K/S Day

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Event: K/S Day
Participants: The K/S Press / Andi Lenor
Date(s): March 24th
Type: fannish holiday
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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by Ivy, in The K/S Press #138 (March 2008)

K/S Day is a fannish holiday created in 1997 by The K/S Press, specifically by Andi Lenor [1]. It occurs on March 24th.

Creation of the Holiday

[Andi L] wrote to us with a terrific idea that we thought we'd pass on to you. She says: 'You know how the closest Monday to Lincoln and Washington's birthdays is now a national holiday called Presidents' Day? Well, Shatner and Nimoy both have their birthdays in March and the closest Monday is March 24, so how about seeing if the K/S crowd wants to declare our own private national holiday of K/S Day or something... and then everyone could come up with some way to celebrate it (like only eating pink or green food that day or watching an episode for new K/S moments or something) and then ask everybody that wants to write in and tell what unique thing they thought of to do to celebrate the day?" So we would love to hear from all of you what you did (or might have done) to celebrate K/S Day, Monday March 24th! [2]

Some Fannish Celebrations

How I spent K/S Day. I bought some flowers (wanted a couple of roses, couldn’t get them and ended up with pink things), put ‘em in glass in front of dishy picture of the “boys.” Watched music vids for about an hour, eating and drinking coffee. Talked lust to a friend on phone. (dread the bill.) Went to bed with a K/S zine, coffee and the dogs.... heaven! [3]
I had my husband put the Star Trek sheets on my bed... He fixed it with sheets and pillowcases, which, on a sky-blue background, have prints of our starship, many of the planets our guys have visited, and stars, and comet tails, and such... had my breakfast using my ST:TMP tableware... Then that evening my husband got me a cake, which I put pink and green candles on.... Afterwards, I called an old K/S friend of mine and we talked for four hours about the good old days, the good old zines, and the not so hot zines, about the wonderful K/S songtapes we've both collected over the years. [4]
How am I celebrating Kirk & Spock's month? Well, just two days ago, a friend sent me a file named 'lovetrek'. I had no idea what it was about. We had just discovered our love for Star Trek and all of a sudden, he's sending me this file. I downloaded it and just before going to bed, I played it. Imagine my expression when I hear Kirk talking about Spock's strength, then Spock comes in talking about human emotions. Then Kirk asks Spock's point and our Vulcan replies; 'I love you. I can love you'. I spluttered and I spent the rest of the 'performance' spluttering; the fly being opened, Kirk's screams. By the way, Spock's "If you'll excuse the intrusion, Captain", just prior to Kirk's yell had me rolling on the floor. Well, you can imagine. One thing is imagining them doing it and another thing is 'hearing' them at the top of their voices! Now I keep the file as a treasure. [5]
I started off K/S day in the wee small hours by wishing Liz a happy K/S day at 0015 in the morning. Finished a story I was reading, slept a bit and dreamed I was a mouse in the woodwork watching the boys have their own, very private, K/S Day celebration. (Fill in your own details.) Later I decide to get caught up on long overdue letters to a couple of K/S sisters and did manage to get that accomplished plus a few more mundane chores. Originally I'd planned to fix a Vulcan meal to honor Spock but would you believe it - the local market was completely out of fresh plomeek, and that canned stuff is no good at all. Somehow split pea just didn't seem like a viable substitute, so I decided I'd have to settle for a nice leafy green salad, with plenty of rosy red tomatoes covered with cream. Creamy ranch that is. I thought about Jenna and Shelley's suggestion of dancing down the street in my negligee singing 'Kirk and Spock Forever' but there are a lot of elderly retired people in my neighborhood and I didn't want to either give someone a heart attack or get myself hauled off to the looney bin. Besides I don't own a negligee, so instead I wound up the evening spending some quiet time with my copy of Chris Soto's K/S video and thinking good thoughts of her. [6]
In keeping with the intensely personal nature of the holiday, I intend to take the phone off the hook and disconnect the doorbell. Then I will pour myself a glass of Midori (green melon) liqueur and a dish of strawberry sorbet. Then I will reread [Gayle F's] "The Cosmic Collected" from cover to cover. "Desert Heat", which begins this collection, is the first K/S story I ever read and is still a damn good place to start.[7]
... the highlight of my celebration came through my family. Each of my kids and my husband wished me "Happy K/S Day!" at various times during the day. (Hey, it isn't as if I hadn't prepped them or anything, I'd written it on the family calendar!) I served dinner on my Star Trek stoneware plates (from STVI—my secret agent friend found them for me at a real bargain one day) using the cups and saucers and the glasses, too. Found some blue napkins to match. Contemplated putting the Enterprise in the center of the table, then one daughter suggested featuring my pewter Kirk and Spock statues there instead. Finally decided not to push this Star Trek thing too far (too late! the daughter quipped), and besides we were running out of room on the table, there wouldn't be any space for the food. I served peas and cranberry sauce with the main course for the obligatory green and red. And for dessert, we had green mint chocolate chip and pink strawberry ice cream, served together, nestled around each other, in pristine crystal bowls. I never eat ice cream! For this occasion, I unbent. [8]
What I Did On K/S Day: I wore my "Top Ten Reasons Why Captain Kirk is Better Than Captain Picard" T-shirt to work. Explained to my co-workers that this is a day of national significance for Star Trek fans, sort of like President's Day. Did not elaborate further. Laid plans to gather the votes to make this a paid holiday next year. Other things I did to celebrate K/S Day: (1) "Talked" on-line with other Star Trek fans. (2) Looked at cards and photos of Riverside, Iowa, sent by fellow K/S fans, and vowed to send my own next year. (3) Wrote reviews for the K/S Press. (4) Wrote a vignette based on a chat among K/S fen concerning what the term "Captain's Log" really means. (5) Wrote comments on a K/S fan-friend's story. (6) Made a contribution to a worthy K/S cause. (7) Did some "mundane" work that I hope will bring the Star Trek future just a little bit closer. [9]
Woke up, put on my black tee with Jim and Spock's faces on it. Made an 18 inch sheet cake. Figured that'd be long enough. Frosted it with light gold frosting. Decorated it with long, thick swirly penises; one pink with one ridge about 13 inches, another about 15 inches, light green with two ridges. Was thinking Gayle F here. Shaped some plump frosting balls to match, slapped them on at bases of penises, figured that would do as I am a frosting maniac. Cut me a big slab, half the pink penis, half the green one, their rounded ends of course. Ate it slowly with a cup of mint green tea. Ahhh, splendelicious. House was quiet. I was alone. I was glad. Munched and sipped as long as I wanted to. Read stories I liked in T'hy'la 27. Finished, took a couple of Tums. Went to den, lounged around and watched 2 K/S songtapes. Then watched an episode of TOS. Beauty and love personified right before my glazed eyes. Back to the siren call of the balls left in the kitchen, stuck finger in and ate lots. Needed more Tums. Those suckers--or maybe suckees--were getting to me. Took Tums to bed with me. Dreamed of Ivy's CGIs and Shelley's hot art. Also some dancing penises seen at some convention long ago. KS day never so satisfying or fulfilling. Next day had a bellyache. Saw I'd gained five pounds. Was worth it. Am thinking of not confining celebration to only one day of year. [10]


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