Kimberly FDR

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Name: Kimberly FDR
Alias(es): kimberlyfdr
Type: writer, vidder, beta
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch & Sentinel & Stargate Atlantis & Supernatural & Due South
Communities: Loveofmeandthee & Starsky & Hutch LJ Community
URL: KimberlyFDR on A03
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Kimberly FDR is a Starsky & Hutch, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Due South, and Sentinel fan writer, vidder, and beta. Her work has appeared both online and in fanzines. In 2000, she was nominated for a Cascade Times Award for her Sentinel fan fiction. She won a SCREWZ Award in 2003 for her Starsky & Hutch fan works. She also began co-moderating the Starsky & Hutch mailing list Loveofmeandthee the same year. She created the Starsky & Hutch LJ Community in 2004. KimberlyFDR's Stargate Atlantis fan fiction earned her a 2008 nomination for a Skiffy Award.

In 2010 she expanded her fannish endeavors by becoming a staff writer for Fandomania, SFUniverse (since closed), Nerds in Babeland, and SpoilerTV. Her articles have covered reviews of comics, fan artists, books, as well as meta related to various fandoms. She is the official Fandomania staff writer for Supernatural, where she's done meta and episode reviews for the show.

She wrote It's A Love Story Between Two Men Who Happen To Be Cops, a meta.