Scattered Stars (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Scattered Stars
Publisher: Merry Men Press
Editor(s): Robin Hood
Date(s): 1989-1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Scattered Stars is a K/S slash anthology that ran for 13 issues.

The zine published alternate universe first time stories with happy endings.

From A 2007 Interview with Robin Hood: "I found out after a while that Mirror Stories and AU stories didn’t go over quite as well as FT’s. But each had their devotees so that I didn’t want to cut them off completely, hence Scattered Stars, where the universe is just a tiny bit off, not so far out that I couldn’t recognize our boys."


Many of the summaries below are by Gilda F.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1 by Pat Horowitz
back cover of issue #1, Pat Horowitz

Scattered Stars 1 was published February 1989 and contains 163 pages. It has a cover by Pat Horowitz and interior art by Chris Soto, Susan K. Dundas, Pat Horowitz, Shellie Whild, and SBL.

From the editorial:
Welcome to the first issue of Scattered Stars. Yep, at present, there is at least one more issue planned since I have this wonderful A.T. Bush story that just didn't get into this issue. And lot's more long haired art. Damn! That means you'll have to read this stuff for another few months. Are you up to it? I hope so. In fact, I hope you like this. I'm not a big fan of Alternate Universe stories, so these had to go some to keep 'our boys' in character. I believe the authors did very well. So you know what to do! That's right. Get busy and write an loc.
  • The Sorcerer by Jane Elza. While at Gol, Spock meets a mysterious human who disappears on the day Spockʼs wedding is announced. (4)
  • To Catch His Thief by Judith Coventry. When the seal of Spockʼs family is stolen, two human thieves are offered pardons in exchange for their help in retrieving it. (10)
  • Satin Storm by Susan K. Dundas. Spock, ruler of a Vulcan kingdom, invites a lost Terran soldier to spend the night and ends up wanting him to stay forever after a night together. (52)
  • Vulcan Wind, poem by Sue Strand (65)
  • If Bulkheads Could Speak by Susan Peacock. Riker convinces Picard to publicly acknowledge their love by playing a logtape recorded by Captain Kirk telling of his first night with Spock as his lover. (66)
  • Wild Human, poem by Sue Strand (71)
  • The Greatest Stakes by Janis E. Laine. Stranded on a backwater planet, Spock plans to win enough to return to Vulcan to hire a bond-surrogate for pon farr until he meets a hazel-eyed human also stranded there. (72)
  • For Friendship's Sake by Gena Moretti. After crashlanding on an unknown planet, Kirk rescues a Vulcan stranded there and after repairing the ship they decide to become partners in Kirkʼs hauling business. (122)
  • Scattered Stars by Kay Wells. After fantasizing in a meld of how their lives could be together in space, a young Kirk and Spock decide to bond so that they can't be separated when Spock enters Starfleet. Sequel: "Scattered Stars II" in issue #2. (152)
  • Vulcan Wind, poem by Sue Strand (163)

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Issue 2

Scattered Stars 2 was published in September 1990 and contains 151 pages. It has interior art by Kay Wells, Dragon, Shellie Whild, and Chris Soto. The front cover is by The Southern Cross, and the back cover is blank.

cover of issue #2 by The Southern Cross: "The moment I laid eyes upon this artwork, it literally took my breath away. It is so astonishing and so perfect, I just could not believe it. I had ordered some back issues of zines and as I opened the box and beheld this cover, I had to write this to the artist. It is the most passionate piece of art I have ever seen. Gloriously rendered, even as a black and white photocopy of the actual oil painting, filled with emotion and vitality, beautiful use of gestures and form. Even as I write this, I feel at a loss for words. I need to know who this artist is: he/she is a genius. I am an artist, myself, but I could never had done this as beautifully. I am still unable to describe how much it affected me, I WANT THAT OIL PAINTING! Looking at this reminds me why I am a part of the K/S fandom." [1]
  • Scattered Stars II by Kay Wells. Completing his training at Starfleet, Cadet Kirk is reunited with Spock when assigned to the same ship, where they can now be bonded as two warriors. Prequel: 'Scattered Stars" in issue #1. (4)
  • I Remember You, poem by H.R. Radei (18)
  • Summer Vacation by Karla Kelly. Spock recalls the summer he spent on Earth with the Kirk family, whose younger son is about to enter Starfleet. (20)
  • Step into Tomorrow, poem by Lillian Dwan (24)
  • Virgin Ground, poem by Michelle Perry (25)
  • Captives by Gena Moretti. Sent to a primitive planet to set up negotiations, Spock is captured and given to the hunter Kirk as a slave. (26)
  • Eyes, poem by Karla Kelly (55)
  • Let Me, poem by Lillian Dwan (57)
  • The Master of T'K'Nee by Susan Peacock. Kirkʼs aircar crashes and strands him in the Vulcan desert, where he finds his way to a remote castle whose master comes only at night. (58)
  • The Spell by Rachel Cavendish (73)
  • I Couldn't Win, poem by H.R. Radei (74)
  • The Tamer by Susan B. Leonard. A mysterious stranger comes to Kirkʼs ranch and offers to tame a stallion for a fee that they both ultimately find most satisfying. (76)
  • Captain, First Officer, poem by Kay Wells (87)
  • Fallen Star by A.T. Bush. Prince Jame goes on a 5 year journey of discovery and meets a famous mystic of the east, a strange, pointed-eared man who is said to have dropped from the stars as an infant. (88)
  • The Haven, poem by Sue Cameron (151)

