Legacy (Star Trek: TOS slash and non-fiction anthology)

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Title: Legacy
Publisher: Beyond Dreams Press
Date(s): 2007
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek, Kirk/Spock, Star Trek: The Original Series
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Legacy was published in five volumes in 2007.

It contains fiction, art, poetry, and articles and essays, all celebrating the long history of the Kirk/Spock and Star Trek: TOS fandom.

The Staff

  • Managing Editor: Jenna Sinclair
  • Associate Managing Editor: Kathy Resch
  • Associate Editor for Art—Liz Woledge
  • Associate Editor for CD Database—Linda W.
  • Associate Editor for Conventions—Robin Hood
  • Associate Editors for Fiction—Jenna Sinclair and D’Anne
  • Associate Editor for the Internet—Lyrastar
  • Associate Editor for Interviews—Kathy Resch
  • Associate Editor for Letterzines—Dorothy Laoang
  • Associate Editor for Zines—Carolyn Spencer


From a May 2007 description by one of the creators:
We’ll be bringing out Legacy to premiere in July at Shore Leave, unless the sky falls on us to prevent that. Originally, I had announced it would come out in November 2006, but I had a fallback date of March 2007 in mind because I knew November was tremendously ambitious. My reach constantly exceeds my grasp. And of course March was too ambitious, too, for a number of reasons that include Real Life rearing its ugly head. I do most sincerely apologize for the delay not only to readers who might be wanting to read it but to the contributors who made every effort to meet my deadlines, which were way too ambitious. We’re going to have some tremendous fiction in the four volumes (probably four) of the zine, all of which will be published at once. Volumes one through four of Legacy. The stories range from just a few pages to one that could almost be published as a stand-alone novel, but most of them are substantial short stories. Lots of meat on these bones! And of course Legacy itself is intended to be a tribute to the long, thirty-year history of K/S, so it is going to be packed with interviews of some of the most interesting people! You’ll get to read the words of lots of people who were in K/S way back when, who can tell us what it was like. Included among those interviewed are Syn Ferguson, Leslie Fish, Carol Frisbie, Cynthia Drake, [Gayle F] and many more. Our non-fiction articles will range across the history of zines, of K/S art (with many small-sized examples provided by the diligent art team), of conventions, of letterzines (you will be fascinated to read the actual letters from letterzines where the controversy over K/S raged), and the internet. Each volume of Legacy will present a mix of fiction, non-fiction, and interviews, which gathered together should give you a great overview of our past, our present, and hopefully our future. If plans proceed as it looks like they will, we’ll also be including with each zine a CD with an updated database for all K/S zines and stories ever published, a true labor of love by Linda W. [1]
From the original zine flyer:

The Legacy project commemorates the thirtieth anniversary of K/S and traces our history with an emphasis on its earliest days. The editors tapped into the recollections of those who were truly there at the beginning of the whole slash movement.

Read not only brand-new fiction and poetry, see not only new artwork, but also read lively non-fiction articles about the growth of K/S zines, the history of K/S art, the explosion of K/S onto the Internet, and, especially, read the fierce debate that erupted in the seventies over the whole concept of a media-based same-sex pairing. Flamewars online have nothing over the battle fought in the pages of the early letterzines and zine letter columns. [2]

Cover Art

A fan comments on the cover art:
While I was waiting for my copy of the Legacy zines to arrive, I speculated on the covers. What would they be like? Would they all be the same or would they be different? Imagine my delight to see they are both and neither! The background, reminiscent of a stained glass window, remains true on each volume, but the center of the “window” is a different image of Kirk and Spock, progressing through the years. The more I look at these (and I’ve looked a lot) the better I like them. There is nothing that stands the test of time in historic buildings better than stained glass, so I find this similarity very fitting. And I think it is perfect that we see them in their TOS years and beyond. These portraits are a tribute to the rich legacy Kirk and Spock have given us. Ms. Sky tells their story in a stylish and timeless fashion through her cover art. [3]

Issue 1

Legacy, Volume 1, "Timeless" by Virginia Sky. From The K/S Press #131: "This cover shows our heroes early in the first five-year mission. So handsome, so young, so filled with the desire to explore space and at the very beginning of a friendship that will make them legends among the stars. Beautiful!"

