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Star Trek Convention
Name: KiScon
Dates: 1980-1982, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022
Location: Los Angeles, CA and the UK
Type: fan run
Focus: K/S
Founder: Ginna LaCroix, Carol Frisbie and Susan K. James
Founding Date: 1980
KiScon Logo font STARVERS2023 square.png
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KiScon is a Star Trek convention with a strong focus on the K/S relationship.

The convention also publishes a fanzine, KiScon.

The first KiScons were house parties hosted by Ginna LaCroix around Columbus Day. The first three were held between 1980 and 1982. They were invitation only events and the invites were handled by Carol Frisbie and Susan K. James.

After the first few conventions, KiScon went into hiatus mode until they resumed in 1999, 2001 and 2004 under the stewardship of Jenna Sinclair.

The convention was held in 2008 in Los Angeles, organized by Kathy Resch.

It was held there again in 2011, co-chaired by Rhaegal and Amanda Warrington, who also organized KiScon 2012 just outside London, UK.

KiScon 2013 was run by Blackbird Song in Boston.

The 2015 KiScon took place in Seattle, Washington and was co-chaired by Judy Suryan and Amanda Warrington.

The 2017 KiScon was held in Los Angeles 15 to 17 September 2017, once again co-chaired by Rhaegal and Amanda Warrington.

KiScon 2019 took place in Seattle again, 1-3 November 2019, co-chaired by Judy Suryan and T'Lara.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, KiScon 2021 had to be cancelled.

KiScon 2022, 4-6 November, marked the first K/S convention that took place entirely online; it was chaired by T'Lara.

KiScon 2023 is also going to be an online convention, with the dates set for 3-5 November.

KiScon Zine

See the con zines at KiScon.

KiScon 1980

Approximately 25 fans attended the first KiScon.

KiScon 1980: Con Reports

K/S Con was an invitation-only house party. Carol F. and Susan J. were in charge, and Ginna L. was the host, as she was the caretaker of the house where the parties were held. They were held in the fall, around Columbus Day weekend. I believe they ran for three years, in 1980, 1981, and 1982. Carol and Susan invited Barbara and myself. I asked about including Nancy, and she was invited as well. I will never forget my first K/S Con and this was true of room parties as well. A whole bunch of us went down. There were five people in a car, along with sleeping bags, clothing, and, because the house was empty, we had to bring everything—towels, soap— everything we needed for the weekend. The car was absolutely jammed; you could not have gotten another thing in that car. Bev and Nancy brought most of the food. They wrote a funny poem about the preparation for K/S Con and read it there... We played other parlor games like charades; or we had different titles for the episodes. We had a treasure hunt. Often we would just sit around and talk about zines and stories. There were a lot of well known fans. [L H] brought her husband the first time. He was the only male there. He was a nice guy and he liked slash. He fit in very well, but the next year they invited [L] but not her husband. [L] was very disappointed and asked me, “Didn't you feel he was okay?” I felt comfortable with him, but Carol F. said some people had felt intimidated because a man was there. There were about 25 people at the first K/S Con. There was the whole “Contact.” The second one was a bit bigger. Beverly Sutherland and Kathy Resch were there, as well as most of the people from the first one. At the second K/S Con, Carol F. addressed the fact that the party couldn't get any bigger because of the capacities of the house (plumbing, etc.)... There were music videos and showings of William Shatner’s “Alexander the Great.” At the first one people also brought male/male porn. Carol F. didn't care for this; the written word was okay but she didn't approve of visual images. She felt the porn was distracting people from the purpose of K/S Con, so she outlawed the showing of porn movies at the second party. At the third party, we had a male stripper. [1]

First of all, the "original" K/S Con, held at "Ginna's Retreat" in Boyds, Maryland. We put on this "mini-con" or "writer's Seminar", as some liked to call it, for six years, from 1980 through 1986. For our final year (which we'd determined it would be), we wanted to go out with a big noise. So very covertly, the committee arranged a surprise for the attendees. Carol F. and S.K. James contracted with a service (I didn't even know they had services like this!) to hire a male stripper to come out and entertain. We provided the gold command shirt, told them we wanted him to appear as Kirk and start off to the Star Trek theme music. He would arrive at a certain time on Saturday evening.

Because of how isolated the house was, and how difficult to find in the dark (and believe me, it got DARK out there at night!), Carol and S. K. J. agreed to meet him up at the main highway and drive him from there to the house. Which they did. Meanwhile, we'd been telling everyone all day that we had a "special game" that we'd be playing that night, which we called "the Pocketbook Game". Normally, all the girls left their purses up in their rooms, but since we knew they'd want to "tip" our dancer, they'd need their money available. So that's why we called it that, told them to be sure and bring their pocketbooks down after dinner. . .

After our stripper arrived and we settled on a place for him to change (which he did between each number) and provided him with the shirt, he was led out into the main room, the sunken living room of the house, where all the ladies were parked on folding chairs, chaise lounges, and other assorted seating. This guy, couldn't have been more than in his early twenties, did present a fine Kirk-like image. He came out in the requisite costume with the taped Alexander Courage theme to start it off and in just a few minutes, everyone realized what was going on! But his first dance was over cut by the poor lad's fear! You could see it in his eyes and in the stilted way he moved.

Imagine it from his point of view: Here he is, led out these dark, deserted roads to a house in the middle of nowhere. Thirty-some women are waiting, crouched, expectant. I think he was sure he was about to be taken by a ritual cult and be murdered and dismembered right on the spot!! It was probably one of the most bizarre gigs he ever played! Once he saw we were all normal and had good intentions (and began collecting those tips), he loosened up and danced two more sets. Some friends tipped him to play up to Marion, who was lying back in a chaise lounge with her bare feet raised and literally twiddling her thumbs rapidly. Marion was quite chaste in those days, rather prudish, (discovering slash changed that!) and we knew she wouldn't want to draw the attention of the dancer to herself, so it was done for her. Her reactions were priceless! He stood directly in front of her and twiddled his thumbs, too, as he danced.

He actually made a moment or two for everyone there; he was good and he knew what he was doing. He even "rose to the occasion" when he planted a passionate kiss on one of our youngest attendees! Between each number he went back to the guest house and I guess sponged off the sweat he'd raised, and apparently applied baby powder, because each time he came out, he carried the distinct aroma with him. Very nice! In any case, a good time was had by all and our surprise was a big success! [2]

KiScon 1981

Attendance grew at the second KiScon. Eventually, "Carol Frisbie addressed the fact that the party couldn't get any bigger because of the capacities of the house (plumbing, etc.)" [3] In attendance were Beverly Sutherland, Kathy Resch, Carol Hunterton, Ellen Kobrin, Nan Lewis, Marguerite Marasculo, Laurie Huff, Barbara Storey, Vicki Clark, Jean Ensling, [Billie Phillips], Nancy M., Bev Volker and Nancy Kippax, April Valentine, Marion McChesney, Terry Sylvester, Carolyn Venino, Merle Decker, and Diana King,[4] Sharon Decker, Marie Aranas, Pamela Rose and Lezlie Shell.

KiScon 1990

KiScon 1990: Puzzle Book

This con appears to have generated a puzzle zine. The zine is undated, but one of the illos has the date 1990 on it.

See KiScon Puzzle Book.

KiScon 1999

From the program book:

A weekend celebration of K/S in its many manifestations.

How to Start? There's so much to talk about, so much to do this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so much scheduled!

We've got contests to vote on, games to play, videos to create, discussion groups to join, gifts to get, songs to sing, lots and lots of zines to buy, art to swoon over and buy, movies to watch, song tapes to adore.... The list goes on and on.

  • the con zine is here.
  • it was billed as the first KiScon as it was the first open convention, unlike the invite only small gatherings that took place in the 1980s.
  • it was held in Texas at the Wilson World Hotel in March, 1999
  • convention reports can be found archived here.
  • the convention performed Lezlie Shell's skit Not Spock's Brain”, that had been written for Escapade a few years earlier.
  • 14 panels were offered:
    • Pornography! Are we reading and writing it?;
    • The Love Boat: Is there a conflict between True Love and Military Responsibility?;
    • A roundtable discussion of The Writer’s Life;
    • Crack! Slam! Bonk! Why do we love to hurt them so?;
    • Character Assassination! Kirk (or Spock or McCoy) would never do that!;
    • Who’s that? Where? Talking about the different genres of K/S;
    • Identity Crisis. If you had to choose, who and where would you be: Kirk or Spock, on the top or on the bottom?;
    • Who would you be, Kirk or Spock, on top or bottom?;
    • Violence in K/S;
    • Is Spock a virgin?;
    • Are Kirk and Spock Gay?;
    • The Colors of Love: K/S art and how we adore it.
    • Why are we so Obsessed?, along with panels on the writing process and fan art.
  • the K/S themed cake was rectangular with a green shell border and in the the center it had an illo by DWE from the 1990s: Kirk and Spock in the shower, trimmed in black icing. It was served at the "Friday Night Birthday Bash, an evening of "lots of fun and nonsense."
  • K/S is Your Life, Jenna Sinclair, a surprise presentation for Jenna Sinclair planned in advance:
We, the Devious Dallas Friends of Jenna, want to bring you up to date on the surprise we're planning for Saturday night. The "K/S Is Your Life, Jenna Sinclair" presentation will begin sometime during Saturday evening's entertainment. In the interests of keeping the length of the program reasonable, and because the room setup limits what we can do, we have selected excerpts from the written submissions we received. Our own K/S version of moderator Ralph Edwards (Lezlie Shell) will read these excerpts to Jenna and see if she can identify the source. The person who wrote the comment can then standup in the audience to be acknowledged. Afterward, we will present her with the scrapbook containing all the submissions, and some terrific gifts from all of us. We have replaced her favorite (lost) Star Trek pendant, and gotten her an embroidered shirt that says "Get a life|I've got a life — K/S," and an over shirt that has the cover of Promises To Keep on the back. This will blow her away!!! Any donations you'd care to make (strictly voluntary) can be given to Carol Davis or Barbara Wright or Barbara Taylor; suggested amount is $3- 5. If you didn't get a chance to get your written submission in, you can give it to Barbara Taylor at the con, or email or snail mail it in 1-2 weeks; we'll make sure it gets into the book. And of course, there should be ample time during the convention to talk to Jenna personally to convey your best wishes. Thanks for your help in making this surprise possible! -- Dallas Friends of Jenna.

KiSCon 1999: Program Book, Details on Activities and Panels

KiSCon 1999: Vid Show

The following playlist is from the 1999 vid show.

  • Eye Of The Tiger By T'Rhys
  • Wild One By T'Rhys (music: by Christopher Otcasek)
  • Old Souls By Gayle F And Kathy Resch (music: Jessica Harper)
  • Red Baron By Kandy Fong (music: The Royal Guardsmen)
  • One Is The Loneliest Number by The Z Team?? (music: Three Dog Night)
  • I Am Your Captain by S/M Videos (music: Grand Funk Railroad)
  • Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Caren Parnes (music: Bonnie Tyler)
  • 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover by Kandy Fong (music: Paul Simon)
  • Its All Coming Back To Me Now sung by Celine Dion, vid by Kandy Fong
  • The Dream Is Still Alive sung by Wilson Phillips, vid by Sarah Adams
  • I Did It My Way sung By Elvis Presley. Date 1987. Vid by Shane Shellenbarger
  • The Wind Beneath My Wings - ? (music: Bette Midler)
  • No Satisfaction by Kandy Fong (music: The Rolling Stones)
  • Old Friends/Bookends by PRZed. Date 1992 (music: Simon & Garfunkel)
  • Every Road Leads Back To You; vid by California Crew??? (music: Bette Midler)
  • Star Trekkin’ by Kandy Fong (music: Grupo Impulso) (this vid has also been attributed to The Z Team or California Crew)
  • Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better by Kandy Fong (Kirk/Riker) (music: Ethel Merman)
  • A Mocked Time. A 15 Minute Slideshow By Kandy Fong feat. A Medley Of Songs (partial list)
    • Right Place Wrong Time- Dr. John
    • Love Potion No. 9 - The Clovers
    • No More Mr. Nice Guy - Live Version - Alice Cooper
    • Love Is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia
    • I'm Not In Love - 10cc
    • Physical - Olivia Newton-John
    • All by Myself - Eric Carmen
    • The Logical Song - Supertramp
    • Do You Want To Know A Secret - The Beatles
    • Just a Dream - Jimmy Clanton
    • Lookin' For Love - Johnny Lee
    • Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino
    • Da Ya Think I'm Sexy - Rod Stewart
    • I Get Around (Mono) - The Beach Boys
    • Hit the Road Jack - Ray Charles
    • Light My Fire - The Doors
    • 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon
    • Where The Boys Are - Connie Francis
    • Bye Bye Love - The Everly Brothers
    • The Girl Is Mine - Michael Jackson
    • The Great Pretender - The Platters
    • I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home (Live) - Grand Funk Railroad
    • Help! - Live - The Beatles
    • Blowin' In the Wind - Bob Dylan
    • Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
    • Wake Up Little Susie - The Everly Brothers
    • Another One Bites The Dust - Queen
    • Beat It - Single Version - Michael Jackson
    • See You Later Alligator - Bill Haley & His Comets
    • My World Is Empty Without You - The Supremes
    • The Logical Song - Supertramp
    • On the Road Again - Willie Nelson
  • Midnight Blue by ? (music: Louise Tucker)
  • The Way We Were by ? (music: Soundtrack Version Barbra Streisand)
  • In The Air Tonight By T'Rhys (1994)

