Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions

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Title: Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions
Publisher: Flamingo
Editor(s): Flamingo
Date(s): 2002-
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions is a slash Starsky and Hutch anthology published by Flamingo.

The title comes from a zine anthology by Harlan Ellison.

Created to Print "Different" Material

This zine series was begun by Flamingo who felt that, either directly or indirectly, the fandom discouraged Starsky & Hutch fiction that wasn't considered "safe."

Its January 2000 proposal:

We've had discussions about zine publishing and the state of SH fandom. Some of us feel that SH fanfiction, possibly because of it's love of canon, possibly because of its age, possibly because the boys are often seen as "the perfect couple," possibly because the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter is aligned with Mars, can sometimes be a bit restrictive in story plotting. Some of us would like to try some different, maybe scary ideas. We've got some wonderful editors in SH and they're putting out some really terrific zines. But it's been awhile since there's been a "Decorated for Death" or a "Graven Images" or a "Scales of Justice" or a "Strange Justice" in the fandom. These were all stories and zines that tipped the show on its ear and did something *really different*. Not all those stories worked and many of them didn't work for every reader. But most of them are memorable. We're still discussing them all these years later. Hey, the New Millennium is here and we need to open the canvas of Starsky & Hutch, make it broader, and more experimental. The boys assure me they're flexible!!! You should see Starsky's full lotus!

So, in a moment of complete lunacy (and perhaps just a bit of drunkenness) I found myself saying to Rosemary, "Hey, I'm gonna do a zine...hic!" I want to put together an SH zine open to both gen and slash, that will be a showcase for the different, the unusual, the peculiar, the weird, the icky...whatever!!! Since I know there are already fine homes to be found for the more traditional fiction our fandom produces, this zine should be a home for stories other editors have said, "Uh-uh, not in *my* zine." Give it here.

I'm even willing to entertain h/c stories IF there is something REALLY different about them. Now, that's a challenge! And of course, I'm willing to look at A/U's -- you know, those stories that take place in completely different universes than the standard Bay City cop scenario. And I'm willing to look at cross-universes if they're DIFFERENT. Most crossovers portray the boys as "the perfect couple" with the other couple, whoever they are, as the pair in crisis. Can't we do something new with this scenario? Sure we can.

I want this zine to emulate the "New Wave" of Science Fiction that took place in the 70's when Harlan Ellison assembled the anthology "Dangerous Visions." I want this to be the Dangerous Visions of Starsky & Hutch so I'm tentatively calling it, "Starsky & Hutch: Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions." Hey, you don't like that title, suggest another? I've got a story of my own lined up for it, Rosemary has offered me a story for it, and I've had 3 other submissions and they all look great! Who'll be the next sucker...er, writer who'll step up to the plate?

Surely there's an image, a story in your heart that you've said or someone else has said, "No one will ever read *that*." I will.[1]

A 2006 Fan Discussion Giving Some Other Context to This Zine Series

From a fan discussion in 2006:

[jat sapphire]: The first longer story I posted was "The Corsicans," on YahooGroups' The Pits (later Pitsfic and, I think, Pits again now). It has that modified-omniscient POV, and some of the comments I got on the parts as they were posted were along the lines of "I don't mind the shifts in POV as much as I usually do, but other people may not like it."

(These "other people" are the malicious ghosts of SH fandom. "Other people" who never themselves write me don't like an awful lot of what I write about, apparently: the guys written as bisexual, having previous same-sex experience, in a non-exclusive relationship, in a threesome, in an AU, not together at the end. "Other people may not like it" apparently worked for a good long time to regularize SH slash writing. Maybe it's a list version of something zine editors used to say, though no zine editor has EVER said so to me.

Maybe this doesn't happen on LJ. I think this would be a good thing.) [2]

[kimberlyfdr]: Every single one of those sound like absolutely wonderful fic ideas to me, so I guess I'm not "other people." ;) [3]

[jat sapphire]:

Nobody has to BE the "other people." I guess that's how it works. The person who tells you that some people don't like whatever it is doesn't have to dislike it herself. I mean, she really doesn't--the individuals I can remember saying this to me were not just being passive aggressive (though I've seen this strategy used in a passive aggressive way). They really seemed convinced that they were warning me against unspecified persons who would...what, I'm not quite sure--flame me? write me privately to tell me they hated it?--since it didn't happen.

