Ginna LaCroix

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Name: Ginna LaCroix
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
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Ginna LaCroix was a prolific Star Trek fan writer.

A fan wrote:
Ginna LaCroix was/is my all-time favorite TOS fan-fiction writer; she wrote (don't know if she's still involved in fandom) K&S h/c stories, both straight and slash (though I never read the latter, of course) and was a regular contributor to all of the CONTACT issues, as well as MIND-MELD and a lot of other major zines of the time. The last story of hers that I read was a post-STVI piece in the last MIND-MELD that was just marvellous, focusing on the betrayal Spock felt after putting so much faith in Valeris and how it might make him reluctant to trust others again (you have to read the thing--I'm not doing it justice at all). She was probably my greatest influence; at least one person has told me that I write rather like her, which I guess makes sense, since I'd already read just about everything she'd had published before I ever started writing my own fan-fic. Her stories are much better plotted than mine, though. [1]


  1. ^ comment by Gamin Davis at alt.startrek.creative, June 2000