Kaye Austen Michaels

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Name: Kaye Austen Michaels
Alias(es): KAM, Nightbird, smudley
Fandoms: Starsky and Hutch, Emergency!, Star Trek Reboot
Communities: her Starsky & Hutch fiction at Me and Thee Archive; Her Star Trek Reboot fiction at LJ
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Kaye Austen Michaels is a slash Starsky and Hutch fiction writer.

Zines she has fiction in:

Fan Reaction

KAM writes a lot of long, lush romantic stories, with twisty complex plots. Unlike a lot of us amateur writers, she actually gets those twisty plots to work out without leaving a lot of holes, or having to depend on some wild coincidence to tie up the loose ends at the last moments. My favourite is undoubtedly her "Starsky vs Hutch" fix-it story, The Red Charade. I'm always really impressed by how she manages to take the events of the episode as written and put in a whole different backstory that explains them as 180 degrees different from what we see. Another favourite is the long story from the Virtual Season, Big Men on Campus, where Starsky tries going to night class and the guys get mixed up in a drug murder and a case of plagiarism (yeah, I know, sounds thrilling, but it's actually fascinating). KAM writes our guys in a more romantic style than a lot of writers, but she's not silly about it. The guys might be a bit more emotional with each other, but to the outside, they're still the tough cops we're used to. [1]


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