I'm not saying there might not be a lot of SH fen in those groups that do dislike first-person POV or threesomes or whatever. The drawback of the Dangerous Visions concept actually is what Flamingo said it was (after the zines were published): that people might not WANT to see these topics, and might not buy the zines, or might buy them for other reasons (since, hello? zines got sold) but might not really read or give feedback. Maybe other writers don't do this because they aren't interested in it. That's fine, you know.

There are such things as genuinely marginal interests, and in a group as relatively small as SH fandom, being marginal amongst SH fen may really mean that the three or four people who have mentioned reading "Merry Christmas, Perkowitz" really are the only ones who liked it. If there are lots of women out there who didn't tell me about reading it because all they'd say is "I read a paragraph or two but when I realized what it was about, I bailed because -- threesomes, ick," I'm fine with that! I don't need to have that conversation. I just don't need to be warned against it in that scary way either.

Before the zines -- I can't remember when you joined the groups, Kimberly, was it before the first DLDV was planned?--there also were people saying even to me, new as I was then, "Oh, I had an idea like that, but I didn't write it because nobody likes that kind of thing, not in SH fandom." (Not threesomes specifically, different ideas.) And I kept saying how do you know?

If you think other people are going to jump down your throat and that's scary (or even just tiresome) to you, then you actually don't write what you want to, and that seems like a pity to me. Good for you for writing in first-person if you like it.[4]

[kimberlyfdr]: I can't remember when you joined the groups, Kimberly, was it before the first DLDV was planned? Way, way before that. I've been in the SH fandom for 8-9 years now:) I was overjoyed when the DLDV zines were planned because I'm one of those readers who want to see those dangerous themes explored.[5]

[jat sapphire]:Way, way before that.

Then you remember what those conversations were like. They seem to happen less now, and if the zines did nothing else at all, that would be a good thing.

I'm one of those readers who want to see those dangerous themes explored.

I did have to admit to myself as I surfed around other fandoms that there are some dangerous visions I really don't want to see at all in SH. I'll be quite delighted if there's never SH vore or Dave/Nick brothercest or crossovers with Buffy, just to name a few.

Not that there seems to be much danger of that. What I notice about the actual zines is that, well, how dangerous ARE they? Not so much.[6]

[kimberlyfdr]: For SHarecon this year, I suggested a panel on Dangerous Themes and how far we've taken them in SH. There are many areas that were explored as a result of the zines, but there are still areas that are taboo and I am interested in seeing if we, as a fandom, are willing to push those envelopes or if we're happy still having some areas that are relatively taboo. One that Kath Moonshine and I brought up was AIDS themes. We have a few stories dealing with the issue, but not alot and post-canon in LA would definitely be aware of this issue. Do we hold back out of respect for Paul or is it an area that just hasn't had the opportunity to be explored enough? There are countless others that I hope the group will come up with because it's definitely a discussion worth having.[7]

Issue 1

Cover of issue 1#, by Suzan Lovett, titled "Be Careful What You Wish For"

Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 1 was published in 2002 and has 251 pages. The cover art is by Suzan Lovett.

According to The Starsky and Hutch Archive:

it was a theme zine that accepted stories that other editors might not want to publish. Some of the stories in this zine had themes on Alternate Universe (AU), a triad, death themes, bdsm, non-consensual sex, parody and humor, stories that broke down the wall between fiction and reality, and a few other surprises.[8]


Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

See reactions and reviews for Remnants.

See reactions and reviews for Merry Christmas, Perkowitz.

[What Survives is Gold]: Why this must be read: They're old and they're together, what more could you want? Flamingo chose to put this in Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions I because of the impact it has and I whole-heartedly agree. It's 2033, they're ninety years old, and they're still together, in love, and still the men that we loved. The give and take, the relationship that's blossomed and developed with even deeper meaning over the sixty years that they've been together, it all comes to this point and for that I'm very happy.[9]

[Haven]: So hot and sweet at the same time! I need more fics with Starsky’s sweater in them lol[10]