KiScon 1999: Con Reports

Deanna, Maelen, Kaki, Laura, everyone, please forgive the lack of visual descriptions on this report. I could just scream, because there was so much beautiful art work on K&S that I won't be able to describe. I hope some people are able to receive the K/S Press in hard copy, as most likely the next issue will have pictures of the art work and activities. This memorable event was held in Dallas TX, at the Wilson World Hotel. I had to take two planes each way, and I'm scared to death of flying. But the con was more than worth every nerve racking airpocket. Of course, having a couple of slash stories to read while on board the aircrafts didn't hurt matters, as they kept me somewhat distracted from the anxiety. The only thing I noticed was this sudden need to have lots of cold, very cold beverages. That ice cube bath that Killa and Greywolf discussed prior to the writing of Crazy Fingers would have come in handy. (Laugh.) My eternal gratitude to the writers of Water Hole, Out of the Big Black, Buttercup, Rhapsody, and Rain Pour O'er Me. Yes, yes, yes, I confess! I read a P/Q story while on my way to a K/S Con. I hope K&S won't consider that cheating, because I can't even say the experience with P&Q meant nothing to me. What can I say? I guess I can't always be a two man woman. (Grin.) I was met at the airport by Jenna and Shelley, and though we'd never seen each other before, they had no problems locating me. I arrived on thursday and the con was to begin the following day, (March 26, Leonard Nimoy's birthday.) But even the night before we got a taste of the things to come during the convention. there was a little stage set up with some marionettes of Spock and Kirk in the hospitality suite. The idea was for people to create little scenes with the puppets, putting them in rather compromising situations. There was video equipment set up to tape the skits. Unfortunately, I left on the very day that the skits were to be shown, as I had to work on Monday. The stage settings were interesting. Spock's room had all this red drapery. I found myself remembering a story called The Red Room, which appeared on ASCEM about a year ago. There were huge cardboard cutouts of Kirk and Spock on the bed. Some of us had our pictures taken lying next to the cutout of our preference, stroking them in all the appropriate places. Spock couldn't have looked more relaxed. (Grin.) You'd swear he'd never again have to worry about pon farr. The first day's activities began with a panel on the K/S relationship and its evidence in canon. The discussion was similar to that in ASCEM, where specific scenes in TOS were closely examined. We each got a souvenir zine with the poems and stories submitted for the K/S writing contest. Congratulations to the people that won. The video room was well stocked, with TOS montages depicting the K/S relationship, K/S music videos, as well as movies and shows where Leonard and Bill had appeared. I'm sorry to have missed the Strigas Affair from the Man from U N C L E, but I think that watching that bath tub scene of Leonard's in Cat Low more than made up for it. I hear that if you play the movie on a machine that shows the frames individually one can see *everything!* Oh yum! Nothing like the sight of Nimoy's gorgeous lean body rising from that bath tub. (Sigh.) How appropriate to view this before bed. My gratitude to the ladies who described the visuals on this. You know who you are. The birthday bash was delightful. Jenna and other ladies were generous to provide us with K/S birthday gifts. There was a candy dish somewhere, well stocked with pink and green chocolate penises. I chose the green one, of course. It looked quite substantial. I haven't had mine yet, but hear these come with cream in the middle to simulate the substance in the real ones. (Blush.) Now if those chocolatiers would only remember to make the green ones with double ridges! Instead of playing "Pin the cock on Spock", we were each given red lips with adhesive in the back, to place them on the body parts of the boys that uh, we were most interested in. By the time we were done, there wasn't any area of their bodies that didn't have a pair of lips stamped on it. I focused my attention on Spock, but there were plenty of ladies more than ready to attend to Kirk's desires. The boys got roughly the same amount of kisses. Our special guests didn't pop out of the cake, but were on it, in all their naked glory. A very talented lady from Houston did these icing figures of Spock and Kirk standing in a shower spooning each other. Mmmmmmmmm!! Worth ignoring the calory count people! Jenna and Dusky delighted us with some K/S filks. somebody needs to get "[What Do We Do With A Drunken Vulcan]]" on tape. It's a riot! It was nice to see S.R. Benjamin at the con. We didn't meet till the birthday bash. Jadona Walker drove from LA to get there. (tipping my hat to the tenacious lady.) During the panels, parties, and other activities Shelley Butler kept treating us to these hilarious reports from StarFleet's Quartermaster on Kirk's requests for a water bed, a Vulcan oak bed,and lubricant. Hope they get published in the next issue of the K/S Press. On Saturday morning there was a most interesting panel by two Scottish ladies, Fiona James and Ray Newton regarding the early days of K/S. I had no idea the first K/S stories were so tentative. It seems that the first writers didn't even know that the closeness between the characters would take on a romantic dimension. I was impressed by the difficulties these ladies experienced finding other fans of K/S. The political climate was such that you paid a rather steep price if identified as a "slasher". One of the ladies told a story of how her package of K/S zines from the U.S.had been confiscated by British Customs. Luckily, the bureaucrat who opened it thought she had no idea of what she was receiving. Had that not been the case, her job would have been on the line, at the very least. Listening to Fiona and Ray was a most sobering and humbling experience. Sometimes seeing the stories and discussions generated on the net regarding slash makes me forget about how difficult life can still be for the people who write this stuff. One lady from Oklahoma spoke of needing to keep her K/S zines under lock and key, given that from time to time the police takes to raiding videostores containing films not proscribed anywhere else. In one instance they grabbed the list of customers and went after the people who'd rented an "objectionable" film. Those repressive days of your [sic] are not yet over, and I'm grateful for the reminder. I could've kicked myself for not taking my Guinan costume to wear at the Dress Uniform Party. Well it's not exactly like what Guinan wore on the Enterprise. My costume looks like something designed by Q. (Laugh.) Anyway, the people that did pack early and brought their costumes were quite creative. One woman used this glittery thread to make the webbing that was on Miranda Jones' dress. After seeing the Vulcan robe someone was wearing, I felt like I needed a change of wardrobe. (Grin.) Jenna sang a rather haunting song about Spock's meld with Kirk to make him forget the pain of losing Rena. There was a certain desert flavor to the melody. The other songs were very nice, butI liked that one the most. Jenna brought her play dough to the party, and some ladies engaged in a rather interesting penis making exercise. Their creations would put any xenobiology illustrator to shame. If you hated "spock's Brain" don't toss it yet. Shelley Buttler and other ladies used the ep to put together a hysterical skit entitled "The Search for Spock's Cock." God I hope someone videoed that! The hotel was very nice. the rooms were comfortable, clean, and inexpensive. The hot tub was conveniently located near the videoroom. I must say that I didn't mind succumbing to the warmth of the water, as I replayed the image of Leonard bathing in Cat Low. (Sigh.) I roomed with two lovely ladies who are dedicated Leonard fans. guess what we talked about! All in all, it was a wonderful slumber party. My gratitude to the ladies who organized it. If another K/S con is held, I'll be happy to bite the bullet and jump on another plane to get there. [5]

Where to start? What to say about one of the most wonderful cons I have ever attended? We took a vacation and swam in the sensual waters of K/S and the basked in the heat of Kirk and Spock and ate in the all-consuming, delicious world of K/S. Hey! Who says I never use metaphors?

Every day and night was filled with terrific activities and things to do—especially memorable was meeting so many K/Sers whose names I’ve only seen in zines for years. Actually seeing these people in person for the first time was really an extraordinary experience.... So many events went on at the same time that no one could do everything, so I can only tell the highlights of my own experience....

  • the main thing I want to say is that this was the most unique event for a K/Ser. For three days and nights the whole group of us got to immerse ourselves in Kirk and Spock. No one could have prepared me for the level of energy that flowed, nor at the same time, the huge sense of relaxation that came with the freedom to talk about Kirk and Spock so openly and freely without the constraints of regular life...
  • I attended fascinating panel discussions on Kirk and Spock’s relationship, on what K/S means to me and got involved in many lively arguments such as how wonderful Command Decision is and why (because certain people with absolutely no taste whose name startswithaJandendswithanNandhasaOANin the middle don’t appreciate its finer qualities) and whether Kirk and/or Spock are gay. I got to lead one of the panels dealing with K/S art which was so fun to be able to express my feelings about drawing and how my emotions get so tied in with the subject matter. Drawing them is a lot like writing about them, I realized, in that I think about them deeply and focus all my attention on them....
  • every attendee got a marvelous goody bag filled with Star Trek playing and trading cards, a notepad, a pen, two flexible bandages, the contest zine, an envelope to mail in your vote of the contest zine, a number that represented the birthday gift you’d receive, chocolate kisses and a box of crackers. Friday night was the gift exchange night in honor of K/S birthday and the gift exchanging was hilarious! You could exchange one gift only twice and certain gifts were highly coveted like a Star Trek tricorder or a gold embossed log book. But the highlight was Dianne’s birthday K/S cake that she herself had frosted with a gorgeous DEW picture of Kirk and Spock in their naked best....
  • Saturday morning we all joined for a breakfast buffet and eagerly anticipated the opening of the dealers’ room. The whole day was taken up with the frenzied buying of so many new and old zines and collectibles...
  • Also during the day, the Reading Room was open with lots of good zines and the Video Room was going with lots of videos that I missed! Can’t do everything— even though I wanted to and all at the same time, too....
  • Of course, all through the day, the Hospitality Suite was open and it was stocked with lots of delicious food including Robin’s whole wheat chocolate chip cookies (“They’re good for you, so eat lots of them”) and butterscotch cookies. This doesn’t count the tray of vegetables and dip and chips and fruits and cheese and peanut butter and.... And Jo and Liz’s shocking and delicious (or is that shockingly delicious?) candy penises. What would any hospitality suite be without the life sized cardboard Kirk and Spock (from Carol Davis, of course) that someone (Terri and Carol?) put into the bed under the covers and stuck a cigarette in Spock’s mouth and a dialogue balloon near Kirk’s mouth: “Was it good for you?”....
  • And the marionettes of Kirk, Spock and McCoy with a setting of Spock’s Vulcan quarters with a red velvet bed and various accoutrements hanging on the red curtained backdrop! Claudia G. and I had a great time with it and we were going to do a scenario that would have been videotaped, but we never had the time. We kept seeing each other for two days and saying “Oh, we’ll meet later to rehearse.” It would have been glorious...! Use your imagination to know what went on in that bedroom ...
  • After a delicious buffet dinner (vegetable lasagna— my fav), the entertainment began with fun and games like a Play-Dough Vulcan Cock Making contest (you just had to see the results!) and prizes. The festivities were interrupted with that surprise “This Is Your Life, Jenna Sinclair” I mentioned above and then Jenna, Dusky, M.E. Carter, and Marci performed some gorgeous songs with guitar and oboe accompaniment. Then I got to participate in a play that Lezlie Shell wrote called “Not Spock’s Brain”, so you know what part of Spock’s anatomy it was that those pesky aliens stole. The most hilarious part was the entrance of Fiona James playing Scotty. The moment this lady opened her mouth and that Scottish brogue came out, everyone, including me, was on the floor. And I recall saying my lines to Cathy P. who played Spock and to Karen Dates who played McCoy and Michelle Arvizu who played Chekov (with the cutest Russian accent!). The whole play was absolutely wild and afterwards it was all a blur (Brain? Brain? What is brain?)... [6]

