Evidence (Star Wars story)

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Title: Evidence (Star Wars story)
Author(s): Karen Osman
Date(s): written 1981 or 1982, published in a zine 1998
Length: approx 6,900 words
Fandom: Star Wars
External Links: Evidence, Archived version

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Evidence is an early Han/Luke slash Star Wars story by Karen Osman.

It was privately circulated in the early 1980s. The editor of Perfect Fusion planned to print in in 1984, but that zine did not get off the ground. It was later published in Elusive Lover #3 and posted by the author online in the early 2000s. It remains one of the few publicly acknowledged Han/Luke stories written by fans during the "Lucasfilm Purity Period" and its prohibition against explicit fan fiction.

From a Flyer for "Perfect Fusion"

"The Wookiee twitched his nose, analyzing pheromones. His partner had learned to rely on this ability to "read" other beings' emotions by Scent in the tricky world of smuggling. *He is much like other humans -- like you, Hansolo,* Chewbacca answered. *Now, he is smelling confused, a little angry, a little frightened... Hmmm, there is something else there, too.v The Wookiee's nose twitched again, consideringly. *Hah! He wants to mate with you.*"

From "Elusive Lover"

Author's notes:: "George Lucas announced that Han/Luke slash was the only kind of fanfic he would "go after". Karen, naturally, responded by writing a Han/Luke."

The editor of Elusive Lover #3 wrote:

I am especially proud to publish a story that hibernated for almost 15 years and now finally sees the light of day. And what better way to open a zine? (Come on there must be more of you who gave Han and Luke a spin after you you'd seen the movies. Pull those stories out of your bottom drawer and send them here.