Within the Silver Mirror

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You may be looking for the Star Trek: TOS zine, Within the Mirror.

Title: Within the Silver Mirror
Author(s): Pamela Garrett
Cover Artist(s): Sue K
Date(s): June 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover by Sue K

Within the Silver Mirror is an explicit het 198-page novel by Pamela Garrett. The cover is by Sue K.


This is an adult Beauty and the Beast novella. It is based on an alternate timeline in which the love between Vincent and Catherine exists in circumstances different from the premise of the series. Please send an age statement when ordering. [1]


Reactions and Reviews

If there ever was a zine that could be described as a 'class act.' this is it. From the intoxicating full-color laminated cover by Sue [redacted here] to the impeccable printing and the powerfully poignant style of writing, 'Within the Silver Mirror' is a bargain even at this price ($23). This 198-page novel parallels the Beauty and the Beast series yet is refreshingly different. This fairy tale is truly a fairy tale of dreams-come-true, from the moment Vincent and Catherine meet right through the heart-stopping finale. Our story begins with Catherine caught up in a loveless and unfulfilled existence. Though she had never been unceremoniously dumped in the park, she is, nonetheless married to architect Tom Gunther. It is when her life is at its lowest ebb that the dreams begin, and Catherine is caught up in a vivid fantasy world that only Vincent could inspire. The tunnel world is brought to life as something straight out of a medieval novel. However, the main emphasis of this story is on the sensual, passionate, and awe-inspiring relationship of our two main characters: Vincent and Catherine... This zine has printing that is large and easily readable, plus the the proofreading is perfect (I detected NO errors). The artwork alone is worth the price, as there are ten beautiful full page drawings by four different artists. Sue's work is simply fabulous. This zine is R-rated and requires an age statement when ordering. I highly recommend it to romantics of the leonine persuasion and to all those who believe in epic love and eternal fidelity. [2]
This subtle, unsettling novel recapitulates and condenses Vincent and Catherine's relationship...with a difference. Unfulfilled as Tom Gunther's wife, C buys a brownstone and in reconditioning it, finds behind a mirror a secret door to the world Below...and V. Or does she? V seems here pure dream-lover, whose objective reality outside C's love-starved imagination is at least open to question. The story can he read as C's retreat into fantasy...or insanity. The love scenes (which may be erotic dreams) are intense and graphic; the art, particularly that by [Sue K], is consistently splendid. This story will reward repeated readings and satisfies on several levels. Pro romance writer. [3]


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