  • ...there were fantastic, spirited panels going on at all times, and the video room, and the reading room, and the dealer’s room open certain times. Getting the new zines was great; and treasures of the collectibles kind. It was fun being able to sell my duplicates at the community collectibles table, too. I wish I could have joined in all the panels, from Why are we so obsessed, to Who would you be, Kirk or Spock, on top or bottom? to Violence in K/S to the writing process to art to...there were 14 panels and each one was wonderful. And wonderful Lezlie kept us in line on timing, etc., because of course we could talk for days about each of these subjects. Nothing better than to have a place where continual discussions on specific K/S subjects was going on.
  • I didn’t by any means find enough time to hang out watching the songtapes and various ST, WS and LN videos, but there was absolutely great stuff being shown. All the songtapes most of us have seen were wonderful, but there’s also a gorgeous “K/S Moments” tape by Linda Wan. The Friday night K/S Birthday party was so fun, and we all got the presents! I hope there are enough photos by everyone. That was one amusing sight—the whole room of us in our little paper party hats from the “crackers” provided by our Britishers. Then, according to the numbers in our con bags, we got up and each said a few words of introduction and got our presents and pinned the kisses on the Kirk and Spock, oh yes. And then got to “steal” each other’s presents. And the Saturday night fancy-dress party was fabulous! I personally love costuming, and this was either costumes or “Sunday best” or any other creative thing. What a splendid group of women! We are 20- something to 70-something. Is this fun or what?
  • And the skit, “Not Spock’s Brain” by Lezlie. You can imagine what body part this was about, then, if not his brain. This was more than hilarious. I’m sorry I can’t quite remember everyone who was in it, but each was fabulous in her part (and it was a special treat to have a real Scot do the Scotty part). You’ve got to see, though, Shelley Butler as James Kirk. A very happy Shelley Butler, in her meaning of the word. One particularly creative thing was Dianne’s set of K/S drawings by various people--mostly explicitly sexual--which she made into collages inserting photos of herself! These have to be seen to be believed. I also laughed till my face was sore when playing with the Kirk and Spock marionettes, with Carol D’s fabulous sets--the Vulcan bedroom in all its glorious detail, and a bridge set with a center seat just ripe for trysts.... Another bridge set in the hospitality suite provided the backdrop for the Kirk and Spock fully- jointed action figures to do their very creative thing.
  • One of my favorite things was late Sunday night in the hospitality suite, when Jenna was telling us beautiful pre-K/S stories from old genzines most of us hadn’t read. She’s got that steel-trap memory, and it was such a pleasure lounging around listening to these beautiful, intense K/S love stories. [7]

KiScon 2001

  • it was held in Texas at the Holiday Inn Select Airport South in March, 2001
  • the con zine is here
  • The K/S Press 56 (April 2001) has many con reports
  • additional convention reports can be found archived here.
  • panels included: Oh, Spock, Harder!: Sex scenes we have known and loved, “Into the Pit: Tales from the Fanzine Editors," a poetry panel with Robin Hood and Kathy Stanis, Shelley Butler hosted a panel on fan art, Virgina Sky offered a panel on photo-manips.
  • Jenna Sinclair wrote the 45 minutes con skit Cinder-Spock. The play translated the “Cinderella” story into the K/S scenario with a large glass cock-ring substituting for a glass slipper
  • the themed cake this year sported a DEW illo of Kirk and Spock were lying on the bed with penis shaped candies on the border of the cake that were green and pink.

KiScon 2001: Art Show

From a con report published in KS Press #56:

"The art contest had more than twenty entries, and it was difficult to decide with all this luscious new art. Some voters were compelled to go back and look at the entries over and over again. Their drool marks hardly made any stains on the art at all.... When the winners were tallied, Liz from England had made a clean sweep of all three

places. Lovers' Passion won third place, Bath Time took second, and the much-admired Lonely Warrior took first place. Congratulations to Liz, and hope she enjoys the

zine gift certificate and other prizes."

KiScon 2001: Vid Show

From a con report published in KS Press #56:

"The songtape contest was a big success with more than an hour of new songtapes to enjoy. They were first shown on Friday night after the Birthday Bash and then re-shown on Saturday afternoon, so everybody had a chance to see, and re-see, their favorites. Third place went to The Story of My Life by Karen P. Second place went to a compelling song called "The Call and the Answer," perhaps one of the most K/S-like songs ever written. That was also created by Karen P.. And first place went to Wild Thing! by Liz W, with one of the most creative uses of Amok Time footage weVe seen. If you run the part where they are fighting on the sand backwards and in slow motion, guess what it looks like? Since first and second places were so close, both songtape creators got first place certificates for $20 towards a K/S zine from any K/S editor. We hope to compile all the entries on a tape that will be available for KSP subscribers to buy, but it won't be until after Shore Leave. Karen has a few more songs she wants to add to her group, and that's when it will be ready. So all of Liz's and Karen's vids will be available at that time."

KiScon 2004

  • was held March 26 - 28, 2004 2004 in Irving, Texas
the KiScon 2004 logo, artist unknown
  • it was billed as the third KisCon
  • a website was set up. An archived copy can be found here.

KiScon 2008

artwork on the 2008 KiScon website

KiScon 2008: Panels/Programing


  • Writing K/S ("Many of us here write K/S. What's important to you in writing K/S? Do you have specific themes/ideas you like to explore?")
  • Books That Led to Slash (panelists: Gayle F, Caren Parnes) ("Many of us loved slash before the term was coined. When we found each other in K/S fandom, we shared the books that celebrated our favorite romantic and erotic theme. Come to a discussion of our favorite homoerotic classics of that era, and hear readings from Mary Renault and Patricia Nell Warren.")
  • K/S in the 21st Century (panelists: Marnie Strom, Kathy Resch) ("How have the changes in how society views same-sex relationships been reflected in K/S fiction, art, discussion, etc.?")
  • Realism vs. Fantasy in Writing Gay Sex (panelist: Jenna Sinclair) ("How do women writers learn to write male/male sex? Maybe we are too embarrassed to go to a website or read "The Joy of Gay Sex" or pick up a porn magazine, but we've got to educate ourselves somehow. We've got to learn the lingo (there was a time, long past, when I blushed at the word penis), figure out the positions (is that even anatomically possible?), and put ourselves in the head (not that head!) of a human and half-Vulcan having sex (wild, passionate, mind-blowing sex! Once we start writing, we have a choice: portray sex acts and emotions realisticallly... or maybe not. Let's talk about Kirk and Spock making love, and we women write gay sex.")
  • Traditional Stories vs Cliches (panelist: T'Marii) ("Do you have some storylines you can read over and over again and never get tired of? )
  • Pimping K/S (panelist: Kandy Fong) ("What episodes would you show to 'prove' K/S?")
  • Share the Weath! (panelist: Jenna Sinclair) (" Want to put your stories online at the K/S Archives but don't have a clue how to get started? We'll show you how, step by step, by actually putting a story up on the archive during this session. An LCD projector will put each step on screen so you can follow along. By the time we're through, you'll think it's easy, and all of fandom will benefit from having more wonderful K/S stories to read. Join us!")
  • Kirk/Spock/McCoy (panelists: AcidQueen, Dovya Blacque) ("Kirk/Spock/McCoy -- More than the sum of its parts. About the how and why it can work: an analytical and practical approach.")
  • Music Vids (panelists: Gayle F, Kandy Fong, Caren Parnes, Karen P.) ("Join four music vidders for a quick tour of vidding. Back in the 70s, Kandy made Trek slide shows set to music. She'll be screening a short segment of one of those shows, along with one of her later vids. Both Gayle and Caren made vids in the 80s and 90s. We'll see samples of their work and hear about what making vids was like in the VCR era. Karen P. will be showing two of her vids, made with the latest computer technology.")
  • Flawed Heroes (panelists: T'Marii, Kathy Resch) ("Kirk and Spock embody the best of heroic tradition. But they are both very complex men, and have had their differences along the way, from the times during TOS when Spock has challenged or questioned Kirk’s decisions (“Arena”, “The Apple”, “The Way to Eden”, etc.), right up to Star Trek VI. Fanfic writers have often explored “the dark side” of Kirk and Spock, from dealing with Tarsus, to the many “why Spock went to Gol” stories, to stories dealing with the distance between then in ST6. How might these differences make it difficult for them to get together in the first place? How would their differences affect their relationship “after the first time”? What do you like/dislike in these sorts of stories?")
  • Star Trek 11 ("How will having entirely new actors play Kirk & Spock affect the fandom?")
  • What It's Like to Draw K/S (panelists: Shelley Butler, Caren Parnes) ("Join Shelly and Caren as they discuss how to draw K/S using traditional hand-drawn techniques, and see examples of their artwork.")
  • Legacy/The History of K/S (panelists: Jenna Sinclair, Dovya Blacque, Marnie Strom, Gayle F, Kathy Resch) ("From the "Time of the Beginning" to the present. Let's talk about the history of the very first fandom.")
  • Universities, Libraries, and Archives: What Academics Will Learn from Us 50 Years from Now (panelists: Rebecca Taylor) ("Rebecca Taylor, a retired library with a life-long interest in pop culture, will talk about her efforts to give her K/S collection to several institutions of higher learning. She also will lead a discussion about how we can preserve our history place in fan culture for future generations.")
  • Editing/Beta-ing & Publishing K/S (panelists: Dovya Blacque, Jenna Sinclair, Linda W.) ("What's involved in editing or beta-reading a story? What are the ins and outs of zine publishing?")

Kiscon 2008 Vid Show (missing)

The list of vids shown at the convention was not included in the program book. However some vidders and fanvids wer mentioned

Karen P. will have some of her latest vids. Plus, Killa and Tjonesy have sent a DVD with all of their vids, including favorites like "Dante's Prayer". T'Gin and Bersahki have also sent vids. We have quite a variety!

In addition a separate Music Vid panel was hosted by Gayle F, Kandy Fong, Caren Parnes, Karen P.:

"Join four music vidders for a quick tour of vidding. Back in the 70s, Kandy made Trek slide shows set to music. She'll be screening a short segment of one of those shows, along with one of her later vids. Both Gayle and Caren made vids in the 80s and 90s. We'll see samples of their work and hear about what making vids was like in the VCR era. Karen P. will be showing two of her vids, made with the latest computer technology.""

KiScon 2011

front cover of the 2011 program book
banner for KiScon 2011 by Arminaa
  • held June 24-26 2011 in Los Angeles, California
  • Fan Guests of Honor: Kathy Resch and seperis
  • the con zine is here
  • from the online flyer: "... celebrate 45 years of the epic romance between Kirk and Spock, the pairing that invented slash fandom and remains the most enduring! Over the years, fanfiction has taken Kirk and Spock through the Mirror Universe, Alternate Universes, and now we have the Reboot Universe. In 2011, we mark their 45th anniversary with a celebration of K/S in all
  • the charity auction rasied $755.37 to the AIDS Research Alliance, and $271.79 killabeez towards the up-keep of the K/S Archive. its incarnations."

KiScon 2011: Panels/Programming

  • Friday
      • 9am Why did Spock go to Gol? (TOS)
      • 10am Who tops and bottoms? (TOS/reboot)
      • 10am Finding TOS fic (TOS)
      • 11am How did you come into K/S fandom? (TOS/reboot)
      • 11am The impact of Spock/Uhura in reboot (reboot)
      • 12pm An intro to TOS for reboot fans (TOS)
      • 12pm The outing of slash (TOS/reboot)
      • 1pm Break for Lunch
      • 2pm Episode viewing & discussion #1 - Journey to Babel (to 3.30pm) (TOS)
      • 2pm Why aren’t there more AUs in reboot fandom? (reboot)
      • 3pm Zines: past, present and future (TOS) (Presentation by zine editors Kathy Resch & Alayne)
      • 4pm How do TOS and reboot characterisations differ? (TOS/reboot)
      • 4pm The mirrorverse (TOS/reboot)
      • 5pm K/S in the ‘old days’ (TOS) (Presentation by Guest of Honor, Kathy)
      • 6:30 Meet the Guests of Honor
      • 7pm Break for Dinner
      • 8pm Opening Ceremony (Opening Ceremony to include fun activities such as an ice-breaker, games and quizzes with prizes)
    • Saturday
      • 9am TOS round robin (TOS)
      • 9am Kirk/Spock/McCoy (TOS/reboot)
      • 10am History of K/S art (to 11.30am) (TOS/reboot) (Presentation by artists Caren Parnes & Gayle F.)
      • 10am Popular tropes in TOS/reboot (
      • 11.30am The Science of Star Trek (General) (Presentation by astronomer)
      • 12pm The TOS timeline (TOS) (Caren Parnes)
      • 1pm Break for Lunch
      • 2pm Episode viewing & discussion #2 - City on the Edge of Forever (to 3:30) (TOS)
      • 2pm How to write good sex (TOS/reboot)
      • 3pm Why is K/S so enduring? (TOS/reboot) (Kathy & Alayne)
      • 3.30pm How to photomanip (General) (Presentation by artist)
      • 4pm Is RPS OK? (TOS/reboot)
      • 5pm What goes into making a vid (General) (Gayle & Caren)
      • 5pm Transferring K/S to the net - ethics (General)
      • 7pm Babel Banquet & vid show (Babel Banquet to include CosPlay 'Most Favored Costume' competition and prize-giving)
    • Sunday
      • 9am Are controversial TOS eps still controversial/relevant? (TOS) ("What was the original impact of TOS? What was the background in which they aired? Did they have any impact? What relevance are they today? (Catherine & KarraAnn)")
      • 9am Reboot round robin (reboot) (Ash)
      • 10am Art Auction (led by Caren)
      • 11am Vid show discussion (TOS/reboot)
      • 11am Taboos in K/S fiction (TOS/reboot)
      • 12pm Reboot meta (reboot) (Presentation by Guest of Honour seperis
      • 12pm Fiction inspiration of early K/S fans (Gayle & Kathy)
      • 1pm Break for Lunch
      • 2pm Ebook hardware (General)
      • 2pm Episode viewing & discussion #3-Amok Time (to 3.30) (TOS)
      • 3pm What K/S story had the greatest impact on you? (TOS/reboot)
      • 4pm Closing Ceremony
      • 5pm Dead Dog Party

KiSCon 2011: Con Reports

contents of 2011 Kiscon gift bag
red velvet cake with Kirk and Spock
Caren P's winning design for the 'Design Spock's Cock' competition
Gayle F artwork on the Babel Banquet gift cards
[The convention gift bag included] second hand Star Trek books from a couple of book dealers on ebay, so everyone got a Star Trek novel, together with their name badge, KiScon program booklet.....a lovely KiScon button designed by tracionn, a hand-made KiScon bookmark by another (non-LJ) attendee, KarraAnn, Belgian chocolates from Evi, a K/S fridge magnet (made by rhaegal) and a voucher to spend in the dealer's room.

