Rejected Tryst

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Rejected Tryst
Author(s): T'Rhys
Date(s): 1999
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Rejected Tryst is a Kirk/Spock story by T'Rhys.

It was published in the print zine Within the Mirror #13.


"Kirk and Spock play Fizzbin, the Legion West version. But the game is short, and they move on to other more important business. PWP."

Reactions and Reviews

Hot is the only way to describe this story. It begins with Mirror Kirk and Spock playing Fizzbin, Legion West version, we're told. The game is short, and once done they move on to the real business at hand.

[dialog clipped]

The author's writing is descriptive, sharp, and totally captures the Mirrormood. You're just pulled into this story. And the action only gets better.

[dialog clipped]

Excellent writing by a talented author, making for a very enjoyable read. [1]
"Rejected Tryst" is a four page story by T'rhys. Piece of Trivia: What struck me as quite odd is that on the very first page of this short story (p.16) is the very word that Robin Hood apologized for misspelling in her editorial (p.2). Since I am the world's worst speller myself, I sympathized. The word is "chiaroscuro" so you see why it would be a problem to spell. I just found it ironic that Robin could have easily spelled it if she had remembered T'rhys had used it in her story. But then I imagine its hard for Robin to keep track of all the stories that she edits.

This story is written in present tense, a writing convention I really don't care for. So right offhand this story had something going against it as for as I was concerned. However, I do recommend the story. It's a PWP, a quickie interlude between the mirror universe Kirk and Spock that is extremely erotic and very well written.

However, in places it seems "overwritten," but I don't know if I can explain what I mean very well. T'rhys doesn't use purple prose, but her use of language does call attention to itself. And that's probably not a good thing that you stop and notice the vocabulary and the phrasing being used. I frankly don't remember if other stories by T'rhys (I have a terrible memory PLUS I now have no collection of K/Szines so I can check) use the same unique style, but I suspect they do. But I did enjoy the story overall, even though I was at times distracted by the writing style. [2]


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