wasn’t as in-your-face as Robin tends to get, she did a great job. The best part was when there were bidding wars for her various pieces. She would get really excited and say, “Oh, this is so cool!” She also regaled us with some tales about some of her pieces, one being her Mirror Spock grabbing Mirror Kirk by the wrist, a pic she drew several years ago. She said the year she drew the pic, she tried to enter it into the general art auction, but was refused because it was too “slashy”. One of the people running the art show even told her, “They might as well be fucking.” Then she told us about a print shop that she regularly used to produce her prints. Now in those days, it was hard to find such printers who were willing to take on K/S projects so it was pretty important that Shelley found one who would. She even told the owner at one point, “Please don’t ever close or burn down.” Well, it turns out a few years later the shop did indeed burn down. It turns out the owner lit the match himself to get the insurance money. One of the non-Shelley pieces was a lovely K/S montage drawn by one of our true masters, Suzann Lovett. Deeb and I kept looking at it, going, “I know I’ve seen this before” and it turns out this piece accompanied a poem by Cynthia Drake, both of which were published in Twin Destiny 1. Anyway, it started a bidding war that Carol S. was determined to win and at one point Shelley said, “No one wants to bid against Carol”, and Carol responded, “Not if they want to borrow anything from the library. They can just forget about it!” The good news, however, is everyone is safe because she won the picture. [33]

By the time the episode was over, the K/S panel was about to start, so we all headed down to the panel room. This year’s panel, unlike years past, really didn’t have a particular theme, rather it was more of an informational discussion. It was hosted by Kathy R., Carol S., and Ashley. Kathy started out by asking if anyone in the room wasn’t familiar with K/S zines. Of course nobody raised their hands or said anything, and Deanna quipped, “Boy, you can hear the crickets chirping!” Carol S. then spent some time explaining how the K/S Press Library worked and Kathy R. talked about the K/S Archives. Ashley then talked about a new project she and a few others were working on – gathering all the K/S related stories, artwork, and vids on all the Live Journals and posting them to one central place at Susan York spoke up and said that in her other fandom S/H, ebooks had become very popular and Ashley mentioned that seemed to be the trend with K/S, as well. Kathy then told us about the history of K/S and how in the early days, the Star Trek Welcommittee played such an essential role in bringing K/S fans together. Shelley then told us about the two interviews she did regarding K/S and while the first interview was rather disappointing, the second one she did for “Trekkies 2” was much better, although she did say that when she started talking about the emotional connection between Kirk and Spock which led to the creation of K/S, the crew’s eyes went blank. Carol S. then spoke up and said how it was so interesting to her that the same questions being asked today about K/S were the same ones she read in the letterzineNot Tonight Spock” 25 years ago. Then this young woman spoke up and said how she had been a K/S fan for 12 years and Carol said, “What, were you 8 years old when you started?” Then after a brief discussion about the reboot movie, the panel ended. [34]

Shore Leave happened, and because I was down there for a bridal shower thing, I was able to pop in and meet some k/s fans, mostly of the zine crowd, who have been meeting and exchanging k/s materials for many years. I bought my first zine (a holiday themed one, because dammit I like happy stories and they are hard to find!), saw some AMAZING art (including jewelry, some sterling-wrapped k/s photos, some hand-drawn), and basically was a nervous wreck since I was there for so little a time and am an LJ/internet person. At any rate, it was fascinating! [35]


2011: Shore Leave 33: Con Reports

"Got back from the Shore Leave convention (Baltimore) late Monday night. I had a wonderful time, as usual! I talked to a few people I knew from MediaWest*Con (Lansing, MI), got autographs from a few of the celebrities, went to panels -- some about Trek, some about writing in general, and drank until 2:30 with the authors. Well, they drank, but I nursed a club soda on one night and a Screwdriver on the second night....

Never made it to the art show, which I usually make a point to attend. Entirely missed the panels by John DeLancie, which I did want to see. Unlike the previous years, I was on three panels, but because I felt a bit outclassed, I barely said a word on two of them. The third was on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies -- I actually had an opinion on those, and I heartily recommended Ann Crispin's new novel, which is a prequel to the movies....

I took a ton of pictures. Never let me loose with a good camera! This Canon is a good one. And I didn't miss changing film!"[36]


2012: Shore Leave 34: Con Reports




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