[The Opening Ceremony and Friday Night Entertainment]: Friday evening was the official opening ceremony. As everyone sat down, it was lovely to see people who have been going to K/S cons for over twenty five years sitting side by side with con first-timers. All day we'd run panels, some of which were TOS or reboot specific, but most of which were both, with no boundaries between the fans - everyone enjoying the discussions immensely. It really was IDIC in motion, and such a lovely sight to see. We started the Opening Ceremony with this awesome vid [8] by rhaegal just to set the tone of the weekend and get some excitement going.

After that, we wanted people to break the ice, so we'd pre-arranged people into teams and played some games. The first involved finding out the things people had in common and putting them on a flip chart - the whackier the better! After that, we did a quiz and then finally a game where we divided each team into threes, where number ones had to draw a picture of a word, number twos had to make a word out of play-dough and number threes had to act the word out. All the ones were given the same word, then all the twos were and so on. Round one we kept fairly simply, but round two, they had to draw rimming, make a Vulcan kiss out of play-dough and act out sex in the captain's chair. I thought I was going to burst a blood vessel I was laughing so hard at the antics around the room - it was completely hilarious! The winning team were each given vouchers to spend in the dealer's room.

We finished off the evening with a delicious red velvet cake with K/S icing from a picture by Suzan Lovett which graced the cover of Jenna Sinclair's zine, Legacy 2 - with both of their kind permissions - which we'd had especially made for the con.

Saturday held another series of events: This was the day designated 'cosplay' day, with some people wearing their costumes all day, while others waited until the evening to show off their creations. We also ran a 'Design Spock's Cock' competition, encouraging people to come up with 2D and 3D creations from stuff we'd bought especially. It was hilarious watching people coming up with designs!

Saturday night was the Babel Banquet - with either costume or formal attire requested. Gayle F. kindly donated packs of gift cards with a selection of her artwork on them, and rhaegal had made up a program for each person with the menu and a list of the vids to be shown after the meal. We also included three tokens at each setting for everyone to hand to the people whose costumes they liked the most with the person with the greatest number winning a special KiScon mug and vouchers for the dealers room. That turned out to be lyricoloratura who came as an amazing Andorian complete with blue skin and antennae with marymonroe coming in runner-up with her Marlena from the mirror!verse costume.

The Saturday night vid show: After that excitement, we darkened the room for the vid show, which I'd spent the previous six weeks getting together with the help of an amazing group comprising Kathy Resch, Gayle F, Caren Parnes, Morgan Dawn, Mary Van Deusen, killabeez and Kandy Fong. We ended up with almost twenty fanvids, including some of the very first ones made in the early 80s, some of which had been remastered, (and wonderfully, several of those vidders, such as Caren Parnes and Gayle F were at the con), as well as those made especially for the con by bersakhi and spirktrekker42. The show was amazing, not just because of the fantastic vids, but the energy in the room, with everyone laughing at the funny moments, crying during sad moments and singing along to the songs. It was a really magical evening. [9]

I didn't get to see much of the con itself - I sat in for most of the writing sex and vid panels, which were really fun, but if anyone posts reviews of other panels please link me as I'd really like to know what actually happened at this con! I also got to watch Amok Time with a full room of K/S fans, which was so much fun. The opening ceremony itself was probably the high point of the con for me - the energy level in the room, and seeing all the older and newer fans mixing together and the hilarity of people trying to draw rimming and model a blow job with playdoh, or act out sex in the captain's chair - I really wish we'd been filming that! The banquet and vidshow on Saturday night was also great fun, although my green makeup didn't survive the density of ST3 vids! Some of the costumes were really spectacular, especially the Andorian who won the costume contest (I don't know if she's on LJ - any ideas?), and marymonroe's the gorgeous mirrorverse Marlena who came in second. [10]

  • seperis' kiscon 2011 convention reports are posted here.}}

KiSCon 2011: Art Show

  • Images from the convention's art show (click for larger versions)

KiSCon 2011: Vid Show

2011 vid show

KiScon 2012

KiScon 2012 was held June 29th - July 1st 2012, Buckinghamshire, UK.

banner for KiScon 2012 by Arminaa
cover of the 2012 convention zine

KiSCon 2012: Programming


  • Registration and Open House
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Pub Quiz


  • 9:00
    • Is Spock a virgin? A lot of fic assumes that Kirk is Spock's first, but how likely is that to be true? Does he have a string of past lovers? If he lost his virginity during the series, was it to Kirk or to one of his women-of-the-week? What is it about virgin Spock stories that make the trope so popular? Mod: Blackbird Song
    • Round Robin - Reboot. Collectively create a story by adding sentences or paragraphs in turn. Mods" Jaylee, Dracavia
  • 10:00. I'm a doctor, not a relationship counsellor! What is Doctor McCoy's role in K/S fanfiction, and how does he relate to Kirk and Spock? Mods: SORAL, Beederiffic
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:15. Trope or cliché? Aliens Made Them Do It, Sex Pollen, Everyone Thinks We're Doing It, Fake/Forced Marriage and/or Bonding: Certain plots appear time and again in K/S fiction. Do you enjoy reading different takes on these tropes, or have they become clichés? What's the difference between a trope and a cliché? Mods: Larissa Bernstein and weebeanie
  • 12:00
    • My mind to your mind...Telepathy, mind melds and bonding a frequently strong components of K/S fic, and are often treated as highly romantic. What would it really be like to have a telepathic partner? And what would be the challenges for a Vulcan of bonding with a non-telepath? Carenp and Blackbird Song
    • Movie-era K/S. The first six Star Trek movies, observed with slash goggles, present Kirk and Spock's story as an epic romance. What are your favourite types of movie-era fic, and what would you like to see more of? Mods: KarraAnn aka LJ: CJMasters
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Why K/S? Often cited as the first slash pairing, K/S is certainly one of the most enduring. What drew you to the pairing, and what keeps you here? Mods: Carenp
  • 15:00. Looking forward to STXII. With a new movie due out next year, what are we looking forward to, and what are we afraid of? How is new canon going to affect K/S fandom? Mods: KarraAnn aka LJ: CJMasters
    • The end of the Five Year Mission. What happened at the end of the mission to send Spock to Gol? What about the decade or so that passes between The Motion Picture and Wrath of Khan? Mods: Carenp
  • 15:45 Break
  • 16:00 The Science of Planet-Building. Astronomer Rhaegal presents the latest results on planets outside the Solar System, and discusses what affects the habitability of planets and how they can be presented more realistically in fanfiction. Mods: Rhaegal
  • 17:30
    • Vulcan sexuality. From pon farr to hand porn: how does Vulcan sexuality differ from Human, both in canon and fanon? Mods: SORAL
    • Fan writing to professional author. Fan writers going professional has become a hot topic. Are you considering it? Tips on how to, plus the pros and cons. Mods: Amanda Warrington and Beederiffic
  • 19:30 Babel Banquet Featuring the Costume Competition
  • 21:00 Vid Show. Mod: DarlaProduction (the closing ceremony vid was Kirk/Spock: The Epic Love Story)


  • 9:00
    • Kirk Prime. Many K/S fans feel bad that Spock Prime is stuck in a universe with out 'his' Kirk. How have stories convincingly got him to the reboot universe? What other viable methods can people think of? Mods: Blackbird Song
    • Round Robin - TOS. Collectively create a story by adding sentences or paragraphs in turn. Mods: Eleanor
  • 10:00 Art Auction. Mods: Carenp
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:15 What makes a good mission fic? Episode-style plots can make a story unique, but can be difficult to write. What makes a good plot, and as a reader do you appreciate mission fics or feel that the plot detracts from the K/S? Mods: Ashura
  • 12:00 The recs panel. Which K/S fics have had the greatest impact on you? Share your favourites and acquire some recommendations for additional reading material. Mods: weebeanie and Susanne
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Amok Time. Watch the slashiest of TOS episodes with other K/S fans. Mods: Christine
  • 15:00 Closing Ceremony. Mods: Rhaegal and Amanda Warrington

Kiscon 2012 Vid Show

  • Alright With Me by EdithyNeko
  • Forever by Kerinaty
  • Take my Hand by MkbSTARDDiapason
  • We'll Be Okay, I'm Not Going Away by xTheHarleQuinOevilx
  • Time Will Tell by XKelociraptor
  • Save the Last Dance by EimeoMoon
  • This is Entertainment by MorraMorgenstern
  • Crawl by EdithyNeko
  • lost by Estatitall
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart by Caren P
  • Oh Death/Spark by Bigmamag2
  • So This is love by Atlanta23410
  • Constant Angel by Rhaegal
  • What Sound by ROJrAdmirer
  • Castle Walls by hotandcoldcollision
  • Hide and Seek by Atlanta23410
  • Pieces by DariaPrOduction
  • You'll Pull Through by Kerinaty
  • You're My Everything by Kerinaty
  • Mystery Dance by MaryCrawford
  • Extraterrestrial by Kerinaty
  • I Touch Myself by Spirksbuttbaby
  • Forget by DariaPrOduction
  • Closer by Killa & T Jonsey
  • Written into Your Book by XKelociraptor
  • A love Story by EimeoMoon

KiScon 2013

Kiscon 2013 was held in Boston on November 1-3, 2013. Guest of Honor was Greywolf the Wanderer.

some fans continue to worry about people knowing they are intersted in K/S. In this screencap of an anonymous tumblr post one fan writes:
ME: How do I explain going to Boston for the weekend for a Space Husbands convention? Oh I know! I'll just say I'm visiting a girl friend. Now which friend?
ME: *looks through facebook friends*
ME: None of them live in Boston anymore. None of them are K/S shippers.
ME: FML!!!

During one fan fundraiser to raise money to attend the convention, a panelist discussed her concerns over filming a panel explaining that people had been fired for attending the convention.[11] She later clarified.

"I seem to have misunderstood an email shared with a KiSCon runner. In an earlier post, I mentioned being unable to film the whole panel because, in the past, people who have been found out by their work were fired for simply attending.

While this, and other horrible things, has happened to some fans for general participation in the slash and K/S fandoms, nobody has been fired for specifically attending KiSCon.

I repeat

Nobody has been fired for attending KiSCon.

And even if they had, I retroactively realized that was not something I should have shared with you guys so casually. If I worried you or made you second guess attending, I apologize. Those are cases of extreme reactions, and I should have made that clear."[12]

KiSCon 2013: Programming

Friday November 1st

  • 1:30
    • Registration
  • 2:00
    • Can women be t'hy'la, too? (TOS mainly) Its focus as a relationship between two men tends to discredit/ignore female relationships of any kind. Could we apply "t'hy'la" to Uhura/Saavik? T'pring/Stonn? Amanda/Sarek? How do you deal with this issue in fanfic, and how might it affect Kirk, Spock and those they know?
    • Military vs. Civilian (Both) Star Fleet has always had an uneasy mixture of military and non-military, as pictured, anyway. What would a more realistic depiction of the Fleet consist of? And what stories might it engender in future films/TV?
  • 3:00
    • KHAAAAAAAN! (Reboot) Let's talk about him and his impact on AOS Kirk and Spock so early in their friendship. What impact has he had on fan-fiction since STID premiered?
    • How has K/S affected LGBTQIA fans in real life? (General) Might it have helped us to come to terms with our own sexuality, or with the often-scary process of coming out? Might it have helped us to be more supportive of those we know and love who are LGBTQIA?
  • 4:00
    • Race in Star Trek (Both) How do the Roddenberry and Abrams 'verses compare? How does it play out in fanfiction, especially as it relates to K/S?
    • IS A SHIP JUST A SHIP? (Reboot) It's been almost 50 years since TOS. What are the good, the bad and the ugly aspects on the Reboot Enterprise? What parts on the ship would you like to see and what should they do to update them? Examples...Kirk's cabin, Spock's cabin, Rec Room, Arboretum, the Bathroom.
  • 5:00
    • Rehearsal for dance
    • JJ Abrams won't be directing the 3rd Reboot film (Reboot) Hallelujah moment or tragedy? What should happen in it?
  • 7:00
    • Reception
  • 7:30
    • Opening Ceremonies ('til midnight) - Festivities, Performance, Quiz