[Haven]: Because jat sapphire’s writing is beautiful and evocative. And hot. She’s been recced on Crack Van probably more than any other S&H author, but only a few of those recs are relatively recent, and most of the links – to her website on the now-defunct GeoCities and to stories on the Me and Thee Archive – no longer work. Fortunately, the content of jat sapphire’s website is still accessible online, thanks to the efforts of ReoCities. Haven is one of the stories which has been recced on Crack Van before – by KimberlyFDR nearly ten years ago (!), but because the GeoCities link is no longer functional, potential readers may be dissuaded from tracking the story down. It shouldn't be missed, though, as it has some of the most beautiful imagery I've come across in fanfiction.[11]

[I Wish I Was Homeward Bound]: This story is an AU I guess because Starsky is a detective and Hutch is a musician. They meet at Huggys because Ken Hutchinson is the live entertainment. This is one HOT story. They are so drown to each other. I loved this story! [12]

[The Last of Life]: Poignant, lovely and so true--Dana paints a portrait of Starsky and Hutch in their golden years as seen through the eyes of original characters. Hutch is in a nursing home, but Starsky comes every day to visit, and their infectious spirit shines through every scene. They adore each other. Maybe Hutch won't get to live until he's 148, but he will always have Starsky right beside him.[13]

[Only a Change of Worlds]: Originally published in Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions. One of my favorite stories because the relationship between the guys in this story is so intense and so them. [14]

Issue 2

front cover of #2, by Merle Decker, titled "Huntington Beach"
back cover of issue #2, by Carol Davis, titled "The Dancer"

Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 2 was published in October 2003 and has 180 pages. The cover artist is Merle Decker.

Summaries below from Flamingo:[15]


  • Introduction by Flamingo
  • Serve and Protect by Lucy ("It's 1985 and Starsky is about to be promoted to Dobey's old position as Captain as Dobey retires. Hutch, a lieutenant, is studying forensics and working towards a transfer. The boys have been long-time, live-in lovers. Both of them have worked hard for this moment, but Hutch has worked the hardest and traded in the most. After Gunther, there was yet one more close call when Starsky had again been seriously wounded. It had been a turning point for them. Hutch couldn't bear the thought that this might ever happen again and was willing to do anything to ensure Starsky would never again be in the line of fire. His plans have worked, and now Starsky will be Captain and forever off the streets. But Starsky's first ambition, upon getting the promotion, is to bring to ground one of his oldest enemies, Matt Coyle. But Matt Coyle has his own plans in action, and yet another rabbit he can pull out of his hat. How does Hutch fit into all of this?") (1)
  • The 365th Day by Ioannia ("Hutch hasn't been the same since he and Starsky broke up almost a year ago. His new partner worries about his state of mind, and Starsky aches to see Hutch get over the end of their partnership but seems helpless to aid him.") 35)
  • Summer Hiatus by Dana Austin Marsh ("It's immediately after the episode Deckwatch, and Hutch has come to some difficult decisions regarding his feelings toward Starsky. He's accepted his desire for him after a lot of soul searching, and has decided the time has come to act. But how will Starsky react to this radical change in Hutch's behavior, and will their partnership, and their friendship, survive this new direction?") (41)
  • The Braided Belt by Ioannia and jat sapphire ("A conflict at work is carried home and into the bedroom.") (65)
  • Do I Still Love You, Rosey Malone? by Flamingo, art by Virginia Sky ("(This novel-length story finds Starsky & Hutch in the throws of new love after Starsky has recovered from Gunther. It's been a radical change in their lives, but Starsky is coping well and for the first time in Hutch's life he is genuinely happy. When Rosey Malone re-enters the picture, Starsky is suddenly confronted with the chance of recovering the lost love he's never gotten over and the promise of a normal life with wife and children. He must choose between the fairy tale ending he always believed in or the complex relationship he has with Hutch. If he chooses Rosey, can he and Hutch still be partners and friends? A difficult assignment requiring hours of long, boring stakeouts where he and Hutch are alone together with little to do complicates matters further.") 72)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[The 365th Day]: Ioannia is a wonderful, masterful writer. As far as I can tell, she’s written only a handful of S&H stories, but the ones I’ve read are excellent. Ioannia seems to have been active in the fandom around 2002 - 2005, but I can’t find any trace of her now, and sadly, her stories aren’t easy to find online. I wish she had written more, and that she was still writing. In The 365th Day, Hutch is separated from his partner and completely lost. Ioannia’s telling of Hutch’s story is beautifully done and moving. As a reader you understand perfectly what Hutch is feeling, even if, like the other characters in the story, you don’t completely understand what is going through his head.[16]

