Merle Decker

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Name: Merle Decker
Type: fanartist, fanwriter
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Starsky & Hutch, Star Wars: TPM
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Merle Decker is a fanartist and fanwriter.

Her first piece of Starsky and Hutch art was the cover of The Who Do We Trust Times #2. Her artwork has often been described as having a clean style.

Reactions and Reviews

Merle Decker is the godmother of K/S and ST gen illos. Definitely rocked my world when I first saw her artworks in Bloodstone and Broken Images.

Her pen and ink are so recognizable that you know that the story she's illustrating is gonna be a good one. I love the variety of scenes that she can draw—very expressive. She is also an awesome writer.

Definitely a multi-talented lady. [1]
"I adore Merle Decker. I've hung on to the art she's done for my stories even after selling gobs (technical term!) of original K/S art over the past few years. I won't sell Merle's art."[2]




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