And a Bottle of Rum

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: And a Bottle of Rum
Author(s): Cynthia Drake
Date(s): 1984
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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And a Bottle of Rum is a Kirk/Spock story by Cynthia Drake.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #4 and later online.

art from issue #4, The Southern Cross. Illustration for "..And A Bottle of Rum"; note: This image has been marked as sexually explicit and has been minimised.


"Kirk and Spock play pirates on the Shore Leave planet...with some interesting results."

Reactions and Reviews

This is a fun Shore Leave planet story. Kirk wants to play his pirate fantasy, and Spock is just going along with it. But Kirk doesn't want Spock to just cooperate he wants Spock to resist, of course, or it's no fun.

The details are colorful Kirk conjuring up a sailing ship, and himself in ragged black cut-off pants with a red sash, that's all, yum. Let's see, he thinks in the captain's cabin, shall it be iron chains wrth soft leather cuffs or....

Of course I love when Spock doesn't quite get into the spirit of the thing when Kirk "captures" him. Our Vulcan is talking too much too rationally, so Kirk has to gag him, too. But once Kirk gets him, bound and gagged, onto the ship out in the middle of the "ocean," Spock starts feeling the arousal and some amount of fear. Subtle and delicious.

The sex was lovely hot stuff, like when Kirk cuts Spock's clothes off with a knife. But with Spock's natural strength, I guess it's not easy for him to play the part of the passive captive, so it's a physical struggle for Kirk to get him where he wants him, so all this is rather hot. They're both aware of what's going on, where the fine line starts getting fuzzy, between the game they're playing and what is really happening between them. They're both messing with each other's minds and arousal. And then Kirk leaves Spock hanging in the middle of his masterful erotic torture. (Don't worry, he comes back.)

There are some off moments, in my feeling. For instance, laughing when they're coming. I wouldn't say this isn't quite nice in real life, and in K/S too, but it's, let's say, near the edge of the more common orgasmic responses (?}, and so the author was asking us to feel something that we might not have a natural, easy response to. But I could feel through these few off moments to what the author wanted to evoke, and the overall feeling was erotic and at the same time sweet, plus the interesting dynamics. [1]
On a second visit to the shore leave planet, Kirk decides to play “pirate.” Everybody knows pirates ravish their unwilling victims, and his devoted bondmate will undoubtedly freely go along with his wishes. Thus Kirk has a problem...willing victims are just no fun at all. How does one go about overpowering a Vulcan? This story is just a delight, and I always find myself with a smile on my face when I’ve finished rereading it. Drake was one of my idols when I first discovered K/S; I wish she were still writing. [2]
I wanted to take a moment to discuss a topic that was touched upon at KiSCon and is perhaps one of the most controversial to come along in recent years and that is BDSM and K/S and would Kirk and Spock choose to have that type of relationship. While personally for me these stories are not ones I would deliberately seek out to read, I am not opposed to reading them (or any K/S story, for that matter), as long as they are done right. Let me explain what I mean. There is a story written a long time ago by Cynthia Drake, one of the first and finest K/S authors ever to put pen to paper. This particular piece is a true BDSM story in every sense of the term. It is titled "And A Bottle of Rum" and in it, Kirk and Spock beam down to the Shore Leave planet where Kirk wants to play out his fantasy of captain of a pirate ship, with Spock his helpless victim Kirk captures and "ravishes" (Shelley's new word she discovered at the con) aboard the vessel. The story starts out with Kirk waylaying Spock on the beach, tying his hands behind his back, gagging him, and giving the Vulcan one hell of a blow job. After he's done, he asks Spock if the Vulcan wants to continue with the game and Spock agrees. So Kirk picks the Vulcan up and heads for the pirate ship. As he is walking down the beach, Spock is just laying docilely in his arms and Kirk finally says to him, "You know, you're not doing this right. You're supposed to resist me, not just lay there." So Spock tells him he didn't realize this, but will do his best to play along. So the next line of the story is: "So Spock dutifully called out, "Help, help!" At that point I burst out laughing and Kirk laughed so hard he dropped Spock on the beach. And it is this moment in the story, more than anything else, that sold it for me because I have absolutely no problem picturing the Spock I see and know from Star Trek behaving in this manner. It was the author's rendition of these characters in this story, a rendition strikingly similar to the "real" Kirk and Spock, that makes "A Bottle of Rum" a true K/S story. [3]
Fun, fun, fun! Kirk honestly would relish a sailing-ship for a playground. I don't now how much Jim actually knows about sailing, but that he has a thing for tall ships and the things of that age is well-established in official canon. It's completely believable that he would secretly harbor a pirate fetish. And Spock, having been raised on a desert world, would probably be completely out-at-sea.  ;) [4]


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