The Small Slave

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Small Slave
Author(s): Gena Moretti
Date(s): 1996
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Small Slave is a K/S story by Gena Moretti.

It was published in the print zine Scattered Stars #8.


"At the end of a battle, Spock finds a wounded human slave who he takes to his tent to nurse back to health with the intentions of keeping him."

Reactions and Reviews

Written in a neat lyrical style like a story told down through the generations (no, not that one!), this welcomed Gena Moretti story was just lovely.

This is a fully-realized, beautifully detailed vision of the Vulcan warriors and their goings-on. Spock is an important leader and Kirk is a "fighting slave". They meet and Spock is smitten, but Kirk is owned by an elderly leader. Some really nice touches like when the old warrior, nearing his death, thinks: "Although now I must chew more and more of the weed of forgetfulness to sleep." And the warrior phrase: "I wish you all clear water and shade."—a kind of live long and prosper for the desert warrior types.

I loved Sarek's advice to Spock upon learning of his feelings for Kirk:" Time passes. Situations change. And sometimes, if you are watching closely, what you desire comes within your reach...again.'" Really neat.

I loved all the different characters like the wise, honorable dying warrior and his evil nephew who is a real jerk. The nephew is next in line and wants Kirk as his slave, but the dying leader wants Spock to inherit him instead.

So the healer sends "The slave McCoy who is human (all humans are slaves) and a Vulcan to find the Clan Sarek and inform Spock.

So many fine details like a document being written on skin instead of paper and "the coals of the evening's fire" to indicate late at night. And I loved Kirk calling the elderly leader "father of my heart".

However... Boy! Did this story ever end abruptly! Talk about wrapping things up quick! Not only did it end suddenly, but the sex consisted of They did it three times that night" and out of the blue there was something thrown in about Spock getting really angry because he wants to boss in bed....

I understand that sometimes things happen right when you're finishing a story so you want to hurry it up. Rushing is such a shame, especially here because the lengthy build-up and the terrific entire story is almost thrown away and the reader feels cheated. If the story weren't so good, it wouldn't matter how fast it was wrapped up. But it is and it was. [1]
I really got into this pre-reform warrior/slave story, especially the un-modern dialogue, the "storytelling" style.

The warrior customs were well drawn, and integrated into the story. I liked things such as the ritual truce for the night, and then the opposing clans realizing they're too evenly matched and that further fighting was just a waste.

Spock is, of course, the finest warrior, son of the head of the clan. On the other side, Kirk is a raritya fine human fighting slave, the chief's son's trusted companion since childhood, and the chief's invaluable counsel. There is good conflict and jeopardy in the form of the chief's conniving (and worse) nephew.

In the beginning, during the fighting, Kirk collapses over the dead body of the chief's son and Spock takes him back to his own camp, to heal him. He knows the enemy chief will come for Kirk, but he will be disappointed when he does. The dawning attraction between them is quite nicely written. But Kirk is taken back to the other side.

So, a situation unfolds where the chief is dying and can't protect his beloved slave Kirk from the nephew; and after danger, adventure and torture, Spock becomes Kirk's legal master, and the nephew gets his due.

I was very happily following where Gena was leading me through this whole story, thinking as much weight would be given to Kirk and Spock being together as to all this build-up, but it wasn't.

When after this long tale Kirk and Spock are finally together sexually, it's kind of a let-down: we really don't get enough feeling behind it. You know how you can write what they do sexually but if you don't put in how what they do makes them feel, it rings emptya visual only, with no depth.

I liked this dynamic between them though: Spock just can't get enough of Kirk, but then becomes angry when he realizes Kirk is always seducing him, when Spock, the master, should be the one taking the initiative. Kirk meekly submits to this anger, yet wins Spock over yet again immediately. Spock realizes Kirk is a prize indeed. [2]
When I first discovered K\S and was devouring zines as fast as the mailman could deliver them, I didn't even notice who wrote what. But as time went by and I calmed down a little, (just a very little) I soon found myself scanning the table of contents for Gena Moretti's name. To paraphrase an old quote, I never read a story of hers I didn't like. Imagine my dismay when suddenly I couldn't find any more and upon inquiring why, was told she no longer wrote. What a bummer! That's why I'm so tickled to LOC this story. She's back... and am I delighted.

This is a beautifully drawn story of pre-reform Vulcan and its warrior culture. Spock is the son of the leader of clan Sarek and Kirk is a fighting slave owned by the son of a rival clan's chief. These two clans are at war and Spock first sees Kirk on the battlefield trying to protect his fallen master. For Spock it's love at first sight...yes, yes. And it doesn't take too long for a certain feisty human to reciprocate his feelings. But there are many obstacles to overcome before these two can be together. Death and betrayal. Torture and angst. The mad rush to the rescue...all the good stuff.

I love this author's vision of Kirk and Spock. Even as a slave, Kirk is brave and resourceful. He's not portrayed as a pretty, soft weakling, wringing his hands in the corner. And Spock is wonderfully sexy as the proud Vulcan warrior who loves him. And all the other characters are fully realized individuals as well. They aren't just faceless bodies with names who are used as plot devices. We learn to know the wise old dying leader and his evil nephew and of course Spock's father, the equally wise Sarek.

There are great little touches showing the customs and how these people lived on a day to day basis.

However, pervert that I am, I can't help wishing that the sex scene at the end had been more explicit. It was a cut to the crashing waves kind of thing and I must admit that I wanted to read about hot, incredible sex after everything had been resolved. But that's just me. I like to squirm in my seat and thrash on the floor... and my husband seems to like it too. (Not the sex scenes, but when I thrash on the floor.)

This little quibble aside, I think The Small Slave is a terrific story. One that I will reread many times. I hope this is only the first in a long line of brand new Gena Moretti stories. Welcome back to the world of K\S. I missed you. [3]
This is a terrific Warrior Spock/Kirk as Slave story. Full of rich detail of their lives and customs. There is attraction and separation, torture and comfort and finally consummation. "Nothing could have kept him from possessing Kirk fully that night. Not merely once, but three times, with very little time in between." This was a bit brief, more detail and intimacy would have been nice. It sounds very cliche but it is so delightfully written it feels very fresh. I keep it in my bedside draw as a favourite read. My main comment ? It's too short! [4]


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