Devotion (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Devotion
Editor(s): CatalenaMara & Dovya Blacque
Date(s): July 2016
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Devotion is a K/S 236-page anthology "celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek." It was edited by CatalenaMara & Dovya Blacque.

cover by Suzan Lovett

It has a cover by Suzan Lovett. Interior art is by Shelley Butler, L.J. Ouelette, Romanse, Deeb, I.M. Mueller, and T'Racionn.

The zine contains poetry by Dovya Blacque, CatalenaMara, Starr Copeland and Leslie E. Owen.

  • Timeless by Theresa Kyle (As Kirk and Spock anxiously await McCoy's appearance in 1930's New York, Edith Keeler's words and philosophy work their way into Kirk's mind... where he finds some revealing truths.)
  • Encountering by Danielle Stewart & CatalenaMara (Before either ever serve on the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock have a chance meeting at a conference which leaves both men very impressed.)
  • Tiberius by Syn Ferguson (Starfleet Academy is expensive and Jim Kirk has found an easy way to make some money. Meanwhile, one of Spock's instructors suggests he experience humans in their native surroundings. The results are more than a little interesting.)
  • Chess & Lies by Jeannie Marie (Jim Kirk makes a deep impression on Spock when the new captain arrives onthe Enterprise. Over the early months of their acquaintance, they learn more about each other, liking what they see.)
  • An Issue of Trust by Elise Madrid (Something is off about the reports of the crew that made that fateful trip inthe Galileo under Spock's command... and Kirk is set on getting beneath the smokescreen he's being fed.)
  • And a Rope by Windfallswest (art by L.J. Ouelette) (Kirk has an interesting and unexpected encounter while on the Shore Leave planet.)
  • Dreamwalker by Khiori (Less than a month has passed since Spock's aborted pon farr and Kirk has had a visitor nearly every night since.)
  • She Gives Me the Stars by Windfallswest (Jim Kirk has a solution to Spock's need of a bondmate... Spock's reaction to his solution is somewhat surprising.)
  • Babel Blues by PaintedBird (A look inside Spock's thoughts during Journey to Babel.)
  • An Unexpected Conversation by Dovya Blacque (art by Romanse) (As if out of nowhere, and after knowing Spock for less than a year, Kirk brings up a proposition that's, well, a proposition.)
  • Small Mistakes by Anne Elliot (art by Shelley Butler) (Faced with a mysterious illness among the crew, the Enterprise command team find themselves having to be detectives to find the cause before it spreads through the entire ship.)
  • 27 by Deeb (art by Deeb) (Clearing out his family home, Kirk's mind drifts to his parents and his brother...making him consider the presence of a new brother.)
  • Face to Face by Ashaya T'Reldai (art by I.M. Mueller) (There is a ritual bondmates undertake to connect on a deeper level than that which they enjoy daily. Kirk finds it enlightening.)
  • His Golden Pilgrimage by DoublePlusAwesome (art by T'Racionn) (Spock's journey from Mt. Selaya to San Francisco, where he instinctively knows the last memories he has yet to recall lay, is not smooth...for Spock or his bondmate, Jim Kirk.)
  • Tantrum by Jatona P. Walker (Kirk asks Spock some questions about his childhood on Vulcan.)
  • We Are Gathered Here Today by Nic. (It may have been an error placing the plans for their wedding in McCoy's hands and Kirk and Spock both begin to regret doing so.)
  • A Change in Vision by Blackbird Song (art by L.J. Ouelette) (A long-term assignment that would part Kirk and Spock forever leads to Spock making a drastic decision that could solve the issue and change both their lives.)
  • An Inevitable Conversation by Dovya Blacque (Later in life, having given up command of the Enterprise, Kirk finds himself in a conversation with Spock that opens up whole new vistas.)
  • Tenderness by Aconitum Napellus (art by Shelley Butler) (Kirk meditates on his life, considering his bondmate and how far they've come.)