Blended Spirits

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Title: Blended Spirits
Publisher: AllGen Press
Date(s): May, 2002
Series?: No
Medium: print zine, full-size
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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Blended Spirits is a gen Sentinel anthology zine. It has 109 pages, a color cover by Nancy Janda, interior b/w art by Corinna Hansen, I. M. Mueller, Hindman, Suse, and Lupe Backe.

Some excerpts are here.

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Reactions and Reviews

What I like best about this zine is there's a little of everything in it. I think everyone will find something that appeals, and all the stories are clearly edited and well-crafted. A definite pleasure to read. "A Kind of Madness," by Chrys, is a flashback story mixing a past mission of Jim's with the present. I'm not a fan of flashbacks, but I liked the resolution, not your typical explosion-talking out-happy ending kind but something realistic while still gentle. "Brass Ring," by Virginia Foster, is a filling-in-the-gaps story for TSbyBS. It has some of the scenes from the episode along with what came before and after. I like the author's take mostly, and found some new ideas in it, even if it stretched my belief a little bit when it got emotional. :> "The One Left Behind" by JET, looks at survivor guilt. It's also a little more...mushy than I care for, and yet JET makes it easy and soothing to play along with. I loved the climax of the story, just felt it ended way to quickly after. "At Home," my offering, is a little Blair-gets-sick-and-comforted piece. "Passion Be Not a Thing of the Past," by Jody Scherr, is a poem in the abstract vein. "Innocence Lost," by Lyn, does this kind of story right, letting you get to know a character along with Blair so that when the character's killed, you feel for Sandburg. It's a sad story and could have used more comfort, but had a good message that was well-developed. "Then Come The Wild Weather," by Gemini, is almost two stories in one: I enjoyed the one of B&J having fun camping together, but mixed throughout is a very different plot of something bothering Jim, something which isn't explained very well even at the end. It felt like a story that had no real climax, but it was good up to then, with nicely done characters. The art is also a mix, from some very neat illos (particularly the last one in the zine) to a picture that makes Blair look rather frightening. But it's always nice to see a zine that took the time to get illos, not even just stills. That reflects the effort Beth B seems to have put into the zine, from the nice layout to a lovely cover.[1]


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