Saturday November 2nd

  • 9:00
    • Will homophobia be gone in the 23rd century? What would that do to the UST between Kirk and Spock - especially in TOS?
    • What does it take to be a Captain in the Star Trek universe? (Both) How are TOS and reboot Kirk different in their captaincy? What are their greatest strengths and failings? Does Chris Pine's Kirk have what it takes to become a truly great captain, or is he already there?
  • 10:00
    • When did Spock and Kirk get together as more than friends? (TOS)
    • How does writing fanfic teach us about elements common to all good storytelling? (General) Should it be held to professional editing standards for grammar, spelling and readability?
  • 11:00
    • What makes a classic fanfic classic? (Both) What are the greatest fics to date in TOS and Reboot, and why? Let's discuss!
    • How do the different 'verses compare, regarding the characters' histories? (Both) Tarsus IV in TOS, the destruction of Vulcan in Nu!Trek, Kirk's family background – just a few examples of differences that could have profound effects on Kirk and Spock's development.
  • 12:00 How did K/S fandom and fan-fiction get started? (TOS) How did interested fans find out about each other in the days before the Internet? How did the zines start and proliferate? What impact did it have on the Star Trek fandom as a whole, and on the slash genre?
  • 1:30 Lunch break
  • 2:00
    • Episode redos (Reboot/TOS) What TOS episodes would you like to see done with the Reboot boys? What did or would each set of Kirk/Spocks bring to the episode?
    • What legacy has Star Trek given the world? (TOS) More to the point, what legacy has K/S fan work given to the world of fandom?
  • 3:00
    • Defining 'Canon' (TOS mainly) Special Guest Brittany Diamond speaks on how we define canon regarding K/S, and gives a breakneck recap of "Spock's Brain". Fasten your seatbelts!
  • 4:00
    • Sow's ear into silk purse (TOS) Some of TOS's worst episodes contain some of the best K/S moments. What could the writers have done better?
    • The mindmeld (Reboot mainly) What extra snippets might have slipped through into the mindmeld that might impact Jim over time?
  • 5:00
    • An Interview with Greywolf the Wanderer: Our Guest of Honor talks about his journeys in life and writing, and answers questions from the audience.
    • Babel Banquet and Vid Show (to 1:00 am)

  Sunday November 3rd

  • 9:00
    • What is the future of fandom? (General) Are zines obsolete in the Internet age? Will KiScon, KiSMET, Escapade and other such fan-run conventions continue?
    • How would those close to them (e.g., Sarek, McCoy, Carol Marcus) react to the news that Kirk and Spock were lovers? (TOS)
  • 11:00
    • Auction and Raffle
  • 11:30
    • Strange New Worlds (General) Presentation by Featured Guest Rhaegal on planets beyond our solar system, how they function, and how we can use this to fuel fanfiction and fanart.
  • 1:30 Lunch time
  • 2:00
    • Humor in Star Trek (TOS mainly) Humor is a feature of the TOS series and many of its films, yet much of the fan-fiction seems to focus heavily on more dramatic and traumatic elements. Is humor an integral part of the Trek universe, and to the Kirk/Spock relationship? Does it manifest differently in TOS and Reboot?
    • Walk, don't run (Reboot) Should the next movie slow the pace a bit and deal with more social issues?
  • 3:00
    • Kirk seems to be fast-tracking his friendship with Spock (Reboot) Is this because of what he saw in the meld with Spock Prime, or is he just lonely?
    • How does the mind meld affect Kirk and Spock? (TOS) They have melded several times in canon, but they're both private, guarded people, and Spock is not fully Vulcan. How do they cope with the short- and long-term effects of this "terrible lowering of personal barriers"?
  • 4:00
    • Amok Time Viewing, discussion and mutual squee
  • 5:30 Closing Ceremony
  • 6:00 Dead Warrigul Party ('til midnight)

KiScon 2013: Vid Show

  • Like Father Like Son, Born A Fighter by Romanse
  • I Think About You by Bersakhi
  • The Marshmallow Song by Bersakhi
  • Star Trekking A Life of Memories by ?
  • Out of Reach by T’Lara and ShirAmber
  • Won’t Let Go by T’Lara and ShirAmber
  • Jizz In My Pants by Triplexpoint
  • Love Story (Reboot version) by Triplexpoint
  • Love Story (TOS version) by Triplexpoint
  • The Man’s Too Strong by Killa and TJonsey
  • Bleed To Love Her by Killa and TJonsey
  • Closer by Killa and TJonsey

KiScon 2013: Con Reports

"The [panel] recap of Spock’s Brain went over better than I ever imagined it would.

A girl did a genuine spit take

A girl did a genuine spit take

Water everywhere

It was so beautiful.

And the discussion of whether or not they considered K/S canon, and how we define relationships as canon, was thoughtful, hilarious, open-minded, well rounded, I could go on forever."[13]

"Spent the day in panels talking about the Reboot, the military in a Trek verse, and who should replace JJ. Met M.E. Carter, theshipscloset, thisthylafeeling, blackbirdsong, and triplexpoint! Saw giant dancing penises (the green one was appropriately double ridged). Watched K/S vids in a room full of other people, then ended the night hanging with Greywolf the Wanderer, CanneDeBonbon, and Mary. It’s 2:22am."[14]

"kiscon today was epic hngggh and I was shaking so hard when they showed my fanvids that I dragged the bestie over and sat at her feet while she ruffled my hair.......(I did Jizz In My Pants - remastered the original version - and a TOS and an AOS version of Love Story)....and everyone is so amazingly nice and I cannot even and there are awesome people and tomorrow I must get all their emails, tumblrs, livejournals, what have you."[15]

"The ladies at this convention are truly, truly incredible. I’m already defensive of slash fans in general, but I will fight to death for these women. I can’t tell you how many of them have technical and engineering degrees, are going for a SECOND masters, or are otherwise highly educated. And if they don’t have copious schooling, that in no way stops them (or anyone) from being capable, sensitive, intuitive, intelligent, passionate people. Everyone has their own personal ties to Star Trek and K/S. The outpouring of fic, conversation, and fearless sharing resulting from that is enough to make me teary. This is art making an impact."[16]

"KiScon was brilliant, easily one of the best weekends of my life. It was amazing to meet people whose work I have read or viewed, put faces to online friends, and to gush over Britney from TSC (who actually knew who I was, and I just died). Also Candy drew me tiny Santa Spock Prime, and he’s coming home with me. My rec list has grown, and Mary has promised to send even more! Absolutely sad to be leaving. Everyone was welcoming and interesting, and I look forward to another one in the future."[17]

"guys we are playing cards against humanity now at kiscon and its so ridiculous and inappropriate now that none of us can even and we are literally crying, screeching, laughing and screaming WHY ARE SOME OF YOU NOT HERE."[18]

"@Rhaegal physics talk, awesome! Kepler’s death, tragic."[19]

"Just spent $70 on drawings of William Shatner. #goodlifechoices"[20]

More convention reports at KiSCon posts - The Ship's Closet, Archived version and KiSCon posts - The Ship's Closet Page 2, Archived version and KiSCon posts - The Ship's Closet Page 3, Archived version

KiScon 2015

2015 banner
photo of a puzzle being assembled at Kiscon 2015

was held in Seattle, WA on October 30 - November 1, 2015. Guest of Honor was Syn Ferguson. The con was dedicated to Stacy Doyle, KiScon's long-standing webmaster, who passed away in 2014 just before completing the website for KiScon 2015. Killa kindly volunteered to take over the running of the site.

For the con zine see here.

From the Kiscon 2015 website:

"WOW! Who could have believed that when (some of us) were watching those first episodes of Star Trek back in the 1960's what it would spawn: Fandom, the first underground Slash Zines, some of the first Fan Vids, four Star Trek sequels, 12 movies (soon 13) and now multiple generations of Star Trek and K/S fans. No matter what your ST niche is, people ages 7 to 70 can all proudly say the same thing:


We live in a world that has Star Trek terms and sayings so embedded they have become part of the everyday culture. People who never watched a minute of any Star Trek know what a "Phaser" is, what "Warp Drive" is, what a "Communicator" is (the US call them cells) and now... they're beginning to know what "Slash" is.

Some of you have asked why we are celebrating these monumental events in 2015 rather than 2016 (the actual 50th birthday). Well… when asked, our K/S group said they wanted it in October 2015. This way they would be able to attend KiSCon 2015 and still be able to attend the BIG 50th celebrations in 2016, the ones where our boys will be guests."[21]

KiScon 2015: Programming

photo of the Kiscon 2015 cake. The artwork from Courts of Honor is featured
closeup photo of a the cake decorations. On the plate next to it is a cookie in the form of the Vulcan salute
Tribbles having cake. [22]
Getting ready for Kiscon 2015.[23]


  • 9:00
    • Diversity in Slash Pairings: Outside Your OTP, or discussing K/S/Mc, K/Mc, and S/Mc (Greywolf)
    • How the death of a star affects the writing of fan-fiction (Blackbird Song)
  • 10:00
    • Why has K/S been so enduring? With all the other fandoms that have proliferated, what is it about K/S that keeps fans interested? (Cate)
    • Why is it that so many K/S fans have been long-time fans of Sherlock Holmes, too? (Lyra)
  • 11:00
    • How has the portrayal of Kirk and Spock, and their relationship, changed over the years? (Killa)
    • Creating fictional Vulcan worlds: language, mind arts, mores: how writers go about constructing head canon. (Lari)
  • 12:00
    • Where Does Slash Fandom Go From Here? Same sex marriage is (finally) the law of the land in the US and many other western counties and same sex relationships are more accepted. Before, slash was a underground fandom. Now it is more out in the open and "out of the closet." Will slash will remain an off shoot of fan writing or be absorbed into the main stream? What will this mean for slash writing/art/vids and consumers of slash? How will it affect the slash community? (Judy, Lari & Kathy)
    • Why Spock is So Sexy: Is it the Ears or Is it the Brains? (Soral)
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00
    • Vid: Mind Meld (pt 1) William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy interview each other.
    • Story Recs: What are your top 3 K/S stories and why? (List to be generated and circulated to all members) (Carolyn Spencer) (Amanda)
  • 15:00
    • The Aging Couple: K/S after a Certain Age (Rhaegal)
    • The Reboot movies: what did you love and hate about them? What would you like to see in the next movie? (Amanda)
  • 16:00
    • Outdoor Trek: TOS from Screen to Stage (My Daroga & Joy)
    • Pon Farr: the Ultimate Ultimatum (Trekker)
  • 17:00
    • Interview with Syn Ferguson (Kathy R & Caren P)
  • 18:00
    • Meet the Guest of Honor - Syn to introduce herself and answer your questions.
  • 20:00 Opening Ceremony


  • 9:00
    • Writing believable SF is a challenge, but K/S writers also have to contend with an alien central character. What do you love and hate about the way Spock is portrayed? Which stories or writers would you recommend? (Amanda)
    • TOS round robin: Everyone gets to write a line or a paragraph of the story without seeing what everyone else has written – the results are usually hilarious! (Syn)
  • 10:00
    • Do we anthropomorph Vulcans without readily contemplating what it means to be alien? What is it is it about earth that is the same as Vulcan and what different? How does this affect how a species thinks? What can we learn from each other that may influence our fan fiction? (Soral)
    • Homophobia through K/S: This panel will explore the topic of homophobia in two ways - what can research on K/S tell us about changing ideas of homophobia and sexual norms in the United States, and should K/S (and all slash) be viewed as homophobic/fetishizing. (April Callis)
  • 11:00
    • Four decades of classic K/S vids (Lari)
    • What message does K/S (or Star Trek/TOS) still hold for our world today? (Blackbird Song & Ashaya)
  • 12:00
    • Bisexuality as K/S Reality? Kirk & Spock are attracted to women, repeatedly; does it matter? (April)
    • KiSCon and Other K/S Cons. Over the last several years there has been a decline in the number of writers, artists, and vidders in K/S as well as KiSCon members. There was a spike of new fans after the first reboot Star Trek movie came out but most have moved on to other fandoms and have not returned. Many were disappointed with the 2nd movie and so it did not re-energize K/S. Will this affect the future of K/S and KiSCon? Will there be enough interest to keep it going into the future? Will there be more pure KiSCons? Will we have to change with the times and expand into other slash fandom's in order to continue having cons? (Judy & Kathy)
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00
    • Vid: Mind Meld (pt 2) William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy interview each other.
    • What is it about Spock (both TOS and Reboot) and Sherlock that makes us want to break their cool? A discussion on these fascinating men, how they are similar and different. (Mary)
  • 15:00
    • Science Talk (90 mins) By Rhaegal
  • 17:00
    • Kirk vs. Kirk: Characterization Conflict in and out of Canon (My Daroga & Joy)
    • Hurt/Comfort: why does it remain so enduring? (Blackbird Song)
  • 19:30
    • Catspaw Cosplay Gala & Buffet, followed by Vid Show & Sing-A-long and Dance hosted by Lari
a fan made copy of the Kiscon 2015 zine. The creator wrote: " one of my stories was included in the zine! I was so excited I took my pdf to the local copy store and got it printed and bound. I was so excited about it that when I got home I showed it to my dog before remembering that she is a dog and as such does not comprehend such esoteric concepts as fanfiction. Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who made this possible!"[24]
Match up captain’s chair picture challenge


  • 09:00
    • Reboot Round Robin Everyone gets to write a line or a paragraph of the story without seeing what everyone else has written – the results are usually hilarious! (Soral)
    • The spirituality of K/S: spiritual themes in TOS/AOS in general, and more specifically relating to t'hy'la or the nature of Vulcan bonds. (Lari)
  • 10:00
    • Art Auction & Raffle with Caren P.
  • 12:00
    • Remembering Leonard: Discussion and tribute vids (Lari)
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00
    • What are the similarities and differences between the TOS and reboot characters? (Gwen)
    • After the high water mark of Reichenbach Fall in Series 2, fans have been largely divided about the turns the series took in S3--especially with John's cold behavior toward Sherlock and the transformation of Mary as a divisive character in His Last Vow. Do you like the changes Moffat and Gatiss made in characterization in Series 3--with Sherlock being generally more sympathetic and John less so? What would you like to see happen in S4? (Caren P)
  • 15:00
    • How did you come into K/S fandom? What were your influences? Were you in slash fandom before or new to it?
    • What books were your biggest K/S slashy influence? (Blackbird Song)
  • 16:00
    • Closing Ceremony
  • 17:00
    • Amok Time - Everyone gets to cheer on KiScon’s favourite episode!