Legacy 1 was published in July 2007 and contains 196 pages. The cover is by Virginia Sky. Interior art by Shelley Butler, Liz, Acidqueen, Deeb, Ivy Hill.

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[art]: The art in Legacy is just presented beautifully. All the art pieces are on heavy card stock—since I don’t know anything about art, hopefully that term is correct—and, boy, does it make a difference. I just want Jenna and D’Anne to know that the extra expense was very much worth it. Extraordinary art presented in an extraordinary manner for a once in a lifetime project.

"TIMELESS" by Virginia Sky, front cover: Although it’s just identified as “Cover” in the table of contents, some of the other covers bear the title “Timeless,” and that’s what this piece of CGA portrays. [Note from Jenna: Darn it! That was a slip-up in production that I caught in the second printing. Sigh.] Appropriately for volume 1, this cover shows our heroes early in the first five-year mission. So handsome, so young, so filled with the desire to explore space and at the very beginning of a friendship that will make them legends among the stars. Beautiful!

“SHARED FUTURE” by Liz—opp. Pg.17: A unique idea. I love that Liz is always willing to try something new. This is lovely. Kirk and Spock’s faces and between them, spanning the years are scenes that show how their friendship grew and developed into love. It’s all here: trust, danger faced, death and life resurrected. Big sigh from me when I saw this one for the first time.

“MAKING PLANS” by Ivy Hill—opp.166: Another late night. Two men sitting across from each other doing what they do best: working out their ideas, making plans into reality, being better together than they could possibly be apart. I adore they way they are looking at each other. It’s all there between their glances. That’s what love looks like. [8]
“SHARED FUTURE” by Liz (opposite page 17): I am breathless with the complexity and significance of this eye-catching image! On the left is Spock in profile – on the right Kirk. They are separated by a misty miasma through which stars can barely be seen. Like the birth of the universe. Stretched along this interstellar cloud are faded images of their life together. WNM, Amok Time, Turnabout Intruder, “This simple feeling”, TWOK, TSFS and finally “Not in front of the Klingons.” You have to see this to believe the effect it has, the impact it carries. The most pivotal moments in their lives are so well represented and so well blended. This is hypnotic! [9]
What a truly incredible and wonderful undertaking this project is and I am absolutely in awe of the love and dedication that all the contributors have put into this project. Thank you so much. I decided to try to review each zine starting with Volume 1.

The artwork is fantastic in Legacy throughout. The front cover in volume one by Virginia Sky is titled Timeless and it is a wonderful perspective of Kirk and Spock in the early years, revealing their rapport as they encounter another puzzling phenomenon. Then 40 years of Love by Liz is a beautiful introduction showing the evolution of Kirk and Spock through the years And ahhh, what a nice beginning, artwork by Shelley Butler titled, “The Beginning”. A wonderful piece of artwork of the two of them together in bed. Such expression, I absolutely want to know what they are talking about. Shelley, where’s the story with this lovely drawing? I am in such awe...

[fiction comments on own page]

The next piece of artwork is Shared Future by Liz, another wonderful picture of Kirk and Spock looking at each other and stretching between them are images of the two of them together through the years. It is poignant and touching. The Legacy of K/S in Zines by Carolyn Spencer was fascinating and incredible in the amount of research that was done. Kudos to everyone involved in this incredible project. Next is the Legacy of K/S in Art by Liz. I was surprised at how interesting this article was, since I have no understanding of Artwork, I only know what I like. I was hooked from word one, Liz did a wonderful job. The research information was more interesting than I imagined. And how wonderful that Chris S, Southern Cross and Shelley Butler tied for 1st place but I would have to add Suzan Lovett to make it a 4 way tie. Ahhhh, I did enjoy The Road to K/S. The article was by Nancy Kippax about the road traveled to create the zine, Contact. I really appreciated the acknowledgement to Contact even though it was not a K/S zine, it was definitely a relationship zine. Lynn and I spent many wonderful times in the Volker inn with Beverly, enjoying many days with both Nancy and Bev. Has anyone ever been to Pretty Boy Dam in Maryland? Bev would take us to it and we always imagined the dam was named after Pretty Boy, Jim Kirk. Ahhh, the memories. Thank you Nancy for the wonderful story of the beginning of Contact...

