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Name: T'Lara's Cinema of Squee
Fandom: Star Trek, Hannibal, etc.
URL: http://original.livestream.com/kscinemaofsquee
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Founded in 2012, T'Lara's Cinema of Squee is a Livestream channel hosting online viewing parties and vid shows, especially in the Star Trek: The Original Series and the Kirk/Spock fandom, and since winter 2015 also in the Hannibal fandom. Apart from regularly streaming TOS and Hannibal episodes and films, and hosting an accompanying chat for fannish commentary and discussion, T'Lara's Cinema of Squee has been organising several special events in honour of K/S Day, for the winter holiday season, and a special tribute show after Leonard Nimoy's death. All shows are compiled and curated by T'Lara.

Playlist for the fanvid show in honour of K/S Day (#1), 23 March 2014

(in alphabetical order of vidders' names)

  • Bersakhi: I Want to Hold Your Hand (not online)
  • Estalita11: Fever
  • Estalita11: Lost
  • Indrikhole: ST С той стороны ("On the other side" - a closer look at Spock's mind meld with the whale; you don't need to understand the Russian song in order to feel what this vid is about)
  • Indrikhole: Star Trek Reloaded (reboot, Matrix crossover)
  • Kembas: My Shoes (not online)
  • Killa: Dante's Prayer (not available on YT, but download link available on killabeez' DW)
  • Killa & T. Jonesy: Closer (no authorised copy online)
  • Killa & T. Jones: Knights of the Round Table (no authorised copy online)
  • MonteIncendio: Evil Kirk - Internet Is For Porn (Avenue Q mashup)
  • MonteIncendio: Touch-a Touch Me, Spock! (Rocky Horror mashup)
  • MorraMorgenstern: Another Place And Time (reboot, AU)
  • MorraMorgenstern: I Bring The Fire (reboot)
  • Mortmere: Jeeves Trek
  • Mortmere: Kirk/Spock - The Movie
  • spookyfbi8: It Is You (I Have Loved)
  • spookyfbi8: Probably
  • spookyfbi8: Viva Forever
  • Sus: TOS - The Time of Your Life (not online)
  • T'Gin: Both Sides Now
  • T'Gin: Brokeback Trek
  • T'Gin: Justify My Love (was deleted on YT, but there's a download link on T'Gin's blog)
  • T'Gin: Love Story
  • T'Gin: Running Up That Hill
  • T'Gin: You Fill Up My Senses
  • T'Gin: You Look So Fine
  • T'Lara: Cinema of Squee Teaser/Intro
  • T'Lara: I Am And Shall Always Be (a poetry vid based on Jatona P. Walker's poem; premiered at the Fanvid Show)
  • T'Lara & ShirAmber: Won't Let Go

Playlist for the fanvid show in honour of K/S Day (#2), 14 September 2014

(in order of appearance)

  • T'Lara: Cinema of Squee Teaser (TOS) [1]
  • TechnoPoet (YT: Techy357): Cinema of Squee Interlude (Shatner Nyan) [2]
  • Killa & T. Jonesy: Closer (TOS) - no authorised upload online (the copy from a convention DVD was used in the show)
  • heresluck: The Test (reboot, TOS) [4]
  • ImaginarySanity: Love You Madly (TOS) [5]
  • ImaginarySanity: Can't Help But Love You (TOS) [7]
  • ImaginarySanity: I Will Be (TOS) [8]
  • ImaginarySanity: You Spin Me Round (TOS) [10]
  • Butterfly: Sleeping With Ghosts (TOS, reboot) [11]
  • ImaginarySanity: The Search for Spock Tribute (set to music from Star Trek 2009: M. Giacchino, Hella Bar Talk) (TOS) - not online, but download link [12]
  • akiv: Help (reboot) [13]
  • ImaginarySanity: Imagine Me Without You (TOS) [14]
  • BrTutty: E.T. (TOS) [15]
  • ImaginarySanity: Lying From You (TOS) [16]
  • ImaginarySanity: Done (TOS) [17]
  • insolitus: There! Right There! (reboot) [18]
  • ImaginarySanity: Strange and Beautiful (TOS) [19]
  • BrTutty: Kirk/Spock Movie Trailer "T'hy'la" (TOS) [20]
  • ImaginarySanity: Recessional (reboot, TOS) [21]
  • T'Lara: Fun with Jim and Spock (podfic vid; text by Pamdizzle, art by ivycross) (TOS) [22]
  • ImaginarySanity: Tonight and the Rest of my Life (TOS) [23]
  • BrTutty: Let Me Help (TOS) [24]
  • ImaginarySanity: Fire (TOS) [25]
  • ImaginarySanity: I Want You (TOS) [26]
  • BrTutty: Touchin' On My (TOS) [27]
  • ImaginarySanity: Le Grand Secret (TOS) [28]
  • Raunie (YT: Robert Stansfield): My Lover's Gone (TOS) [29]
  • ImaginarySanity: The Red (TOS) [30]
  • BrTutty: This Kiss (TOS) [31]
  • ImaginarySanity: Secrets (TOS) [32]
  • mortmere: Don't Dream It, Be It! (TOS) [33]
  • ImaginarySanity: My Only One (TOS) [34]
  • ImaginarySanity: Hot 'n' Cold (TOS) [35]
  • ImaginarySanity: Your Star (TOS)[36]
  • ImaginarySanity: You Spin Me Round (2009) (reboot) [37]
  • BrTutty: Cosmic Love (TOS, reboot) [38]