Katie Forsythe

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Name: Katie Forsythe
Alias(es): wordstrings
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock (TV series)
URL: The Seventeenth Step (ACD canon stories)

wordstrings on AO3 (Sherlock stories)

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Katie Forsythe is a popular Holmes/Watson (and, by extension, Sherlock/John) fan writer. She is probably the most recced writer of book-canon Holmes/Watson stories. Her stories have prompted another fan to propose the term Forsythian:

A Forsythian perspective interprets the text from the standpoint of the text as written by Watson while trying to divert attention from his and Holmes's homosexual relationship. Any discrepancies, such as jumps in time, gaping plot holes, or bizarre non-sequiturs (as, for instance, Holmes's musings on a rose during The Naval Treaty) are due to this attempt to rewrite history. The more irreconcilable the discrepancy, the hotter the sex being covered up.[1]

Her stories were hosted on Liquidfic until the domain went down in 2023. She was also posting them to LiveJournal, but deleted the account due to being overwhelmed by the comments received.[2] She also has an AO3 account, which hosts her Sherlock (TV series) stories.


Most of her stories have been enthusiastically podficced, sometimes multiple times. A Tumblr user compiled a master list of all her stories that have been podficced here (last updated 2017). See also: Katie Forsythe and wordstrings at the Audiofic Archive.

See this tumblr post by a fan who found Sherlock Holmes fandom via podfic of her fanfic: This is a love letter to Katie Forsythe by setralynn (March 24, 2012)

As wordstrings

Under the name wordstrings, she is known for writing the popular Paradox Series, as well as All the Best and Brightest Creatures (posted between 2012 and 2016).


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