Dark Paradise

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Title: Dark Paradise
Publisher: Last Minit Press
Editor(s): Nan Mack
Date(s): 1998
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Escape from New York
Language: English
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cover by Hindman

Dark Paradise is a het Escape from New York 122-page anthology with the subtitle, "Tails of the Snake."

  • Right of Passage by Nan Mack (3) (also in Remote Control #6)
  • Re: Plissken by Sylvia Stevens (13)
  • Gassed Ligth by Kim August (19)
  • Flashpoints by Sylvia Stevens and Karen Winter (26)
  • You Know What They Did to Bob? by Kim August (30)
  • The Price of Survival by Nan Make (37) (also in Remote Control #6)
  • Doppelgangre by Nan Mack (59)
  • New Year's Martini by Sylvia Stevens (105)
  • Thought You Were dead by Marti Allard (111)
  • Threshold by Karen WInter and Sylvia Stevens (113)
  • art by Hindman (cover), CLH Wessel, and Kim August
  • cartoons by Contessa

About a Fic that isn't in This Zine

In 2003, a fan wrote:
I have written some Snake fanfic with Sylvia Stevens for a zine put out by Nan Mack called _Dark Paradise: Tales of the Snake_. I do have a long Snake fan novel I have been working on off and on for about six years, which I haven't finished polishing because I had nowhere to publish it, and there seemed to be about three Snake fans who actually wanted to read it.... The first draft is finished, and part of the second draft, but the last section needs some rewriting. Nan Mack didn't want to publish it because it has a slash relationship (nothing gooey or romantic) between Snake and one of my own characters. If that doesn't turn you off, I'd be glad to E-mail it to you, and you could give me feedback. [1]


  1. from Karen Winter at Karen Osman fics?, February 11, 2003