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[zine]: I bought SS II (I had never heard of the AU zine) at the same con so will comment on both. H, and that is a big if, I can get past the covers of this Alternate Universe Zine, having been assured that in this case the AU stories would be well within the parameters of all Merry Men Press endeavors. ie: First Time stories that would leave you with that same warm glow. I'll address the stories first: There is a title story that appears to be some type of sequel. Now I have to track down SS I to see what I've missed. The story by Kay Wells, is a little light-weight but a good read. Summer Vacation by Karla Kelly is better than I've come to expect from her. Spock visits Earth and works for the summer on the Kirk farm. Interesting idea. Captives by Gena Moretti is a good novel idea done competently. Spock crash lands on a planets only to find a human in the same predicament. Good fun . The Tamer by Sarah B. Leonard is a hoot. Kirk on a ranch (don't know where nor care) with an untamable horse. A mysterious elegant eared magician (horsetamer) and his alien retinue (Sulu, Uhura etc.) appear and with a flick of his hands (an exciting meld) the beast is subdued. Fortunately it takes more than that to tame Kirk. This story cries for a sequel. My favorite story is by one of my favorite authors -Fallen Star-by A. T. Bush. A tale, a legend of the Fallen Star. Our Vulcan having crash landed on the planet very early in life is raised as a prince, rather like Arthur of old. He meets an opposing prince (guess who?) & the rest is more legend. The tale was an excellent read, a must for all. There wasn't a lot of art but Chris Soto's interior pieces will help to keep her reputation in fandom. They were excellent. And the cover was... breathtaking. A Southern Cross painting of Kirk and Spock laying in lapping seawater, nude, of course. Wonderful, erotic and very, very, stirring. What fun. [2]

Issue 3

Scattered Stars 3 contains 198 pages. It was published June 1991. The covers are by Deeb, and the interior art by Chris Soto and Deeb.

front cover of issue #3, by Deeb -- "The front cover is wonderful, of impishness in those eyes!" [3]
back cover of issue #3, by Deeb -- "Really great covers — that beautiful long-haired Kirk and Spock with the colored earring." [4]
Regarding the covers:
These are gorgeous. The front is Spock with dreamy eyes and long hair with a multi-colored earring. Is the coloration to prevent pirating?????? The back is an even more striking Kirk. His earring is only slightly covered, but the strap across his chest has more color. He is super. The hair is abundantly flowing. This is one of the nicest sexiest faces I've seen in a while." [5]
The editorial:
WELCOME to SCATTERED STARS III. By now you've noticed the dramatic covers! I welcome Deeb to her first (more to follow!) covers for Merry Men Press. They took everyone's breath at the 25th Creation in L.A., and sold the moment the portfolio was opened. This editor didn't even have the opportunity to bid on anything herself (too busy handing out money to artist!). Thanks also to Chris Soto for her wonderful collection of orphans for this ever expectant adoptive mom!

This is a large zine. Some are, some aren't. What is... is. And I have a couple of stories for the next issue, so if you have a long haired Kirk or Spock in your sole [sic?] and want to see if it matches mine, then s.a.s.e. me and I can send you some inspiration for your story. That's how the zine is done. That and LOC's, If you are a subscriber to the LOC connection, fine, if not, (and why the hell not?) then you need to loc the zine itself. Artist and authors live for loc's as payment, remember, you might write someday too!

There are some juicy long stories in this issue, slide back, get some plum wine, hit the bathtub (preferably with candles) and enjoy.
  • Prime Directive by Karla Kelly. A newly crowned queen is accused of master-minding the escape of her disgraced captain of the guard and his dark lover. (4)
  • Direct Hit by Greta Foulard. Kirk and Gary Mitchell crash land on a deserted planet after a battle with Earthʼs enemy, and discover that a Vulcan warrior from the other side is also stranded there. (Zine table of content in error regarding author, A.T. Bush.) (12)
  • The Ballad of the Rival Lord's Son by Ciana Mitchell (56)
  • Irresistible Force by Gena Moretti. While his partners are away getting supplies, Kirkʼs camp is visited by a Vulcan in pon farr who proceeds to bond himself to Kirk. (62)
  • The Force, poem by h.r. radei (90)
  • One Teardrop, poem by Belle (91)
  • A Terrible Rightness by Anne McClean. Bought by the killer of his bondmate, Spock finds himself helplessly drawn to his new owner, the captain of the Enterprise. (92)
  • The Rasputin Effect by Janis E. Laine. Imprisoned for landing on Talos 4, Kirk discovers that the warden who will oversee his execution is the Vulcan he knew when both were members of the Imperial marines. (132)
  • Sirens & Soldiers, poem by Ruth Relons (199)

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Issue 4

Scattered Stars 4 was published in 1992 and contains 168 pages. Art by Chris Soto.

