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Title: First Time
Publisher: Merry Men Press
Date(s): 1984-2011
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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a group shot of issues #1-#37

First Time is a Kirk/Spock slash anthology zine, published by Merry Men Press.

As of 2011, there were 64 issues.

First Time 1-64

Subpages for First Time (Star Trek: TOS zine):

General Zine Description

From the publisher:

First Time Stories. Self explanatory, I hope. IE: Where Kirk and Spock first find out that they feel that way about each other. Remember that doesn't necessarily mean that there's sex involved. Love is love after all. Happy endings are a must. Hate, blood and mayhem all the way through. Fine, but a happy ending is a must! That's what all these zines were started for in the first place.


A K/S zine devoted to the love between Kirk and Spock. Very sexy, very explicit and then, maybe not. What's important is for the readers to see the 'first time' Kirk and Spock realize that they feel 'that way' about each other. There may be explicit (yeah!) sex involved or not. But rest assured there will be love. Stories will encompass from their childhood through Starfleet Academy to beyond the movies. Anything our writers can imagine.

The Editor Looks Back

In issue #50, the editor wrote about the very beginning of this zine series:

…yes, there truly was only going to be one issue. A zine that would be all happy endings (had just read NOME 6 and after throwing it across the room) and no continued stories (sic), a tad more compact (sic): IE white space) and a bit easier to lift (sic). Yes as a matter of fact I am a lazy shit, and I do like my K/S happy and all there! I'm also an instant gratification baby and don't want to wait (sometimes years, sometimes never) for my story's ending! What's wrong with that?

Different Editions and the Front Covers

The zine publisher is known for removing the fan art from their zines, including the covers, after a certain period. These 'bare' zines are often referred to as "second editions" or "third editions."

From A 2007 Interview with Robin Hood: "After paying $1600 to get the front cover of FT 1 printed and more for the zine itself, I looked for another printer."


cover of issue #14, The Southern Cross (Surak award)
cover of issue #14, "third edition"

General Fan Comments

See the issue's individual pages for many more comments.


First Time is very inconsistent. Every now and then a terrific story pops up, but get them recommended to you before investing (or better yet, borrow!) [1]


  1. ^ comment by Caren Parnes at Virgule-L, quoted with permission (March 3, 1996)