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Name: Elise Madrid
Alias(es): gilda_elise (on LJ)
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, K/S, Professionals, Man From UNCLE, Lancer, Batman
URL: Elise Madrid at the K/S archive
Elise Madrid at AO3
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Elise Madrid is a fanwriter, who writes slash fanfiction in Star Trek: TOS (K/S), Professionals, Man From UNCLE, Batman and others. Many of her stories have been published in fanzines. She's been in slash fandom since 1999. Her last fanfiction on AO3 was posted in 2012, and much of her older work from 2010 and older has been archived on the ksarchive. As of 2020 she is mainly active on her LiveJournal, where she reviews books and films, and posts information about herself through text memes.[1] Elise appears to be not in many fannish circles as of 2020, and doesn't appear to write fanfiction anymore.


Comments and Reviews

Elise, having published many fanfics through zines, has had some of her work reviewed. Below are a handful of reviews for her writings.

"In the Season of Renewal" by Elise Madrid is about 36 pages long. Elise is a writer who writes stories I sometimes like and sometimes don't. Unfortunately, this is one of the don't. To be fair, I would find it hard to like any story written by any author where Kirk is spending most of the story on Earth after this mother's death, conversing with his cousin Brian. I just am not into stories of this type at all. Brian plays a major part in the story, and I frankly never cotton much to original characters, either. I also don't really believe in the story and what happens. Probably to get a fair appraisal of this story, you will have to read some other LOCs from other fans.[2]
Review of In the Season of Renewal

This was a really engaging story, you know how it is if you read a lot of K/S — most stories are kinda good, but one or two stand out — well this stood out. It was the first K/S I've read for a while which I stayed up late to finish! This is a very unusual mirror universe story, in which Kirk gradually and convincingly softens towards Spock and they develop an intense friendship. I love that the story takes the time to build this friendship, which to me is crucial to the development of the sexual relationship. At first it seems that in this universe Kirk and Spock are simply not interested in taking their relationship to a sexual level, they are close, but not physically attracted to each other. This is such a curious place to take a K/S story that I was really engaged and it really made me think about the whole friendship vs. lovers question. I felt that this was an area that I have rarely if even seen explored in K/S — where Kirk and Spock are generally pretty easily able to come to find each other desirable. Now, you'll be relived to know this is not where the story ends. Firstly something happens to make Kirk desire Spock — I won't spoil it but this is another unique plot device! Now we have Kirk desiring Spock and scared witless by the vulnerable position this puts him in with a Spock who just doesn't fancy Kirk! Kirk feels that friendship can never become attraction—again a rather unique position to see in a K/S story, he says "There's a world of difference between friendship and what I feel for you now. It can't be the same for us anymore." But rest assured that Elise has a solution to that too, and Kirk and Spock end up happy and together in all ways.

This story really stood out for me because it explores some very unusual aspects of Kirk and Spock's relationship in very unusual ways. If you get to thinking that everything that can be said in K/S has been said 50 different ways, read this unusual story and prove yourself wrong! Oh and it's well written and all too, at least as far as this non-writer can tell! [3]
Review of Shadow Play
Once again this author has penned another great K/S story, complete with a gripping, suspenseful plot, plenty of action, wonderful characterizations, and of course some really great sex!

This story starts out in a rather mundane fashion, with Kirk and Spock on board a commercial shuttle on their way to an obscure planet for shore leave. The atmosphere is peaceful, a peace that is soon shattered when the shuttle is boarded by Orions, intent on taking captives for their lucrative slave market. They soon busy themselves removing all the women and children. Kirk and Spock, manacled together to the seat, soon realize that the Orions intend to leave them behind. They also know that as was their habit, the slavers would destroy the shuttle once they had taken what they needed. That realization prompts them to declare their love for each other and their lips meet for their first and last kiss. Events take a sudden turn, however, and instead of dying along with the other passengers on the doomed shuttle, they instead find themselves held captive on board the Orion vessel, headed for an unknown destination. Worse, Kirk is beaten by his captors and his injuries, while not life-threatening, are severe enough to incapacitate him and Spock suffers a broken arm in trying to defend him. While the Vulcan is able to heal himself with the trance, Kirk has no such option. Their situation goes from bad to worse as they soon find themselves inmates in a Romulan prison camp. What follows is a harrowing tale as Kirk and Spock struggle to survive the harsh conditions they find themselves in, conditions made worse by a brutal guard who sets his sights on Kirk. Yet despite everything, they manage not only to remain together and united, but also to nurture their newfound relationship. Rescue, when it comes, is from an unexpected source and Kirk and Spock soon find themselves traversing an alien world in the company of a another prisoner in the form of a young Romulan, who promises them a chance to escape from the planet. Before he can keep that promise, however, tragedy strikes and Kirk and Spock soon find themselves alone once more. Refusing to give up, they soon discover the young Romulan's secret, a secret that does indeed promise freedom and the chance for a future together.

As with all this author's stories, this tale is guaranteed to keep the reader turning page after page, unable to stop until the end is reached. It is another winner from one of the most prolific and talented K/S authors around today. [4]
Review of A Common Odyssey
I’ve never seen “The Professionals” but this crossover story was a good introduction to the lead characters, Bodie and Doyle. They were well written and I had no trouble seeing them as fully developed characters – that’s difficult to do in a short story. The predicament that brings them together with Kirk and Spock is interesting and serves its purpose well. It was absorbing to see the differences in the way the two couples managed in their peculiar societies and timelines. While Kirk and Spock did not flaunt the fact they were lovers, Bodie and Doyle would have to sacrifice their careers if they were to make it known how much they care for each other.

You can see that both pairs are heroes and have the same fine traits as well as having found someone to love who is their equal. I suspect B&D stay very close to how they were on screen, because Kirk and Spock certainly do. I love that McCoy is able to perform what the 20th century men see as nothing short of a miracle.

Something like this has to be well conceived and well told to capture my interest and both were accomplished with ease.[5]
Review of And Its Business is Joy

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