front cover, by Chris Soto: "These covers are great. Spock and Kirk are both long haired warriors wearing loincloths (nice droopy ones). I never get tired of her long haired Kirks. On page 150, are Spock's and Kirk's faces. Again, these are lovely, BUT they are rather lightly drawn. If the back of the page had print, I think it would have been hard to see the drawing. I envy the lucky lady who ends up with these originals." [6]
covers of issue #4 by Chris Soto -- "this zine is worth having just for the back cover of an AU warrior Kirk with long hair, muscles, and wearing only arm and wrist bands and a loincloth. (A very teeny loincloth I might add.) Yikes!!! I took it out of the envelope and almost fainted dead away when I saw it. OMG he is just absolutely, devastatingly astoundingly stunningly beautifully gorgeously amazingly PERFECT in this cover!!! (Breathe, Linda. Deep breaths. In, out, in, out. Calming down here.... OK, I'm fine now.) Sheesh, I can't stop looking at this cover. It is my perfect fantasy Kirk body. (The face ain't bad, either, but I must confess I haven't been looking at it much!) Chris Soto sure outdid herself on this one. And for Spock fans, the front cover is a long haired AU warrior Spock, also with arm and wrist bands and a loincloth. Very, very, nice. But the Kirk cover...sigh. [7]
  • If Kirk Had a Holodeck by Kay Wells. Spock hires his former lover, Kirk, to find out who is trying to kill him.
  • Imagination by Sue Cameron
  • To Tame the Sun by Judith Coventry. Captain Spockʼs ship encounters the Botany Bay and Spock is entranced by a sandy haired follower of Khan who Khan desires as much as Spock does.
  • Summer of Love by Kathy Stanis. While in San Francisco with his mother, Jim Kirk meets and falls in love with an unusual young man but finds out that his new lover-to-be is an alien when they reunite after exchanging letters for several months.
  • One Sundered Soul by Carolyn Spencer. Two Vulcan youths, one dark, one fair, grow up to be warriors and plan to bond until one, becoming the leader of their people and meeting a prophet of logic, decides to follow this new way.
  • Empty Soul by Sharon Travis

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[front cover art by Chris Soto]: "This Pre-Reform Spock wearing only a loincloth looks so life-like because the anatomy is authentic. He looks like a real man in good physical condition. I'm wondering if Chris worked from a live model when she did this illustration. [8]

Issue 5

Scattered Stars 5 was published in July 1993 and contains 184 pages. The covers are by Deeb, and the interior art is by Chris Soto, Kay Wells, and CLM (the latter two names are not mentioned in the table of contents). The colors on the covers are done by hand by the publisher for each issue.

front cover of issue by Deeb #5 -- "This Pre-Reform warrior Spock is both imposing and beautiful. I also appreciate the balance in the composition including the issue number on the horse's blinders and the shield. I wish, however, that we could have seen the horse's features. No doubt such a warrior would have a mount who is as proud, magnificent and fierce as he is. I also would have liked to have seen what is on the banner which is attached to Spock's lirpa." [9]
From the editorial:
Welcome to the 5th Scattered Stars. I'm pleased that you all like them enough to continue to read, and write, sell, trade and copy them. If enough of you continue to read, and write, sell and trade them, there will be future ones. Of course if someone(s) does copy, who knows how many more there will be? There, that' s my only comment on the subject. Now on to the good stuff!

Long zine -- short stories, long stories and a novella by the incomparable Ms. Mitchell. Art by DEW, Deeb, and Soto, again, not much but so lovely, you won't notice that there isn't a lot.

We also have a guest poet this issue. A new writer from across the great sea, with a breath of England to add to our enjoyment. Please welcome -- Erato. We hope to see her ability in a story sometime, (hint-hint)
back cover of issue #5 by Deeb
  • Last Game by Elizabeth Scott. At the annual Warriorʼs games, Kirk and his rival, Spock, make a wager, with the winnings being either Spockʼs army or Kirkʼs ass. (4)
  • The Gift, poem by Erato (27)
  • Beginnings by Anne-Marie. Kirk takes temporary command of the base on Vulcan and must deal with a group of dissidents who do not want Vulcan to join the Federation, chief of which is the son of her ambassador. (28)
  • The Hymn of Love, poem by Erato (77) (not in the table of contents)
  • The Minstrel by Karla Kelly (78) (not in the table of contents)
  • Logic, poem by Erato (84)
  • We Were There, poem by Erato (85)
  • Like Thieves in the Night by Lauren Moore. Kirk enters his executive office and discovers a Vulcan thief. (86)
  • The Only Answer, poem by Erato (100)
  • A Vision, poem by Erato (101)
  • The Commandant by Karla Kelly. An escaped prisoner from Gol is brought before the SS commandant, the man who was once his lover. (102)
  • Honorbound by Ciana Mitchell. Novella. Kirk is rescued by a band of Vulcan warriors and discovers their leader, the prince, Spock, is the son of the Vulcan who owns the land Kirkʼs people live on. (110)
  • A Prologue, poem by Erato (184)

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[art on page 79 and 80 by CLM]: The signature on this artwork isn't familiar, but these alternate fantasy oriented versions of Kirk and Spock are lovely. I have never seen a Spock who looked more like an elfish warrior, and the mass of curls makes him seem more appealingly androgynous. This Kirk arrayed with feathers and leaves looks like a nature spirit who sprang from the soil. [10]
[covers]: These are among Deeb‘s best in my opinion. The front cover presents Spock in full warrior mode astride a beautiful charger. He has the long hair I love (I adore Deeb‘s long-haired Spocks!), one bejeweled earring and is bearing a lance and shield. His horse is wearing a cloth headpiece with what appears to be Vulcan letters or runes. One is shaped like the numeral five. Robin hand colored this on every cover.

The back cover features a naked long-haired Kirk. He is wearing a robe also hand decorated by Robin. (Thank you Robin. I so appreciate the extra time and effort you put into these covers. They are really something special!)