[fiction comments on own page]

Even though I loved the artwork article a lot, I think I liked the interviews most of all. Do we have [Kathy Resch] to thank for the expert method of interviewing? The interview with Diane Marchant was great and I especially loved the information at the end about Diane’s story. The legacy of K/S in letterzines, was well written and interesting. So please know, when I say this section throughout was my least favorite is no reflection on the article or the amount of research required. I admire the time and commitment tremendously. One reason for my negativity is the arguments that went on in letterzines during those years and from a personal perspective, there was so much bitterness and anger from both camps K/S and K&S that I have trouble reading this due to my own memories influencing me as I read these articles. But it does make me appreciate K/S Press all the more, it is always a joy to read, with positive comments and criticism without the mean, hateful remarks that occurred with past letterzines. ‘United’ by Acidqueen is a very different piece of artwork, a drawing of Kirk and Spock as warriers. I would love to see the story that accompanies the drawing. It inspires me to consider several scenarios. The Sound and the Fury by K.S. Langley. What an incredible walk through history in 1977. I was quite impressed and really enjoyed reading the transcription of the panel discussion. Another incredible interview with SYN FERGUSON. I really enjoyed reading this. Courts of Honor is what finally convinced me to consider K/S is highly possible. And the writing! Oh the incredible writing! To hear Syn’s doubts when she is so very gifted was encouraging to those of us who attempt to write and know that we will never reach that level of writing. I truly enjoyed this interview and appreciate Syn’s honesty...

[fiction comments on own page]

And ANOTHER GREAT INTERVIEW with Natasha Solten! Absolutely one of my favorite authors. Charisma is such a wonderful story with wonderful moments of humor. I really enjoyed reading her comments. Next is at truly interesting discussion of the Legacy of K/S on the Internet. Contained within is Killa’s statements regarding Turning Point, another truly fantastic story. Then Lyrastar continues with online K/S Fiction which was very detailed and enlightening. I enjoyed this very much. Convention Memories by Robin Hood was such a trip down memory lane for me, remembering those first few conventions and the wonderful feeling of finding out that other people feel like me. An incredible feeling. Robin gave us a very nice report of K/S cons which I enjoyed. AN INTERVIEW WITH SUZAN LOVETT: Oh my gosh I have died and gone to heaven. First Syn, then Natasha and now Suzan! It was so fun reading her interview but I wanted more. Just as I want more of her artwork! Her cover of In the Shade is so loving, tender and sweet and she manages to convey all those feelings with Kirk and Spock fully clothed. I absolutely love her artwork. I am so glad Legacy included poetry in the zine. There are three by Starshadow that are sweet and moving. I am always awed by the ability to express so much emotion with just a few words. Oh I love this artwork! Making Plans by Ivy is just wonderful in its simplicity. Kirk and Spock talking over a drink in maybe the observation lounge? Ivy provides pieces of Star Trek that we would have loved to see and now we can thanks to wonderfully dedicated artists like Ivy. I feel like these are the missing scenes that were cut out of the episodes. Well, I can dream, can’t I?...

[fiction comments on own page]

This zine was a wonderful combination of fact, fiction and artwork. I sincerely thank each contributor and cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated this attempt to outline K/S through the years. Thank you all!

