Legacy Interview with Cynthia Drake

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Legacy Interview with Cynthia Drake
Interviewer: Legacy
Interviewee: Cynthia Drake
Date(s): 2007
Medium: print, CD
Fandom(s): Star Trek TOS, slash
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In 2007, Cynthia Drake was interviewed for the zine Legacy.

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Some Excerpts

I went to a Star Trek convention at the Statler Hilton in NYC and that was where I bought my first fanzines—one of which was Thrust. I had always mentally slashed Kirk & Spock but, like so many, thought I was the only crazy one. Finding all the other maniacs out there was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I remember K/S fandom as being extraordinarily welcoming and warm. The people were great, the creativity was spectacular and what a bunch of wild women! I loved it.
(I became a zine editor because) I loved the idea of original stories arriving at my doorstep in the mail. (It was difficult) finding a printer who would print homoerotic art and stories. (One of the funniest things that happened was seeing) our printer guy’s face as he slowly paged through the master copy. (What was most frustrating was) my “what seemed brilliant” idea to buy a copier for my home and thus be able to not have to deal with printers and charge less per copy. It was a disaster.
I am an angst hurt/comfort fiend from way back. I did some episode related stories along the what-if line, some poetry. I like stories with happy endings about true love. I think “A Few Laurel Leaves” is my personal favorite. I worked very hard on it, as it had to be true to the episode yet squarely in the what if category: in this case what if the few moments Spock delayed firing at Apollo’s power source while Kirk dove for cover really did make the difference between victory and defeat. It also involved a lot of moving them from scene to scene, place to place so it took a lot of thought and rewrites. I also really enjoyed writing “And A Bottle of Rum” which I also thought was pretty hot. I would have to say “By Worlds Divided” (got the most response from readers). Nothing like a good old slave/master story to get the feedback flowing. Well, feedback rarely flows. Trickling.
Shore Leave was the best convention ever. We had such a good time there—calling ourselves the Kelley sisters, making a David Gerrald doll and sticking pins in it, laughing in the shower etc. K/S fans are uniformly great. It was wildly exciting selling zines at a con.