KiScon 2015: Con Reports

"I just have to say how much I enjoyed KiSCon. The programming was amazing for a small con–there was always something to do in the rec room, and a diverse selection of discussion panels. My gratitude to the fabulous organizers. I woke up with a hoarse throat this morning from all the laughing I did (great vid show, amok time viewing, k/s cards against humanity, spock bending over a scanner jokes, hilarious group fic writing). Honestly, it was my best con experience ever. What a friendly, intelligent, creative, and passionate group of people. I felt honoured to listen to and speak with everyone I met this weekend. Not to mention the huge fic rec list I now have! Although I’m a newb to this long standing fandom and have spent most of my time lurking, I feel really inspired to come out of my shy little box more. If my schedule fits, I’m definitely attending the next KiSCon!"[25]

"There were about 50-60 people attending and it was such a nice ‘vibe’ all weekend. It was a good mix of ages, old/new fans and people that were fans of TOS and/or Reboot. Sure there were people who were old friends, and sure there were a few groups, but there was no cliquishness or negativity (far as TOS vs Reboot or the like). As someone that never settled into a group, I felt very welcome to sit anywhere and just hang- and I’m not a person who normally does that.....I have to say, pretty much every conversation I was a part of or witness to was that delightful mix of thoughtful /intelligent /well researched conversations and penis jokes. So many ‘smart’ conversations. So many dick jokes. Like I said, I found my people."[26]

"I had the absolute pleasure of attending 2015 KiSCon in Seattle and I couldn’t be prouder of or happier with our K/S fandom. We had amazing discussions that spanned philosophy, religion, societal expectations, SCIENCE, and more that were anchored in K/S and Trek but were inclusive and informative on an individual basis. I learned so much, and enjoyed the overwhelming kindness and excitement shared among folks of a range of ages and backgrounds. I was able to meet new friends, and connect with the people behind the names I know so well from the beautiful stories they’ve told. I got a perspective of the incredible history behind this fandom from the folks who made it happen, and I was truly inspired. I can’t wait to start posting my next fic and I am deeply grateful for all the hard work by the folks who organized this wonderful con."[27]

"KisCon has accomplished the impossible. I love K/S more than ever - didn’t think I could love it more. Star Trek fandom is so amazing - such fantastic, intelligent, caring people. I couldn’t ask for better!"[28]


"There is in fact a 3D art contest at KiSCon (the Kirk/Spock fan convention) devoted to “give us your best representation of what you think Spock’s dick looks like.” This is reason #974,958 why everyone should go to KiSCon."[30]

"So I guess it’s official.

Fandom has ruined my life.

Mama always warned me about them there Star Track conventions. “It’s a downward spiral,” she told me. “It starts innocent enough. Oh, I’ll just go to this one anime convention. And then I’ll just go this scifi convention too. A lot of the same people I hung out with at the anime con will be there. It’s harmless enough, right?”

And the next thing you know. You’re buying plane tickets to fly across country, to go to an entire convention dedicated, not just to Star Trek, but specifically to Spirk shipping.

This is my life now.


"I have rarely laughed as hard as I’m laughing during this vid screening at KiScon. …or cried. There are also tears. Like omg."[32]

"To All KiSCon Attendees: May your Voyage Home be safe, may you feel invigorated by the enthusiasm we all experienced this weekend, may all your swag and haul have stayed intact, and may you now go forth and boldly create more works for us to endlessly enjoy!"[33]

Some lovely fancrafts (quilts, pillow, scarves) with K/S and Star Trek themes can be found here, Archived version and here, Archived version

KiScon 2015: Vid Show

All shows were curated by T'Lara.

Opening Ceremony (Friday, Oct 30):

Four Decades of Classic K/S vids (Saturday, Oct 31): [60 min.]

Vid Party with Sing-a-long & Dance (Saturday, Oct 31): [2 hours; several songvids were especially subtitled for the con]

Remembering Leonard: The Leonard Nimoy Tribute Panel (Sunday, Nov 1):

Closing Ceremony (Sunday, Nov 1):

The con DVD "KiScon 2015 - The Official Fanvid Collection" features a selection of 29 gorgeous fanvids - not all of them made it into the shows (due to time constraints - they were on the playlist, though).

Number on the disc Title Vidder(s)
1 Kirk/Spock: A Love Story EimeoMoon
2 Help Akiv
3 Oh Death / Spark Bigmamag
4 Sleeping With Ghosts Butterfly
5 Total Eclipse Of The Heart Caren Parnes
6 The Test Here's Luck
7 I Dreamed A Dream Chris Soto
8 Static Indrikhole
9 Our Farewell EimeoMoon
10 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Estalita11
11 Amok Time Lucky Jack
12 Dante's Prayer Killa
13 Another Place And Time MorraMorgenstern
14 Jeeves Trek Mortmere
15 Cosmic Love RDJrAdmirer
16 Cry Over Me Rhaegal
17 Closer Killa & T. Jonesy
18 If You Only Knew Rhaegal
19 I Drove All Night T'Lara
20 Fever Estalita11
21 Brothers Under The Sun Indrikhole
22 What Sound RDJrAdmirer
23 The Night Watch Mortmere
24 His Love Will Conquer All MorraMorgenstern
25 Razzle Dazzle T. Jonesy, Killa, Hafital
26 Searching TheDeadParrot
27 Closer Talitha78
28 Icarus Yunuen
29 Common People TheJAMFactor

KiScon 2017

banner for 2017

The 2017 KiScon was held in Los Angeles 15 to 17 September 2017, once again co-chaired by Rhaegal and Amanda Warrington.

For the con zine see here.

Convention Reports

Kiscon 2017: Vid Shows

VJ: T'Lara

Classics Vidshow, Friday, 15 Sept:

Bersakhi: I Want to Hold Your Hand (TOS)

Chris Soto: One Hand, One Heart (TOS) (not online)

Mary Van Deusen: White Rose (TOS)

T. Jonesy & Killa: When I'm 64 (TOS) (not online)

Caren P. & Mary Van Deusen: Total Eclipse of the Heart (TOS)

ImaginarySanity: Cosmic Love (TOS)

Khiori & Ivy Hill: In This Room (TOS) (not online)

Bigmamag: Oh Death / Spark (TOS, reboot)

Killa: Dante's Prayer (TOS)

Mary Crawford: Swing (TOS)

Chris Soto: Wind Beneath My Wings (TOS) (not online)

T'Guess: Desert Rose (TOS)

Kandy Fong: Coming Back to Me Now (TOS)

Mortmere: The Night Watch (TOS)

Estalita11: T.G.I.F. (TOS)

Here's Luck: The Test (reboot, TOS)

Opening Ceremony, Friday, 15 Sept:

Rhaegal: KiScon 2017 Opening Ceremony Trailer (TOS, reboot) (not online)

Kandy Fong: A Mocked Time (TOS; slideshow)

Amok Time Reloaded Vid Competition, Friday, 15 Sept:

T'Lanza: Addicted to Love (premiere) (TOS) (not online)

Rhaegal: Pon Farr (premiere) (TOS) (not online)

T'Lara: Gad-eshu'a (premiere) (TOS)

AnnaKnitsSpock: Fever (premiere) (reboot) (not online)

T'Lara & Rhaegal: The Private Life of Vulcans (premiere) (TOS) (WINNER)

Saturday Night Vidshow, 16 Sept:

EimeoMoon: Save the Last Dance (TOS)

BrTutty: Say You'll Never Let Me Go (reboot)

Mary Crawford: Mystery Dance (TOS)

Solar: Two Elements (reboot)

Killa: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (TOS)

AnnaKnitsSpock: Fight Song (reboot)

Rhaegal: Wait for it (TOS, reboot)

Baxssy: Falling in Love (reboot)

T. Jonesy: Layla (TOS) (not online)

BrTutty: Crazy in Love (reboot)

CherryLie88: Черная луна (Black Moon) (TOS)

Sarashina Nikki: A Still More Glorious Dawn (reboot)

Estalita11: Fever (TOS)

Imaginary Sanity: Fire (TOS)

Indrikhole: С той стороны (From That Side) (TOS)

T. Jonesy & Killa: Closer (TOS) (not online)

Insolitus: There! Right There! (reboot)

JoeEva: Plak Tow (reboot)

BrTutty: Touchin' On My (TOS)

Kerinaty: Star Trek Forever (TOS, reboot)

Latinistka: Тонкий шрам на любимой попе (A Thin Scar on his Beloved Butt) (TOS)

Lucky Jack: Amok Time (reboot)

T'Lanza: Carry You Home (premiere) (TOS) (not online)

Bellizaria: A Thousand Years (TOS, reboot)

Morra Morgenstern: I Bring the Fire (reboot)

T'Lanza: Yakety Yak (premiere) (TOS) (not online)

Severny Sneg: Home is Where the Heart is (TOS, reboot)

Mortmere: Touch Me (TOS)

Nessa: You (TOS)

MissSheenie: Spock's Down on his Knees (reboot)

Putnik68: The Bad Touch (TOS)

Spookyfbi8: K/S Fight Scene - Amok Time vs. Reboot (TOS, reboot)

MissSheenie: Tik Tok (TOS)

Severny Sneg: The Road is My Home (TOS, TAS)

T'Lara: Fun with Jim and Spock (TOS) (podfic vid of Pamdizzle's parody, with art by Ivycross)

Track list of the con DVD:

Number on the disc Vidder(s) Title
1 Rhaegal KiScon 2017 Opening Ceremony
2 T'Lanza Addicted to Love (premiere)
3 Yorki (Parapandaful) Officer's Tango
4 Mary Crawford Mystery Dance
5 Kerinaty Star Trek Forever
6 T'Lara Gad-Eshu'a (premiere)
7 Sarashina Nikki A Still More Glorious Dawn
8 T'Lanza Yakety Yak (premiere)
9 Severny Sneg The Road is my Home
10 Rhaegal Wait for it
11 EimeoMoon Our Farewell
12 BrTutty Say You'll Never Let Me Go
13 Killa Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
14 MorraMorgenstern This is Entertainment
15 Rhaegal Pon Farr (premiere)
16 Bellizaria A Thousand Years
17 T. Jonesy & Killa Falling in Love
18 Indrikhole From That Side
19 AnnaKnitsSpock Fever (premiere)
20 Qingniao My Body is a Cage
21 T'Lara & Rhaegal The Private Life of Vulcans (premiere)
22 BrTutty Crazy in Love
23 T. Jonesy & Killa Closer
24 MissSheenie Spock's Down on his Knees
25 T'Lanza Carry You Home (premiere)
26 Estalita11 Fever
27 Starcrossedgirl White Rabbit
28 Xkelociraptor Time Will Tell
29 Barbuzuka We Can't Turn Back
30 Kandy Fong A Mocked Time

KiScon 2019

KiScon 2019 took place in Seattle again, 1-3 November 2019 at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center. It was co-chaired by Judy Suryan and Larissa Bernstein.

2019 image created by arminaa
2019 image created by arminaa

From the program book:

Fifty years ago humanity reached out into space and walked on Earth’s moon. Just over a hundred days after that anniversary, KiScon 2019 now opens in Seattle. It is a get-together with new and old friends to celebrate space exploration and space love —in all its forms! What started as small house parties in the 1980s has evolved into the largest K/S convention. Fans from all over the globe, young and old, newbies and seasoned Trekkers, come together to take part in a weekend of slashy goodness. For 2019, the KiScon baton has been passed on to us. We feel happy and honored to carry on with the tradition and will do our best to provide you with a great convention experience!


