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Name: IM Mueller (full name not used on Fanlore by request)
Alias(es): Marianne, I.M. Müeller, Shymoon
Type: fanartist
URL: art page, Livejournal art gallery
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IM Mueller is a prolific fanartist. She has drawn over 400 Kirk/Spock drawings (the cover of Within the Mirror #16 is her 363th).


[IM Mueller's] first K/S drawing was done in 1994 as a result of reading Kirk’s so-called denial in the TMP novelisation. After that, [IM Mueller] got on the internet and the rest is history! [IM Mueller] is a professional illustrator and her sheer passion for art is evident in the fact that when she wants to relax she just switches subjects. But interestingly, as she explains, drawing K/S is different from her professional work: “I love to sketch and sketching K/S is a joy, and something I do for myself. In other illustrations, I have to be meticulously correct, and in K/S I can improvise any way I want to and if it is not perfect, I try to be in the next one, if I’ve got time.” I think when you look at [IM Mueller's] work that sense of freedom come across very strongly. Indeed editor extraordinaire and art connoisseur Robin Hood once told me that she considers [IM Mueller] one of only a few artists who can make Kirk and Spock really seem alive as if caught in a moment, rather than carefully staged, and I am sure it is the uninhibited nature of [IM Mueller's] working practice that makes her art so vibrant. [1]


Some of Her Words

When asked "What kind of things do you try to express in your art? Beauty? Sexiness? A good likeness?," [IM Mueller] answered:
“...all of it, (beauty, sexiness and a good likeness)! Sometimes I get it, sometimes not, sometimes I totally screw up, sometimes it gets good, sometimes only so-so. Sometimes something bad happened, in the news or life and it shows in my drawings. I also try to show an emotion or whatever I am in the mood for. Sometimes, I am just telling a story in a drawing, or just sketching away without worrying too much about a real likeness, but just capturing an expression I want to get on paper.” [2]

Favorite Meduims

My favorite medium? That is not so easy to answer, as I really like to use different techniques and media. Playing around with a new one and such. Pencil works I like a lot to do sketches and play around and some drawings just call for it and are the easiest for me. Inks are very versatile. Stipple is the most time consuming, as you use only points to make the drawing. When I want to work really hard on a drawing, I use the finest pointed pens you can get. The finer the most delicate, but as said very time consuming, and time is not what I have always. Aquarelles [water colors] also are one of my favorites. Sometimes when I have got time, I use only the three basic colors to make a coloring. I did not make an oil painting of K/S yet, because it is the most time consuming of all and takes a lot to dry. Pastel is also nice, but delicate in handling. Acrylics is a good choice when you want to get an effect like an oil painting but a quick drying, and as bonus you can use it on many bases from papers to canvas, I love also very much Color Pencils of the professional kind. [3]

Her Mind's Eye, Not Models

IM Mueller explained that she mostly draws from memory rather than models or photos:
... for their faces I usually look at the photos I have but if there is a need, I can draw them from my mind’s eye or try to watch the episodes as a base for their faces. Sure, it will not always get very accurate, as many people know, Kirk is very difficult to draw, but I am getting better at it, and it is a challenge so I draw him a lot more to try to get better at it. Spock is easier to draw from mind’s eye, and the more drawing them the easier it gets, and instead of being preoccupied with their facial expressions, I can really get to play with their bodies. Before you get to draw something you have got to learn about it and then it flows out of your pencil. In bodies and such I use my mind’s eye as I like to sketch a lot and I’ve analyzed the human body—its skeleton, muscles, and such. When there is a difficulty in a position, I ask someone, hey, put your leg or hand this way, and study it as a source material. I sketch a lot in a tiny drawing block for ideas for a new K/S drawing, so anywhere I go I got my drawing block and pencil with me, sure, when it is explicit I have to be more careful where I draw it. Grin. Sketching from the mind’s eye you are more free. [4]

Art Samples


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