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Name: Karen Winter
Alias(es): Karen Osman
Type: fan writer, zine ed
Fandoms: Star Wars, Escape From New York, Borderlands
URL: Winter's Tales, Archived version (Osman's fanwork site)
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Karen Osman, a.k.a. Karen Winter[1] wrote Star Wars fanfiction in the early 80s.

She was published in numerous paper zines and edited one of her own, an Empire-centric one called Imperial Entanglements. Knight of Shadows, her novel about Darth Vader's early life, was mentioned in Henry Jenkins's Textual Poachers.

Osman wrote Evidence, a very, very early Han/Luke fic.

Osman is also the author of two essays: The Politics of STAR WARS and The Once And Future Jedi.


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