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Personal Fanfiction Website
Dates: 2006 (?)- August 2023
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Boston Legal
Screenshot of Liquidfic's landing page on the Wayback Machine, taken 12-07-2023
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Liquidfic was a multi-fandom, multi-author website that went offline in August 2023. It is still accessible via the Wayback Machine. It was home mainly to fanfiction in Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, and Boston Legal fandoms, although various other fandoms and works do appear. Liquidfic's tagline was "adrift on an alien ocean".

The website seems to have moved to a new URL,, around 2011, but the site was captured by the Wayback Machine as early as 2006 at


Fanfiction by Lyra:

Fanfiction by others: