The Celebration Zine

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Title: The Celebration Zine
Publisher: K/S Press
Date(s): 2005
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Celebration Zine is a slash K/S Star Trek: TOS 112-page anthology. It was published to celebrate the 100th issue of The K/S Press and includes material from subscribers.


Fiction (Summaries from Gilda F.)

  • Let Me Count the Days by M.E. Carter (Spock wonders whether or not he should recognize Kirkʼs hundredth mission with the Enterprise.)
  • One Hundred Days by Deanna Gray (Kirk and Spock celebrate one hundred days back on the Enterprise—and as lovers.)
  • First Anniversary by Carolyn Spencer (Spock recalls a special and secret anniversary.)
  • A Special Report from Bugs Anonymous by Anne Warwyck (Kirk discovers something amazing on the internet.)
  • From Starfleet Public Relations by Lyrastar (Spock remembers while lying on a bunk in a museum mock-up of the cabin he and Kirk shared.)
  • Centennial by Anna S. Greener (Kirk is trouble on his 100th birthday.)
  • The 1000th Man by Lani (On their 20th anniversary as bondmates, Kirk and Spock recall the beginning of the friendship.)
  • The K/S in the Window by Ann V.
  • Rooked by Cordelia Naismith (Kirk wants to celebrate his 100th chess win over Spock.)
  • Centenary by Patricia Roe (Spock surprises Kirk by wanting to celebrate their 100 month anniversary.)
  • Work-in-Progress by Jenna Hilary Sinclair (On the night that ends his first year as captain of the Enterprise, Kirk is surprised when invited to Spockʼs cabin for a drink of wine.)
  • The Magic Box by Shelley Butler (Kirk and Spock go looking for a birthday gift for McCoy.)


  • Poetry in Motion by Anne Elliott (poem)
  • Love's Remembrance by Robin Hood
  • One Hundred Times by Kathy Stanis
  • Refusion by Kathy Resch
  • Centennial by Danielle Stewart



  • Art by Ivy Hill: "Anniversary Celebration"
  • Art by Helen: "Through the Years"
  • Art by T'Marii: "Happy Anniversary"
  • Art by Liz Woledge: "Through These Pages"


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[zine]: January 2005 was the 100th issue of KSP, and that issue became part newsletter and part zine with over 100 pages. I think Shelley, Jenna, and Robin can congratulate themselves on this zine as well as everyone who participated. I frankly enjoyed all the letters, poems, art, and stories. It was quite a trip down memory lane, reading some of the commentary/letters, and especially so the two long ones by Kathy R. and Killa. I would have preferred to have said something special and pertinent about every story, but since most of the stories were short it is hard. And all the stories are good so there is little point in repeating the same things per story, such as "This is really well written." [8]
[zine]: As I finished it and closed the last page, light broke through. I sat back, stunned, knowing I was and have been in the presence of greatness--the expert, insightful, sensitive and generous K/S fandom. This may seem like an over-the-top statement but I make it with the deepest sincerity and the humblest gratitude. Every one of the contributions to that zine was remarkable, touching, moving, simply beautiful and transcendent. All of those life-sustaining attributes reached a peak in the Celebration Zine. Liz's essays just shone with intelligence and sensitivity, and I read them over and over again. For years and years I've hungered to hear my thoughts and feeling on the episodes put down in black and white, and finally there they were. Reading them was like food for my K/S soul. Thank you, Liz, for creating that emotional feast, I know what time and effort it took.... I haven't time to enumerate my responses to each and every lovely, blissful story but all the authors, poets and artists are in my thoughts and in my prayers—to keep on Trekkin', to keep the K/S beacon burning and steady-as-she-goes. From the young, vibrant K/S newcomers to the solid base of passionate K/S pioneers. I know this will be a very, very long time [9]


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