Now onto Volume II! [10]

Issue 2

Legacy, Volume 2, cover by Virginia Sky. From The K/S Press #131: "While I was waiting for my copy of the Legacy zines to arrive, I speculated on the covers. What would they be like? Would they all be the same or would they be different? Imagine my delight to see they are both and neither! The background, reminiscent of a stained glass window, remains true on each volume, but the center of the “window” is a different image of Kirk and Spock, progressing through the years. The more I look at these (and I’ve looked a lot) the better I like them. There is nothing that stands the test of time in historic buildings better than stained glass, so I find this similarity very fitting. And I think it is perfect that we see them in their TOS years and beyond. These portraits are a tribute to the rich legacy Kirk and Spock have given us. Ms. Sky tells their story in a stylish and timeless fashion through her cover art."

Legacy 2 was published in July 2007 and contains 202 pages. The front cover by is by Virginia Sky. The interior art is by Ivy Hill, Acidqueen, Virginia Sky, and IM Mueller.

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[art]: TIMELESS by Virginia Sky—Front Cover. This is a photo of our heroes from “A Taste of Armageddon” but done in Virginia’s patented tinted style. Kirk is to the foreground; the natural leader, Spock at his shoulder offering his unwavering support. I love how they look in that episode. So handsome! Sigh. Where was I? Oh, yes, the cover of Legacy 2. It’s presented on a background that is reminiscent of a stained glass window. Not to be irreverent, but the world could do worse—and has—than to follow the precepts of love, acceptance of diversity, and IDIC that Star Trek and K/S avows. Thanks, Virginia. I love it.

UNDER THE SEA by Marianne Müeller—opp. pg. 141. I’m not sure whether the illo or the story came first, but this is a very intriguing view of Kirk and Spock as mermen. I think this is done in pencil. I love the long hair at the top center, although I know that others disagree. Here it adds to the picture, giving a counterpoint to the graceful swirls of their tails at the lower right. There’s a fluidity to their bodies that is exactly right in a watery environment. Nice work!

THE JOY OF TECHNOLOGY by Virginia Sky. This cga cries out for a story to go with it. Why would Spock be showing a bare-chested Kirk complete with a towel around his neck on his science bridge monitor? Spock is turned away from the image toward the center of the bridge. What is he proving to his crewmates? To Kirk? Various possibilities come to mind, but I’d love to hear what the artist was thinking of when she produced it. How about a story, Virginia? [14]

Issue 3

Legacy, Volume 3 -- " Sigh, the front cover is called Timeless by Virginia Sky and it is a wonderful portrayal of our guys in cape and tunic from Errand of Mercy. Just Lovely." [15]

Legacy 3 was published in July 2007 and contains 203 pages. The cover is by Virginia Sky. Interior art by Liz, Linda W., Myra, Ivy Hill.

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[zine]: [See this fan's comments for It's Academic]

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Next, there is an intriguing interview with an anonymous author for K/S providing another different view of the development of K/S. I am still considering one statement she made; 'WS played Kirk more like Alexander than Hornblower. Shatner didn‘t play Kirk as Hornblower until movie two.' Intriguing thought but I haven‘t quite figured that out. The article about Jesmihr: the Journey of One Author in K/S by Lyrastar is charming and I certainly identified with many of her statements of the incredible world of feedback on the internet. And the articles about K/S Around the World and Out of the Closet on the Internet by Lyrastar was informative and fun to read and I‘m so glad these were provided. Then we have interviews with [Kathy Resch], Noel Silva, Marnie S and another one with Gayle F which again was wonderful to see their viewpoints and graciousness after providing us with so much wonderful K/S work over the years.

[See this fan's comments for In Sickness and in Health]

We are treated to more comments from the letterzine: Not Tonight Spock 1-6: I love reading the comments from so many of the authors that I have read over the years…. And then Jenna writes a short article about zines that were published in 1989, she does this in the voice of fan Shawna going through her closet and reorganizing her zines. Shawna‘s problem is she can‘t get the closet reorganized because she keeps having to stop to read stories. Certainly not a problem that any of us ever experience! Then Jenna does an incredibly detailed report of the zines in 1990. It is absolutely delicious to read...

