Learn to Love Again

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Title: Learn to Love Again
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): April 2013
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Unusuals/S.W.A.T.
Language: English
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front and back covers

Learn to Love Again is a Jim Street/Jason Walsh digest-sized 233-page zine by Bast & Sekhmet. It has a colour cover and colour interiors by Sekhmet.

The authors promise each of the three stories has a happy ending.

  • Holding It In (Summary: Seventeen years ago, a teenage Jim was accused of a terrible crime, and lingering suspicion has coloured his life since, leaving him trapped in the past. Then a new sheriff comes to his little town, a man who looks into a cold case out of boredom and discovers not only the truth about an old murder, but the answer for both his own and Jim's solitary lives.)
  • Scars On Our Hearts (Summary: Jason suffers from a crippling disease. Jim suffers from a justifiable hatred of abuse of power. When their paths cross and Jim must see Jason as more than an irritation, he finds common ground and the one thing his life truly needs. Someone to share it.)
  • Not Broken Just Bent (Summary: Patterns of behaviour often repeat generation after generation. Jim Street learns this lesson the hard way, and it nearly costs him the only thing in his life he cannot give up, his sweet, adoring Jason.)