If Spock Had a Holodeck

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: If Spock Had a Holodeck
Author(s): Karla Kelly
Date(s): 1994
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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If Spock Had a Holodeck is a K/S story by Karla Kelly.

It was published in the print zine Scattered Stars #6.


"Kirk hires Spock, a man with a reputation for finding things out, after two of his boats mysteriously sink."

Reactions and Reviews

Yes, there is much resemblance between Spock and Holmes - making a story of this is only "logical". McCoy as Watson is equally perfect and the atmosphere of the story is striking. I loved how the author made Spock an alien without mentioning pointed ears and green skin : (p 6) "For those who sailed the high seas, the men who remained on shore couldn't really read minds. " Great! [1]
Today, I searched my closet for some of these stories I always wanted to write LOCs about. I usually mark stories I liked/disliked for future LOCs (which far too seldom get written, but as you can see the blue velvet poodles are making me work on that). The first zine that fell into my hands, however, was unmarked. Damn. Well, that meant that I would have to read the whole thing again to find out which ones I liked, and that turned out to be very fortunate. The first story in the zine is "If Spock had a Holodeck", and I remembered vaguely that I didn’t like it much. I reread it anyway and now am very happy I did, because the story is really nice, and it shows a Kirk and Spock just as I like them best.

It is an AU, and Kirk is captain of a sailing ship which got sabotaged and sunk. Now, injured and without a ship, he needs Spock’s help the to prove his innocence.

I love the concept of Spock as some kind of Sherlock Holmes, it gives him the opportunity to be especially cool, and the opportunity is certainly not wasted here. The story is too short to have lots of plot details, but they’re not necessary either. We have an elegant, competent Spock, a captainly Kirk and very sweet love between the two. And I really have no idea why I once didn’t like this story. Recommended! [2]


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