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Name: BrTutty
Alias(es): TOSKirkSpock
Type: vidder
Fandoms: Star Trek
URL: Youtube channel:
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BrTutty (formerly TOSKirkSpock) is a Star Trek fanvidder who specializes in short fanvids that feature photomanips and creative editing to explicitly illustrate the Spock/Kirk relationship. Videos have often been featured in the Kiscon, Kismet conventions and in T'Lara's Cinema of Squee. As of 2023, most videos have been moved to 'private/locked' status. 2 videos still remain visible on the Youtube channel.


  • BrTutty: Addicted (private)
  • BrTutty (formerly TOSKirkSpock): All I Want (private)
  • BrTutty (formerly TOSKirkSpock): An Alternate "Amok Time" Trailer (private)
  • BrTutty (formerly TOSKirkSpock): Bleeding Love (private)
  • BrTutty: Boring! (private)
  • BrTutty: College!AU (private)
  • BrTutty: Cosmic Love (private)
  • BrTutty: Crazy in Love (private)
  • BrTutty: Dark In My Imagination (private)
  • BrTutty: Don't Let Me Down (private)
  • BrTutty: Girlfriend (private)
  • BrTutty: Hypnotic (private)
  • BrTutty: i hate you×i love you (private)
  • BrTutty: i'll use you as a focal point (private)
  • BrTutty: Kirk/Spock Movie Trailer - ''t'hy'la'' (available)
  • BrTutty: Let Me Help (private)
  • BrTutty: Love Me Like You Do (private)
  • BrTutty: No One Knows (private)
  • BrTutty (formerly TOSKirkSpock): Nude (private)
  • BrTutty: Say You’ll Never Let Me Go (private)
  • BrTutty: Ships In The Night (private)
  • BrTutty: This Kiss (private)
  • BrTutty: Touch (private)
  • BrTutty: Touchin' On My [Kirk/Spock] (available)
  • BrTutty: You love him, don't you? (private)
  • BrTutty: You Need Him (private)


Kirk/Spock - no one knows by BrTutty (THIS IS PROBABLY MY VERY FAVORITE SPIRK VIDEO. It's short but epic. I don't know another fanvid maker who can merge clips together to create whole new scenes that look canon. Seriously, the song choice and images are perfect.)

All I Want [Kirk/Spock] by BrTutty (This is a really good look at Jim's perspective and the loneliness he endures when Spock goes to Gol. I got teary-eyed over it.)

An alternate 'Amok Time' Trailer [Kirk/Spock] by BrTutty (If you haven't figured it out, I like a lot of BrTutty's stuff, lol. This one is a little heavier for the fact that it's a k/s retelling of Amok Time - so, Pon Farr. Again, the editing is great!)

Kirk/Spock - Love me like you do by BrTutty (More fabulous editing and some sexy Spirk throughout the years)

"Let Me Help" - Kirk/Spock by BrTutty (has to do with City on the Edge of Forever, but it perfectly illustrates Spirk)

Kirk/Spock Movie Trailer - t'hy'la by BrTutty (a Spirk trailer that is accurate and very gay :) Makes you want to watch all of TOS immediately.) [1]

[Kirk/Spock Movie Trailer - t'hy'la]: Oh, this is amazing. I actually wish this was a real movie! Much better than movies out today! *sigh* it's no wounder it was rebooted. Great job! :D Faved! <3 Loved how at 1:43 - 1:45 you zoomed in on their faces. The tender way Krik looks at Spock. You caught that moment so perfectly. What makes it so special it that it actually happened! Most of the time us fan vidders have to manip something cuz it does not exist in the show. But with S/K the slash is so heavy ;D Great audio choices as well.

[Cosmic Love] This has probably already been shared on here, but it’s lovely and perfect and I’ll never get over it.[2]