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Title: Trinity
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): Bast & Sekhmet
Cover Artist(s): Lettie
Date(s): January 2012
Medium: print, download, CD
Size: digest-sized
Genre: slash
Fandom: S.W.A.T./The Unusuals
Language: English
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cover by Lettie

Trinity is a 237-page S.W.A.T./The Unusuals digest-sized novel by Bast and Sekhmet. It has colour cover art by Lettie.

It is a Jim Street/Jason Walsh/OFC story with het/slash/threesome, explicit sex scenes.

Summary from the Publisher

"James Street has two people in his life he loves: an amazing woman he is thinking he could spend a lifetime with, and his partner and best friend on the police force. But a simple mistake sets in motion a chain of events he could never have predicted, and he soon finds himself with two relationships, in way over his head, and facing that he isn't the man he always thought he was.... As always, a happy ending."