[Summer Hiatus]: Not all stories are happy ones, and this one hails from the darkest quadrant of fandom. Taking place during the summer of 1978, DAM's novella (originally featured in Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 2) offers an intriguing, if painful, explanation for the perceived change in S&H's relationship dynamic that seemed to occur between the third and fourth seasons. It's hard, and it hurts, and everything's not resolved by the end, providing a segue into a final season that had everyone wondering whether or not things would ever be all right again for our two favorite cops. I wrestled for days over whether or not to recommend this story; it's not a story that makes me happy, and sometimes I wish I'd never read it at all. I soon realised, however, that anything that could affect me so powerfully deserved recognition, and it is the sheer talent of the author that makes this story so painfully believable. It's a story that not only provides an interesting examination of what could have happened to inspire the relationship shift, but more importantly, it's a story that causes the reader to examine the issue of consensuality, taking the bold tack to depict it as something that may lie in far greyer waters than we'd like to believe. It's a story that makes me uncomfortable, but more importantly, it makes me think, and it is for that reason I offer today's rec.[17]

Issue 3

Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 3 was published in 2005 and has 159 pages. It was nominated for the 2005 Huggy Award in the "Best Zine" category. Front cover by Carol Davis. Back cover by TACS. Interior art by Lorraine Brevig, and Selena.

cover of issue #3, Carol Davis
back cover issue #3, TACS, reprinted from Partners in Crime (2001)


  • "Stern Hutch" by Lorraine Brevig
  • Watercolor by ~e
  • Torino cartoon by Selena
  • collage for "A View To a Kill"
  • Squash cartoon by Selena
  • cartoon by Selena from the novella "Snapshots"
  • collage by Morgan Logan from "The Box With Something Special"
  • Glow by ~e
  • "Cocky Starsky" by Lorraine Brevig
  • back cover art by TACS
  • front cover art by Carol Davis


Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

See reactions and reviews for Candy Cheeks.

See reactions and reviews for A View to a Kill.

See reactions and reviews for Remember Him.

[The Box with Something Special]: In this story Hutch is reunited with a friend from his college days. Hutch had been lovers with Trevor for a while in college and then Starsky came back for Vietnam and then they because police and partners. If you don't like the guys with another guy, you should still read this because it has a wonderful twist to it and Mystic writes it so well, I promise you will get sucked into it. This is a first time fic for Starsky and Hutch, but the love had been there from the beginning.[18]

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Pat Cash
inside back cover of issue #4, Pat Cash

Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 4 was published in 2006 and has 168 pages.

Starsky & Hutch, Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions #4 will be at SHareCon. This issue is the "romantic" DLDV -- with a long, romantic story from DMS called "Circles," several romantic shorts from Morgan Logan, and other romantic, humorous shorts from jat sapphire, KimberlyFDR, and DaraRose. For those of you who look to DLDV for darker, edgier fic, you will find enough to please in powerful stories by Verlaine, Elizabeth Lowry, Jessica Celliers, and KimberlyFDR.

The zine has a gorgeous color cover portrait of Hutch and and gorgeous color back cover of Starsky both by classic SH artist Pat C. There are also 2 color interior pieces and 1 B&W by Morgan Logan. Oh, and last but not least we have a poem in the classic Shakespearean mold by our own Vera Truet. In short, a little something for everyone. Not sure of the price yet, but if at all possible, the zine may be about $20 giver or take a few. Won't know till the bill gets in.[19]

From the editorial:

For those of you who came in late, the 'Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions' zines are based on the a theme. The theme has become broader over the years, and harder to define, but when it started, basically, this was a zine for writers who produced stories that other fans might take offense at, or simply don't like. Nowadays, it's harder to find an editor who is restrictive, so the need for a 'Dangerous Visions' zine has waned. This issue, while it still has its shared of dark and edgy themes, is also lovely and romantic, with stories of humor, joy, and romance throughout. It makes the edgier stories seem to have an even keener edge... As I mentioned, there is less reason for me now to publish DLDVV, so I can't say for sure if there will be another. ..If the stories in this zine interest you, and you've always been tempted to write that certain story that your friends never want you to talk about, I'd love to see it. ... I'm telling you, we need more leather codpieces in S&H!


