Ivy Hill

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Name: Ivy Hill
Alias(es): Ivy
Type: fan artist and vidder
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Ivy Hill is a Star Trek fan artist known for her CGA/photo manipulation art.

"In This Room"

Ivy also collaborated on the Kirk/Spock fanvid In This Room. She created the Photoshopped stills used in the vid, with "much direction" from her co-collaborator.[1]

Reviews of Ivy's Art

Ivy provides pieces of Star Trek that we would have loved to see and now we can thanks to wonderfully dedicated artists like Ivy. I feel like these are the missing scenes that were cut out of the episodes. Well, I can dream, can’t I?[2]
[Review of "Whispers of Love":] Oh my, what a wonderful, sweet but powerful piece of artwork. I want to say this is my favorite piece of artwork ever except I can’t simply because of her artwork in Beyond Dreams called Love Knot. Despite the fact that I am one of those unenlightened fans who does not like explicit artwork, Love Knot is simply the most powerful piece that I have ever seen, I look at it and feel my chest tighten up with the love that you can see in Kirk’s face and Spock’s embrace. [...] In Whispers of Love, I can imagine several story ideas with this artwork. Done in light tones, almost angelic appearing, Spock in a white robe and Kirk in a white sweater, they are holding each other with gentleness and I think Kirk’s eyes are closed. Tremendously touching and sweet, and I cannot do it justice with my inadequate comments.[3]

Example Art


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