Boogie Knights

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Name: Boogie Knights
Members: David Keeler, Robert Ahrens, Lance Woods, John Scheeler, Barbara Thompson, Julie Jones, Linda Swann, Sharon Palmer, Heather Scheeler, Kate Greenberger (not all at the same time)
Date(s): early to mid 1980s
Focus: filking
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Boogie Knights was a group of filk singers from the Baltimore, Maryland area. They performed at a lot of cons in the area, specifically Shore Leave.

The Filkers

  • Theodoric of York, Medieval Disc Jockey: DAVID KEEPER
  • Lt. Syd de Vicious (Ret.) Pacifist & Comic Relief: ROBERT AHRENS
  • Baron Manilow, Lyricist & Straight Man: LANCE WOODS
  • John of Denver, Precocious Minstrel: JOHN SCHEELER
  • Anne of Denver, Feminist Vocalist BARBARA THOMPSON




Their own description:
Once upon a time far, far away... Actually, it was in 1982 in the vicinity of Baltimore, Maryland that five young people (well, they were young then) appeared on stage at Shore Leave 4, warbled a few a capella songs, and launched themselves on a path that would forever affect their lives. Now more than 20 years and nearly 200 songs later, they're still at it.

What's so special about the Knights? How did they come to be? Why do they insist on keeping a name that went out with leisure suits and curly perms? And what's with the kazoos?

The Boogie Knights came into being during a period where everyone they knew of as filkers were doing songs about Star Trek, Star Wars, and other high profile science-fictiony things. Where were the tales of daring-do? Where were the stories of brave but less-than-intelligent knights, vulnerable damsels with a mean right hook, frightened livestock, and war for the sake of just kicking some serious butt? Where were the songs about mysterious creatures, old beggars who speak in riddles, paisley-clad wizards, confused cutpurses, and magic spells gone awry? Where werer the psalms to gods long-forgotten, or at least temporarily displaced? and Most importantly where was the top-40 music?

Into this void, stepped the Boogie Knights... A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Actually, it was Easter 1982 at Balticon in Baltimore, Maryland. David Keefer was in line to compete in the masquerade as yet another Vulcan Master when he decided the costume was lame. Pulling off the Vulcan ear tips and doing a quick rewrite on the emcee's cue sheet, "Theodoric of York, Medieval Disc Jockey" was born.

A couple months later, Dave had convinced a handful of friends that they should expand the concept and compete at Shore Leave. Thus, Bob Aherns, John Scheeler, Barbara Thompson, and Lance Woods -- as Syd de Vicious, John and Anne of Denver, and the Baron Manilow -- joined him on stage singing a small set of song snippets they'd written and dubbed "Stars on Two Score Five." The costume presentation was a hit. [1]
A description from their mailing list:
Songs of daring-do with nary a hey nonny nonny. Since 1982, the Boogie Knights have parodied everything from commercial jingles to TV and movie themes, from golden oldies to the latest top-40 songs, all done with a Medieval or Fantasy touch and a wicked sense of humor.

Some Songbooks


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