Interior art gallery

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

[Transparent]: Pretty much everything by Jat Sapphire must be read, but this fic in particular is a delight. The guys have just had sex for the first time. They struggle to keep from letting the whole world know. Starsky feels like he has "a big neon tattoo across my forehead: "Finally Laid Hutch. And across my back a sign that said, "And It Was So, So, SO Good." But he's not complaining, and neither is Blondie. This fic makes me grin, big time.[20]

[Transparent]: So sweet and so accurate! I love how everyone thinks they're fighting lol [21]

[Transparent]: This was so good! And so funny, too, I laughed especially at "Might as well have had a big neon tattoo across my forehead: "Finally Laid Hutch." And across my back a sign that said, "And It Was So, So, SO Good."", "Oh-my-partner-didn't-get-any-on-his-honeymoon-with-the-ex-bitch", Huggy's "Bless you, my children", and how Dobey (and Huggy) thought they were fighting lmaooo [22]

[Transparent]: Sometimes, first person makes me uncomfortable, but this was just a lot of fun! [23]

[Under the Bridge]: A post Sweet Revenge story set several years after canon, concerning Gunther’s parole hearing. This story does NOT have a happy ending, so read at your own risk if you think you can handle it. It still haunts me. [24]

Issue 5

Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 5 was published in September 2010, premiered October 2010 at SHareCon. Cover by Suzan Lovett, interior art by Enednoviel.

It includes five short vignettes by Missy LeHand. Five quick glimpses into telling phone conversations Davey and Paulie might be having in their later years (RPS).

cover of issue #5, Suzan Lovett -- "Out of Ashes"

A description by Agent With Style:

Contained in the pages of this fantastic slash zine are stories that are edgy, dark, kinky, shocking ... and above all, exciting! With gorgeous color front and back covers by Suzan Lovett, and inticing interior art by Enednoviel, you'll find craft-worthy authors such as Verlaine, Susanne M. Beck, Missy LeHand, Kimberly Lynn Workman, Elizabeth Lowry, LilyK and Kay Austen Michaels. If diving into the scary, dangerous, rivetting world of Starsky and Hutch makes your heart beat a little faster, your eyes to widen and your breath to quicken, then this is the zine for you!


  • title page, page of contents
  • Introduction by Keri and Flamingo
  • Four Ways Starsky Lost Terry and One Way He Didn't by Verlaine ("Can five "what ifs" drive Starsky to the edge or bring him happiness?") (1)
  • Love Smothers Us by Kimberly FDR ("An overbearing attitude threatens all that matters.") (15)
  • Davey's False Teeth by Missy LeHand (RPS) (22)
  • It's Not My Time by Susanne Beck ("Starsky is forced to examine the thin line between love and hate.") (23)
  • Davey in Arizona by Missy LeHand (RPS) (72)
  • Unforgiven by Nicky Gabriel ("The partners peel the layers away.") (73)
  • White by Elizabeth Lowry (" Hutch's world is slipping through his fingers.") (85)
  • Waffles and IHOP by Missy LeHand (RPS) (90)
  • Night Terrors by Jessica Celliers ("Hutch is seriously wounded and while waiting for the ambulance, Starsky must confront the bitter truth that brought them to this moment.") (91)
  • Thinking Out Loud by Missy LeHand (RPS) (93)
  • art: "Picture Perfect" by Enednoviel (94)
  • To Hell and Back by LilyK ("Is your soul too heavy a price to pay for your love?") (95)
  • Press 9 to Save by Missy LeHand (RPS) (133)
  • art: "Bound in Lust" by Enednoviel (134)
  • The Sultan of Swat by Kaye Austen Michaels ("A little kink provides a little heat.") (135)
  • a preview of Out of Ashes by Flamingo and Suzan Lovett ("Thirty years in the making, Suzan Lovett and Flamingo present a sample of what will become a full length graphic novel sequel to Decorated for Death.") (139)

Issue 6

Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 6 was published in October 2012, premiering at SHarecon. The front cover is by Suzan Lovett, titled "Topanga."

cover of issue #6, "Topanga" by Suzan Lovett. From all appearances, the photomanip appears to be a shift from Lovett's typical fanart style. However, some familiar elements remain such as the background detail. According to one reviewer: "There are lots of small images you can't see in this tiny [jpg] all around the edges of homophobic newspaper headlines, and topical issues of S&H's day denouncing gays etc, while they're in love in the center."[25]



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