A House of Cedar

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: A House of Cedar
Author(s): RAC/Sundara
Date(s): 2002
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A House of Cedar is a Kirk/Spock story by RAC/Sundara.

a page from this story, an example of Telepathic Dialogue Punctuation
"A Matter of Truth" by IM Mueller for -- "This is a Mueller work where both faces are done very nicely. The detail in the center background isn't as well done, but I'm not very concerned about background. Kirk and Spock are in profile, looking at each other very seriously. I like it that Spock's eyelids are slightly lowered, as if in thought, but that Kirk looks directly at Spock. I haven't read the story that goes with this at this time, so I have no clue what point the picture is supposed to illustrate. I am very particular about art, and frankly a lot of art these days in K/S simply doesn't appeal to me at all. I think this work is THE outstanding work in the entire zine of BEYOND DREAMS 5. [1]

It was published in the print zine Beyond Dreams #5.


"Hoping it will act as a catalyst for Spockʼs still missing memories after the fal tor pan, Kirk leaves Spock an audio tape made many years before of their first time."

Reactions and Reviews

I love stories that take place after the Fal Tor Pan, going with the idea that Kirk and Spock were lovers before Spock died in TWOK, and “A House of Cedar” is beautiful. It takes all the angsty ingredients of the whole situation of Spock’s death and subsequent resurrection, paints it with pain, love and longing, as well as a fair amount of confusion on Spock’s part, and brings the whole mix into a beautiful moment of true love and completion—in all meanings of the word—at the end. (And boy, that sentence would never have gone past Jenna’s and Dusky’s watchful eyes!) I was entranced while reading; the style of the piece was absolutely gorgeous. From in depth internal thoughts from Spock’s point of view to dialogue without narrative through one of the hottest sex scenes I’ve read in a while, all beautifully crafted.

One thing that I truly enjoyed was rac’s characterization of Winona Kirk. Seeing Kirk—and Spock, too—through her eyes was nothing short of...lovely. Her gentle teasing, intelligence and love was tangible through the section where she appeared. I also liked the little touches of hints of Kirk’s closeness to Vulcan, Amanda and Sarek, and thereby Spock, throughout the story, and how Spock, once given the clues, was dismayed at how he could have missed them before.

I could truly follow Spock’s dawning understanding and his confusion as he realises that not only was he and Kirk once bonded, but they had loved each other very deeply for twelve years. “A House of Cedar” is a wonderful story and a perfectly beautiful introduction to Beyond Dreams 5. I can’t wait to read the rest. [2]
I really loved “A House of Cedar” by rac. Stories about Spock recovering his memories after the Fal Tor Pan are favorites of mine, and this is one of the best I’ve ever read. I think this author is very accomplished. The writing flows easily, is beautifully descriptive and lyrical, and she has some really original ideas. The story is set on Vulcan, and is told from Spock’s POV. As it begins, Kirk gives him a tape and a package. Spock has not regained all his memories yet, and the author convincingly shows us Spock’s confusion, frustration, and his sense that something important is missing. He’s even more confused after Kirk gives him the items and leaves, but follows his instructions and listens to the tape. The tape is an inspired idea, and something truly unique. The whole sequence of events in the tape was wonderful to read: the depiction of Kirk’s mother (exactly the way I’d want her to be—warm, loving, charming, and concerned about Kirk), Spock’s reaction to being in the sauna, and the whole seduction scene. The tape and the other mementos Kirk gives Spock causes him to realize that before his death he and Kirk had loved each other deeply, and had been bonded for many years. I loved reading Spock’s reaction to discovering all of this, and I really liked the section about the mementos, which trigger some of Spock’s memories (I especially loved the inscription in the book, and the symbolism of the crystals).

This first part of the story is before the events in ST IV, The Voyage Home, and ends with Spock deciding to accompany Kirk back to Earth, which happens before he and Kirk can talk about what Spock has discovered. The second part of the story is set afterwards and finds Spock once again on Vulcan, contemplating the recent events. Spock realizes his memories still exist, but are deeply buried. The rest of the story very satisfactorily shows us how those memories are retrieved, with Kirk’s help, of course. There are so many wonderful sections in this part of the story, such as the copper room and the ritual of the water in the womb, (so creative), the mind meld with Kirk that restores the memories, Kirk’s joy when Spock remembers him, Spock‘s joy at recovering his memories, the loving, tender and heartfelt reunion at the end, and so many more.

This is a really beautiful story, and unfortunately this LOC can’t do it justice. You’ll just have to read the story for yourself. [3]
... one of the most lyrically beautiful stories I'd ever read. A House of Cedar by rac. I won't waste time picking apart and analyzing details; I'm going for the feelings the action evoked in me and this one gave me a warm, fuzzy, and don't forget erotic glow from the beginning. I just adore flowery prose and this author expressed herself in so many delectable ways, it took my breath away.

It was such a pleasure to read, the writing impeccable. The descriptions of the mementos Kirk, in his yearning and loneliness, gives to Spock in order to trigger lost memories were simply elegant and lovely. Great vivid details of Vulcan and its warrior-brotherhood rituals, too. So imaginative and I must say again, moving. One of the countless things I gasped at was the description of the "copper room", with its "water-of-the- womb pool". Excellent! The entire tale was well-crafted, mostly from Spock's pov as he struggles to recapture his memories of his life with Kirk.

I liked the fact that he and Kirk had been bonded for so long, and the tender, sweet and sexy memories. Very lovely. I would've appreciated a bit more dialogue, but I'm not complaining at all. Jim and Spock's loving relationship and the respect, regard and transcendent mind touching blew my mind, it was handled so deftly and sensitively. Just a gorgeous story! [4]
This was a wonderful beginning to the zine, a beautifully written story, full of emotion and with a lovely lyrical flavour as well.

The first part of the story takes place while Spock is still struggling to regain his memories after the fal tor pan. Kirk pays him a visit and leaves him a computer tape and a box with instructions to play the tape and then look in the box. When Spock does he is utterly amazed at what he finds inside – evidence that he and Jim Kirk were a lot more than just friends before his “death” on the Enterprise. These early scenes, where Spock listens to the tape and looks at the box of memories Kirk has given him is very nicely done, as is the setting on a visit to Kirk’s mother who accidentally records a very private moment between the two of them, a moment which, in the light of events on Genesis, has become very precious and is an important pointer to Spock’s enlightenment. I love the way this author described Spock’s reactions to his discovery that he and Kirk were lovers and bondmates before he died during the Genesis incident. It was also a nice touch that the box (which was made of cedar – in itself an important pointer) contained not just the legal evidence of their bonding, but also the other more sentimental momentoes of their relationship, including the ceremonial jewellery, which brought back to Spock memories of an incident in the past and the special “book” to honour the occasion.

The second part takes place after The Voyage Home when he and Kirk are back on Vulcan on leave. They finally get to talk about their past relationship which leads to some wonderful evocatively described scenes where Spock takes Kirk to a very special place where they renew their bonding in a recreation of the first time years ago. There are some really lovely scenes in this story, especially the Vulcan ritual they undertake as they renew their bond, and the truly magical setting Spock has created for them to do this. [5]


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