To the Moon and Beyond

KiScon 2019 will celebrate not only our love of K/S and Star Trek, but also the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. We'll celebrate how the space age of the 1960s not only boldly went where no man had gone before, but launched generations of Star Trek and science fiction fans who envisioned a future world united and at peace, a world that would one day be ready to seek out new life and new civilizations, guided by the idea of IDIC. K/S took on a special role in this process: maybe one of the most daring —and at times risky —fannish explorations, it turned out to be a giant leap for fandom in general and for our way of consuming and transforming media.

We welcome you to Seattle for a weekend filled with inspiration and entertainment, discussion and creativity, fun and games. There will be many great activities, cosplay, art and zines, vid shows (singing along definitely welcome!), an exciting art auction, several competitions, and of course: the famous KiScon banquet. Meet old friends, and make new friends! - Judy and T'Lara, Con Chairs KiScon 2019

The con committee:

  • Con Chairs: Judy Suryan and T’Lara
  • Video department: T’Lara
  • Registrations and Volunteer Coordinator: Linda B.
  • Zine Editor: Holly “Carleen” Brown
  • Art show and auction: Liz Keough, Trekker
  • PR and dealer space: Trekker, Linda B.
  • Hospitality: Judy Suryan
  • Supply Director and Sock Puppet Wrangler: Rika
  • Program booklet: T'Lara
  • Website: llostone, zjofierose, T’Lara


cover of the 2019 program book
  • Wall Competitions ("What would a KIScon be without our traditional caption competition?! Get inspired by the screen caps and come up with a witty line. We also have two more wall games, courtesy of Soral, to tickle your brain cells —Space Girls and Boys, and Tossing Numbers —so grab a form and enter the competition. There shall be prizes.")
  • Raffle
  • Art Show
  • Cosplay Competition
  • PhD Research Focus Group ("Sign up for a videotaped focus group for the dissertation project Media Fans and Politics.")
  • Sock Puppets ("This year we not only have a cosplay competition but also a sock puppet parade and contest. If you have not brought a sock puppet along in your suitcase, you can craft your little friend directly at the con! A big selection of crafts material is waiting for you to bring your creative vision to life. You can work on your puppet during the day while you attend programming.")
  • Zine Lending Library
  • Con Games (puzzles, card games, Cards Against Humanity- KiScon version...)
  • Dealer Tables
  • Vid Show
  • Panels

Post Con Report


Hi, KiScon 2019 attendees! We hope you have all enjoyed our weekend away with K/S in Seattle, and have all made your ways safely home again, caught up on sleep, and returned with greater energy to your regular and fannish lives. All goodie bags for supporting members have been sent out in the meantime – we apologize for the slight delay that was caused by post-con flu. In this post-con report we’ll bring you a bunch of goodies to prolong the squee: the complete playlist of our vid shows, a detailed how-to for the thumb drive, the Round Robin fic, Trekker’s disquisition on fruit liqueur making, Dovya’s notes from the Fic Recs panel, and four of the mini ficlets from the Opening Ceremony games. If you have not typed up and turned in your team’s ficlet, please send it to [email protected]; if you have trouble typing it up, please just snap a quick photo of it and send it in. We’ll publish them in a follow-up/updated post-con report. We are also missing several names from the teams; let us know on which team you were, so that we can give proper credit to all ficlet authors. Thank you to everyone who helped at KiScon 2019 in any way: thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and panelists, authors, artists, and vidders; thank you to all who donated to the goodie bags (delightful and astonishing stuff!); thank you to all who donated items to the auction and raffle to support KiScon and our con charity, Northwest Harvest; thank you to all those generous souls who donated money before the con to help; and thank you to all who attended and made the con so much memorable fun. You’re the best! Thanks to all of you, KiScon 2019 is in the black. We can make the donation to Northwest Harvest in time for the holidays, and we’ll still have enough seed money for future KiScons!
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season in joy and good health,

The KiScon 2019 Con Committee

Gallery of Images:

Vid Show

There were two official vid shows at KiScon 2019, plus one short bonus vid show during the “It’s Dead, Jim” party after the official end of the con. All shows were curated by Larissa Bernstein.

Friday afternoon, 1 Nov, 2019: The Classics

  • Acidqueen: Counting Horses
  • T. Jonesy & Killa: Knights of the Round Table (no authorised version online)
  • Chris Soto: I Dreamed a Dream (remastered by Killa) (password: chrissoto)
  • Acidqueen: Nothing Else Matters
  • Helen & Virginia Sky: Love Found (not online)
  • Unknown Vidder: Starmaker – this vid from the VCR-era was remastered (faithfully rebuilt with HD footage) by T'Lanza (not online)
  • Khiori & Ivy Hill: In This Room (not online)
  • Mortmere: Spock in Love
  • Mary Van Deusen: You Always Knew
  • T'Rhys: In the Air Tonight (constructed reality crossover with Blake’s 7; premiered in 1994; first computer generated vid!) (not online)
  • Mortmere: Time of the Season
  • Mary Van Deusen: White Rose

Saturday night, 2 Nov, 2019: Vid Show Disco

Sunday night, 3 Nov, 2019, at the end of the “It’s Dead, Jim” party: A selection of humorous vids with a dash of What-the-Fuckery.

The authored DVD “KiScon 2019 – The Vid Anthology” was given out to members as .iso file on a thumb drive instead of a disc.

It contains the following selection:

  1. T'Lara: L'amour Toujours
  2. Baxssy: Falling in Love
  3. EimeoMoon: Comfort
  4. T'Lanza: To the Moon and Back (premiere)
  5. Indrikhole: Cage
  6. MissSheenie: Tik Tok
  7. Roleplay Films: Towards the Sun
  8. Rhaegal: Landslide
  9. Severny Sneg: If Home is Where the Heart is
  10. xKelociraptor: Time Will Tell
  11. T'Lanza: I Got It From Agnes
  12. Morra Morgenstern: I Bring the Fire
  13. Bluefairy1113: All I Need
  14. BrTutty: Cosmic Love
  15. Acidqueen: Counting Horses
  16. CherryLie88: Черная луна (Black Moon)
  17. Marbletrouble: How to Save a Life
  18. Khiori & Ivy Hill: In This Room
  19. BrTutty: Nude
  20. Paul Heriot: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  21. Vordeel: I’ll Keep Coming
  22. Killa & T. Jonesy: Knights of the Round Table
  23. T'Lara: Loverboy
  24. Putnik68: The Bad Touch
  25. Mortmere: Spock in Love
  26. T. Jonesy & Killa: When I’m 64
  27. Kirk Spock: Common People (TAS)
  28. T'Lara: Kirk Fu
  29. LexyM: Keep Me or Leave Me
  30. T. Jonesy: You’re So Vain

KiScon 2021

Kiscon 2021 was canceled due to the COVID pandemic. No virtual event was held in its place

From the 2020 Kiscon website:

What a terrible year 2020 has been! As fans of science fiction and Star Trek we are familiar with scenarios of a global crisis, for example a deadly new virus wrecking the planet. Reality, however, has caught up with fictional scenarios, and SARS-CoV-2 has dramatically altered our lives. With people suffering from the COVID-19 disease, from the resulting economic fallout, from travel restrictions, and from an all-encompassing world-wide atmosphere of insecurity, we had to make the sad decision to cancel KiScon 2021. We will contact our Early Bird members one by one regarding refunds.

It is our dearest hope that KiScon will return. As things stand now, we think that 2023 is the best bet. Yes, this is terribly far away, but it seems rushed to take a return to normality for granted too soon.

We will keep you updated on all things KiScon. This website will not only stay online, but we have added a forum for past KiScon attendees and fans interested in future KiScons, to offer the community a place to hang out.[34]

KiScon 2022

2022 logo based on 2019 logo, by arminaa; adapted (with permission) by T'Lara

Kiscon 2022 was held entirely online, during the weekend 4–6 November 2022[35]. The concom consisted of: T'Lara (chair), 1lostone, Linda R., Trekker, and StarshipLillian.

In preparation to taking this traditional K/S convention into a virtual space, the concom established a Discord server (the "KiScord") and started to offer training sessions and office hours to make the technical challenge easier for con attendees. This led to the creation of regular events (Pub Nights) that provide the fannish community with a year-round experience, in addition to the official con weekend.

The online convention tried to bring the traditional KiScon fun into the virtual space: with panels (held on Zoom, trying to take the many different timezones into account as much as possible), vidshows (via Conline), games and competitions (e.g. a cosplay competition, a cake contest), and a silent auction with artworks and collectibles (65 lots in total). The con bag was given to the members via Conline and included many digital goodies. The art show took place via a slideshow vid.

Feedback from KiScon attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

This was my first online con and it was such a wonderful experience. I’m in awe of how smoothly it ran in terms of schedule and organisation, as well as how mindful the organisers were of different time zones. The atmosphere felt so friendly, welcoming and kind that I can confidently say it’s been my best fandom community experience to date. The panels were engaging and the wide range of topics covered made it hard to decide between them as they were all so appealing to me. Overall a fantastic event. The openness and kindness that permeated every meeting really made it apparent that Star Trek fans take its uplifting, loving message very seriously. I was incredibly anxious going in, unsure whether I’d be able to speak, but ended up engaged in so many brilliant conversations and felt a great sense of community. I hadn’t laughed as much or been as happy in a very long time. Left me wishing it was next year already as soon as it was over. Thank you for all the hard work put into this amazing experience!


KiSCon 2022 was my first KiScon. It was their first virtual, but it honestly didn't show and I had a blast! Besides the fantastic panels- whose slides turned out to be helpful in more than just TOS fan activities- they had a ton of virtual games and goodies (I won the crossword puzzle hunt, to my complete shock.) Plus, everyone was REALLY kind to the newbie attendee, and it wound up being one of the big highlights of my whole year.


Having been to the last two cons in Seattle, I was initially doubtful about what a virtual con could offer. I wanted to be with other fans in person. But it succeeded wonderfully! There were few technological glitches, fantastic panels, all the favorites like the art auction and the vid shows, the ability for folks from many different time zones to participate, and because of the work and creativity of the organizers, a way to continue to discuss K/S and Star Trek throughout the rest of the year. An online con is not the same experience as an in-person one, but this one brought me a lot of joy thanks to everyone’s resourcefulness and heart.

Alice West

Post-Con Report:

Dear KiScon 2022 members, Coming back from a weekend that was basically spent in front of the computer round the clock, immersed in our Zoom meetings and Discord chats, and with a certain amount of troubleshooting behind the scenes with last-minute tech help and replying to emails and messages while also keeping an eye and ear on the panels, all of this without spilling tea on my keyboard (not even once!), is an almost out-of-body experience. KiScon 2022 was a most intensive adventure for me, more than I would have thought possible given the virtual format and our dispersion throughout locations and timezones. We might not have been all together in a hotel for three days, but the con still defined a time and place for me, a happy bubble, and everything else around it, in that so-called real life out there, was not allowed to intrude much. I hope that you, our dear KiScon members, enjoyed our weekend away in this nearmagical time and place of K/S, with the many wonderful discussions and presentations, the plot bunnies roaming freely, and the delights of fanworks shared among us. In this post-con report we’ll bring you a bunch of goodies to prolong the squee: the complete playlist of our vid shows, the Round Robin fic, notes from the Fic Recs panel, and links to several panel notes and presentations. We also include important download links (e.g. for the goodie bag items) and info where you can find KiScon year-round. Thank you to everyone who helped at KiScon 2022 in any way: thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and panelists, authors, artists, and vidders; thank you to all who created for and donated to the goodie bags; thank you to all who took part in the auction as buyer or seller, and especially to those who donated their proceeds to support KiScon or to charity; thank you to T’Uhura, Easy (MrsAtoz), and Herself_nyc aka NancyKay who sponsored the KiScon 2022 scholarships; and thank you to all who attended and made the con so much memorable fun. You’re the best! Wishing you a wonderful holiday/winter season in joy and good health,

T’Lara Con-Chair November 2022

Contests and Contest Winners:

Cake Contest:

Magnetic Attraction by Linda R

Not being able to actually taste the cake is certainly a downside of a virtual convention, but we enjoyed the mouthwatering photos, and hope our talented bakers enjoyed their sweet creations. Our Cake Contest winner was Magnetic Attraction by Linda R!