Why is it that Spock looks so natural with long hair, and Kirk looks...well...less so? [11]

Issue 6

Scattered Stars 6 was published in 1994 and contains 159 pages. The front and back covers are by Chris Soto. Other art by Teri O'Brian, Chris Soto, and Patt.

back cover of issue #6, Chris Soto: "Kirk's face on the back cover is perfect and it's a great pose with the bow. Excellent depiction of his hair and I love the arm band. Nice eyes." [12]
front cover of issue #6, Chris Soto: "Beautiful and delicate Spock on cover, complete with long hair, earring, necklace and Vulcan weapon. Again, Chris captures Spock's ethereal, far-away look." [13]
  • If Spock Had a Holodeck by Karla Kelly. Kirk hires Spock, a man with a reputation for finding things out, after two of his boats mysteriously sink. (4)
  • Black Magician, poem by Sharon (15)
  • Trials by Kitty Berman. Jr. Officer Kirk is stranded and taken by aliens during his test for command training and discovers his fellow prisoner is the legendary Captain Spock. (16)
  • Wilder Shores by Alice Hooker. When Spock accompanies his father on a tour of a prison, he meets, and is immediately taken by, the wardenʼs sex-slave, an eighteen year old Terran whose mind calls to his own. (46)
  • Anger of the Gods, poem by Robin Hood (125)
  • Black Magician by Sharon Travis. A young sailor jumps ship to look for the devil in the forest he has heard tales of. Sequel: "Vulcan Aftermath". (126)
  • Vulcan Aftermath by Sharon Travis. A Vulcan stranded on Earth bonds himself to the young sailor who finds him in the forest. Prequel: "Black Magician". (132)
  • untitled poem by Sharon Travis (133)
  • The Sailor, poem by Robin Hood (135)
  • Earth Sings, poem by Robin Hood (136)
  • Liquid Rubies, poem by Robin Hood (137)
  • Star Stepper by Robin Hood (136)
  • Riverboat Gambler, poem by Patt (141)
  • Same Time Next Year? by Kate Sheridan. Spock is fascinated by the Earth explorer, Kirk, after meeting him at a scientific conference. (142)

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[zine]: Trials - Kitty Berman, With a few slips ol the British tongue which I happen to like, this AU story of Kirk in Vulcan Space Fleet was a good read. Not remarkable but since she seems to be a new author, an excellent start. Hope to see more of her work.

Wilder Shores - Alice Hooker. I love ST V stories. I love the older men and so does this author. This was very AU but everyone stayed in character.

Same Time, Next Year? — Kate Sheridan. Written too well for this to be from a new author. I enjoyed this story but it wasn't the norm. If you're looking for the i's dotted and t's crossed, this will leave you wondering just what was REALLY behind this story.

Black Magician — Sharon Travis, More of a long poem, but full of lovely images.

The covers: Chris Soto blew me away. The Kirk & Spock are to die for. You must get a first edition or drool over a friends. A new artist: Rett. Does P & I. Looks like she's getting better and, here's a plus, it seems like she can illustrate rather than do the generic, standard pose. Hope she doesn't get scared off by Ms. Butler and Ms. Soto. All kinds of art are welcome in fandom. [16]

Issue 7

Scattered Stars 7 was published in March 1995 and contains 172 pages. The covers (hand-colored by the publisher) are by DEEB and DEW. Interior art by Chris Soto, DEW, Brianna Falken, and uncredited artist.

back cover of issue #7 by DEW: "The covers to SS7 are quite simple yet striking. They remind me of early pen & ink [Gayle F's], but are companion pieces by DEW and Deeb. Deeb's 1991 front Spock has touches of rose and gold while DEW's 1993 back Kirk has gold and green. Both sport sexy earrings. I wish their eyes had been open in the drawings." [17]
front cover of issue #7 by Deeb -- "Beautiful representations of Spock and Kirk as Pre-Reform warriors. I love the simple, bold lines. It must be very difficult for one artist to work in the style of another, yet this is what DEW has done to create a Kirk that matches Deeb's Spock. Excellent! And thanks to Robin for the hand-coloring. Exceptional covers." [18]
From the editorial:
Not a lot of stories, but with meat, content, so you anal retentive word counters should be happy. Remember, count them all by hand and entertain yourself for months! Tor the rest of you, race through the zine as fast as you always do.

You may or may not have a colored cover. Depended on my temper at midnight. You must thank DEEB for the exotic Spock, and DEW for the matching Kirk. (The Spock has long been on my wall, still making up my mind about the Kirk, so hurry!)

Other art from Ms. Falken (talented, eh? and the aging, growing ever shorter Ms. Soto and the other short one, DEW is more than appreciated. We must have a Shore Leave Short Contest! The winner has to write a story and do the art! Sounds fair? All of them could do it too! Oh yes, poetry without credit was done by the crazy zlne ed.
  • A Weeping Rain by Cyd Bascom. Kirk is swept into another universe when his alternate escapes to this universe in order to flee his slavery as concubine to Lord Spock. (4)
  • Second Time by Kitty Berman. Meeting as teenagers when Amanda takes Spock with her to Earth to visit an old friend, Spock and Kirk fall in love but part until, 15 years later, they are reunited when Kirk is made captain of the Enterprise. (30)
  • The Awakening by Ellen Fletcher. Non K/S story. (84)
  • In Any Reality by Brianna Falken. At war with Vulcan for 40 years, an Earth ship captained by Kirk runs into the Vulcan ship captained by Spock when both ships answer distress signals. (88)
  • Star Candles, poem by h.r. radei, inside back cover

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[art by unknown artist, DEW, Brianna Falken, and Chris Soto]: The first work in the line is an uncredited pen and ink of Spock. It's so unusual looking with his finely textured long hair and washboard stomach! I really like the technique of pointilism. if that's the term. A very unique piece.

