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For the character from Persuasion, see Anne Elliot (Persuasion).

Name: Anne Elliot
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: The Original Series, K/S
URL: her fic at the K/S Archive
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Anne Elliot is a British Star Trek: TOS fan writer known for her humourous K/S stories. She has been active since the late 1990s, and her work has appeared in numerous print zines.



Title Zine Year
Moving On Singing in the Wilderness 1999
The Name of the Game Singing in the Wilderness 1999
Animal Magnetism First Time #54 2002
Finding the Way Prophets in the Wilderness 2003
Doubtful Diversions Prophets in the Wilderness 2003
Facing Facts Prophets in the Wilderness 2003
Paradise Interrupted Prophets in the Wilderness 2003
Silk Prophets in the Wilderness 2003
Falls the Shadow Prophets in the Wilderness 2003
Moody Blues K/S CONnections Contest Zine 2003 & Astray in the Wilderness   2003
Calendar Boys Astray in the Wilderness 2004
Playing Footsie First Time #58 2004
Just a Simple Word First Time #58 2004
Toys for the Boys The KiScon Zine: 2004 2004
Watch with Lover K/S CONnections Contest Zine 2004 & T'hy'la #25 2004
The Sound of Silence First Time #59 2005
Drowning by Design Beyond Dreams #8 2005
A Yeoman's Tale KisMet 2005 & T'hy'la #28 2005
Hard Times Beyond Dreams #9 2006
Hell for Leather First Time #60 2006
Lost in Translation T'hy'la #26 2006
Famous Last Words KisMet 2007 2007
Going Through the Motions Legacy #1 2007
Joined-Up Thinking First Time #61 2007
Lord of the Dance First Time #62 2008
Apart T'hy'la #31 2011
Testament T'hy'la #31 2011
Learning Curve Bondmates #2 2013


Surely it’s not necessary to praise this author’s ability to write a humorous story—not to anyone who has read Animal Magnetism in FT 54, or Toys for the Boys in the KiScon 2004 zine. And folks, she has done it again! Playing Footsie is just delightful and had me grinning the whole time I was reading it. [...]

And yet it’s not all fun and games. This author also can write one hell of a sex scene—as tender and loving as you could wish.[1]

This particular author is known for writing quirky, humorous stories which I always find thoroughly enjoyable and which always bring a smile to my face. Yet once in awhile she tends to let her serious side out when penning a story and the result is just as enjoyable. Such is the case with this story ["A Yeoman's Tale"]. While it may lack the usual wit that is injected in her stories, it still is an absorbing tale that was fun to read.[2]
I have to say that the one thing I really enjoy about this author‘s stories is that she always manages to put a twist on each one. You just never know when you turn the page exactly what is going to happen next. Not that she ever leaves one confused as to where her stories are going, it‘s just that she often leads the reader on a rather winding path in order to get there.[3]
This ["Lord of the Dance"] is a fabulous story written by one of my absolutely all time favorite authors. I‘ve been a huge fan of Anne‘s writing ever since the very first story of hers that I read (Animal Magnetism in First Time # 54). I just adore Anne‘s way with words, and she has written another wonderful story with a truly unique idea, and filled with many of her signature humorous moments.[4]
As I‘ve said before, this particular author tends to inject a lot of humor in her K/S stories and has the unique ability to add just the right amount so that the story never comes out as silly or ―slapstick‖, but makes us laugh just as the humor in TOS made us laugh, as well, yet never put the characters in a ridiculous light. And this story ["Lord of the Dance"] is no exception. [...]

Once again, this author has given us a story that is both funny and touching at the same time. I can‘t wait to see what she comes up with next.[5]

Anne definitely has a gift. She recently wrote a much more serious story for Beyond Dreams Press that we were very pleased to print, so she has gifts for both serious and humorous story-writing, which is amazing. Sound of Silence is a hoot from beginning to end. Well, okay, I don’t exactly buy the central premise, which has Kirk behaving in a way that I’m not convinced he would, but who the heck cares? That’s not what this story is about. You give humorous stories like this a lot of leeway, and you give people who can write them a lot of respect and occasional bribes, asking them to please, please, write another one?[6]


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