Cosplay Contest:


  1. Rimedio as Captain Kirk
  2. Page of Wands as Dr Helen Noel
  3. Ed as Shirtless Jim Kirk

Honorary mentions:

  1. Cosplays older than 2022: Renée as Vulcan Ambassador
  2. Non-human participants: Tiberius the Cat (owner of jehnt) as James T. Kirk
    used with permission from jehnt
    Tiberius The Cat
    used with permission by jehnt
    Tiberius The Cat

Goodie Bag:

We had several digital goodies to give our congoers. Thank you to everyone who donated! Amanda's Best Brownies by Trekker, Can't Stroll to Lute Music (but we can boogie) – a KiScon 2022 Fanmix by Noxelementalist, Gift certificate for 1 podfic recording by 1lostone, K/S Colouring Page by sevceedovee, K/S Starry Bookmark by Page of Wands, K/S Sticker by Purple Enma, Kirk and Spock Popfold Paper Dolls, KiScon 2022 – The Art Show Planner Pages by StarshipLillian, Quiz "Alien Races" by Soral, Rare Leonard Nimoy 35mm film clip by Doctor Beth, Star Trek Crossword by T'Lara, The K/S Erotic Paper Doll Set by Gayle F (1979), Word Search: Can you find the 99 K/S print zines? by T’Lara.


Schedule – Friday, November 4




















The Bridge (track 1) Briefing Room (track 2)
6:00 7:00 8:00 09:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 21:00 00:00 Breakfast, Lunch, and Midnight Snack: Welcome to our Timezone-Defying KiScon!

An introduction to the convention with the concom

ZOOM (T’Lara, 1lostone, Linda, Trekker, StarshipLillian)

7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 22:00 01:00 Creative Game: The Perfect Date

Set Kirk and Spock up with each other

ZOOM (T’Lara)

Let’s Make the Next Reboot/Abramsverse Movie!

What do you hope to see?

ZOOM (Linda)

8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 23:00 02:00 Do You Want Frals With That?

The joys of playing with alien anatomy

ZOOM (Ollie Aster)

Not Just Fics

How to efficiently use the AO3 as artist, vidder, or podficcer

ZOOM (1lostone)

9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 00:00 03:00 Vid Show: The Classics

On Conline! (T’Lara)

The Bard in Space

Shakespeare references and themes in Star Trek

ZOOM (Carleen)

10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 01:00


04:00 Break – Lunch Time? Tea Time? Amok Time!

Grab your food cubes & join us for a rowdy viewing of this legendary episode!


11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 02:00


05:00 My K/S Art. Past, Present & Future

ZOOM (Shelley Butler)

A New Chapter – K/S Potential in Strange New Worlds and Discovery

ZOOM (Killabeez)

12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 03:00


06:00 Emotional Security

Spock’s ability to tap into Jim’s emotional state and his willingness to use it to calm and support him

ZOOM (Herself_nyc aka NancyKay, AliceWest)

“It’s a Beautiful Lady, and We Love Her”

Depiction of physical and mental beauty in TOS and how it is reflected in fic descriptions of the relationship between Kirk and Spock

ZOOM (Cate Adams)

13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 04:00


07:00 Star Trek TOS Film Clips: a K/S Perspective

ZOOM (Doctor Beth)

Spock’s Survival after “Generations”

What happens after Kirk is gone?

ZOOM (Dancing Borg Queen, Starshadow)

14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 05:00


08:00 Friend, Foe, Lover

The appeal of the "Enemies to Lovers" and "Friends to Lovers" tropes

ZOOM (Carleen)

Why did "The Wrath of Khan" work, but "Star Trek: Into Darkness" didn’t? (Or did it?)

Give us your hot takes

ZOOM (mydaroga)

15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 22:00 23:00 00:00 06:00


09:00 Break – get your drinks & snacks!
15:30 16:30 17:30 18:30 22:30 23:30 00:30 06:30


09:30 Opening Ceremony

The official opening of the convention, a screening of the Vid Premieres, and games galore

ZOOM (T’Lara, 1lostone, Linda, Trekker, StarshipLillian)

Schedule – Saturday, November 5




















The Bridge (track 1) Briefing Room (track 2)
6:00 7:00 8:00 09:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 21:00 00:00 It’s a Man’s World?

Female characters in K/S stories

ZOOM (Mona)

Through the Looking Glass

The fascination of mirror universes and how mirrorverse fics echo the dual homoeroticism and homophobia of the Roman Empire

ZOOM (StarshipLillian)

7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 22:00 01:00 A Child of its Time – Broad Trends in K/S Transformative Fandom from the Early 70s through Today

Particularly shifts in canon vs. AU settings, popularity of tropes, length, and any noticeable changes due to the reboots. What do these trends and changes reflect about their eras?

ZOOM (Ollie Aster, Herself_nyc aka NancyKay)

Smells like Trek Spirit

Synaesthetic concepts and fannish head canons and tropes

ZOOM (StarshipLillian)

8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 23:00 02:00 A Kink in my Back

Exploring BDSM and kink culture in canon and fic

ZOOM (Acidqueen, StarshipLillian)

Let’s Give Kirk/Spock a Voice – Podficcing for Beginners

ZOOM (1lostone)

9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 00:00 03:00 I Miss the USENET Days

Navigating new platforms and technologies in fandom and finding your people

ZOOM (Carleen)

I’m a Doctor, Not a Sidekick

Bones as vital element in the K/S relationship

ZOOM (Trekker)

10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 01:00


04:00 Break: Be it brekkie, lunch, or tea – bon appétit!

Why not check out our Art Show or the Auction Catalogue while you’re at it, or stop by at the KiScord for a chat?

11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 02:00


05:00 Hurt/Comfort 2.0: Writing Believable Trauma and Trauma Therapy in Fic

Ideas on how to incorporate trauma and the options afterwards in a more modern way

ZOOM (Acidqueen, StarshipLillian)

Bottom, Top, or Switch?

How do you want them? What is accepted? Are there trends?

ZOOM (Ollie Aster)

12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 03:00


06:00 Parted From Me and Never Parted

Vulcan family units, bonding customs, and dealing with complications (without a fight to the death)

ZOOM (Lspingles)

So Many Sensitive Places: Hands, Ears, Mind

Promote your fave non-phallocentric head canons

ZOOM (StarshipLillian)

13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 04:00


07:00 All Our Yesterdays – Fandom Preservation Projects

Print zines, vid tapes, art, and even websites – how can we best preserve our fannish treasures?

ZOOM (The K/S Project, StarshipLillian)

Nothing/Everything New Under the Sun

A/B/O, Reader Fic, and other modern trends in fan writing – do they work with K/S?

ZOOM (Trekker)

14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 05:00


08:00 Break – time to fetch drinks and popcorn & dress up for cosplay
14:30 15:30 16:30 17:30 21:30 22:30 23:30 05:30


08:30 Cosplay Competition

ZOOM (T’Lara)

15:30 16:30 17:30 18:30 22:30 23:30 00:30 06:30


09:30 Vid Show Disco

On Conline! (T’Lara)

Schedule – Sunday, November 6




















The Bridge (track 1) Briefing Room (track 2)
6:00 7:00 8:00 09:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 22:00 01:00 The Brass Know

How superior officers in the TOS series & movies react to Kirk/Spock and how it validates what we see in them

ZOOM (Jenna Sinclair, Shelley Butler)

Imagining the Future as We Grapple with the Present

Moon colonies, Mars trips, and advanced AI – How will it affect Trek and K/S fandom?

ZOOM (StarshipLillian)

7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 23:00 02:00 Hot and Bothered and (Non-)Consensual

The varying interpretations of pon farr

ZOOM (mydaroga)

The Resurgence of the Zine

Traditional Trek zine culture vs. modern print projects in fandom

ZOOM (Doctor Beth)

8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 00:00 03:00 Queer Them Up Scotty

Exploring and contextualising 70s and 80s K/S zines inside a wider queer narrative

ZOOM (Maayan Priel)

Three’s a Crowd – or the Perfect Number

Polyamory, threesomes, and tangential pairings. K/S/f and K/S/m scenarios and their appeal

ZOOM (Killabeez, N’an Trevone)

9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 01:00


04:00 The History and Evolution of Fan Art

From traditional to digital, with a close look into one of the most exciting K/S Art Collections

ZOOM (The K/S Project)

Round Robin TOS

Let’s write a story together!

ZOOM (Carleen)

10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 02:00


05:00 Break – Time to hydrate and refuel, with Shatner in Space

Grab your food cubes & join us for a viewing of the 2021 documentary that was described by a film critic as “Captain Kirk’s in a willy-shaped spaceship – and it’s poetry in motion”!


10:30 11:30 12:30 13:30 18:30 19:30 20:30 02:30


05:30 Bidding for the Auction closes! Make sure to get your bid in!
11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 03:00


06:00 Kirk as Peak Butch Goals

Gender roles and tropes exploration in K/S

ZOOM (mydaroga)

Fic Recs / Find the Fic!

Promote your all-time faves or fresh new finds. Or have you been looking for a specific fic for ages? Can’t remember the title but a scene or phrase? Try our hive mind.

ZOOM (StarshipLillian)

12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 04:00


07:00 A Trip Down Memory Lane

Remembering past KiScons and chatting about our fannish history

ZOOM (Trekker, Jenna Sinclair)

Disability in Star Trek and Representation in Fanfic (and Art)

ZOOM (StarshipLillian)

13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 05:00


08:00 Closing Ceremony

The official closing of the convention, and announcement of contest winners

ZOOM (T’Lara, StarshipLillian, Linda, Trekker)

14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 22:00 23:00 00:00 06:00


09:00 It’s-Dead-Jim Party

Chatting, games, and a rowdy Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) viewing

ZOOM (T’Lara)

Playlist: KiScon 2022 – The Vid Shows

Please note, that full vidshows are available to congoers through their Conline links.

Vid Show – The Classics:

# Title Vidder(s) Length
1 If You Could Read My Mind Mary Van Deusen 0:03:43
2 Rocky Horror Picture Show Theme & Time Warp Kandy Fong 0:04:15
3 I Dreamed a Dream Chris Soto 0:04:43
4 New Math Mary Van Deusen 0:03:00
5 Oh Death/Spark bigmamag 0:04:20
6 Knights of the Round Table Killa & T. Jonesy 0:01:39
7 Desert Rose T'Guess 0:04:46
8 Both Sides Now Kandy Fong 0:02:57
9 Wild Thing Liz W. 0:02:46
10 Nothing Else Matters Acidqueen 0:05:47
11 Wind Beneath My Wings Chris Soto 0:04:40
12 The Man's Too Strong Killa & T. Jonesy 0:03:10
13 K/S Dolls on the Bridge Elizabeth Scott 0:03:25
14 Dante's Prayer Killa 0:04:30
15 Turn, Turn, Turn Chris Soto 0:03:15
16 The Quickie aka The Dancing Cocks Kandy Fong 0:03:48

Vid Show – Disco:

# Title Vidder(s) Length
1 Oblivion JoeEva 0:03:33
2 L'amour Toujours T'Lara 0:04:03
3 Finding You BeatriceEagle 0:02:52
4 Last Friday Night estalita 0:02:41
5 I Just Can't Wait To Be King Anonymous (orphaned vid) 0:02:47
6 I Got It From Agnes T'Lanza 0:01:46
7 Hypnotic BrTutty 0:01:40
8 White Rabbit starcrossedgirl 0:02:32
9 Sledgehammer blairamok 0:01:40
10 Counting Horses Acidqueen 0:03:56
11 Momma Told Me Not to Come Killa & T. Jonesy 0:03:26
12 Kirk Fu T'Lara 0:01:29
13 Common People TheJAMFactor 0:04:34
14 The Bad Touch Putnik68 0:03:23
15 Someone to You zpocks 0:00:29
16 Smooth T'Gin 0:03:30
17 Cosmic Love ImaginarySanity (Lindz) 0:02:00
18 Poker Face talitha78 0:02:34
19 Closer Killa & T. Jonesy 0:03:28
20 Tik Tok MissSheenie 0:02:30
21 What Sound RDJrAdmirer 0:03:18
22 Billions of Beautiful Boys(K/S/Mc) scapegoat (Manyu) 0:01:39
23 The Test here's luck 0:03:57
24 12 Gays of XXX-mas T'Lara 0:04:15
25 Thought Contagion First Officer Nims (Natalie and Kristy Markin) 0:03:48
26 Beautiful Stranger bigmamag 0:03:14
27 A Thousand Years bellizaria 0:04:09
28 Loverboy T'Lara 0:02:59
29 Star Trek Forever Kerinaty 0:03:19
30 Cake blairamok 0:00:36
31 I Touch Myself spookyfbi8 0:03:28
32 Two Elements Solar 0:01:50
33 The Private Life of Vulcans Rhaegal & T'Lara 0:05:00
34 Shatner Of The Mount Fall On Your Sword 0:02:32

Vid Premieres:

# Title Vidder(s) Length
1 I Honestly Love You (A Lord King Bad Vid) Kandy Fong 0:02:11
2 Spock – I Am What I Am Kandy Fong 0:02:52

KiScon 2023

2023 Image created by Page of Wands

KiScon 2023 is scheduled to take place during the weekend 3-5 November, 2023, again in an online format. In 2022, after the con, Page of Wands designed a new logo, and it was revealed in January of 2023.

KiScon 2024

KiScon 2024 is planned to bring back the convention as an in-person event, but with an added virtual track. It will be a hybrid con.


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