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Mailing List
Name: KirkSpockCentral
Date(s): 2003-?
Moderators/List Maintainers: founded by Helen V, co-moderators Jenna Sinclair and Gilda F
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, K/S
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A different sort of group—KirkSpockCentral (KSC)—appeared in 2003, not for fiction, yet designed to be a cohesive place for all adult K/S fans in the wake in the ASCEM deterioration. Says its founder Helen V., “KirkSpockCentral was conceived with the idea of providing a central location where fans could find all things K/S, as well as be a gathering place to meet other K/S fans, both old and new, ask questions, provide answers, post links and updates to Web sites, zines, conventions and so on. I found other K/S related lists to be lacking in providing information, especially for fans just discovering K/S. Some knew nothing about zines [...or] that K/S has a long and rich history that began many years ago, long before the Internet. Also, I wanted a place that was truly devoted to the pairing of Kirk and Spock. This was not always the case on other K/S lists, so in this way, KSC was to be different. I hoped!

“So, I set up the list and asked two very dear K/S friends to moderate with me: Jenna and Gilda F. We spread the word among fans, and on the Internet, and also through the letterzine The K/S Press, and people joined. LOTS of people! [At time of publication [2007] there are 477 members] There seemed a real need for what we provided. “Some members resisted the idea of one true pairing. In other words, some felt that Kirk/other or Kirk/Spock/McCoy was still K/S. But this is what we on KSC were trying to get away from, so we encouraged the focus to be on Kirk/Spock only. I’d get e-mails off list from time to time, telling me it was appreciated, so I knew, on the whole, it was the right way to go.”

Over time, the group guidelines changed allowing new (or older, I suppose) Kirk/Spock fiction to be posted there as well, but it seemed to be well-grounded in its original purpose as an informative network hub, much as the name suggests.[1]


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