Jane Elza

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Name: Jane Elza
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Jane Elza was a Star Trek: TOS fan writer in the late 1980s and early '90s. She wrote both gen and K/S slash fanfiction and poetry.

Jane is best known for her vignettes and short stories. In a review of one of Jane's stories, a fan writes: "[This] is another short-short from the master of them, it is amazing how much this author manages to convey in so few words."[1]


Title Zine Year
Tale of the DG Laff Trek #3 1988
All in the Family Highly Illogical #8 1988
Inevitable (poem) Highly Illogical #8 1988
The Dream Abode of Strife #15 1988
The Sorcerer Scattered Stars #1 1989
Stranger Games First Time #21 1989
Purgatory First Time #22 1989
Shadow Dancing First Time #23 1989
Cure for a Dull Voyage Matter/Antimatter #7 1989
Last Dance Matter/Antimatter #7 1989
Gambit Counterpoint #2 1989
Soltr's Curse (poem) Counterpoint #2 1989
Waiting Counterpoint #3 1990
Computer Games Counterpoint #3 1990
Cure for a Dull Voyage (poem) Counterpoint #3 1990
Gol Matter/Antimatter #8 1990
Second Thoughts Matter/Antimatter #8 1990
Chess Lessons Matter/Antimatter #8 1990
Dissertation Proposal Matter/Antimatter #8 1990
Perchance to Dream Matter/Antimatter #8 1990
The Taming of the Cat (poem) Off the Wall #1 1991
Parted and Never Parted Matter/Antimatter #10 1994
Genie Matter/Antimatter #10 1994
Should Old Acquaintance Matter/Antimatter #10 1994


  1. Review of "Purgatory" from The K/S Press #45. May 2000.