The Dew piece is really different, too. Side by side, they stand in all their glory. Except I guess this Spock has ordinary equipment. I'm not complaining, mind you. But I admit! miss those twin ridges....

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Ms. Falken's contribution. Not only can this girl write, but she definitely has done Kirk's likeness with a very simple line drawing. Not easy.

Chris Soto's Spock, the one on page 139, the one with the flowing black hair and the tight pouch, is absolutely to die for. It is just gorgeous. It has energy, good use of light and shadow and it's already sold. No wonder. [19]
[front and back covers by Deeb and DEW]: Despite those names sounding like a couple of soft drinks, these artists always deliver lovely work. I am unfamiliar with other zines that have different artists do the front and back covers, but this is certainly unique because one artist copied the style of the other.

The Spock on the cover is beautifully designed. The pen and ink lines flow gracefully. The Kirk on the back is gorgeous. It's so hard to capture Kirk's likeness anyway, let alone with pen and ink. Also, it's a perfect match of Deeb's style.

The touches of hand-color make this art so special. It's like each person gets her own original art. What a neat idea! Bravo to Robin for the look of this zine. [20]
[art by Chris Soto on pages 139 and 152]: Chris Soto has done her usual fine job with a partial body of Spock (pg 139) in a loin cloth with pubic hair straying outside, and a Spock close up (pg 152) with an earring, Both are 1994 soft pencils. I wish she had done Kirk, too. [21]
[art by Chris Soto on pages 139 and 152]: I will admit to being a fan of the long-haired warrior Spocks, and these two are especially lovely. The tlrst is a 3/4 view, complete with armband and small, (very small) scrap of fabric to hide the genitals. Bodily proportions are perfect. I also like the way Spock's head is turned to the side, and the sense of movement. The second is a 1/2 view close-up with Spock's head turned away from hrs body to face the viewer. Very intent expression. Nice. The bangs on both drawings seem almost too perfect for this more barbaric time however. Perhaps a more shaggy look to the bangs would have been more in keeping with the wilder appearance of the rest of Spock's hair, or was this done on purpose to show a warrior in transition to Surak's ways? In any case. I loved these drawings. [22]

Issue 8

Scattered Stars 8 was published in July 1996 and contains 149 pages. It has inside art by Deeb and Chris Soto.

front cover of issue #8 by Chris Soto
back cover of issue #8 by Chris Soto
From the editorial:
You've noticed the covers. Chris has outdone herself and even from her sickbed, she's promising a story. Is that stupidity? er loyalty? Hope you're getting better! [23]

New writers again. Don't forget they need petting and Ms. Spencer is as insecure as the rest of us. So don't forget to write!

Hope to see most of you at Shore Leave. Remember the original cover of FT 14 will be hung in the art show (they only said no nudity! Men must have made the rules!) I'm shocked that Dovya is willing to part with it, but even if you can't afford it, write her and tell her what a riot it caused. She'll love it.
  • Chapter 37 by Karla Kelly (4)
  • The Small Slave by Gena Moretti. At the end of a battle, Spock finds a wounded human slave who he takes to his tent to nurse back to health with the intentions of keeping him. (12)
  • Fatal Retreat, poem by h.r. radei (39)
  • Academy Aftermath by Karin Porter. While taking a summer course, Cadet Kirk meets upperclassman Spock and they spend the summer building a close friendship, one that is reawakened when they end up together on the Enterprise. (40)
  • Wishing Well, poem (55)
  • Prism by Carolyn Spencer. Novella. Kirk is stranded on Vulcan by an ion storm and, while working as a prostitute there, meets Spock who rescues him when he crashes his aircar during a sand storm. (58)
  • Balloon Walker, poem by h.r. radei (141)
  • Dream Shards of Reality by J. Mercedes. Kirk shares his fantasy with Spock in a meld, a fantasy they then decide to take to its completion together. (142)
  • A [Gayle F] View, poetry by Jean Schedler (inside back cover)

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[art opposite page 32 by Chris Soto]: Moody, delicate rendition of Spock as a long-haired warrior looking out pensively with that mysterious slight smile of his. Soto has once again captured that wonderful enigmatic beauty of the Vulcan with deft strokes and subtle light and shadow. I think this is gorgeous. [24]
[art on page 143 by Deeb]: Even though this is from '94, already I believe there's a change in Deeb's portrayals of Kirk and Spock. This pen and ink drawing of Spock shows him chained to a stone wall. No one looks sexier chained to a stone wall than Spock, but already there's a hint of darkness. I am really intrigued by this direction in Deeb's beautiful and skilled artwork. I can't wait to see where it takes her. [25]
[art on page 142 by Deeb]: Let’s see . . . Spock, long-haired, naked, manacled to a wall, looking especially vulnerable. . . . Can I put up with that? You betcha’. [26]
[art review]: This zine is filled with Soto’s art, three interior pieces plus the covers and that’s always a treat. The covers are wonderful. Warrior Spock on the front, Warrior Kirk on the back. Beautifully proportioned. Not overly muscled. It looks almost as if the artist has captured them in the act of moving. Spock with a torch is lithe and graceful, long black hair blowing gently in the breeze, but the Kirk on the back cover just took my breath away. Perhaps he is reaching for Spock or perhaps the stars. The face is done perfectly.

Pages 14 and 33 are head shots. Lovely use of light and shadow. Texture of hair and skin are very nicely done.

