People Like Us

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: People Like Us
Author(s): Kathy Stanis
Date(s): 2007
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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People Like Us is a Kirk/Spock story by Kathy Stanis.

It was published in the print zine The Legacy #2.


"Kirk goes with Spock to Spockʼs home on Vulcan for R&R, hoping their time alone will push their relationship to its next level."

Reactions and Reviews

This is a beautiful love story. I turn to mush when Kirk and Spock are falling in love, beginning to acknowledge their love to each other with a sweetness and an underlying fear of what they may lose if it isn’t accepted. Such a depiction can easily be overdone and turn both men into cowards, but in this well-crafted story they remain strong and determined if somewhat careful. Ms. Stanis simply celebrates their love in a spectacular fashion. The entire story revolves around that love and a very sophisticated seduction that may surprise you! Every scene is nothing short of breathtakingly lovely. She knows these men and respects them. It shows in every word. The touches are exquisite, the words memorable and endearing. The looks they share would melt the coldest heart and the magic that surrounds them weaves its spell quickly around the reader. If you ever had a dream of a perfect way to fall in love, if you ever imagined the perfect place to confess that love and to bring it to fruition, you will adore this story. [1]
This author couldn‘t write an ordinary story if she tried. I remember when she wrote one K/S story after another, and I tended to take her very unique slant more or less for granted. She no longer is as prolific so I‘m very happy to have this one.

Spock takes Kirk home to Vulcan to make his intentions toward his captain clear. Perhaps Spock feels comfortable amid familiar surroundings for this is not the uncertain and shy man that never had a place among his own kind. This Spock is presented as suave, sophisticated and comfortable with his wealthy background. Picture James Bond with pointed ears. Kirk is the one slightly out of step and culturally at sea. He is constantly aware that he may stumble over some Vulcan taboo and fears embarrassing both of them. First at Spock‘s palatial home and then at an exclusive men‘s club in ShiKahr, Spock entertains his captain. He‘s determined that Kirk have the rest and relaxation his first officer thinks he needs. Each scene is rendered in exquisite detail: a pool amid glasses of heady, ice-cold Vulcan wine, verdant greenery, and underwater lights while they flirt with each other and share a first kiss; a dinner at the club partially eaten with fingers; a ritual and very sensual massage; after dinner Vulcan coffee on a balcony. Never rushed. Each touch, thought, sense explored fully. A hand at the small of Kirk‘s back becomes the most erotic touch possible. This story is just a feast for the senses. The story stays flawlessly in Kirk‘s point of view so we experience what Kirk does in the immediacy of it happening. It increases the uncertainty he is feeling because just like Kirk we‘re never quite sure we‘re reading Spock right. One misstep would be a disaster.

Not too much happens in this story in the action/adventure sense, and everything happens in the emotional upheaval of finally settling the unresolved sexual tension between them. A gem of a story, and worthy of being included in Kathy‘s body of work. [2]
In my last review, I mentioned how in Elise Madrid's story, Trial Run, in the latter portion, there wasn't much happening as far as Kirk and Spock facing any danger or even doing something adventurous, yet due in no small way to her talent as a writer, none of that was necessary for me to thoroughly enjoy this story. Well, when it comes to this author, almost all of her stories read in that same vein. She goes a long way in proving that you don't have to have Kirk and Spock facing Klingons or Romulans, or any other nasty aliens the author can think of, or for that matter, any type of danger at all, in order to produce a thoroughly enjoyable K/S story. For she chooses instead to focus on the emotional aspect of their relationship and does it quite like no one else can. And this story, I am happy to say, is no exception.

Here, the two are on the Enterprise, packing for, of all things, shore leave on Vulcan. They are just friends here, with no indication either wants anything more. Yet while both are relaxing and enjoying each other's company in Sarek and Amanda's home, several things happen and certain words are spoken which lead Kirk to believe that his relationship with Spock is about to take an unexpected, but welcome turn. Yet it is only after a surprising revelation by Spock that everything becomes clear and the two are left free to explore a different type of adventure neither thought they would ever undertake.

A wonderful, sweet, thoroughly enjoyable story so typical of this very talented author. [3]


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