Personal Endeavor

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Personal Endeavor
Author(s): Amanda Fox
Date(s): 1999
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Personal Endeavor is a K/S story by Amanda Fox. It has art by Nefertari and Marianne Mueller.

It was published in the print zine First Time #50.


"After confessing their feelings for each other as they reunite from the separation caused by Kirkʼs fear and anger, Spockʼs mind is attacked during a Romulan raid."

Reactions and Reviews

[regarding some art by Marianne]: Another favorite is the drawing of Spock and Kirk embracing drawn for the story "Personal Endeavor" by Amanda Fox opposite page 126. The drawing is so elegant that it has an almost photographic quality to it and it is tender and sensual without being explicit. I could look at it forever. Why, oh why can't one put such images up and display in one's home? No, unfortunately, I'm not that brave, (rueful sigh). [1]
I'm missing a whole chapter or even more than that. Something more has to have happened between Kirk and Spock than disobeying his orders (wherein fact we later learn that Spock had been given the okay to deal with it) for Spock to transfer and for Kirk to still be mad as hell after all that time.

If Kirk was against a timetable to save that planet, how come he still had time to dally with Delva? So much so that he didn't even remember having told Spock to deal with it. A decision which apparently led to them falling apart and to Spock's and McCoy's transfer. Irresponsibility! That just doesn't sound like Kirk. I'm sony, but I can't believe that any CMO would let Kirk's anger run rampant, especially if it threatened the working relationship between its CO and the officers and crew. Secondly, it's very hard to believe that Kirk would lack the insight and discipline to keep his temper in check and let it affect the smooth running of his ship to such a degree. Thirdly, if Kirk couldn't have kept his temper in check, it would've come out at officers' training or in a psychological test and he wouldn't have been given command of a starship. Lastly, when all these transfers from one vessel in such a short period of time crossed Starfleet's desk, don't you think they would figure out something was seriously wrong and they would start an investigation?

I like the meld, their coming together, and Spock's assertiveness. He's often portrayed as the weakest link, but in his own way he's as strong as Kirk is.

I like the art that goes with this piece. Both Nefertari and Marianne Mueller did an outstanding job, if I may call it a job. It feels very alive and fresh. A free expression of Kirk and Spock, and I like it very much.[2]
I truly enjoyed Amanda Fox's "Personal Endeavor". It was interesting in the way it started out. I thought it was a truly novel idea to start out a story with Spock almost dying, far from the Enterprise and his crew- mates. The way Amanda also put Spock and Kirk at odds with each other was interesting. Kirk's way of dealing with his feelings for Spock and subsequently acknowledging them and finally begging Spock's forgiveness was very well-written. Of course, that wasn't the end of the story. It is a mini-novella I'd say about 100 pages long, and it was hard to put down. I thoroughly recommend it. [3]


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