The drawing on page 111 is gorgeous, and not just because it was done to illustrate my story. It must be extremely difficult for an artist to conjure up an illustration from just a page or two of description and hope to match what the writer had in mind. Ms. Soto does it consistently and adroitly every time. This Spock is long, lean, burnished by the suns of his homeworld, delightfully sexy and crowned with a braid of long black hair. As we used to say in the sixties, “It rings my chimes.” What more can I say? Nothing, except that we’re so lucky to have this artist in our fandom. [27]

Issue 9

Scattered Stars 9 was published in 1997 and contains 183 pages. It has interior art by Shelley Butler, T'Rett, and Chris Soto.

front cover issue # 9 by DEW
back cover issue # 9, DEW
From the editorial:
Here we are again. Bet Brianna didn't think we'd ever get her story in print. BUT thanks to your usual, last minute rush, we received another long story and the regulars came through with flying colors

We're finished with Playfellows 10 and half done with FT 46, if you can believe it's time to send $$ again! Thanks to the intrepid DEW for the covers, what with severe juggling of live, love, work and travel, the little shit is outdoing herself. You'll notice Ms. Butler here as well as the flagging Ms. Soto. [28] Don't forget, we have prints for most everybody) We're still fighting with the computer but there's a chance that we might win this time (I'm tempted to buy a new one! That way I'll always win, eh?) The new printer is slowly than shit, molasses. We're going to get an old one out and use it. Geeeesss, so much for progress.

C-ya all at Shore Leave???
  • Portrait of Promise by Brianna Falken. Kirk is entranced by the portrait of a Vulcan warrior found in the office of the presumed dead ambassador, a portrait said to be in the exact likeness of its owner. (4)
  • Captain of My Dreams by Karin Porter. While on shoreleave, Lt Commander Kirk meets Captain Spock, though neither is aware of the other's identity. (90)
  • Obligations by Kate Sheridan. Kirk takes on the job of renovating the home of one of Vulcanʼs richest families. (124)
  • Desert Wind, poem by Ciana Mitchell (153)
  • Call Me Master by J S Cavalcante. Kirk is taken prisoner when his ship is shot down during Earthʼs raid on Vulcan and given to the Vulcan warrior who captured him. (154)
  • Thunder Dance, poem by Robin Hood (not in the table of contents) (183)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

See reactions and reviews for Portrait of Promise.
See reactions and reviews for Captain of My Dreams.
See reactions and reviews for Desert Wind.
See reactions and reviews for Call Me Master.
See reactions and reviews for Obligations.
[art, opposite page 32 by Chris Soto]: A wistful Kirk – especially an older wistful Kirk – inspires my imagination. Chris Soto has captured the most sad, innocent expression here. One can tell the era by Kirk’s white uniform shirt and the curlier, darker hair he wore after TMP. So what he’s thinking is open to speculation, but most certainly centers around Spock. He just doesn’t look that particular way unless Spock is involved. I don’t know if this was drawn to accompany the story with which it appears, but it fits nicely. As mentioned in my review, “Portrait of Promise” tells the story of a Spock and Kirk who have never met. It is after Kirk learns of Spock’s death that he is hypnotized by a portrait of the Vulcan, somehow knowing he’s lost something that could have changed his life forever. It’s just such a poignant look that Kirk wears in this pencil drawing. He could well be staring at the portrait of a love he knows he will never experience. Chris Soto had an amazing sensitivity for capturing our fellows innermost feelings, and this one is just beautiful. [29]
[art, opposite page 150, by Shelley Butler]: Surely no one will dispute that Kirk and Spock have never looked better than in the episode “Errand of Mercy”. Shelley has captured their likenesses in that oh so recognizable style of hers, this time in their civilian attire from that mission. It’s a very serious look they share as they face yet another threat. I can imagine this is the moment that Spock is trying to convince Kirk the mind-sifter was no big deal. Kirk’s eyes are locked on him and clearly they are demanding proof of Spock’s well-being. I love it when Shelley captures moments from the series. Even though we’ve seen the reel thing, she shows us their expressions, their body language, with more intensity. This piece speaks volumes of their relationship and is a treasure, as always. [30]

Issue 10

Scattered Stars 10 was published in November 1997 and contains 150 pages. It contains interior art by Chris Soto, Nefertari, and DEW, the latter two not mentioned in the table of contents. The front cover is by Pat Horowitz, the back by DEW.

front cover of issue #10, Pat Horowitz
back cover of issue #10, DEW, -- "The back cover of Scattered Stars 10 has a wonderful 1990 DEW Kirk face with long hair. Any Kirk lover would adore this drawing." [31]
From the editorial:
Only a few stories this time, but when someone gets verbose, er, prolific, you takes it where a can get it, eh??? Two long stories with plot. Yes, I said plot. Now we'll see if you really care.... A new writer, a very old, and growing older by the minute and one rarely heard from. See??? A little bit of everything! Again if there is no author, then the computer gremlin probably wrote it! Thanks to Pat Horowitz (do you remember her flaming short career???) and the lovely, talented short Rubenesk, artist, author, who is able to sublimate her own style to match another's. No ego here, no sir. Major shortness is all....
  • The K/S Scrolls, transcribed from Vulcanur Tokiel by T'Rhys, Ph.D. Rapunzel retold -- sort of. (4)
  • The Weed and the Flower, poem by Susan Sicafoosh (9)
  • Call from the Past by Sharon Travis & Gena Moretti. Kirk, McCoy and Scotty take a vacation from their PI business at Scottyʼs uncleʼs castle, where they become embroiled in a world-wide murder case. (10)
  • Call from the Past, poem by Carol Turner (57)
  • How Late I Came to Love You by Karen Dates. When Spock leaves for Gol, Kirk almost dies when their bond is broken but recovers and takes command of an elite task force while waiting for Spock to realize that they belong together. (58)
  • Two Slaves by Carol Turner (26)
  • Lost Night by Susan Sicafoosh (1st Officer Kirk is raped, but finds the courage to confess his love to Spock, his captain, after awakening from surgery.) (130)
  • Firewalker by Scott Hunter. Kirk visits Arizona on medical shoreleave when he is unable to forget Miramanee, and meets a Vulcan archaeologist who he ends up spending all his time with. (141)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

