One Hundred Days

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: One Hundred Days
Author(s): Deanna Gray
Date(s): 2005
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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One Hundred Days is a Kirk/Spock story by Deanna Gray.

It was published in the print zine The Celebration Zine.


"Kirk and Spock celebrate one hundred days back on the Enterprise—and as lovers."

Reactions and Reviews

After V'Ger, another first time, and Spock gives Kirk an explanation for his departure to Gol; his response to Kirk had been hard for Spock to cope with. This reminded me of a sonnet at the end of the New Voyages book - sorry I can't remember the author: "Human tormentors do not understand. Acknowledgement of feeling causes pain," But Kirk called him back from Gol and they became lovers. Deanna refers to Spock's physical strength four times, and yet Kirk is perhaps the more active partner in their lovemaking. I like this apparent contradiction, which in this piece makes perfect sense. Describing the mind touch, this sentence pleased me, "Searing heat sought his coolness and their thoughts steamed as they merged deeper." I think there is value in an original metaphor, and the author extends it nicely in that paragraph with words like 'swirling' and 'dissipating'. What I enjoy particularly about Deanna's stories is her original plotting. They are always *about* something. Even this short piece has a plot beyond a simple first time. [1]
What can I say? Some new expletives need to be invented. What a story! A festival of love to be sure— and filled with an intensity of emotion. Passion simmers just below the surface, trying to break through the quiet supportiveness and consideration that only exists within the boundaries of true love. When it does break through—boy, does it ever—it is with a heat born of sacrifice and separation. This is an exploration of not only one hundred days, but years of learning one another and finding satisfaction and soul-deep completion wrapped in the warm blanket of friendship. Deanna’s story is full of memories and promises, an artistically wrapped gift of love for our anniversary! [2]
Deanna Gray is one of my favorite authors, so I was very pleased that she wrote a story for this zine. Her story is set during the100th day Kirk is captain of the Enterprise after the V’Ger encounter, and it is also 100 days that he and Spock have been lovers. Spock and Kirk really talk for the first time about why Spock left for Gol and their time apart. The story is short, yet includes not one but two of the author’s trademark hot love scenes. [3]
Back in January 2005, when Jenna Sinclair and Shelley Butler (then the editors of the KS Press) reached their 100th issue, they decided to do something more than just publish the usual letterzine. Instead, they invited the readers to submit stories, artwork, roundtables, etc., celebrating this milestone. Many people took them up on their offer and the result was more of a mini zine than a letterzine. When it came to the stories, the editors asked that they be based on the underlying theme of an anniversary of sorts between Kirk and Spock, and this was just one of the many outstanding stories that were submitted.

This story takes place shortly after the events of ST:TMP. As the title suggests, it‘s been 100 days since Kirk got his ship back, 100 days of being a captain again, and more importantly, 100 days since he and Spock became lovers. It was an unplanned, unexpected new beginning for both, but one that left both with no regrets. It is only later that Spock reminds Kirk that this day marks another anniversary, although it is one that is still painful for both – it was three years ago to the day that Spock left Kirk and fled to Gol. While Kirk doesn‘t want to discuss it, doesn‘t even want to think about it, Spock is insistent, for he knows if their new relationship is to grow and continue, both of them must put this ordeal behind them. What follows is a conversation of questions and explanations as Spock tries to make Kirk realize why it was so important for him to go to Gol. But, as we all know, he soon came to realize that this was not the path he was destined to seek and that his true destiny lay with Kirk.

What I enjoy about this story is the author‘s deft handling of the give and take between Kirk and Spock as they strive to reach an understanding of the events preceding those 100 days. Spock especially is determined that Kirk know the Vulcan realized he made a mistake by leaving and that he is never going to make that same mistake again. Kirk, for his part, is patient and understanding, and senses that it‘s important for Spock to explain his actions so that those same actions do not affect the future they are about to build together. It only after he accomplishes this that the two can look forward to the many more "100 days" to come. [4]


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