Knight Gallery

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Filk Songbook
Title: Knight Gallery
Publisher: Theodoric of York's Boogie Knights
Date(s): June 1985
Medium: print
Language: English
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Knight Gallery is a 26-page filk songbook by Boogie Knights.


Reactions and Reviews

For those that remember the Golden Age of Star Trek and Sci Fi conventions, here is a 1985 FILK songbook from the famous BOOGIE KNIGHTS, who performed in the Baltimore, Maryland area. This 27-page FILK Music fanzine contains alternate lyrics to many popular songs of the day. If you are a FILK fan, you know what it’s about, and what to expect. Clever parody. And THIS book delivers!!! [1]


  • The Anarchy/Monarchy Song (1)
  • Any Breath You Take (2)
  • Catapult Rock (3)
  • Elf Control (5)
  • Farewell [undecipherable word] (The Saxon Fight Song) (7)
  • Fight for Her Honor (8)
  • Freshwater Woman (10)
  • Hunted by the King's Arrow (11)
  • The Key to Sorcery (12)
  • Leonardo (13)
  • A Lunatic Hand of Minstrels We Are (14)
  • (Let's Get) Magical (15)
  • Mail-Clad Man (16)
  • Our Keep (19)
  • Save the Lass (21)
  • Spare the Knight (23)
  • Trapped by Allegiance (24)
  • Waitin' for the End (25)
  • Wizard (26)


  1. from an eBay seller in 2015