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See reactions and reviews for Firewalker.
See reactions and reviews for How Late I Came to Love You.
See reactions and reviews for Two Slaves.
See reactions and reviews for Call from the Past.
See reactions and reviews for Lost Night.
[art by Chris Soto]: There are two discreet 1995 matching nudes (down to the thigh) of Spock (12a) and Kirk (129a) in Scattered Stars 10. The eyes glow, and the muscles are softly shaded. These are one-sided so I’m guessing reprints of SS 10 will be minus these. These two pieces and the back cover by DEW are the best things about the zine. [32]

Issue 11

Scattered Stars 11 was published in May 1998 and contains 166 pages.

cover of issue #11 by Kathy Stanis: -- A fan comments on the covers: "These pen and ink drawings are very well- designed—I especially love the Spock cover with the figure playing the guitar (so perfect for Spock!) emerging from the black into the white. And the matching Kirk is so imaginative—Kirk in a long toga— indeed! And I completely appreciate the complexity of drawing a Vulcan lyre. And at the proper perspective."
back cover of issue #11, Kathy Stanis -- A fan comments on both covers: "The only art in this zine are the covers done by Kathy. The front is Spock playing a guitar—possibly wearing a tee-shirt and blue jeans (it's B&W). The back is Kirk (long-haired) playing some sort of lyre (okay, okay, so I flunked music history) and wearing an ancient type long tunic/toga affair (no way am I gonna say dress!). My first reaction was "Huh?" and I really wasn't too impressed. It would certainly have helped if there had been a story to go with the pictures (there is a poem which goes with the back cover). But both covers are different and do look like Spock and Kirk which is more than can be said for a lot of art—including that by well-known artists on paperback novels and highly touted posters. These are semi-realistically done (and here I reveal my lack of knowledge about art terms). They are reminiscent of art that Vel Jaeger used to do, with maybe a dash of Gerry Downes. After looking at them for a while, I can say that I still don't care for them personally, but if I had to rate them, I'd say they deserve a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being tops." [33]
  • To Be Human by Deanna Gray. After a disagreement with his father, Spock flees to Earth where, broke and no place to go, he falls in with a photographer and the young hazel-eyed model who works for him. (1)
  • Dream Lover by Heidi Manzone A delicate, poignant very short story of some dialogue between Spock and his father. Spock had a dream of a beautiful human and he tells Sarek about him. (62)
  • Original Sin, poem by Robin Hood (65)
  • Private Dancer by Erin Tooley. At his bachelor party 10 days before his marriage to Carol Marcus, Kirk is entertained by a Vulcan dancer. (86)
  • The Outsider by Kathy Stanis. A young Jim Kirk is freed from his sterile life in the “City” by his mother who sends him out to journey to “Enterprise” and the alien Spock. (126)
  • Soul Musician, poem by J S Cavalcante (inside back cover)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 11

See reactions and reviews for Private Dancer.
See reactions and reviews for The Outsider.
See reactions and reviews for Dream Lover.
See reactions and reviews for To Be Human.
[cover art]: Deceptively simple line drawings of Spock (front) and Kirk (back) that remind me, yet again, how talented Kathy is. I can always depend on her, whether it’s in her writing or in her art, to offer a different slant on K/S. Here she gives us a Spock we are not used to seeing. Clad in a T-shirt and jeans, he is strumming a guitar, and allowing his human side an opportunity to show itself. The long-haired Kirk on the back is dressed in a toga-like outfit and playing a Vulcan lyre. Of the two, I prefer the front cover of Spock the best, but I think that’s just my bias peeking through. Taken together, these drawings made me think of the yin-yang symbol. Neither man is wholly what he seems. [34]
[poetry and art]: Scattered Stars 11 is definitely a very good zine to buy or rent and even the poetry is fine. The poem “Original Sin” by R. Hood is excellent. I loved the line: “He is more than human, he is mine!” And the poem “Soul Musician” by J.S. Cavalcante was the inspiration for Kathy Stanis’ gorgeous covers. Speaking of which, these pen and ink drawings are very well-designed—I especially love the Spock cover with the figure playing the guitar (so perfect for Spock!) emerging from the black into the white. And the matching Kirk is so imaginative—Kirk in a long toga— indeed! And I completely appreciate the complexity of drawing a Vulcan lyre. And at the proper perspective. Really excellent pen and ink—I know how difficult a medium it is. I’ve never been able to use it, but here, for both drawings, Kathy does it beautifully. [35]
[zine]: Private Dancer by Erin Tooley: "I promised Carol no girls, Gary." Sounds good, huh? Sounds like commitment and fidelity? Forget it. This Kirk is a rat. No girls - but he cheerfully and without a second thought falls into bed with a man on the evening of his stag night and continues to do so even in the run-up to his wedding. And he continues to tell Carol, There weren't any girls - I promised." A perfect example of how effectively you can tell a massive lie by sticking to the exact truth.

