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Name: Hindman
Alias(es): J. Hindman, Zach Nitzyekov, Sekhmet (with Bast Ravenshadow), J Dudley, J Dudley Hindman, Mestiza Woman
Type: fanzine distributor, fan artist, fan poet, and fan fiction writer.
Fandoms: MFU, Sentinel, Due South, Company Business, Equalizer, Sahara, S.W.A.T., Star Trek: reboot, Slash, Gen, AU, Original Slash, Original Het
cover of Secret Agent Men, full gallery below
URL: at Archive of Our Own
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Hindman is a gen and slash fanzine distributor under the name of LionHeart Distribution.

She is a fan poet, fan artist and fan writer, primarily in MFU, The Sentinel, Pros, Due South, and original gay fic, as well as SWAT/The Unusuals. She produced 3D art for MediaWest*Con and other convention art shows as Mestiza Woman until 2014, as well as under Hindman and Sekhmet.

She was a writing partner with Rachelle S., Bast, and J Evans.


She won multiple awards, including the Sizzler, Stiffie and FanQ Awards.


Original Fiction:

Zine Art Gallery