Convention Memories by Shelley Butler: She reveals her first few visits with Robin and talks about standing in front of her zine closet looking at all of them with awe and wonder. It may sound funny to the newer fans, Shelley, but I surely know what you are talking about, I had a friend (Rhea Brainard) I met about 150 miles from me and she had a wonderful room—filled to overflowing with zines. It was heaven!!! And you are so right about attending conventions in Baltimore and then having to make up stuff about what I did (went to the Smithsonian - not) for my friends at home who did not understand or know about K/S or ST. Linda Wan also did a writeup about conventions and both her and Shelley, did a good job of capturing the moments that make these cons special and that‘s not an easy thing to do.

[See this fans's comments on An Eye for an Eye]

As with the first two Legacys, this zine is a joy to read and I am impressed and awed anew at the talent that we have in the K/S world and with the time and effort that was spent to share the wonderful history with all of us fans. Every K/S fan will enjoy all five zines of Legacy. [20]

Issue 4

Legacy, Volume 4 -- "This time Virginia‘s cover portrays Kirk and Spock from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Kirk looks absolutely delicious in his white uniform with Spock in science blue at his shoulder. Anchored in their frame of stained glass, the guys look ready to save the galaxy once more. I‘ve always loved them as young heroes during the first five-year mission, but this more mature Kirk and Spock have a definite appeal. Gone, perhaps, are the uncertainties of youth. These are men who have experienced living without each other; they know what it is like to lose the most important person in your life— though they have yet to face an even greater loss to come. Virginia has captured the determination on their faces. They will not repeat their past mistakes." [21]

Legacy 4 was published in July 2007 and contains 200 pages. The cover is by Virginia Sky. Interior art by Ivy Hill, Linda W., Myra, Liz.

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[art]: ROLE PLAYING by Myra—after pg. 124 -- It seems everyone on the Enterprise wants to 'play' Kirk and Spock in love! Done with dolls, this is adorable and very cleverly done. Be sure to check out the cga Spock is working on. [28]

Issue 5

Legacy, Volume 5 -- "This time the guys are in their ST II uniforms. The captain and the admiral. So handsome. The deep red is very flattering, very vibrant. They have been through the separation of Gol and have yet to face the tragedy of Spock‘s death. There is still time for banter and camaraderie and the love that is revealed so blatantly with a look. A picture that evokes a wonderful world of memories. An excellent choice, Virginia, for this cover of the last volume of Legacy. [29]

Legacy 5 was published in July 2007 and contains 202 pages. The cover is by Virginia Sky. Interior art by Ivy Hill, Liz, Deeb.

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[art]: The Cost of Command: I love this montage of images in black and white of Kirk and Spock together and then Kirk holding Spock. It matches the mood in this story well and gives me the springboard for other stories as well. After Genesis: A time period that we do not see much artwork with Kirk looking grimly down at Spock from the Genesis planet. Again, it is the perfect accompaniment to Carolyn Spencer’s wonderful story, Saying Good-Bye. [34]
[art]: THE COST OF COMMAND by Ivy Hill—opp. 59: Another fascinating look at our heroes. Two small gray tone cgas of Kirk and Spock. They are not touching but by the depth of communication that passes between them, they might as well be embracing each other. Between and below these is a lovely cga where they are in each other‘s arms. Kirk‘s eyes are closed, and we just see Spock‘s back, but Kirk looks so relieved. Perhaps they have narrowly escaped death one more time, and finally, finally Kirk will speak the truth that is in his heart. AFTER GENESIS by Ivy Hill—opp. pg. 191: Another gorgeous cga by Ivy. This one was printed with my story ―Saying Good-bye -- and portrays exactly the emotions I was trying so hard to show. Kirk looks so devastated. I love the intimacy of the warm brown background, and the fact that the images are enclosed in an oval serves to draw them together. [35]


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