The story is well written and well developed. Spock is portrayed throughout as having integrity—he refuses to compromise the standards he has set for himself — but I do not like, cannot respect, this Kirk, Perhaps that was what the writer was trying to accomplish? A Kirk who for most of the story seems to have no moral standards? If so, she certainly succeeded as far as I was concerned.

Outsiders by Kathy Stanis: This is a very alternate, alternate universe story, very well written, very gripping—but ultimately very disappointing. I was thoroughly enjoying it until when it finished It reads to me like the beginning of a novel—or the beginning and middle of a novella—but in either case I felt it lacks an ending, and I wonder if this is because the writer wasn't quite sure where to take it after she got Kirk and Spock together.

There are so many unanswered questions. How did
 Kirk's mother escape from the City in the first place,
who was his father, how did the other woman manage
to have free thought, what happened to the people of 
Enterprise, how did the society get like that in the first
place, what was the purpose of the City? Those are just six of the many questions I had before the end.

As I said, I feel this was an idea that could easily have been -— and should have been -— developed into a much longer story. How about it, Kathy? What you have here is a marvelous teaser for a novel.

To Be Human by Deanna Gray: In this story Spock decides he wants to visit Earth to see something of his human heritage before settling down to life on Vulcan. Getting to Earth leaves him broke and sleeping rough; a chance meeting with Gary Mitchell changes all that (This Mitchell, while still something of an untrustworthy character, is more sympathetic than his counterpart in Where No Man...)

Spock soon discovers that he has 'joined' a group who publish a porn magazine; Kirk is their top model. The story is entertaining, and there are some lovely light moments especially towards the end (I don't want to quote anything since it's such a new zine). Suffice to say I like this Amanda! It's nicely written, well developed, and probably my favourite in the zine, I look forward to reading more from this writer.

Dream Lover by Heidi Manzone: Short, light the entire story is a conversation between Spock and Sarek. Normally a reader can only follow five or six exchanges before losing track of who is speaking; Heidi manages, without once mentioning a name and only occasionally putting in the word "father", to carry a three-page conversation where the reader is in no doubt as to who is speaking.

Nicely done. [36]

Issue 12

Scattered Stars 12 was published in 1999 and contains 172 pages. The cover and some inside art won Philons.

front cover of issue #12, Marianne Muller -- "The front cover by Marianne Mueller is good. It's a young nude Kirk held by a nude long-haired Spock. The picture stops before the elbows. It's a chaste nude scene. Darn." It is the artist's 19th K/S drawing. [37]
back cover of issue #12, DEW -- "The back cover by DEW is another K/S scene, and this is more explicit. It's a 3/4th length nude embrace with another long haired Spock kissing an older Kirk. I guess the front is our guys when young and the back is them a little more mature. This is one of DEW's better works." [38]
  • The Edge of the World by Chris Soto. In a dream, Kirk sees himself as a Celtic warrior in love with a Roman centurion, Spock. (p. 4-50 "This is the BEST and saddest story I have ever read. The slow and steady development of their relationship and the tangible sacrifice that Kirk makes for Spock. It was touching and tearful. What was even more sad was that this story was just a blurp from a novel that Chris Soto was working on. [39]
  • Alliance Born by Deanna Gray. Young princes from warring tribes Kirk & Spock, betrothed in order to secure peace, meet in the desert not knowing each othersʼ identity. Winner of a 1999 Silver Philon Award. (p. 52-103)
  • Music to Die For by Karen Dates. A young Spock and his three friends are stranded on a Iowan farm where he meets and is drawn to the younger son of the family Kirk. Winner of a 1999 Bronze Philon Award. (p. 104-172)
  • Poetry by: Wan Ling
  • Covers by: DEW & I.M. Mueller
  • Art by Chris Soto & I.M. Mueller

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 12

See reactions and reviews for Music to Die For.
See reactions and reviews for The Edge of the World.
See reactions and reviews for Alliance Born.
[art by Chris Soto]: But inside is the best—a Chris Soto, possibly one of her last works, which goes with the great story she also wrote called "The Edge of the World." Kirk is absolutely stunning as a young Celtic warrior called Kirk. Spock with rounded ears is a handsome Roman tribune called Spock. This picture just shows again what a great loss to the world of K/S art it was when Chris Soto died. [40]

Issue 13

Scattered Stars 13 was published in March 1999 and contains 183 pages.

front cover of issue #13 by I.M. Mueller
back cover of issue #13 by I.M. Mueller
From the editorial:
Do you know how many years it's been since the last SS? Too many. Way too many. [41] It's time for your wicked little imaginations to get busy! If you can't or won't write, then tell some one about your idea. It should be shared!

Not too many stories here, just 2 but looonnng ones. Should make you happy. A very old author and a relative newbie. Welcome them both, please! Very sensitive, if you don't make a fuss, who knows what fandom they might jump into. SAVE OUR AUTHORS! LOC'S!

And don't forget the exhausted artists as well.
  • Buster by Gigi Pinckney. Kirk meets a Vulcan scientist while walking his neighbor's dog in a nearby dogpark.
  • T'itanic by Khiori. A retelling of “Titanic” on an Earth where Terrans and Vulcans have both made their home.
  • Covers by: I.M. Mueller
  • Art by: G.E. Mills


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