Evidence (Star Wars story)

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Title: Evidence (Star Wars story)
Author(s): Karen Osman
Date(s): written 1981 or 1982, published in a zine 1998
Length: approx 6,900 words
Fandom: Star Wars
External Links: Evidence, Archived version

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Evidence is an early Han/Luke slash Star Wars story by Karen Osman.

It was privately circulated in the early 1980s. It was later published in Elusive Lover #3 and posted by the author online in the early 2000s. It remains one of the few publicly acknowledged Han/Luke stories written by fans during the "Lucasfilm Purity Period" and its prohibition against explicit fan fiction.

Author's summary: "George Lucas announced that Han/Luke slash was the only kind of fanfic he would "go after". Karen, naturally, responded by writing a Han/Luke."

The editor of Elusive Lover #3 wrote:

"I am especially proud to publish a story that hibernated for almost 15 years and now finally sees the light of day. And what better way to open a zine? (Come on there must be more of you who gave Han and Luke a spin after you you'd seen the movies. Pull those stories out of your bottom drawer and send them here."